Why PUA Will Fail: Feminism Resurgent

by Firepower

Neo-Feminism (NF) is a direct response and counterattack to pua.  It is a stealthy response, as it does not formally or

publicly label itself so.  It is inadvertently aided by dim mpuags blundering unaware that females will actually retaliate against oh, say… 300,000,000+ forums of crass brats blatantly celebrating how to Game them and get in their pants.  Even smart guys like Rooishy are shocked – shocked! – that the girls are mad.  PUA didn’t make guys “men,” it made them better dudes.  It didn’t make them smarter – it made them dumber. Such blundering strategy is not Mastery, it is Foolery; especially in a country now based on, legislated and totally ruled by females – or call this state mentality, feminine values.

The proof is this: Despite PUA being a potent strategy practiced since 2000, nothing has changed.  Those many tactics to tame The Wild American Bitch failed. If you’d have jacked-it to pics of Lindsay Lohan back then, you’d go to jail, but time passes and turns into decades.  Despite the fearsome reputation of “Game” now you have LiLo and 100 Million little copies of her at the club – with most even worse in the Post-Game Era.  The MTV cadre of Jersey Sluts, Teen Slut Moms IX and Housewives of fill-in-the-blank.  It’s what happens when you……. give a loaded shotgun to a Teen Justin!®  Females – girls especially – are far worse behaved now, after “the Game Era” than they were before.

The Reasons Why PUA Will Fail:

  1. It has already failed –
  2. Despite 15 years, Feminism still rules America – NOT men. Certainly not puas.
  3. No pua Leadership –
  4. Semi-Retarded Discipleship

Females today, are even louder, nastier, cuntier and more tattooed.  Game was supposed to give men the upper hand.   The last time I went to “the club,” women are still the loudest, drunkest, rudest, most profane entitled Princesses Of The Universe.  It is they who became Real Men by asserting their masculine qualities of dominance, power and intimidation – not boys.  Males just smile sweetly, simper – and wipe their girl’s puke hair. There is no new class of happy, lady-like women contentedly purring their satisfaction at finding a “real man” who won’t play Dancing Monkey then cooly outsmarts Shit Tests.

The extreme is evidenced in the psycho Amanda Marcotte/Manboobs FFOL wing/falange and is why I find NF such a structural part of FFOL.  Game and pua gave the deactivated, unemployed big-mouthed fatties in storage something new to fight.  It is their resurrection:  Instead of marching in parades, they march as effective Courtroom/Legal System/Government leaders.  They have no need of combat, to write picket signs and post online when they now post statutes and write law.  This structural problem links pua’s failures to mrm’s – and also WN.

It’s because the females are indeed, completely corrupted – but so are the boys.  Both classes are stupid and unworthy because they are Murkans.  No great leaders or movements are born out of slop.  It’s why you see The Original PUA 2000, now fat and balding at age 38, dispensing badvice on blogs – directing today’s PUA MegaModel 2.0 into retracing the same path.

Pua failed to modify female behavior in any positive way because of the low quality of its followers.  Instead, today’s females are actually worse.   PUA = SWPL
Another modern western movement failure.

Next: Laconic Leaders as Failure

64 Responses to “Why PUA Will Fail: Feminism Resurgent”

  1. Gunwitch – that’s a name I haven’t heard in a longgg time.

    I don’t think PU is about “modifying” female behavior. It is about taking advantage of it. Let her lie to herself while I take her body. If she thinks screwing 100 men is liberation, a PUA will allow that way of thinking.

    I still admire the old systematic canned routine teachings. That’s because life itself is a routine. Everyone does it.

    It is queer how the ancient ones just seem to disappear. Where is Mystery today? Ross Jeffries? Style still hawks junk because I still get form emails. We should take bets on when Roosh will jump the shark and disappear.

    • The millions of Brandons who flooded pua boards over the past decade and a half should have had some positive impact on female behavior. They should have had some perceptible impact – period – yet it was all default negative.

      Even an equal number of illegal mexes & chechen muzzes over the same period show some sort of impact.

      Rooishy will disappear like a puff of Persian Djinn smoke when folks realize he’s hitting 40: IOW – very soon…

  2. Why a positive effect?

    No – they had an effect, a negative one. Now women are used to being fucked and chucked. The ASD is stronger than ever.

