Future WN Goals

by Ryu

My REALISTIC WN goals are changing quite a bit. What madness to speak of nations or even states when we can’t speak in public yet.

My simple goal is to assist 5 WNs in the next 10 years to get a well paying, career with advancement opportunities. A job with a future, with REAL pay increases that will allow one to buy a house, take a wife and have vacations.
Not this 2% raise a year BS. The tendancy as one gets older is always to want more, to get more stuff.

Large portions of WN have been affected by survivalism. The survivalists of today grease-cycle the survivalism of the past. The field has not advanced since the 1980s, there are just more rubes about today. Uncle Beast will borrow and tax as he kicks the can down the road. He’ll be able to do that for a long time. Remember – Waco, Ruby Ridge and letting in 30 million illegal Mexicans jumping the border didn’t wake up the Murkan people. It would take a truly stupendous act to do this – and as Murka stupefies, it will take even more. No – we’re looking at a slow decline over the next few decades.

Any WN interested in living as a white man should consider California and the Intermountain West. The Northeast is liberal central. The Midwest is ignorant…for now. The South is too accustomed to the presence of negros to do anything as it wallows in redneck pride. The Pac NW is too white to be racially aware, as well as their liberal SWPL population.

I hold the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado to be the future. We look for some semblance of gun culture, wide open spaces, contact with vibrants and distance from the viper’s den in NYC-DC-Boston.

I readily admit that CA has draconian gun laws and even nunchucks are illegal there. Nevada and Arizona make up for that. There are also Soylent Capitals like San Fransisco and LA nearby; but at the same time, that ensures some
decent jobs are available. Where there are no elites and no natural resources, jobs are drying up quickly.

Large parts of the East seem to be waiting for the factories to come back. Not going to happen. The region is heavy with inertia. Too many people everywhere, too much surveillance, too much history to overcome. I feel the exhaustion of the people and culture when I go there.

Jobs, man. WN isn’t an ideology, its a path, a way of living. Revolutions run on money. Many are willing to die for their race; are you willing to live for your people? The hard part is not dying in a firefight, but living
surrounded by vibrants while working for 20 years.

There’s alot to do. I still believe in military training because it sharpens the mind and awareness – you can’t outsource your defense to others. Physical training for health and self defence. Mental exercises to improve memory, powers of observation, anticipation, and in general because there is more on the top end. The body breaks down faster than the mind.

This medium and blogging exist to put WNs in contact with one another. It is a means to a higher level, it is not the goal. The internet is a tool for government surveillance as is the phone system and email. One day I will
either abandon it completely or use it only to record my progress in STEM subjects without mentioning WN. Every post and word I write is an violation of opsec, ignoring my 5th amendment rights. For now, I do it because the profit of contact is greater than the loss of intel I give away. One day that will change.

Please consider these things. What we are doing now isn’t working. Over 90% of WNs are stuck in news and jews mode. Most of the people here now won’t be here in the future because WN does not offer them the novelty and personal profit that they seek. If WN is a net cost rather than a net gain, people WILL leave.

35 Responses to “Future WN Goals”

  1. Perhaps. MWIR, whittakeronline and this site are good for getting out of NAJ mode, rather than sinking into nihilism. Surely you must get more traffic these days from the lower planes

    • The only site consistently refuting NAJ and then providing innovative value is Eradica. If Ryu recommends whittakeronline to me, I shall examine it.

      Nihilism is like Paranoia in that old adage: You aren’t paranoid if they really are out to get you.
      Nihilism for nihilism’s sake is a silly college artschool hipster’s game. Whereas, Ryu provides here cogent, valid – and crystal clear – reasons for his position; such reasoning’s seldom even thought about by other, inferior writers.

      It may be an Ugly Truth – but it IS Truth. We must put away the childish faptastic Hitler Wideos and VRW because it does not – and has not – succeeded. They are baseball cards a sick child rummages through and looks at to soothe himself on a sickday. A New Way is being discovered.

      NAJ is the same as FOX running coverage of Benghazi and SOLYNDRA. Dateline NBC showing Jodi Arias and the Pentagon’s $600 hammers. It’s news for children and fools; precisely what Murkans were Mis-educated down to.

