The Importance of Preparation

by Ryu

I recently had to make a phone call worth some money to me. The duration was estimated to be 5 minutes. To prepare for this call, I took 120 minutes. That’s a ratio of preparation:action of 120:5 or 24:1. Quite a ratio isn’t it?

But that’s nothing compared to an area where the stakes are higher or when life or death is at stake. I’m struck when I read the Ranger field manual how much….…. planning occurs. Granted, the average grunt is not going through that level of planning and there is a tremendous number of support staff. But at some point, almost everything is accounted for.

We have all seen the opposite. Guys just pick up a gun and decide to take on the world. The result is always that they die or are captured. This was the case with Christopher Dorner and with Von Brunn who attacked the holycost museum. I would even include Tami and Zaza, the Boston bombers in this category.

The hardest part is getting away with it. Killing or bombing is easy, especially if one works for an authority figure who will clean up the mess. That’s an aspect that no cop or soldier has to worry about.

The proper ratio when planning of action:escape:capture is about 1:5:2. I know, I know. No one thinks that he will be captured so no one plans or prepares for this eventuality. How many defenses fall apart because the perp spills his guts to the police? In many cases the confession is the key evidence.

Planning for the escape portion is also hard. One needs to cut every tie to the case – no DNA, no blood, no hair left at the scene, no fingerprints, no clothing, no tire tracks, no shoeprints, no surveillance cameras, no witnesses and so on. Endless care to detail. It is here that mistakes are made and why so many criminals eventually get captured.

I urge anyone even daydreaming of direct action to consider these things. Planning is everything and overplanning is impossible. The more you prepare for, the less surprised you will be, the higher your probability of success in both the short and long term. Don’t end up just another story on the news, added to the pile and then forgotten. A few days or weeks with a pencil and paper, to be burned and flushed afterward, can save alot of pain or years in prison.

20 Comments to “The Importance of Preparation”

  1. Maybe Von Brunn just wanted to commit suicide. Taking a 22 to that kind of party is shameful.

  2. Rangers are the archetypal “Nigger Behind The Trigger.” They are brainless drones for the meatgrinder…and proud of it.

    Were it not for “smart” white males plotting their charts & course of action, they’d look like incompetent Soviets fighting Mujahahedeen. Oh, wait. that’s what they are.

    That’s the 100% fucking BEST they can do. ONLY whites in Murka fear Jordy.

    Whites fear losing their TV, porn, free time, couch time and big two-fisted Murkan Burgers…

  3. I don’t think the US military gets the best or the brightest. Boy, they sure are proud of dying for Unca Beast. It’s gonna take a while to fully lose that fear we have. The media really puts on a good show.

    • There is a similar lesson in the mma-sphere. There is a certain pride in being injured and debilitated amongst mma fighters. I imagine it suggests that you are “in the fight” so to speak. But I think for the everyday white male, being injured and training for a fight 8 weeks out is silly and deadly. Everyday white man needs to be healthy and ready for spontaneous savage violence AT EVERY instant in his life. This is the real reality of things on the home front.

      It seems a lot of these Jordies are maimed for the very purpose of rendering them too debilitated to come back and fight on the home front as their minds mature about their true role in the big picture.

      • I’ve seen that. Fighters push too much and get injured, then they can’t fight. Knees, hips, ankles, floating ribs, shoulders are common areas.

        It’s too bad. It would be nice to be able to practice a sport for one’s entire life.

    • Tru dat. I know some ex-Marines and they certainly don’t strike me as particularly sharp. Sharp dressers with sensible haircuts, maybe, but not especially gifted. And they all seem to be devotees of the MultiKult.

  4. “Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the face.” – Mike Tyson, ex-Heavy Weight boxing world champion, convicted rapist, and ex-con. Just sayin’.

  5. “Willing to die”

    Yes, precisely, this is key.

  6. Some of my favorite scenes in TDKR demonstrate the importance of preparation.

    Bruce is unprepared (mentally and physically) and arrogantly dismisses warnings.

    In their fight Bane says “Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you.”

    This is a valuable insight into the human condition. It’s why so many males are soft today.

    Even Batman cannot rest on his laurels. Bane won because Bruce was unready for battle.

  7. Awesome comment!

    I couldn’t work out if you were a nigger or a cunt.

    Now I see you are both.

    No tautology intended.

    (Did ya see wat I did there, did ja!?)

    • For Jay M’on! Here’s to you, brotha!!!

      For being hard core,
      big swinging DICK
      The most fantabulous internet dweeb.

      Spewin’ it out there,
      is he all right there?
      He’s got the Al Gore there!

  8. Often times though the fight chooses you rather than the reverse; what’s the plan for that? And other times you can’t win no matter what you do, the Battle of the Alamo, Pickett’s Charge, Pear Harbor, Midway, and Bataan all come to mind. “Putting on your death clothes” before you go is like suicide bombers do or like the kamikaze did is the first step toward seem more like a commitment to die gesture than a real commitment to win even if you die. That’s how I see it anyhow.

