Why PUA Will Fail

by Firepower

PUA has failed for a variety of reasons, many of which are similar to MRM’s total failure; these are reflective of the predictable future failure of all current “movements.”  These are my laws; you see them proven in the biggest movement to date: Occupy Wall Street.   These failures are caused by continual mental diminution of successive US generations and will continue throughout the entire 21st century – unless remedied.  However, no remedy is in sight: People now prefer being stupid.

The Reasons Why PUA Will Fail:

  1. It has already failed –
  2. Despite 15 years, Feminism still rules America – NOT men. Certainly not puas.
  3. No pua Leadership –
  4. Semi-Retarded Discipleship

In order to understand a definitive work on PUA’s failure (here now, itself further diminished and facilely described as pua), a primer on pua’s history is needed.

OWS Fox on FOXNews O’Reilly Factor

PUA: 1999’s Inception

Early pua was focused on Social Proof, Negs, Peacocking and Wingmen, with the online forum acting as surrogate wings and support system.  It promised a fresh new perception on the eternal mystery of courtship; it also delivered.  It was a dreamy combination of a dawning New Internet, new knowledge and that Fin de siècle magic.  It was the End of An Era, and a seeming, ostensible start to a new one.

Early forums in 2000 were (for about 3 months) a wealth of learning.  Then… The Stupids moved in.  Early Stupids were Yoda Faggots, who quickly transformed into Fight Club Faggots spouting…wisdomy words and “quotes” of Yoda and Brad Pitt as if they were Plato.  Such cinema prophets appear wise to brainwashed Brandons beguiled by their life sentencing to school “teachers” in believing MLK is Jesus Christ and Rosa Parks the Virgin Mary Christette.  Toss in blue pill/red pill Matrix-moron metaphors then add grandiose pua names and you get Simpleton Socrates.  To the blind, the one-eyed are King. Worse, these self-appointed geniuses didn’t even read the actual books called Fight Club or The Game … they just saw ’em on TV.  I read both, even Style’s 8,593 page epic.  Fight Club is actually about rebellion, insurrection and Revolution, not mancrushing to Brad’s lost abs.  When even simple exhortation to get up off your knees turns into: “kwl man, let’s party” it’s all over.

The Dumbing exploded with the full consent of the pua “Master/Gurus” – MPUAs & PUAGs. You’re not just a mere Guru, you’re a Master and a Guru.  Master Pick-Up Artist Guru is a self-anointed title like King Emperor Superhero Extreeeem: “KESO.” Uggh.   They ran the forums, boards and seminars that encouraged the influx of stupid to cash in quickly on the spread of new information. The problem is you cannot maintain cashing-in on information when 4 million other hucksters copy the same stuff and publish it on the then exploding blog craze. Erving Goffman said:

Information is the easiest thing to steal because its theft is undetectable.

This second wave of pioneers were Pied Pipers, their herd – eager lemmings.  They parroted The Originals like Chuck Ross parrots Jonah Goldberg – who copies what Rush told us what Anne Coulter says about what Charles Krauthammer wrote.  Do not view this lightly, for this is today’s standard Murkan model of derivative, fake intellectualism aborting progress.  It is one of the many cancers gnawing at the carcass of Once America.

It is yet another example of the continual diminishing of Today’s Brandon that each successive generation is vastly stupider than the previous – a phenomena that indeed caused me to notice it and give it that label.  The Brandons & Britnees are stupid because their parents are stupid and give consent to their grandkids being even stupider.  The parents (and now grandparents) believe the same shit taught to them in the past by their Government School Teachers/Handlers.  It’s a vicious, continual, downward cycle.

Thus, pua has already failed based on the structure of leaders, followers and policy; it is total, abject failure.  It will continue to fail because like OWS and the execrably impotent men’s rights movement, it is built upon sandy soil and empty heads.

Next: Neo-Feminism, Resurgent – Plus Bile & The Dirt


129 Responses to “Why PUA Will Fail”

  1. Jesus Christ, what the fuck is a success?

    [ed note: i expected you to ask… wtf is fin de siecle. if that gets you mad, just wait til pt 2]

  2. PUA works, because if you ask enough sluts for casual sex, some of them will eventually say yes… if you’re relatively good looking.

    PUA isn’t going to accomplish anything though because banging sluts eventually gets old and no matter how good your game is you still can’t get married or have children without giving the state and the female power over you.

  3. Did PUA ever have any goals beyond getting laid and selling eBooks? They’ve certainly been a success in that respect.

      • Nope… mpuags are not millionaires, despite the alluring promise of Web Riches!®. Whatever became of Mystery is…a mystery.

        Ten Million Mystery MPUAGs dilute the pool, making every one a master – and none a learner. It is a bankrupt college that boasts 70,000 professors and zero students paying tuition. All, endlessly yapping about theories to each other emptily in the teacher’s lounge…

        pua changed nothing. Females neutralized their strategy with an effective counterattack. That’s describe next and you will hate Hate HATE it.

