IRL Game: Handsome Hollywood Harvey

by Firepower

Game in movies?  OK, but only for crackling, edgy dialog.

Opened With a Neg

Now, Game in real life? That’s something…real.  Manhattan has a certain real reality realness about it…

Take Harvey Weinstein and his wife Georgina Chapman.

400 Crunches a Day – Like Roosh

Manhattan Luxury Penthouse galas for Our King are a DHV and Improve Social Circle Game.

Even HRH Royal Obama praises the Up-from-the-bootstraps kinda guy.

Looks don’t matter in Game and Game is proof that looks don’t matter.  Circular Logic is a logic, that is, well, circular.  That still makes it logical, right?


Grooming Is  KEY for GAME

Bottle Service At The Club + Massive DHV =
Unwrapping Your Present in The Manhattan Penthouse… Later

20 Comments to “IRL Game: Handsome Hollywood Harvey”

  1. This reminds me of an article I read a while ago about how utterly disgusting Larry Flynt is and how mean he is to treat women the way he does. And yet… they choose it.

    • I’m sure Harv is quite kind to Georgy.
      Wife-swapping, when you have something valuable to trade, is a Win/Win deal, bubby, to give the Mrs. some Pretty Timberlake while you enjoy a Feel O’ Biel.

      Wanna guess which other US Fascist Democrat Prez with a taste for quim is buds with Handsome Harvey?

      This example has an Elite/Manhattan/Hollywood/Obamao Fascist feel to it that punches all the buttons.

      The perfect gift to give Jordy, to let him know what he’s bacon-facing for, while he’s standing in line at the Enlistment Office.

  2. tony montana- money>power>women

  3. The worst thing you could ever do for that war was having all those media people embedded in the units. Most Americans can’t take the reality of war, and the reports they sent back didn’t help us at all.

    The leadership wanted to have the backing of the public for the war. But really, who cares?

    The way I figure it, if you send us to do a job, let us do it. That’s why you have admirals and generals–let them supervise us, not some fat-ass congressman sitting in a leather chair smoking a cigar back in DC in an air-conditioned office, telling me when and where I can and cannot shoot someone.
    [ed note: then jordy made a grievous mistake in going in the first place]

    How would they know? They’ve never even been in a combat situation.

    And once you decide to send us, let me do my job. War is war.

    Tell me: Do you want us to conquer our enemy? Annihilate them? Or are we heading over to serve them tea and cookies?
    [“tea & cookies” uttered in such a sentence is a big, BIG warning to the utterer about his Masters]

    Tell the military the end result you want, and you’ll get it. But don’t try and tell us how to do it. All those rules about when and under what circumstances an enemy combatant could be killed didn’t just make our jobs harder, they put our lives in danger.

    The ROEs got so convoluted and fucked-up because politicians were interfering in the process. The rules are drawn up by lawyers who are trying to protect the admirals and generals from the politicians; they’re not written by people who are worried about guys on the ground getting shot.
    [if a sniper is able to measure and outsmart a man in the crosshairs, he must also measure his future commanders sending him in harm’s way. anything less…is stupid]

    Chris Kyle with Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice, American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History (Harper: New York 2012), 341-342.

    [the sniper got fooled. another killer got the drop on him, the same way he pulled the trigger on other hapless chumps]

  4. Doomie, did you just quote that Jordie who pulled triggers for the USG, only to be assasinated himself? He was a total sucker.

    The object of war is simple: to control the mental processes of OUR citizens. Not to kill the enemy, not to take ground, not even to make $$$ for arms companies.

    Do you think that would be acceptable to Jordie? That’s what we want him to do. He dresses up and plays the hero, while I get to also play the protector to the Murkan people.

    Jordies cannot take that kind of honesty. When they are in, it’s all hoo-ahh! and get some! When they get out, it’s all “fuck uncle sam” or “moulon rouge/moulon lube”.

