Alpha Vs BETA: Showing Pink

by Firepower

One Clitoris, hold the testicles: No thanks

Most of pua is over-elaborate bullshit conveyed to hide that fact in fathoms of flowery, new words.  Simplicity (at first) was what made Mystery Method and Cocky/Funny.  I get sent tons of articles and read them all, but some stand out.

First off: The asides.  Note how the brain-damaged Journo-loids mistakenly describe Pink “Alpha” when she’s the fugly who willingly spreads to be used like a spittoon by her Hot Model MotoCross Biker SuperStar Celebrity “Hubby.”  See also, April Lavigne.  If the New York Times is clearly run by idiots, imagine the dregs at Glamour.

So again, we see ‘grecycling: The International Digital Times tells us what Glamour said.  Online.

Pink was bangable for about 4 months when she was 16, now…not so much.  Aerobics mixed with Roids become Aeroids.  Pounding a dude with stretchmarks from getting knocked-up twice by her ‘shbag bikey b/f – who she won’t stfu about – ain’t for me.  Corey IS Alpha.


Joey Fatone was in love with me. He took me to Friendly’s on a date, and he bought me an ice cream. Such a sweetheart. He asked my dad’s permission,” she said.

When prodded further, Pink elaborated on her sex life and her on-again, off-again relationship with motocross superstar Carey Hart. She said that after all the breakups and separations, it was difficult for her to view her relationship with Carey Hart as “good” despite continuously returning to his side.

Emphases, mine.  Joey was in NSYNC, at the time the biggest deal in the world.  Did Pink fuck him? Nah.

Joey is a “mega-super-star” who is In Love polite.  Joey asks Dad if he may take Kitten for ice cream; the only thing missing is a straw hat and a calliope.  Hart, a tattooed douchebag she continually hops on for yet another make-up sex dickride.

There you go.  Be the Hart, not the Fatone.

28 Comments to “Alpha Vs BETA: Showing Pink”

  1. Just learned to read your posts without drawing a breath. Got it right.

    Never understood the fascination with Pink, one of my brothers thinks she’s just, right.

    Pink was bangable for about 4 months when she was 16,

    The rest is all downhill. Like drinking beers in your Honda while your kids are inside, as your mrs is out on the town.

    • She is talented and has an androgynous appeal that enchants some when younger. As this type ages, this turns into a curse.

      BTW, to read my posts with full oxygen load in your brain to their most majestic splendour, I prescribe utilizing that punctuation stuff I put in there – unless it’d different in The Australianese Language.

  2. Pink always goes with Bon Jovi.

    You know the place?

    Where the faces are all cold.

    Like on a steel horse I ride?

    Sometimes there’s people I want to kill. Even if they’re my family, or on a steel horse, they are wanted wanted. Dead.

  3. Somebody sent this to me, FP:

    firepower evidently hates the JQ and thinks it’s for losers
    so, he probably has less potential
    he actively renounces it

  4. One for LBF, note all the self loathing.

  5. The US media is crazy for this Pink broad. She’s like the modern feminine ideal. She even found some beta dude to knock her up and foot the bill.

    I’m curious. WHat are you doing here FP? PU is out. It’s played out and its dead. There is nothing new there. The PUA movement has exhausted itself and not even Roissy can find new applications. Maybe you could find a way to combine WN and PU and the MRM into something new.

    • I have not read roissy in a long time; only if someone suggests an article of interest.

      pua is still applicable to our segment, as the lesson of being a Man still eludes noobs. I see it as not the fault of the message – but the recipients.

      If you’re implying the Corey Hart guy inseminated her, he is certainly not beta.

      The eternal femini-stasis of Media (as exemplfied in the magazine cover) propagandizing Pink Ideals shows the failure of pua – that subject I will return to in a Monday post.

      The confluence and value of pua for our application is noting that even semi-fugs like Pink only entertain famous, rich and “hot” guys. There is only so much Game can do and that failure is the inspiration of all the bitter divisions and arguments in that sphere – as well as MRM. The stymied confusion of sites like Revolting Omega Virgin et al are the manifestation of that frustration and displayed as the bitterness on which Manboobians feed.

      Once Today’s Justins really really really realize their predicament, they are better off mounting horses and becoming Huns – pillaging their way to gratification.