        Getting laid ranked low on the list of a Man’s accomplishments for Stalin, Hegel, Charlemagne, Putin, Plato or anyone of any substance.

    • No.
      There is a Hip & Swingin’ site called “Alpha Game” that purports it is:

      “Breaking the chains, winning the games, and saving Western Civilization.”


      While latter day pua is now, pure hucksterism – like sit-up machine, ab-shreddin’ infomercials –
      Early PUA touted itself as The Way that would change male/female courtship rituals.

      It failed, but not on account of itself, but because the army it recruited was inherently stupid.

  4. Good work. You have to come up with a jazzy name for this dumbing down process. I’ve actually got many of Eric Webb’s books from the 1970s. He was the first PUA. The difference between that and today is quite stark.

  5. Firepower, what do you think will work to get White men back their power? I live for the day! What can be done? Is there anything us wymins can do to support this?

    • Until they grow balls, there’s really not much you can provide except words.

      Jefferson said

      The Tree of Liberty must be, from time to time, refreshed with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.

      That’s what they’ll need to do: Fight. If they do, you and they are saved. If they do not, you are lost.

      • Fight who?

        Liberal Nazis?

        You’re as pathetic as the rest of the bloggers you despise.

        [you’re useful as… tits on a boar]

    • maureen I think it will happen only in the case of a collapse/ removal of the “great societies”/ new deal programs of the leftists. a radical libertarian triumph in the ballots (unlikely) would destroy feminism, at that point MRM should be destroyed because it would merely allow a resurgence of feminism. it will most likely be stabilized only through the resurgence of a violent white patriarchy which will be ruthless and violent against “civilians”, these may be born from patriotard militias and rogue LEOs and former soldiers turned patriotard, naturally the whole libertoon thing is just a starting point, because once or if they tear this monster down, there will be a power and ideological vaccuum that foreign powers and radicals will push into the “bill Pierce” direction. this of course may never occur and our society will simply continue on its present course (in a scientific vaccuum white men in liberal murkan civilization will gradually disappear into a morass of genderless drones, society will completely feminize as machines fill the role of men, this civilization may be even able to defeat the more virile masculine brownskinned cultures through science. of course a vacuum does not take immigration and resource into account, so maybe it will “fall apart”, but i think most likely the white race will be destroyed except for a small group of highly prized intelligent individuals (mainly “beta” white intellectual STEM folks, who could either send white embryos to habitable planets or manufacture super germs, etc.)

  6. “Feminism” = devout dyke nature.

    PUAs = de facto homos.

    Understanding this, we will see females embrace “feminism” and never reach womanhood. Instead, these females are liberated by “feminism” and take on a radically autonomous “nature.” Dyke “nature.” Butch-like “nature.”

    PUAs can’t bond with a certain female. This inablilty to bond with female as male is evidence of a radically autonomous “nature.” Couple this inability to heterosexually bond with a burgeoning disgust for “women” who embrace “feminism” and we get a PUA with a de facto homo “nature.” The “game” then becomes one of sheer deception and the exaltation of the homosexual/dyke “natures.” Radically autonomous “natures.” Self-annihilating “natures.”

    What arises is a “default elite.”

    • ? PUAs are nihilists in the realm of sexual relations, this could lead to self-sexualization, and maybe buggery, but i think you are just christfagging right now. there is no impetus to form nuclear pair bonds in a massive superstate like today, it is just a reaction that will fade away or draw people to us, PUAs are just the monsters that nietzshe warned about, they are a symptom of declining society that is feminized. really there are too many people on earth, so sex is really just recreational, ultimately no reproduction is probably more good for everyone, white exinction leads to mass non-white dieoffs world wide as they rely on modern food production, so really the NWO fags are probably right, i think an ideal world would consist of only perhaps 10 million or so mainly white people on earth.

  7. @Firepower and Ryu- Why don’t you guys give it up already. Everything in life can possibly fail, but the reason why a movement as Seduction cannot fail is because failure isn’t seen as failure to us PUA’s. And it has actually grown over the years and assimilated itself in a sort of mainstream culture of dating. So it’s evolving not dying.

    As for “cashing in” in terms of forums, we are looking to spread the word in a sense, so it’s not like we’re looking to maintain a sort of secrecy on our insights which will render it of no value (money wise). So we encourage growth as far as PUA’s blogging.

    • There’s 20 million cable shows about Auction Slobs huntin seafood in hillbilly storage units…
      and not one single retread/reincarnation of VH-1’s The Pickup Artist.

      Game over.

      • You even debate with a Black man the efficacy of PUA.

        What does Socialkenny have to do with our people? What does Roosh have to do with our people?

        PUA, like you, goes along with the whole Judeo-American paradigm, equalising us all in a spiraling decent of feeding upon each other.

        I’m sure that PUA has been efficacious, as someone else wrote here in another post, for Blacks and other non-White men in preying upon our women. And all you have to say on the matter is that PUA has failed to defeat Feminism.