  5. That chick must have been something when she was young.

    I’ve rarely heard of a PUA really cracking the very top of the women market. Models, celebrities, and so on. That would be the prize. You’ve got to have social circle to get in there.

  6. It’s not just looks that matter but looks, money, status (LMS). He has the latter.

    This fat kike with all his wealth achieved what some guy did for free. Congrats.

  7. “Doomie, did you just quote that Jordie who pulled triggers for the USG, only to be assasinated himself?”

    Yes, because it’s of interest. These people know they are getting the short end of the stick, and their fathers and grandfathers knew it, because they fought pointless wars (wars that did not profit the warriors). I got the impression the only reason Kyle didn’t re-up is because his wife nagged him. Kyle was a big believer in fighting for his country, and I’m not happy about his end at all. He was responsible for it, but so was the government. He believed he was fighting savages, and he was. Unfortunately, he fought the wrong ones.

    • Kylie Boy is like the leg-breaker for Don Corleone. Upon retirement, the Don sends his newest attack dog to kill the old dog.

      Fuck pity. These maggots were PROUD to be the best killers in the world, for the USG. They didn’t care who or what they killed, just as long as the paychecks kept rolling in.

      I respect many soldiers because they are good at destruction. They are like sharks, bears or wolves. I do not regard them as intelligent, loyal, or any of that nonsense. They are simply attack dogs that the USG sends every now and then.

      My god, have you seen their writings? We’re “the good guys!” The evil-doers in Iraq have WMDs! Woooo let’s get them! No wait….it’s the Afghanis! Wait…..Libyans…..wait…..Syria…..shit! No it’s the Iranians! They are the true enemies.

  8. America struggles under the jackboot of tyranny of a Fascist Aristocracy/Oligarchy.

    Murka, OTOH, LUVS it…

    The IRS never heard of Harvey Weinstsin.
    Bernie Madoff? Never heard of him.
    SOLYNDRA OR Mayor Bloomberg? The IRS says, “who?!?”

    Yet, the TEA Party = TAXED Enough Already or
    any group with “patriot” in the name – the IRS ATTACKS Immediately

    The Liberal Nazi Aristocracy want you dead. These targeted groups are all WHITE people – like WACO and Ruby Ridge.
    They want your guns, your money and you to shut up about COLOREDS.

    Today: If you’re a Non-White colored/jew/homo or feminist – it is your country, your Murka.
    If you’re white, get in the boxcar.

  9. I agree. The thing is, the sniper wrote about how you have to pose a credible threat to your enemies or they won’t take you seriously. And yet, he and everyone else just put up with the absurd ROEs. Just like everyone else does with those few bad IRS apples.

    The problem is how do you get to the point where you can pose a credible threat. I remember quite clearly how I tried to convince people to band together to report fraud, waste, and abuse. Most wouldn’t commit, but wished the few of us luck. I see now that it was not just cowardice, but the fact that we were not a credible threat. Two of us were fired, illegally, I might add, and so no one else wanted to risk their jobs. Worse, their stance was reinforced, because apparently I created large enough waves to stop all firing. No one else was fired, and some were hired again.

    Most people aren’t going to risk their lives unless they feel they have a decent chance of winning. That is why they play TDO. There is no real resistance movement. Hell, there aren’t really two parties. There is a strong undercurrent of real outrage, but nothing will happen until they feel they can win or they simply can’t take it anymore.

  10. “My god, have you seen their writings?”

    Part of it has to do with their belief in the system. They think the system works, so they act like kill bots. That’s why no one stopped Benghazi. People wanted to act, and were about to act, but they didn’t because the system that works said “no”. That was an excellent opportunity, but now it’s lost forever. Just think of how it could have been if there were only a few good men who told the system to pound sand and stopped Benghazi. That is the real tragedy of Benghazi. I suspect that was a turning point in history.