      • yuup that sentiment was said in the “way of men”, a good book. its not about gettin’ laid or not being able to, its that the entire cultural relationship/interaction; the dichotemy is totally fubar and you should not play into it, just be like the motorbike monster energy fag and pump n dump

      • “Once Today’s Justins really really really realize their predicament, they are better off mounting horses and becoming Huns – pillaging their way to gratification.”

        i push this concept to my comrades on a daily basis, the only problem is that feminism or white knighting, or whatever takes hold immediately. it is impossible to organize people on this concept as they personalize it, they all immediately attempt to castrate you by saying that , “you just say that cause you arn’t getting any” regardless of their personal problems in this category. many of the nietszhean “last men” that is associate with pump and dump (mainly 3/10s with no self esteem) but yet they attack me for not holding a door for a hot chick or playing along with some bullshit canard a chick does to get you to buy them something, by saying how spiteful i am. the justins or brandons have this disconnect in the fact that they cannot even realize how a-moral they are because of the culture we live in. they take advantage of sad drunk chubbies, who they pump and dump and sometimes even openly mock, but yet when a physically attractive girl walks in somehow they become knights. PUA and MRAs are basically missing the point that the culture promotes dishonest masterbatory whoredom in both sexes, its just that the destruction of white female chastity is way more civilizationally damaging than dumbasses boning fat girls ruthlessly.

        david bowie was a faggot

  6. That is a good comment. They would do better training and studying rather than devoting themselves to PU. It will take alot of overcome the tendancy to go into denial. I don’t know what the trigger for that will be though.

    [ed note: the more you read me, the more you will know. it is not merely pua presenting misleading info – it is ALL the FFOL popularizing the separate doctrine of EACH wing to converge upon White Males]

  7. The final frontier is looks. Looks are perhaps the biggest taboo of all in society.

    By looks I don’t mean crap like the color of your shirt. I’m referring to your genetics.

    Google Shitty Advice PUAHate. If you want fresh ideas you’ll only find them there.

    [ed note: FUCK ALL grecycling imitators. Freud said “anatomy is destiny” 130 years ago. I know that, so I need not know extraneous redundant facts spewed from the lips of illiterate 26-year-old children]

  8. PUA like liberalism deluded people into thinking we’re all equal and can achieve anything.

    It failed because it’s premise was fundamentally flawed. In nature most males don’t reproduce.

    I do think there is substantial room for male self improvement but the rest depends on your genes.

    PUA material is anything BUT straightforward for a reason. This video is one of the few exceptions.

  9. would not bang

  10. You call him a ‘faggot’ or whatever (I don’t give a shit). but Bowie was/is a master of style, image, self-promotion, PR, advertising, finance. The man is a genius. I suggest you check out what he’s accomplished. WNs could learn a thing or two from him. Some of us have done. 😉

    I completely agree with GJ’s focus on developing a new elite. It is essential this new elite emphasise not only the content, which we have in spades, but also form–which we don’t have, sadly. Not yet, at least. Style, charm, charisma–our side badly needs these qualities. Style matters.

    As far as ‘looks’ are concerned, I’m increasingly finding that I’m closing girls primarily (I suspect) on my looks, which include tall muscular build, blonde hair, blue eyes, beard, broken nose, and prominent facial scar. I’m getting pretty 21-year-old girls hitting on me.

    Chicks dig scars.

  11. Anyone else here planning to go to Greece for a summer holiday? 😉

  12. I got wood the first time I saw Pink, but it was the last. i thought she was black lol 🙂

  13. These days, Pink may be “settled down” with a husband, Motocross racer Carey Hart, and a daughter, 2-year-old Willow, but don’t look to the 33-year-old for the usual gushing-over-my-spouse quotes that so many celebs constantly spew. When asked if it’s hard to accept that things are finally “good” between her and Hart, considering the couple has been through multiple breakups, including a marital separation, she’s quick to point out that they still argue … and that commitment isn’t easy.

  14. “ Joey Fatone was in love with me. He took me to Friendly’s on a date, and he bought me an ice cream. Such a sweetheart. He asked my dad’s permission,” she said.

  15. Thanks a lot –Bookmarked. Pink was a fuckable piece of ass before she bulkde up ON ROIDS. still, most ass is fine at 17. I’d still rather fuck April Lavigne and wipe my cock off on pink. did you know she fucked tommy lee??

    [ed note: THAT is the pic o’ pink i pick to pipe a peck o’ peen. HA, i do remember the “Tommy Lee incident” and wanted to use it in the post, but most readers wouldn’t know wtf i was writing about, MORE PROOF OF WHAT IS -and what is not- Alpha]

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