        PUA is the other side of the Feminism coin where we all treat each other as atomised individuals, there for the pleasuring of each other.

      • @Pat- Lol y’all guys with the racial insinuations is why I love this blog. I’m a racist also in that I love my race, and Ryu and Firepower know how fanatical and radical I can get when it comes to matter of race.

      • I call Dalrock (and Pat’s ♥ Ferdi) horrible, naughty names. If you search here (or elsewhere) and find where I’ve needed to do that to you, go ahead; you wont’ find it. I’ve no need to.

        So, the question presented is: As a bigtime pua, what do you do that Mystery et al haven’t already done 12 long years ago.

      • Good on you then Socialkenny.

        I’ve got no problem with Blacks who love their people. Of course they should love their people, which is, after all, their family. Just as Whites should love our family.

        Feminism and PUA is how one goes about hating their people; offering no transcendence, no solidarity, no dignity, no honour, no life.

      • A subject for you, Socialkenny, is how Malcolm X failed, MLK failed, and every other wannabe Black leader failed.

        Because your people are now just a seething cesspit of crime and murder, churning out the world’s most execrable music, calling each other mofos and niggers, which is all they are.

        It didn’t have to be that way, but your people are every bit as much the suckers to the Jewish equality game as everyone else’s people.

        You may as well aspire to be a gang leader for all the benefits that PUA will bring. At least with gang leaders, banging bitches is just a benefit of being top-dog, not the actual goal.

      • As for gang leader, I’ve written this in 1 of my articles (“50 things you didn’t know about Socialkenny”); I’m actually a Crip gang leader (out of NYC) and have been a Crip since the age of 15. I’m now 31 years old. I’m just more mature about the way I do things as far as gangs are concerned.

        As for the word nigger, since you lack insight and lack knowledge of history, you must understand that the word nigger ir NOT an insult to blacks nor an insults at all. It was never a derogatory term used by the slavers to refer to blacks. Nigger was a mis translation by the Spaniards and Brits from the Arabic word Najjar which means carpenter. If you knew history, you would know that the Arabs were the ones who sold us into slavery. They called us najjar (carpenter) . Not because najjar (carpenter) was a derogatory term (which it’s not), but they (Pale Arabs) seen that most of the African slaves were good at carpentry, so they called us Najjar (carpenter). The Brits and Spanish not knowing how to properly pronounce the Arabic word Najjar, started calling us Nigger (out of ignorance). So, nigger is NOT a bad word to call each other. It merely means carpenter. And you know the irony, Jesus was a carpenter, and he was called “Najjar (nigger) also, since Jesus’ language was Galillean Arabic. And also in the Bible, Jesus’ brother was called a niger (same as najjar but just phonetics and word play by the wicked white devils). In Acts 13:1, Simon (Jesus’ brother) was called “Niger”. Same word and pronunciation even without the double g’s. He was called Niger meaning black from the Greek and ancient Roman which trickled down into Latin which was misconstrued into Negro. So niger merely means negro meaning blacks. So to call another black man niger is to call him negro, and it all comes from the Arabic and Hebrew Najjar (carpenter).

        So you can call me nigger all day, and it’s merely saying a black man or a carpenter as Jesus was called and his brother was called in the Bible.

        Now, I’m an Atheist, but I just used the Bible to prove a point to those who subscribe to religion and the Bible. But I have no religion.

        So learn your history before you say nigger (or nigga) is a bad word because it’s not at all. The slave masters never used it in a bad way anyway. It was post slavery era that the Southerners started using it to refer to blacks in a bad light because they (post slavery whites) were too dumb to understand that nigger was merely a color (black) and not a racist word.

      • By the way, I’m fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish and know lots of French, Italian and Portuguese. You only knowing 1 language, do not have the mental faculty to walk with me into history, prehistory, nor religions nor race, ’cause I’ll eat you up.

      • Typical stupid nigger with all the misunderstanding of history, language, and insults.

        I don’t know what makes you think I only know one language, or that I don’t have a good grasp of the Bible, but, it’s assumptions like that which declare you to be an ignoramous, no matter how much you talk yourself up.

        Instead of writing posts about how you got an erection watching a woman breast feed a baby why don’t you, for starters, look up the Jewish involvement in the American slave trade. There’s more to life’s education than watching Hollywood movies, Kenny.

        Other than that, I offered you mutual peace, understanding and advancement in my comment, which you rebuffed. I also noted that Blacks call each other niggers, which you confirm as something powerful, proving you are just a stupid nigger like all the rest. You can wallow in your self-contempt and misery for all I care.

        Here’s another tip: American Blacks are like no other Black on earth. They are jumped-up upstarts full of pride in other’s achievements, non-Black achievements, which you clowns have no ken to maintain. Detroit is your lot.