    Basically, PUAs are going out into the pool of HBs and giving them a bunch of ONSs. Naturally the girls cannot pair bond as well afterwards.

    That’s what it was all about! Getting that lay in before she gets old and used. But now the market is saturated. Either they drop their standards to include the 25-40s, drop the age from 14-18, or start boffing men now as well.

    This is life, broseph. Bad results come easier than good results. What – things are going to improve by themselves, magically? No way. It takes discipine and calculation to even anticipate a profit, let alone realize it. It’s just like being in a casino, where losing is fast and easy but winning is hard and slow.

    • agreed, how was there supposed to be a positive effect? MRM was a reaction to a shift, it wasn’t “reactionary” this whole shebang was about “muh dik” and the only net positive is that there is now a large population of young men who are now longer “nice guy” or at least aware of the archaic nature of “nice guy”. the good comes from the increase in nihilism and further delapidation of our society, maybe ten years down the road they will have a pdeo PUA thing that will be totes kosher, whatever i don’t care at all, really all that matters now is being in a good position to push the WN agenda if possible, if not possible self-terminate or go full nihilist-hedonist. (but i think we got 5 years tops)

      • (pedo PUA, not pdeo PUA)

      • I’m not so hot on pushing WN on younger generations. The current WN method is a failure. WN is a failed movement.

        I am ready right now to scrap the WN label and move on to something better. I have nothing more to learn regarding jews, negros, or spics. That is what WN has about – describing the FFOL of niggers, spics, feminists, kikes, SWPLs and elites.

        There is no purpose in learning all of that if it doesn’t alter behavior. Running away from vibrants is our own “MGTOW.” I don’t advocate violence because there are not enough racists about and because it doesn’t attack the source.

      • Oh come on Ryu, you are having a bad day. It is too soon to give up on WN.

        If nothing happens by the end of the decade, then all is indeed lost I admit. But our generation could possibly embody the Reaction. Wholesale rejection of their parents boomer values.

        Make no mistake people are slowly waking up through the internet. Our presence here proves that. Just because the MSM isnt talking about doesnt mean it isnt significant. I have already detected a shift/reconsideration of feminism. Multi-culti is next, make no mistake. Patience.

        Seriously if you abandon WN, what the fuck else are you gonna do.?

      • yeah ryu quit whining, if you feel sad it just means your not training hard enough, look at buildings in the town, where is the key positions for maintaining interlocking fields of fire? where are choke points? how thick is the concrete? how many roads lead into town?

      • “But our generation could possibly embody the Reaction. Wholesale rejection of their parents boomer values.”

        There has to be more to a “reaction” than FUCK YOU MOM AND DAD.

      • “really all that matters now is being in a good position to push the WN agenda if possible, if not possible self-terminate or go full nihilist-hedonist.”

        that is a pretty good summary of where I am. obviously WN is preferable, i fight the nihilism every day.

        It always looks hopeless to those who wake up first. I am actually glad that i’m not older and havent had to witness the last 10/20/30 years with open eyes lol. So i dont blame the older chaps here and around the other blogs for their abject pessimism and burrowing mentality. But that is just not how you win.

        there will be a reaction, count on it. chaos to order, order to chaos.

      • I’ve long told you all what to do.

        Years ago – even to the quivering dadginas on The Fearhead.

        Hope is not a strategy.

        All movements are dependent upon the quality of their young men. Today’s Brandon can’t even get PUA right. I’ve seen no indication of greatness from Justins; just texting, YouPorn, HALO and burgers.

        Your gen will beget even lesser troglodytes who will, in turn, beget even lesser savages who will either be the cohort to finally burn and smash – or beget the generation of animalistic mongoloids who will indeed destroy. No high-ideal Thomas Jefferson emerges out of that muck. That…is the recipe for Dark Ages 2.0. And I don’t mean the cool new alien-zombie terrorist FPS.

        I already wrote this stuff on Eradica loooong ago. Do a search. Get back to me.

      • “I’ve seen no indication of greatness from Justins”

        Well you dont, until you do. Stranger things have happened in the history of the world. They have yet to be tested, and it remains to be seen whether they will rise to the occasion. But you have to work with what you have, they will have an opportunity soon. Yockey said ‘Pessimism only describes an attitude, and not facts, and hence is entirely subjective.’ I believe we can and will win.