      Step #2: You see the Red Flag, get angry and scream at the TV/computer screen.
      Step #3: You scream “If that wuz me, I’d KILL that mothefucking summabitch!”
      Step #4: Your Anger Ejaculation now complete, you can roll over and Go Back To Sleep – until that next commercial $$$

      Coloreds and illegal mexes don’t watch TV News unless a relative escaped. Coloreds spill blood. Intimidate and scare the survivors.

      I foresee sites like Eradica being subsumed by The Stupid – like Piggy and Oohrah Jordies. Hell, there are no sites like Eradica – and that should scare you in *The Interwebz AGE!”

      All that communicative power relegated to NAJ. Why? You ask: JAN is EASY. Eradica is the Disciplinarian Drill Instructor COMMANDING you to work, think and innovate. Piggy-TAKI Corp. is the “cool” babysitter who lets you eat candy.

      • People still have TVs in great depression 2.0? Once you get over NAJ, what would take 30-60 mins for news goes down to reading the one line summaries on Drudge and saying yeah whatever to the useless crap, like Trrst Atax in Lbrl Zonez.
        For Ryu below: MW would be espionage, Whittaker – samizdat, eradica… eradica
        Thanks for last takedown – now I know that it would be important to learn of distributions of world industries, resources and capital before opening my mouth.
        Now to purchase this post with a long run…

  2. I see Mind Weapons influence here, as well as FP’s

  3. I see Mind Weapons influence here, as well as FP’s in his piece.

    • I joke, but realize you are being polite – actually kind.

      I too, am influenced
      by Ryu

      Were it not for him
      You’d see REAL Pessimism
      Shine Tnru

      And I’d let
      You ALL –
      have it

  4. What we’re doing isn’t working?

    I didn’t know we were doing anything.

    We should be getting credentials, degrees, trade skills, and clout. Which serves the 14 words better? NAJing it up all day, or becoming a community leader? Protesting isrull, or publicly humiliating a ziocon pastor?

    BUGsters should learn hacking. The Syrian Electronic Army did $130 billion in damages with one tweet. Drop the mantra on national news.

    Libertarian faggots are showing us up. Not cool.

  5. I completely understand the Ryuian observations.

    It’s a competent, prudent Scout alerting the tenderfoots & sodbusters in the wagon train that
    “The Indians are on the warpath – circle the wagons and fight for your lives!”

    But those dumbasses ignore the call and keep driving down the deadly trail to slaughter.
    The scouts aren’t going to let themselves be scalped by the savages
    So, they leave the Lemming Trail of Death
    To take their chances

  6. I keep seeing references to BUGS and this Whitaker guy. I will have to look into him. I know alot of people like him.

    Yes, of course I show the influence of FP and MW. Like everyone else, I am the average of the 5 people I spend the most time with. I do not read that many WN sites anymore because they are endlessly repetitive.

    [ed note: i’m glad ryu heeds reason
    I’d be encouraged if PA took
    The Truth back to PiggySite
    shoved it up in there
    firmly and deeply
    to see if truth
    really does
    have an

    • They’ve been around for a long time, and most recently did the “Anti-Racist Hitler” video, which has so many DWL-head-spinning jewels in it, you have to watch it three times, when not LYAO.

      They wake people up via the hypocrisy in front of everyone’s face. They’re great, but some of us just aren’t cut for the petitioning-grievance, “bigger slice for me” business. Some need to help “grow” the pie… we all have our place. Hopefully it will mature to a vertical network as well as horizontal, and a critical mass will arise.

  7. Were it not for Ryu
    You’d see my Pessimism
    Shine Tnru

    Believe it or not, same here.

    PS: I don’t understand your beef with CR.

    [ed note: we discussed this: he censors comments – he DERBS – but brags of his openness and how DERBBING is icky-poo. that makes him a phony…and a fucking faggot hack who’d give up YOUR IP if Rich Lowry demanded]

  8. Well, the question is what Chuck Rudd offers you? How is he different from other writers?

    Your time and your life are valuable. You should gain from reading this blog. If you don’t profit from reading Eradica, you should not come here, or anywhere else.

    It is plain to see the finish line off in the distance. FP and I do not write to write, we do not blog to blog indefinitely. There are others writing to entertain and distract.