        No people regard you as worthy of respect, other than respect from fear. Fear of the chimp out, fear of racial vilification criminal charges, fear of arguing with fools. That system of fear is not maintained by your backwards people, but the malfeasant Judeo-American system, foisted on us by whites and jews.

        They are the enemy. Your people are just the refuse to be cleaned out once we gain victory.

      • Misunderstanding of history? You do not know the languages of the prophets (Arabic and Hebrew), which makes you incapable of understanding the Bible. Prove to me that you know those semetic language. You’re obviously the misinformed one when you’re reading a mistranslation of the Bible and then want to talk religion with me.

        As for American blacks, lol dude, I’m not an American lol! Everyone knows that. I am anti-black Americans. Everyone who reads my blog knows this. I’ve many times described black Americans as the lowest of blacks in the diaspora and the world. So what you’re saying isn’t news flash.

        And thanks for reading my article. Maybe you’ll finally learn what it takes to get laid from a proven PUA who fuck white girls as if it’s a fad going out of style. So let penis-envy eat you up in this virtual-dick measuring contest which has you all envious.

        [ed note: once new a hot Nigerian girl. her dad, her and her whole family – were the biggest colored haters I knew. They loathed the american black and hispanics too. they’d only let the girls date nigerians or whites]

      • ha – You’re the biggest transgressor of NOSD I know of. Plus, you’re usually smashed when you do it. Not good.

        Anybody can post here so long as they make an argument NOT based on juvenile “fuckitty-fuck you.”
        I’ll not be a hypocrite like your faggot ferdi and ban folks just to silence them for the mob – the mob, meaning you.

        This is why I find your NewsReel NAZIs!© panzer-penchant so silly: You expect some miraculous movement to rise up out of the dregs of people too stupid to quit fucking coloreds and males too weak to enforce that rule.

        pua WILL fail (as I wrote) because they are composed of the same batch of weak-willed, hedonistic morons you fantasize (somehow) miraculously mounting Tiger Tanks to save das race.

      • a nigger PUA LOL, nothing is more sad than a probable mulatto psuedo-intellectual, although i suppose at least his “nationalism” is kosher enough for the fembots

      • The Pick Up Artist was the politically correct version of evolutionary biology.

        The real deal was Average Joe where the the hot chick always picked studs.

        I think in the third and final season an average guy won but that was likely fake.

      • That was painful. I never saw this show.

        I think in the third and final season an average guy won but that was likely fake.

        Key word is “final.” So, the 3rd season was fake.
        Painful; Uncle Sam should show this to wounded vets.

        NBC’s NEW show is to be called “Broken-Hearts N’ Baconfaces

    • give me some citations on that history nigger before you start wif yo histra lessums.

  8. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to PUA in ten years.

    Just think of the dumbing down to come. Think of what’s happened since 2000. Soon it’ll be “muh dick” game or travel to Somalia to get laid. I’m just waiting for the first fag/bi PUA that says he can get laid by fucking both men and women.

    “Yeah man, come to Somalia. The women are all skinny. You can live like a king for $2/day by selling ebook greascycling.”

    Roosh is the king of the mountain right now. He’s becoming stagnant. Can’t you feel it? Saying the same thing 100x doesn’t change the message.

  9. “Despite 15 years, Feminism still rules America – NOT men. Certainly not puas.”


    #1. Jews rule America.

    Feminism is a Jewish theme of supposed equality. In fact, it is not about equality, but to drive the White man and woman down into the gutter.

    The reason why PUA has failed, and will continue to fail, is the same reason why you fail, and the rest of the supposed voices of the angry and disaffected fail, and will continue to fail: you refuse to name and thereby stare down the people who oppress you. Instead, you squabble with others who are ostensibly on your side.

    You are not the only one to fail. Most of the alt-right does it.

    Recent examples:

    1) Mangan does a post on feminists in Belgium humiliating a Catholic priest in public with a physical attack. In comments it is pointed out that the so called feminist group FEMEN is in fact a front for Jewish agitation, paid for by the American Jew Jed Sunden.

    Mangan, instead of stating the facts, and saying something about the facts, prefers to pretend it’s all a sign of the apocalypse, the continuing low class behaviour of White people.


    Mangan, just like you, blames feminism rather than those who maintain feminism.

    2) Colin Liddell goes in boots and all to lambast…Hitler.


    Nazis, Nazis, everywhere. Just like you FP. Why can’t White people see that the Nazis were bad, Churchill awesome, and the people against us are, in fact, the modern Nazi.

    3) Matt Forney, just like you, pumps out more and more posts about nothing in particular, and certainly will never name the Jew.

    I could go on, and on, and on. The one common theme of all these failures of our emancipation, the emancipation that these bloggers pretend that they are dedicated to, is to name the Jew. So, you’re really not that different at all, Firepower.

    [ed note: ALL you do
    Is “name The Jew…”
    For all thine worship
    where lieth thine
    once Berdamu?