        And we are not looking for the high-ideal Jefferson we are looking for the effective White Caesar.

        “Tell a man he is brave, and you help him to become so”-Carlye

      • We had this discussion before. You called me a faggoterian then disappeared for 3 months. lol That is not the way to win. You missed a lot here.

        Remember: Today’s Justins have been told they’re Special Snowflakes by mom, dad, teacher & Auntie Roo from the time they won their first 45th Place T-Ball trophy where they didn’t keep score to preserve that Cult of Self-Esteem.

        OWS is what that gave you.

        Who Killed Murka https://eradica.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/who-killed-murka/
        BMF: https://eradica.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/button-mashing-faggots/

    • Why a positive effect?

      pua now is solely limited to being about ONS.
      Originally, PUA was about mutual enjoyment value in sex while searching for a mate: Remember the Old Mystery Credo “Leave Her Better Than You Found Her”?

      PUA (not today’s pua) was about establishing [that overused word] relationships. Mystery and Style used it to filter out “The One” from the many. Style’s guitar-gf and the one Mystery went bipolar over.

      Early pua was positivist and constructive, today, it’s roissy, Dark Triads and teen male nympho bloggers.

      • Nah, the logic of PUA leads to Roissy. Just like the logic of capitalism leads to Walmart. Just like the logic of liberalism leads to white suicide. Doomed from the start.

      • you should write articles here

      • well, how about it FP?

      • This would be the subject of my first post:

        [ed note: interesting – send me a short sample]

      • Ahhhhhhh FP!

        You didn’t really believe that bull did you? Yeah man, she’s BETTER for ONSing me! SLeeping with me with make her better.

        That was the biggest lie ever. That’s BS you feed a stupid woman or to some PUA fags to make themselves feel good. PUA was all about increasing one’s self esteem by fucking as many women as possible.

        I don’t see how sport-fucking improves women at all. They would be foolish to believe it. It was easier than the truth, which was about men getting what they want and screw everything else.

        It’s the same as a day trader saying he “increases liquidity” or a HeroCop saying “I serve and protect you!!!” when it’s all about him dressing up and shooting gunz.

        [ednote: you’ll be interested in the next piece. i’ve been writing it since thurs – it’s tentatively titled Why PUA Has Failed: Fallen Idols]

      • Yep. My first introduction to PUA was not Mystery, but via David DeAngelo who’s now married. He had that “something else going on” besides pua, that attracted girls, so he didn’t need pua to define his post-pua worldview as to how he “fit in” with the gang. Finding true mates was the ultimate, now, that seems as quaint as chaperons at a dance when pua has degenerated into mindless hedonism.

        Mystery, to his credit, tried (very briefly) to keep matters elevated, but failed. Style had his writing career to keep him afloat, but once that Next BIG Novel didn’t do much it was Cashin’ Time. Early PUA vids had a playful air of (dare I say?) decency(?) about them. It is hard to describe, but you’ll see when compared to the early decay of Matador and Tucker Max-types all the way down the toilet to Cajun.

        Some pua whose name escapes me was the bridge from Mystery to Max; help me out here guys: He was some blond skinny nerd type with glasses circa 2007.

        The shbags like TD & Tucker Max still try to turn the trick with hairplugs and girdles; they need that money. Cajun popped-up like 6 years later to ride the money train. Now all we’ve got are Swingin’ Peacock Negging Machines like (Our Newest Little Bundle of Joy, Ryan) as different from Julius Caesar as Caligulas. SOCIAL ROBOTS

  3. Awake isn’t worth much. I think Hitler would be ashamed of this style – read, comment, read comment, read comment….

    That isn’t a movement. It’s nothing. At some point, it becomes about furthering the survival of a website or a newspublication rather than white survival.

    Has WN changed your behavior, other than to avoid living with vibrants if possible?

    Things are never changed from the outside. You have to be an insider to enact change. It’s infiltration and the long acquisition of money and power. Not survivalism, not going over the same crap over and over.

    What we are doing now doesn’t work. “Awareness.” As if this is a game, save the manatees, save the rainforest. We have people faptasizing about nations when we cannot even take over a single town yet.