    • Rudd represents that restless mass of “white” male liberal who is in the process of recoiling from radical liberation (having had a brush with self-annihilation) without advancing towards white Supremacy. He is “intelligent” enough to conceive that he can float somewhere in between, but too ignorant OR deceitful to admit that he cannot. Man doesn’t float. He strives towards Supremacy or he is in descent, i.e., self-annihilating. “Race-realists” are largely middle class “white” male liberals who never received their Coloring lessons on the gridiron or hardcourt. Lil’ white Pee Wee knew, “They’re different than us.”

      Rudd and company JUST GAINED this knowledge AND it is new and fascinating.

      His interest should be in the phenomenon itself.

      “White” male liberal who rejects “principled” liberation AND Supremacy.

      This person is literally in a no-man’s land seemingly more radically autonomous than all others. That’s what should be studied.

      • I didn’t know FP made you a writer! Congratulations. I look forward to seeing what you can do.

      • I don’t read that plagiaristic hack. A tweet from VDare told me CRUDD wrote some stuff for them. Imagine my disappointment in VDare.

        Piggi childishly, petulantly denigrated and insulted Ryu’s (and my) mere suggestions that he Open His Eyes – and now…

        He is the American Idiot. The Reactionary who seeks applause for his “enlightenment” when all along, the prescient paved the way for him.

        He is (was?) the Lumpen Proletariat of Marx – who never achieved Class Consciousness. The Eradican View of lumpenproles is those who haven’t achieved RACE Consciouness – like Roosh in his insulated SWPL burb.

        If VDare wants Piggi’s Brew…as filtered through AmRen’s kidneys, so be it. Maybe they’ll get One Thousand MOAR Readers in their next twenty years…

  9. I never understood CRUDD’s appeal. The guy is bland and boring as hell.

  10. A day or two ago the Air Force “sidelined” a handful of officers because they lacked the basic skills to “operate” nuclear ICBM weapons. One can only speculate about who these officers were, and what was going on down in the silos.

    [ed note: sources please]

  11. Yeah, I guess the launch codes got out. Sleeping on the job, watching TV, things like that. It’s our new affirmative action, feminized mlitary in action. Almost like that case a year back where 3 environmentalists cut the fences at a nuclear facility.

    [ed note: true, it’s only whites court martialed for reading Playboy. if there are NO media pics, the military slackers are coloreds, women and AA dregs. they stay safe at home while Farmin’ Jordy Wins His Stumps in Iraq]

  12. Howdy! This post could not be written any better by ryu as He constantly kept preaching about this. I am going to send this article to my friends.
    Pretty sure the are going to have a very good read as long as Mr. Hyde keeps commenting to block out that faggot pat hanagan!

  13. “I hold the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado to be the future. We look for some semblance of gun culture, wide open spaces, contact with vibrants and distance from the viper’s den in NYC-DC-Boston.”

    I disagree. Those states are being flooded by Mexican invaders. Denver is no longer majority white anymore. They are slowly undergoing a “reconquista”.

    Personally, I see more of a promise in the Pioneer Little Europe prospectus. Instead of creating one all-white ethnostate (which no one can agree on where it should take place in), we should create self-sufficient political communities in order to escape the liberal-multicultural-cosmopolitan hell hole.

    Let the modern world sink in its own filth.


  14. Great post Ryu,

    I agree, no more running. We meet the problem head on. An none of this into the woods escapism, this is the 21st century. We need to infiltrate the power structures of the cities.

    Regarding your target states, I agree for the most part. The Seattle/Portland whites strike me as suicidally liberal and possessing a weak and nebbish disposition. Also the lack of sunlight is not good for the WN state of mind.

    I doubt you could get very far in Utah without being a Mormon, and even then they seem like a very insular group, which might be too hard to penetrate. Religion will trump anything else there.

    New Mexico is poor as shit unless you are a scientist working for the government. They also have too long a history of old spanish settlers, which would make our WN/Anglo-ism fall of deaf ears. There is just not enough (white) people there to form a critical mass.

    Nevada is a dry wasteland whose whites are of poor quality. I imagine Las Vegas whites are even more degenerate than LA whites.

    California is where all the money is, and is where I am personally headed. But Arizona and Colorado are not bad places at all. Most of all think it is smart to move to where you already have family connections who can help you rise faster.