  10. If PUA is indeed failing it’s not due to lack of mainstream exposure.

    But it’s not guys driving it forward to the masses it’s horny old women.


  11. Socialkenny, I don’t care if you’re fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, or whatever. You’re a racial enemy of Whites. Jews are very intelligent and accomplished but I have nothing in the way of charitable feelings for them.

    To paraphrase Cromwell, to Hell or to Africa

    • Dude, I know this lol! The white man is the enemy of the black man. If you subscribe to the Bible, in Genesis, the most high said that he will put enmity (hatred) between the woman’s seed (Eve) and the devils seed. Satan has a seed of humanoids on Earth; and they are the white man. The black man is Eve’s seed; God’s seed. The white man was made to be an enemy to the black man; not vice versa, which is why every point in history has the white man attacking the black man. It’s his duty from birth; to fight God’s seed (the black man). But blacks are so compassionate because of the innate God in is, we never sought revenge against the white man, we still accepted him eve though he still sought to kill us to this day. so you’re totally right; we are racial enemies. 1 of us are Satan’s see (you), and 1 of us are God’s/Adam’s/Eve’s seed (I).

      • LOL! Tell the murdered White South Africans about black compassion.

      • You colonize another man’s land and don’t expect to be expelled? Really? I can prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt from the Bible, that the black man is God’s seed. You cannot produce 1 iota of facts to prove that the white man is a Godly seed. If you want to begin; we can begin. Remember, even your scientists have admitted that the black man was here first walking the Earth. If we were first, then that speaks for itself if you and the Biblical scholars claim Adam and Eve was the first humans. Need I say more?

      • FUCKING TROLL LOL haahahahahah nigger you are speaking a germanic language using western white man concepts to somehow claim that “we beez da deeble” i suppose that perhaps the ritualized jungle sodomy of the congo is just what the creator had in mind when he made the universe self-actualize lol im taking the bait

      • Lol it’s funny how devils always get upset when called out. Remember, you were made out of a graftation process. Whiteness is a curse and that curse is leprosy as Leviticus clearly states. All of the prophets were tar black as night (expect Solomon because Dawood/David had defiled the pure black seed by breeding a white woman to produce Solomon’s caramel color). And what do you know about language devil. We civilized the white man who were 4,000 years ago living like animals in the caves and jungles of the Caucus mountains. We blacks taught y’all everything y’all know about civilization: from what to eat to how to wear clothes and how to walk upright, which is why to this day, the white man walks stiff and has no rhythm because he still hasn’t fully acclimated in the evolutionary process of how to walk properly. So when y’all call the black man apes, the white man is the true apes lol. He descended from the monkey. The black man didn’t.


  12. Pat’s Primary Problem is he only sees Jews under his bed.

    He fails to see the FFOL; the Big Picture.
    He is blind to coloreds, muzz, Feminists, gun-grabbers and the media as a combined bundle of united enemies.

    • This is what I also see…

      The farthest “right” are the biggest purveyors of “Jewish supremacy.” The irony, of course, is that both the orthodox and leftist Jew is anti-Supremacy by creed and deed and these “extreme right wingers” aren’t even genuine white Supremacists. In fact, they would almost certainly reject the label.

    • Yeah, and amongst the diverse freak brigade, some of whom hate each other, what binds the fasces? Certainly not any ‘bergs or ‘steins.

      • I told you.
        Joint hatred of White Males.
        Hatred of a common enemy.

        Read the articles.

      • You should know,
        Although not the sole perp,
        Moishe’s hands are soiled.

      • Firepower, i was skeptical of your fasces at first, but it has of late become excessively true to me. i personally experienced a situation in which a white male attempted to assert mastery over a situation and essentially act as an individual and i was attacked at first by white females for “posing”, then by “beta” BFs who physically attacked me as well, and to top it off i had been trying despirately to obtain another job in a larger town once i graduate, there is none, i looked, but at the same time every woman i know in the same position has jobs thrown at their feet, they can move from town to town effortlessly it seems. i put it together the other day and began talking about it to comrades who agreed (sans the anti-feminism focus many monomaniacally latch onto) the woman a GF of a comrade became incensed to the point of spitting on me, and calling me out to her friends and various drunk fags/betaBFfags who then engaged in a brief scuffle with me, a 5’8′ 151 (*BMI 23, yeah i lift brother, every fucking day) pound blonde man who was quickly given a dose of middle class sucker punch to the face repeatedly.

      • Firepower, i was skeptical of your fasces at first, but it has of late become excessively true to me.

        One of the mysteries of true human learning is opening the mind to the obvious. It happened with the concept of a round earth; then the earth revolving around the Sun. These are what is meant by a revelation. Suddenly, as if all at once, it all becomes clear if explained properly. The scales fall from the eyes and it is revealed, even though there all along.

      • Hatred for genuine white Supremacy is the tie that binds all liberationists as the genuine white Supremacist is the only pure anti-liberal.