    How much money do you make? If you have trouble supporting yourself, how can you even begin to talk about building a nation? Let alone a family?

    • yes i know how you feel you are floating on the waves in a great ocean in a tiny boat, there is nothing. but you must live triumphantly everyday because soon you will be dead and gone forever! will you waste your time on this earth whining and whining about how you have nothing? if we should suffer we should suffer beautifully. let the white race die in a sea of brown, we shall be the great bubbles of its dying breath. i wash dishes everyday for hours ryu, i often wake up and take painkillers or look at my shiny rifle i bought for no reason and think about putting it in my mouth. i live in a provincial town full of proles, few people even know i exist, the waitresses who used to flirt with me, simply hurl trash and food on me, i am jungers worker, i am a statistic. you are too. this is the way the modern world makes people live, there is no mystery, nothing bu endless horror. White nationalism, regardless of the “movement” is pride, it is haveing a sense of worth in yourself. the greeks bleieved the olympian gods created us to suffer for their enjoyment, but instead of crying on the cross like that kike, white men lived trumphantly. sysiphus pushes the boulder up the mountain everyday laughing and howling for all eternity, and each night as it pushes him back down he crys and crys, but the next day he does it all over again laughing and carrying on. kates article had a point, i agreed with it, it is not positivity, but saying “yes” even if it means death.

      • *slow clap*

        seriously good showing. i desperately want to find a copy of eumeswil someday. be the anarch, yes.

        Conch you really need to read Blood Meridian…reminds me of another quote from it:

        “He poured the tumbler full. Drink up, he said. The world goes on. We have dancing nightly and this night is no exception. The straight and the winding way are one and now that you are here what do the years count since last we two met together? Men’s memories are uncertain and the past that was differs little from the past that was not.”

        i have fantasized about escaping America for so long. to argentina, new zealand, canada, europe, anywhere. I have decided that i am going to stand my ground and go back to california. no more running. brave pessimism.

        we should become bros. email me bathcat456@yahoo.com

      • roger that sir ill pm you as my email is a rather public one. you say you are 22-23? that is what i am, a few of the people i know seemed to be bent on goin’ portland way, i don’t know about me, i really like where i live, but there is not shit goin’ on thats for sure! i might after i graduate take a year off and visit the american WN sites, might scope out the NA compound, try to contact heimbachs group, etc. if i ever made it to a amren thing i’d let you know

      • — look at my shiny rifle i bought for no reason –(note to NSA troll: i do not support wade michael page faggotry, yeah i know your watching and this cannot be used against me, under the “first amendment”)

  4. “Feminism” is devout dyke “nature.”

    PUA was a homosexual recruitment campaign.

    Devout dyke “lives,” PUA dies… And homosexuals come up with new ways to make young males go MGTOW, i.e., de facto homo.

  5. WN’s biggest foe was the strong US economy. That economic engine is dead now.

    What happens next? Well that depends on the next 5-10 years which are decisive.

    The “system” is losing more and more legitimacy. We need to capitalize on that now.


  6. Since its inception, is the average white male more faggoty or less faggoty?

    That tells you exactly what PUA set out to accomplish.

    • Pua is only crucial in that aspect with regards to grooming, peacocking and “accessorizing.” Seeking to bang women is not faggotry.

      Around the dawn of the 21st century, there occurred a noticeable shift toward encouraging the feminizing of males of which pua, indeed played a small part, but far lesser to Queer as Folk and Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. Enter manscaping…

      This is part of the FFOL: Make men more sissified.
      Same as the FFOL wields the colored: Use social influence to make whites “more black” via interracial (white female/black male) sex and acculturation. Make them more mex. Make them more muzz…
      This is the same proven method that turned tougher WW2 era men into Pavlovian weepers every time they saw the Gates of Auschwitz on TV.

      All this is transmitted by the Media Falange of the FFOL, under the direction of Jews – AND rich WHITE Elites.

      • “[S]eeking to bang women” was just the bait. Never being bonded to a certain woman is the switch. De facto homo-ism. A lot of porn and self-sexualizing. “Men” going their own way… Because there are “no good women.”

        The collective call of the MRM/PUA crowd is de facto homo-ism. Not pure faggotry. Just stealth faggotry.