  11. This post was about mocking game apostles right, not the military? There are plenty of holes in the PUA systems, but if you look at game as an approach to life, you can apply principles to different relationships. It’s more power plays. How do you gain power in a relationship? It is useful, and the plays on human psychology are effective. Challenging men not to be video game playing flubbies is a good thing, too. The game disciples go nuts about the concept of marriage like it is a monolithic system set up for failure, yet the divorce rate for men marrying college educated women after age 25 is around 10%. I’ll take my chances with that rather than non-stop chasing tail. The most self serving, rationalization hamster post I’ve read on those blogs was heartiste’s post on how a guy who had several children would have a legacy possibly lower than the bachelor who bedded + affected the lives of a series of beautiful women. Keep telling yourself that when you’re alone in the raisin ranch.

    I think Ryu above mentioned it but social circle is key. It’s like sales guys who think they are king, change companies and meet a whole new set of clients they never knew existed. Money and status (real status) get you entry to groups of women the joes reading game blogs will never meet. Scoring NYC bar girls is geat but the women that will attend an invitation only event at Winged Foot will be an order of magnitude better.

    I agree with conchobar’s Scarface reference that the real aphrodisiac is power. Anyone can get money with enough hustle, but real power makes the panties drop.

    • When I complete the Why PUA Will Fail series, I will finish with “the leaders.”

      All disciples of pua are damaged in some way; that’s not meant as insult. Society’s treated males so harshly, there’s few Men remaining.

      For now, simply imagine a guy as smart as roissy saying such incongruous strangeness – that itself, is a reflection of the initial training in PUA: Use artifice to make others believe what you’ve disbelieved so long. Routines, stacks and even peacocking accessories help them fake it until they make it.

      This spirit of positive visualization overcoming all obstacles to discover a “truth” lies at the crux of pua. Even if, the truth is a lie. Truth, is mutable in pua. Truth…can be fabricated. To the detriment of all.

      This self-imagined fantasy world meshes with the “feel-good self-esteem” factories of worthless Murkan GovSchool Indoctrination Centers (aka schools) and so, appeals greatly to Today’s Brandons. It finishes as the faptastic mental jack-offery of the MRM fantasy where “speaking it” makes it “so.”

      pua has become a fake religion where believing hard enough in unseen things itself, proves one’s loyalty to the religion. This, is a hallmark of simplistic societies – on the downward slope.

  12. I heard quite a while ago that (jewish) women that were being interviewed by Dr. Mengele were still sexually attracted to him even though they thought that he was a crazy mass murderer. The guy who had the power over their life or death . . .
    As far as Jordie goes I read something a while back that they are life insured by ZOG for 10 million and the families get a $600 000 settlement and Jezebel keeps 9.4 million. I wouldn’t have believed it in the distant past but Walmart does it to their employees, too. It would explain the marginal recruits at Walmart as well as the Armed Forces.

  13. @ SOBL1

    Guys don’t want to marry another man’s leftovers and “college educated women” created the intellectual framework for our promiscuous society. Sluts like Sandra Fluke are just smart enough to realize the wealth destruction that comes with divorce. Since they want junior to attend Harvard he needs an intact family for that.

    • True, but the gender pissing match for jobs is mostly an upper middle class thing with no thought that middle and lower class men and women don’t give a shit and don’t think like them. All that liberation was too much for Bobbi Jo/Esmerelda/Shaniqua.

      The “marry a single mom” propaganda is pretty awful and another sign of the feminazi ascendancy in our media and govt. I work with some attractive single moms but no way would I ever set a friend up with them for anything long term. Each has a ball of issues related just to the kid which gets compounded by the issues with the baby daddy. No media article ever breathes a word of that side of it.

  14. On the plus side,Weinstein’s fat gut will probably make his neck snap a little faster when the Day of the Rope comes. See how much “game” he has then.

  15. Firepower, YOU are a great author but, aren’t you worried Pat Hanaggan will JooJoo this thread?? 😆

    {ed note: hey, I happen 2 LIKE Kiwis]

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