        But because genuine white Supremacists are nearly nonexistent, white liberals will, quite willingly, stand in as the necessary proxy in the global struggle by the “other” to liberate from “white supremacy” by any means necessary.

        Radical Liberation now means “kill ‘white’ liberals.”

  13. If PUAstry is really the inability of the male to bond with a certain female then it is inevitable that we shall find “white” and “black” males “bonded” by de facto homo-ism. The PUA is really a front. It has in effect discredited “man” and the rivalry amongst “white” and “black” PUA only works to further PUA, i.e., the inability of a male to bond with certain female aka de facto homo-ism.

  14. @Jay- Lol dude, my blog speaks for itself. I’m getting laid daily as documented in my field reports with pictures and tons of videos. Poser lol? As for Crippin’, I don’t have anything to prove to you my man. My handle is Big K-Loc from Pay Back Crip Gang in the Bronx. Google it homeboy; original Bronx Crip since the age of 15 and now OG status. You can google my Crip name (K-Loc or Big K-Loc). I’m certified been banging from Rikers Island to the streets. But what I been through and what I do is for me to know. I a certified legit Crip and a legit PUA, which is why I pull so many women because my gang credentials give me the natural Alpha-male bad boy appeal which women are innately attracted to. Like I said; google my Crip name.

  15. FWIW I liked how Pat pushed back at the nigger.

    Nigger means carpenter??? You expect us to buy that crap Nigger?

    • @Maureen- If you had the minimal amount of brain power to use Google, you would be able to google the Arabic word “Najjar”, and you would come up with carpenter. But lack of understanding will always be the problem. Najjar (carpenter) was mispronounced by the Spanish and Bristish slave handlers to become Nigger. Learn your history. And as I said; I am a nigger. Nigger means black and carpenter. So feel free to call me nigger. It’s a good word. But you’re a white devil; and history and the Bible prove that. The white man was made and a product of a genetic defect (albinism. Read Leviticus in the Old Testament, which proves that the white man is an unclean filthy leprose revered to as the beast of the field because he crawled on all fours like animals when he was up in the Caucuses mountains of Russia before Abraham (the black man) was sent to civilize them.

      • That’s a whole lot of citation needed, najjah! And such an ugly people, so backwards in every sense, and smelling so terrible, you’re more al-kalb al-qabiih than an-najjaar. Such a desire to live in leper colonies, and to cavort with lepers, what a perverse people. Do fuck off, yaa kalb.

      • Lol a devil cracker who uses google to come up with a few curse words in Arabic. Keep trying, but facts are facts: al-haqq al-haqq, truth is truth, the white man is the devil. And I don’t hate y’all for that lol! I have more white friends than blacks. But I know the truth.

      • You’re right, we are devils. You can talk all you want, but the day is coming when we’ll make King Leopold look like a pussy.

        And, a google jockey wouldn’t know to assimilate the laam into a nun because it’s hafs shamsi. I’m done with you, jiggaboo.

      • Idiot, if you google some curse words in Arabic, it’s already conjugated and spelled out, so there won’t be a need to assimilate any 7roof. That’s if you even know what 7roof is devil. And as the Bible states, the white man or the devil only has a 6,000 year rule here on Earth. That time has passed around the year 1970. The white race will soon die out as prophesied. The literal sun in the sky is killing y’all via melanoma/skin cancer. That is God eliminating the devil, which is why y’all are trying to go to other planets (via Nasa) to get away from the sun here. Y’all gene is recessive because of the lack of melanine in your skin. The white man was not created by God. Y’all are the product of a defected black gene via the curse of leprosy. Y’all are the filth of the Earth and the beast of the field spoken of in the Bible. Y’all lie with dogs, kiss dogs and eat and sex dogs. You will never or rarely ever see a black man kiss a dog in its mouth let alone have 1 sleep in his bed. This all stems back to the Caucus mountains where the white man was living in a beast-like state crawling on all fours eating raw flesh and each other (cannibalism), and he also lie with dogs in the caves. This is history and the Quraan talks about this in the suratil kahf (chapter of the cave).

      • O good golly. Nigger, if you had any sense you would know that not everything google pulls up is true, you ridiculous buffoon.

      • I speak Arabic and Hebrew fluently lol! I’m not the one needing to research anything. The onus is on you cracker. You’re the 1 lacking in info’; not me. Apparently, you haven’t learned anything in school

  16. HERE HERE !!!

  17. The great thing about the pickup community is the lack or racism. Guys of all races sarge together, learn together and so forth. It’s truly a niche where racism plays no part since it’s so diverse with all those Asians now.

    • It’s because you all share a goal of obtaining a base instinct of a gratification – sex. Like a group of gourmands discussing food. It’s not a higher ideal like art, politics or philosophy.

  18. There’s no onus on me.

    You are such a tryhard.

  19. It’s easy to “confront opposition” when you have nothing better to do all day.

    Hitting refresh every two seconds to get the last word in also reeks of insecurity.