  7. All “movements” are guilty until proven innocent. Which is to say that all “movements” should be assumed to be hiding their true agenda with absolute lies.

    So “feminism” claims to make women out of females, but actually, intends that females never become women.

    PUA claims to make man good with the ladies. Never been more fags. And fags are good with the “ladies.” And MGTOW is the “alternative.”

  8. WN claims a place for white man to call his own. Already have it for those that want it. It’s a given. But where is the imperial act that is a prerequisite for near permanence?

    In fact, WN movement hides the fact that it doesn’t seek a “given” status. It has no spirit. It is always nascent and barely alive. It’s not even sure of its right to exist.

    • “In fact, WN movement hides the fact that it doesn’t seek a “given” status. It has no spirit. It is always nascent and barely alive. It’s not even sure of its right to exist.”

      good point there

  9. The men that post here are a cut above the rest. Certainly, the young men are light years ahead in enlightenment when compared to Today’s Justins.

    They have the youthful spirit for battle, yet can’t even find scant allies to form a single squad. If you can’t form one squad on a campus, you’ll have a harder time IRL. Never again will you be surrounded by so many of your cohorts.

    Will The Call sound in their youth? If not, perhaps today’s 20-something male will be Tomorrow’s gray, wizened Generals leading multitudes of pillaging trogs. When the rubble clears, they may order a giant statue of me built and my words made lessons in a New Public School.

    This is why I use Eradica as a conveyance to either today’s youth or tomorrow’s Field Marshall.

    It is “nice” to imagine such things, but they must be tempered with ugly reality, lest they quickly turn into faptasy – as such visions especially do today. The Rev-0-Sphere is rife with such blogs & forums that are The Trap of Daydreams

  10. “We have people faptasizing about nations when we cannot even take over a single town yet. ”

    Well, there isn’t really any point to taking over a town. If you want to live in a town full of white people, you just move to the exurbs. Trying to fill a town with WNs doesn’t really accomplish anything, besides making you a target. Grats, you control the schoolboard and city hall. You still can’t do anything to stop vibrants from moving in (that’s illegal discrimination) and now your organization is about 25% FBI infiltrators. You wasted your resources, time and money for nothing.

  11. PUA has had an impact, it has reinforced the negative aspects of modern female behavior and made them worse. It also helped a certain percentage of men have some pointless casual sex.

    PUA is not the men’s rights movement. PUA is just a way to get laid. Men will do whatever it takes to get laid, but not much more. So it is silly to expect that most PUAs will convert into MRAs or Roissyite reactionaries any time soon. Most people just read the PUA methods,maybe tried out a few of them and then went back to doing whatever they were doing previously.

    A bunch of guys using slightly more effective strategies to pick up bar skanks shouldn’t be expected to have a positive effect on society. So PUA hasn’t failed, it just was never a particularly ambitious movement to begin with.

    • You are correct: “PUA is not the men’s rights movement.”

      Although many of Eradica’s topics are political, much of what I write is on society’s natural effect upon the political.
      IOW: Society is not all politics, but all politics is about society.

      I hope pua never pupates into MRM or rooisshy-ite “reactionism” for such reality does not exist. That is like nothingness morphing into oblivion in the Internet Cloud. MRM & rooisshy-ites merely spin endless new cloth for an online rag-recycling factory.

      There was PUA – and then there’s today’s diminished pua. The theme is not a lament over failures of Boa-clad peacockers to run government. It is an observation on a continuing theory of failure in all modern white/SWPL “movements” culminating with Occupy Wall Street. The reality of the flame burning hot at the inception, then devolving as a flash in the pan of “whatever happened to..?”

      It is a structural flaw of social self-termination causing such “movements” to rapidly diminish and die.

      See: Why MRM Will Fail https://eradica.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/why-mrm-will-fail/

  12. “There was PUA – and then there’s today’s diminished pua. The theme is not a lament over failures of Boa-clad peacockers to run government. It is an observation on a continuing theory of failure in all modern white/SWPL “movements” culminating with Occupy Wall Street. The reality of the flame burning hot at the inception, then devolving as a flash in the pan of “whatever happened to..?”

    Ahh, that’s a helpful explanation. I see your point. Thanks.