    I agree with your assessment of the East as largely tired and spent force. New England is senile. The South had its chance. The Midwest? To early to tell perhaps, but i think they are too insulated from diversity to be racially aware any time soon. What are your thoughts of Texas?

    California is the where the march of the Western man finally stopped. I think we will die or be reborn there.

    • Big Dog! Yes, California has always lead the United States in every trend. It lead the US in WN, it was first. CA has the most WNs of any state in the union.

      I think desert wastelands are the places to be. No people, FLIR won’t work as well in summer, good places to train.

  15. Reblogged this on Aryan Street and commented:
    Ryu is one of my favorite White Nationalist writers. Here’s on of his gems.

  16. Ryu wtf are you smoking?? The body breaks faster than the mind? You obviously have never had any real militarization. California and Colorado as centers for WN? Having your own food supply is BAD? Do you know anything about denatured food? You think people should waste their money on vacations? You’re so fucked you don’t even know it! You have no idea what you’re really up against! You will never beat them at their own game, this includes the “mafia” approach of Firepower. We have to do it the way white men always have when faced with their own extermination not some pussy “get a good job and enjoy life while you do WN things on the weekend when you’re not on vacation”. You’re afflicted with materialism and xanity. Good luck

  17. I wouldn’t move to the west coast, Fukushima is ongoing. If you are looking for a place to relocate check out Oklahoma.

  18. Came across this today and asking myself, how am I doing? What have I done in the last 4 years to secure the existence of my people and a future for White children.

    I’m making more money…and have plans to help a family member with some things. I’m doing “okay” but I don’t know if we are any bit closer to having a homeland or even any sort of self-determination.

    In 2016 Dylann Roof did more in probably a few months of WNism than most of us will do in a lifetime. Hey, is anyone writing to him or putting money on his books? I wrote him only once. I honestly would be afraid to use my credit card to put money on his books tbh.

    • Filling his commissary leaves traces, sadly. Unless we find a mule to do it for us.

      I salute Dylann too, Maureen. Quite a bit of progress has occurred in the last 4 years.

      • A mule? Perhaps there’s someone or a group already contributing that would be willing to be a go between?

      • There are people that do this for “The Order” and the Silent Brothers. There may be a group who does it DyRo.

      • “Quite a bit of progress has occurred in the last 4 years” Well as someone has pointed out…ever since The Oklahoma City bombing there hasn’t been another “Ruby Ridge” or another “Waco” (at least where it was obviously the government targeting us) so maybe violence works.

        Still the “Black Lives Matters” Negroes aren’t standing down since Dylann Roof…so not sure.

      • Well, white racial awareness has grown alot since 2013. It is growing very quickly now.

        I don’t think DyRo and others act to inspire others anymore. They do it for themselves, because they feel the need to. Someone must, and they can.

  19. Almost 5 years later. Half the country are de facto WNs now, having voted for Trump. So even though “we” can’t speak about everything we want to publicly, others are speaking about a lot of our issues. Recently, Paul Nehlen is a bright spot as well.

  20. Stop, reevaluate your stats. (1) Get on a good, healthy diet. Low to zero carb, zero grain products. Zero additives. Try at least 90% Carnivore. (2) Drop or ween yourself off any and all addictive products. Zero caffeine, no coffee, no tea, no sugar, nor sugar substitutes, no alcohol, no nicotine, no illicit drugs. (3) Exercise. Start lightly with walking, deep breathing, swimming, and advance to light weight training , then advance again etc…Form exercise groups 3-5 men or women to encourage each other. (4) Go online to IPPF, PLANNED PARENTHOOD GLOBAL, UNITED NATIONS POPULATION FUND (UNPF) and commit to monthly donations in amounts from $5.00-$25.00. (5) Meet weekly to brainstorm on best practices in developing the vision and fruition of the 14 WORDS. (a) a meals-on-wheels type group that identifies and adopts White families the unofficial group aids. Delivering groceries, aid in Dr. and dentistry care, daycare for poor White working families, homework aid/tutoring, the needed occasional tank of gas to get to work, the occasional ride, needed employment, investment in needed tools, skills, friendship/guidance, etc…Think, people, think! Drop the crudeness, Drop the crude leaders, and get some healthy discipline, professionalism, and become a good example to your communities. Pray the 14 WORDS daily, and LIVE The 14 WORDS daily. Manifest The 14 WORDS into reality.


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