    Firepower we need some quality control here. Dissent is fine but this is derailment.

    • Dude, I keep telling y’all this time after time. I’m in the Caribbean! I’m not American however live in NYC my entire life. But I’m on the paradise island of Antigua in the Caribbean where I was born. I fuck rich-white tourists for a living while sipping margaritas on the best beaches in the world while y’all are in some frozen tundra hiding from snow and the cold. I’m living life. You damn right I have nothing to do. Sipping margaritas under palm trees all day sure beats the fuck out of whatever you have going on for you lol. You wish you can trade places with me. All of y’all do lol!

      • Rush Limbaugh was caught at the airport with an illegal Viagra prescription when returning from the Caribbean. Since you “fuck rich white tourists for a living” I imagine you serviced him well.

    • And Firepower can delete all my comments if he wishes. It still won’t change the facts, that the white man is the devil incarnate in the flesh and the devil’s seed which will be eradicated shortly as prophesied. So let that eat away at your sub-conscience cracker.

  20. I once met an older black guy who claimed to speak seven languages fluently. He had am intelligent face and a well traveled military background so I was curious. I chatted him up in three of the languages he claimed to speak, which I also speak on a simple conversational level: Spanish, German, and Russian. His “fluency” consisted of knowing how to say Hello in those languages. And incomprehension of what I was saying to him.

    • Well I’m also Fluent in Spanish: standard and slang of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, so feel free to test me on any of the languages I claimed to be fluent in. I have videos of me on my blog picking up girls in Spanish and speaking Arabic.

  21. The modern sexual world is basically homo. You have female homo tops and male homo bottoms.

    Has anyone ever seen a colored carpenter? I haven’t.

    • I live in the Caribbean; every carpenter is black. So your comment is well debunked and an epic fail! And I guess carpenters in Africa and white huh?

    • good points, the “dating culture” is essentially a form of self sexualization, it is about YOU getting some, it is all personal gain, and the PUA is merely the male sexual nihilist mentality in this “marketplace”, and the loneliness that is either foisted on “beta males” by the media culture or by the peer group is about me; about MUH FEELINGS. the entire purpose of sexual relations is procreation, all else is masterbation. the mindless fuck orgy procreation/marriage/love culture is basically a poster describing liberal murkan civilizations goal, (dissolution?). Nietzsche says that the goal is the point essentially, and in regard to what we are saying his aphorism “on chastity” is relevant.. basically he states that woman should be a path not an end, a path to creating the superman, a vessel for the continuation of the self-aware, self-actualizing part of the universe, woman is in this culture seen as an end, because of bourgeois concepts like love.

  22. “Nigger” is a bastardization of Spanish “negro”.

    Black people have turbocharged rationalization hamsters. LOL ‘carpenters’

  23. What do we absolutely know about “white” PUAs???

    They are definitely not white Supremacists!

    And this is equally true of “black” PUAs.

    Socialkenny is not a genuine black Supremacist.

    And this is why there are so many Angry Black Females.

    There are NO genuine black Supremacists on the scene.

    The socialkennies “transcend” race because they care nothing for their race. And they are vehement in the idea of an all-encompassing “white supremacy” that oppresses all of socialkennies brothers to obfuscate this fact.

    Socialkenny has no imperial intent in his PUA. It’s only “racial” insofar as by being racial it can ruffle the feathers of those that take exception to a black male’s sexual imperialism as means of liberating from “white supremacy.”

    • I’m actually rather disappointed you boys are trying to slot this little kaffir.

      Ignore it.

      Wait for the real thing. 😉

      • i like you LOL, im gnawing at my bit waiting for that fucking day for the spurs to dig into my sides

    • Why am I not a genuine black supremacist? I believe that blacks are superior to whites in every field and we were the first humanoids on Earth which makes us superior and supreme. I truly believe this. But that doesn’t mean I hate white people nor do I have to hate them because I’m superior to them in genetically, sexually, athletically, musically, educationally (world’s civilization came from Africa). I’m cool with all whites. But when the ignorant ones jump up with the bigotry; I put them in their place.

      • Socialkenny,

        First, you’re an atheist. By definition, that makes you an anti-Supremacist.

        Secondly, you’re a Crip and so the “black race” is AND WILL ALWAYS BE subordinate to the Crips gang and your loyalty MUST FOLLOW accordingly.

        Thirdly, your conception of “black supremacy” is entirely relativistic (liberated). It is nothing more than your belief that “blacks” are superior to “whites.” The practical effect of this belief is virtually nil to the external world.

  24. An early favourite from my university days:

    Love, American style.

  25. There is no need for PUA in the mainstream because one doesn’t need de facto homo-ism when one already has real homosexuality as the mainstream.

    There are two currents flowing here. There is hierarchy in the homosexual “order” that corresponds with one’s radical autonomy. MPUAs and PUAGs are the most sexually autonomous. They set the “standard” on how
    to never bond with a certain female.