    • Well first thing first…

      Don’t train to debilitation.

      There is no over training. There is only bad training.

  9. A couple weeks ago I tried to cold pitch strangers to buy chicken. Everything seemed to go well, but then I couldn’t answer a couple questions and told them I’d get back to them. They already had my card, but I knew right then they wouldn’t call. I could see it on their faces. It doesn’t take much to fail a sale.

    • I feel your pain, Doomie. It is impossible to “wing it” unless you have rapport first. No is so much easier than yes. I myself have to prepare endlessly for many things.

      So you are trying to create a market for your birds? MW used to talk about farmers gaining a guaranteed market.

      • “MW used to talk about farmers gaining a guaranteed market.”

        This is true for certain areas and people. I’ve seen price lists for elite customers that blow my mind. $8.50 / lbs for chicken breast, for example. And that’s for McMutant chicken.

        Last year we were able to sell enough chicken with a little profit to keep the cycle going. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen this year. I had a lot of people express interest, but no one bought anything. I just talked with some people yesterday, so we’ll see.

        There are two major problems: fickle customers, and habit/ease. People can be unbelievably fickle, no loyalty at all. I actually had someone tell me that finding me was an answer to prayer. This person bought chicken, and it certainly seemed as though this person would buy more this year. Nope.

        People are also used to shopping in areas where they get everything at once, which can work against people just trying to sell chicken and eggs. I once had a guy tell me he wanted to buy eggs. I didn’t know what price to charge and just told him that up front. He said $1.50 / dozen would be fair and bought the eggs. Later he complained about the price, and said he could get eggs cheaper from the Amish. I suspect he buys other stuff from the Amish, so it’s just easier for him, in addition to the price.

        I am still trying to jump through all the hoops to sell to a restaurant. A friend introduced me to the owner, and I had jerky with me. I gave him samples and he was immediately interested in doing business, but only after I figure out how to jump through all the hoops.

  10. Farmers only have a guaranteed market in a civilized world. Once the Huns emerge, farmers are sitting ducks – pun intended.

    Grow fancy “heirloom” poultry. Saw a How It’s Made or How They Do It on Science Channel. An industrious farmer broad raised turkeys. The wild ones, not the white ones – pun intended.

    Then she migrated to chickens. TIP: These, you can sell to snooty SWPL restaurants. Fancy Chef-types have zero interest in buying (what they presume) your Cackling Salmonella Factories. Fancy takes up as much room as a plain old trailer park chicken. Perhaps you should breed with the TV Broad and produce hatchlings of your own for Das Race lol.

    TIP: the broad was smart. She used PVC pipe for her coop frames. Same style as yours. When they eat the grass, move the whole shebang to fresh blades.

  11. Ha. That’s they way it goes, more tire-kickers than buyers. Until the $$$ is in your hands, you’ve got nothing. It’s hard to be both salesman and producer. They demand two different skillsets.

    Maybe you should get some broad to try selling them for you. It’s the same trick every business uses. Maybe Kate could do it! She’s smiling now all the time, people like that.

    Robert J Ringer had a steller book called “WInning By Intimidation.” You can get it for like 0.01$ on Amazon or it’s probably free online somewhere. I’ll dig it up if you want it. It describes the psychological aspects of selling.

    I will ask around for what the trick is. My instinct says it is “well my product is premium these chickens are the best, the happiest…” something like that. They should BEG to buy your chickens.

  12. Supposedly I have a restaurant lined up–unless the owner changes his mind… He’s open to all kinds of critters: guineas, pheasants, emus, ostriches… I plan on raising all of these eventually. I almost called a Chinese Restaurant a couple weeks ago, as I’m sure they would love the fat feet.

    What is the appeal of wild turkeys though? Taste? We have special laws on how they can be despatched, among other things. The bronze and white turkeys can get over 40 lbs. No joke. They both taste good, too. Sometimes the different breeds taste different even though they have the same diet. My brother claims the Rouen tastes different than the Pekin, for example. I didn’t really notice.

    What were these fancy chickens? Silkies? Ha, I wouldn’t be surprised. McMutant chicken tastes awesome. This is not psychosomatic; it’s a shame they are such disgusting filth bags, but I suppose it’s fitting that a beast that only loves eating is eaten.

    Some people don’t like the McMutants, because they are disgusting looking beasts. They prefer Jersey Giants and plain old Cornish. We have Jersey Giants now, and intend to breed them. Supposedly you can caponize and they can grow to be nearly 20 lbs. The nice thing about Jersey Giants is they forage, and will actually walk a fair distance to get a drink, instead of stubbornly dying.

    The problem with this area is that many people are not willing to pay much. I actually don’t mind too much, if I could get a few repeat customers. For now I would be satisfied with selling enough to make a small profit and keep the cycle going, and then later find customers who are willing to pay more. I may be able to do that with the people I talked to recently.

    I’ll see if I can get Ringer’s book.

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