A Review of “Hunger Games”

by Ryu

Serious Literature – and Shit

Finally I’ve held my nose and watched Hunger Games. All of Firepower’s urging had finally convinced me. I’m glad I did.

Right, so there are 12 districts in the former USA. District 1 is the capital and it’s where all the money and power are; this is like our modern DC and NYC, Castle Manhattan. Every year, each district sends a boy and a girl to fight for a prize. There can be only one winner. Each prospect has a unique skillset. There is a good deal of multiculturalism, feminism and girl power present.

I was curious. How could the Capitol put down a revolution? Everyone there is made up like a transvestite. But probably they had enough money to buy mercs and they had superior technology. Like today, ambitious young people probably moved to…… the capital to sell their talents.

Then the movie turns into a modern version of “Running Man.” You remember that old Arnold flick with the spic woman, killing Captain Fireball and Mr Freeze, culminating in a return to the studio for some payback? It’s just like that.

So blah blah blah, the Jennifer Lawrence girl wins and goes back home. The important thing is what a viewer can learn. Don’t just watch movies passively and “be entertained”, try to engage and profit from it.

I was very inspired by Hunger Games. Each kid had different abilities and had to fight in different ways. We should not expect people to train or prepare in the same way. Everyone fights the war in his own way.

I decided to make up a list of my own abilities and rate them from excellent, good, average to bad. I won’t share that list so it won’t be used against me. It was a good exercise in what I need to do better and the areas where I should focus on. No one in the military or police fights when they are at a disadvantage and neither should you. Forget bravery and honor and focus on winning.

If Hunger Games can motivate you to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses to decide how you would kill 23 other competitors, then it is worth seeing. This movie is the kind you watch once and move on.

11 Responses to “A Review of “Hunger Games””

  1. Yes, the scenes of the degenerate, manscaped Manhattanites were the compelling vision, not the Grrl Powwa Warrior BS.

    Remember, the trilogy is written by an old broad – hence, the emphasis on fashion. It’s tossaway, until you see any Manhattan artsy/socialite fest. Was a series on cable called “Ultra Eye” – about trendy cities. It showed footage of a Manhattan gala. The millionaires (mainly their kids/mistresses) in attendance looked exactly like Hunger Games’ city freaks.

    It was prophetic. If that’s the surface, imagine the rotted core.

    Murkan Elites will put down rebellion with their Jordies, who still show no sign of throwing themselves into the grinder – Ferthur Kuntree! Now, these idiots want to “invade Chechnya-yuk-yuk!”
    …and go git them tear-wrists!

    Stupid is, as stupid does. There truly seems no way to stop their brainwashed Lemming hurtle over the cliff.

  2. ‘How could the Capitol put down a revolution?’
    As you said, mercenaries, like Rome used Germanic, Balkan and Iberian auxillaries to fight the wars. In modern times the UNs prime source of troops is Pakistan (who gets paid for every soldier they hire out to the UN) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_peacekeepers). And increasingly the US is using ‘private contractors’/mercenaries to do their work (Blackstone/Blackwater), who employ mentally unstable men from third world countries who are cheaper than US riflemen.

    There’s a whole bunch of these ’21st century post apocalyptic gladiator games’ and variations on that theme: Battle Royal, The Condemned, Death Race 2000, spring to mind, but I don’t understand what you’re supposed to gain by watching it. It’s little different to any other regular gore, action, or adventure movie. All of the films have ‘character’ types the self-interested one, the leader, the cowardly one. Even ‘The Wizard of Oz’ has character types!

    • Well, hopefully by watching it a bunch of times a bunch of different ways, a real solution might be thougth up. WN has character types too. I find it educational. It is often hard to be a spectator in one’s own life. I’m both participant and spectator.

      • ‘It is often hard to be a spectator in one’s own life. I’m both participant and spectator.’

        That’s true.

        It may have value in finding out about yourself, but the reason that I have a reluctance towards comparing myself to film characters is because that is what I remember doing during my youth with friends after watching a movie. It’s a kind of Beta (for want of a better word) thing to do: comparing yourself to others. It’s the kind of thing that you expect girls watching a chick flick, or old women watching a soap opera to do: identify with a particular character in the film and say “She’s just like me!”.

        It’s similar to the phenomenon that I recall seeing over at Alpha Game (a PUA/Game blog), when men end up saying which Greek letter they are like: “That description is just like me! At last, there’s someone who knows how I think!” It’s not the kind of thinking that you’d expect Harold Bluetooth or Wyatt Earp or Rudolph Diesel to engage in. Though, as you said, so long as you use it in an objective manner, as a way of seeing yourself in different circumstances, then it can be useful.

  3. I would consider myself a survivalist. But I have been in so long, I saw the Harmonic Convergence in 89, Y2K in 99, and all the other crisises. There’s not going to be some big trigger. Just a long slowwwww slide on down. The Survivalists have their own faptasies of 1776 and rebellion. WIthout Firepower’s work, they are just wasting their time.

    WN is like this. More than likely whites will not go extinct. Probably they will decrease in number as the white liberal elite protect themselves by sacrifices the pawns, like you and I. Their purity is important, ours is not. Castle Manhattan will not be negrofied, you may count on that. Neither will DC or LA.

    For me, the answer is gaining money, power or knowledge. This medium works in one way – WNs are able to talk. That’s about it.

  4. “Each kid had different abilities…Everyone fights the war in his own way.” – Ryu

    In role playing games you choose your class, select your attributes, and pick your specialization.

    You cannot master everything. Not focusing on a few areas means you’ll be mediocre in several.

    Everybody has unique strengths irl. Whatever your 1-2 talents develop those as much as possible.

  5. It is interesting that the author of, “The Hunger Games,” Suzanne Collins, lives in Sandy Hook, Conn. Boring!! I would rather watch videos of industrial chippers shredding trees . . .

  6. If I recall, The THG was criticized at one point because it was believed to have been a copyoff of “Battle Royale”, a Japanese novel which was also made into a movie over a decade ago. I also recommend watching BR.

  7. My raping abilities I rate as excellent—beyond the curve.


  8. Ha ha! Congratulations Whorefinder. You must have practiced alot.


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