    PUAs are “bound” by an aversion to bonding with a certain female. PUAs bang as many females as possible in order to make cover for their homosexual “natures.” PUA is also a homosexual recruiting method. It is a mechanism by which Internet savvy homosexuals have sought out and identified males with aversions to bonding with females, i.e., de facto homos.

  26. @pat hanniggan, WHY do you ALWAYS give firepower shit?? Cant you say anything constructive.

  27. Hey, I think Hannagan’s always yapping about “the jooz – the jooz!” cuz he doesn’t have any blacks in New Zealand. He’s a black lover and a Mexican lover. Just like a Lear Jet Liberal.

  28. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Very interesting discussion in the comments section. Socialkenny is a force to be reckoned with.

  29. He is not a force to be reckoned with. If we thought he were white, we’d dismiss him as a tard. But being black gives him the floor to play his jig.

    The m.o. is standard blackitty black: make a wild assertion (“carpenter” lol) and defend it with a child’s absolute self assurance. Throw in a little Muh Dik. And white people will pity you into playing along.

    • Wild assertions? You don’t know the language. You have no clue of even the English you speak. How many words of English, Latin, Spanish,etc. were borrowed from Arabic? You wouldn’t know. If you had an ounce of intelligence, you can google everything I said and you will find what I wrote was right and exact. So you’re the one asserting fool.

  30. Mr. Pat, here in country Russe, we have neame for of your type “Zyrushka” a most chattering hedgedrab, but jsut of male types.

  31. While we can surmise that being an impressive speaker is fine, but at some point you have to “get something done”. Im talking to YOU Cameron…….

  32. to the author: this is a great synopsis my basic synopsis and the reason i argue that everyone involved with this shit walk away from the term PUA immediately and find a respectable way to become a gentleman while still fucking as many girls as you want. your argument is proven by the comments in that PUA is filled with misogynist experts who are more likely to hide behind their keyboards then to approach a woman, today or anyday. anyway, great knowledge. I assume you are a woman, and i know its hard to say these things knowing you will have to take the defensive.
    keep them coming. i am doing a brief foray into this world in a series of posts on my blog. i’d invite you to read and comment.

  33. heheheh – is ROOSHY gunna be mad at YOU LOL

  34. Huh, I didn’t realize there was a PUA “movement” I thought it was a bunch of dudes blogging half-true (if that) stories about their exploits picking up chicks. You mean there’s a movement?

    Whatever, “game” works, the “red pill” counter-feminism stuff is true. It was never about changing the behavior of women, merely understanding it.

    If you are interested in marriage or whatever, like what’s his name said on my thread, women know exactly who is the real #1 Alpha Top Dog, and that’s the one with the monopoly on force (thus, property/provisioning.)

    • It seems odd now, yet it was portrayed as a way of achieving a new balance and parity of the sexes, as females were seen as holding all the cards in Feminized Murka. (They did, and still do.)

      PUA projected an neo-egalitarian sense of “value” to be exchanged between the sexes via increased numbers of Manufactured Alphas flooding the sexual stock market. This does not mean to imply that manufacturing is wrong.

      The problem being, none of the MPUAGs could elucidate this simply, so instead they created a model. The model was basically roissy’s latter description of “five minutes of Alpha is worth five years of beta.” This itself, is based on early PUA theory that HB9’s are actually a dime a dozen, while the True Alpha is extremely rare – rare enough to get HB9’s to compete for his attention, thus giving him the upper hand and control.

      PUA attempted to systematically manufacture these Alphas and turn Game into what it really is: Getting females to pursue the Alphas en masse, as even HB9’s are content to be in the harem of a famous man.

  35. Hey! This post couldn’t be written any better!

    Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate!

    He always kept talking about pua and Roosh. I will forward this write-up to
    him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  36. He was a successful PUA from my town:

    It’s very easy. Having good looks is all that matters, if you want to fuck chicks in the hundreds, especially in a city where free flowing pussy outnumber the restaurants that cater to them. He has no talent, money, nothing except a Harvard degree, but women don’t care about that, just only a random chucking from him.

    • Yeah, I remember Paul Janka. You a New Yorker? I’m interesting in their Ring of Steel; the video cameras, LPRs, and surveillance in and around the city.

    • Handsomeness with 45% Game beats plain looks and 100% Game every time.

      • I believed Janka is no longer living here in the states, and is married to some Euro chick overseas. PUA is mostly a North American/Anglo phenomenon, where the majority of the women are marriage unworthy and become “game” for hunters. Janka knows this all too well.

      • Janka was and is a chimera. LIUFY

        A hot, ripped tall male pua’ing in Manhattan of all places.
        He’s had nothing in common with the Common Murkan Goober since 1986
        When he and everybody watched The Cosby Pre-Rape Show

      • Yes, Janka could be an urban myth, no more truer than the legend that NYC is a playground for Alpha men, in a sea of poonies.

        You’ll get more action in Bible town, Boise, Idaho of all places.

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