    [ed note: Diminution is a core commonality shared by PUA, MRM and OWS etc. Premature devolving, degeneration and decay. Amongst the most politicized, informed, informationally aware youth and students in human history]

  13. I miss what used to be called “the community.” PU used to be a sort of brotherhood. It turned into a way for a few to cash in and become tin gods. Remember lairs? Sarging?

    WN is kind of like how PU was. Everybody knows everybody right now. It seems that when you start throwing money into the pot, everything gets ruined. It’s happened so many times – to inde music, extreme sports, cage fighting, etc.

    [ednote: you musta read my mind again. “community” was THE word I was gonna toss in to describe the loss of what once was. The opposite is “fragmentation” and that is why you see the failure of MRM, wn, ows and pua – even among aware Eradicans… lbf? hellooo? pat? lbf?? anybody home??? cam?]

  14. This scene says it all:

    Tommy Cruise in Magnolia sums it up perfectly- what was ThorDaddy saying?? De facto homo-ism – exactly.

    My own experience is that The Game was entertaining, Double Your Dating was a bit educational . . . I always thought that girls were just retarded or something – I didn’t realize they were flirting with me!

    Sir Adolf eventually got the girl . . .

    [ednote: goddamn – i always forgot about that movie; always wanted to see it. no doubt, when i do, it will probably be made clear Mystery who copied off of it…]

  15. LOL. Tom Cruise put on a good seminar there. The free ones that I went to were not so energizing. I do admire the showmanship and acting that the speaker has to use. Tony Robbins used to be good at it.

  16. Firepower is right about the decay of “puas.”

    The internet is FILLED with baby joyboys – the likes of Ryan Mega and Black Kenny. These retreads of reheated leftovers were the only ones defending their existence. It’s a sad state of affairs. LOL imagine “pua” in 30 years hahaha!

    • Yes. These are exactly the types of inferior children who’ve cackled their way into displacing enlightenment. Their reactions in print testify to their immaturity, unsophistication and general stupidity.

      They’ve diminished pua into a “way of life” run by children dispensing…even more childish advice.

      Any who keep the counsel of little children gets what he deserves.

  17. fire there are some fags kissing roissy’s ass on the alternative right, its quite up your alley acutally

    [ed note: interesting – put up a link to show what you mean]

  18. “Some pua whose name escapes me was the bridge from Mystery to Max; help me out here guys: He was some blond skinny nerd type with glasses circa 2007.”

    Tyler Durden?

  19. That’s him. The belt gives it away, along with the skinny jeans and jazzy tshirt. That’s almost the PUA uniform.

  20. PUA has no leadership? How about Mystery?

  21. wow, thanks for linking to my blog post, I just started blogging yesterday

    I think PUA has its niche among the older virgin crowd but for younger people it is a gimmick

    • the younger the target, the easier the hunt.

      Young people are now tricked into believing
      they’ve never been

      • The worst part of living in a declining civilization is that most would rather deny reality wholesale than admit that things are going downhill.

  22. @Firepower- I’m not saying Mystery still active, but as a figurehead he’s still there.

    [ed note: he becomes more an L.Ron Hubbard figure each passing day. He, is absent]

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    [ed note: THIS IS what “pua” has become. A spamfest for Asian Dick Magick and SEMINARS. CASE CLOSED
    thanks to
    extremedating101.com/ x

  24. PUA/seduction community advice doesn’t work. If you want true success with women, you need to be Direct, real and honest instead.

    I invite you to my website and blog, http://www.bedirectwithwomen.com, where you can also download my free ebook all about being Direct, real and honest with women.

  25. You and your little flock of screeching tattooed twats are free to post here so long as it rises just a few notches above your quaint site’s standard…


    (that, would be, as defined in my glossary: “echo chamber of faggots“).

    I have neither the time or correctional facility to explain to loudmouthed, tatted bitches that getting more tats and growing bigger mouths is not the solution to your frustrated sex lives perpetually attracting SWPL faggot doormat-tampons.

    While assured you cackling cunts all do, in fact, require such sizable tampons made from actual doormats, it in no way excuses your last pitiful, execrable foray into EradicaLand with only one brave Manboober possessing the testicles needed for cogent argument.

    She, was no doubt a keeper.


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