You Don’t “Starve The Beast” – The Beast Starves YOU: Simple Explanations

by Firepower

Those that adhere to the Lost Cause believe in futility as the safe way to change. They turned a clever strategy into yet another rallying cry of the Modern Pathetic Murkan.

For example: I told you Why MRM Will Fail.  It’s been a few years since I conceived that idea and approximately a year since I wrote it: What advances have they made.  Requiring even less proof – what has changed?  Nothing.  At least my toenails grew and made advancements in that time.  The sole blame is not on their head, it’s the same for every “movement” in Murka.

The Internetz was “supposed” to be the Great Communicator clearing those great obstacles to improvement in society. Bullshit. It’s actually worse, isn’t it.

Formulaic cheap sentiment and Bumper Sticker Philosophy is what…… Murka degenerated into.  Giddily, drunken, sappy degeneration. Degeneration is not just a word – it is reality and has real consequences.  It’s not a cheap word that goes away after you forget my words and traipse off to feed.  Degeneration…is easy.

You don’t starve the beast – the beast starves you.  Anybody believing Uncle Beast just simply rolls over and cries “uncle!” because The Rabble squeals is a Goddamned fool.  But, that’s what Today’s Craptivism is:  Fools leading greater fools with their Fairy Tale mentality.  It is utterly predictable; generations of a diminished people lobotomized by Government School Propaganda inhabit all positions of the political spectrum…even ours.

Is this really new to you?  If so, clean the shit out of your ears.  When USG runs low on money, it raises taxes – it doesn’t bow its head and mumble an apology about honor, duty and “never-ever doing it again!”  Democrats tax and spendIt’s what they do. Now, so do Republicans.  The money’s been evaporating for a while.  The Beast had some tiny pangs, so now, it wants to tax Internet sales (you know, do government’s main function) and give Welfare to vigorous young Muslim Immigrant Terrorists and Janet Napolitano‘s MRAPs.

Look at all the pretty new taxes planned for you.  Payroll Tax. Obamacare Tax. Look at all the new taxes you already pay.  The Beast ain’t tightening its belt: It’s tightening yours.  And, you know what to do, but you won’t do it.

The more you “starve” the beast – the more he fights back, forcing you to… Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeet about it more…

15 Comments to “You Don’t “Starve The Beast” – The Beast Starves YOU: Simple Explanations”

  1. You mad bro? Anyway, the MRM will, for some, function as a resting point on the way to better things. Others will stall there. Oh well.

    • Mad? Shucks no. I’m pleased when my Wise Men leave a stage of a thousand to perform for one. It really helps solidify the message of how smart people got that way, and how we’ll soon win.

      • Oh, you rash, BRASH Firepower! HOW can you be so insensitive and NOT see?
        It is NOT DocRott thinking you are mad, it is HE who hurts from some slight you’ve given he!!

        It is all so obvious he hurts and needs soothing!!!

        [ed note: fine. i’m supersorry for hurting Dr. R’s feelings. it was not intentional. there.]

    • hey evan, glad to see you finally make it on your own and lose that faggy self-depracating name like uncle elmoid and wimpy welmer. damn, what is it with those guys and those “McCripply Llewellyn” avs? now THATS sure to strike fear into your enemies LOL

  2. Ha ha ha. So true. But we contribute to this. Information isn’t enough.

    None of this takes us closer to where we need to be. The mass approach doesn’t work. Even at Eradica, we have too many readers. 400/day, about 40 could be bothered to comment, even to disagree.

    We have to narrow it down even further. This is just a different form of mastubation. I learn more about white supremecism by training and studying. I get less and less from WN sites, libertarian sites, and PUA sites.

    I’d propose to take it down to 3-4 men who will watch a lecture, practice, memorize and make notes. Several months of that are worth years of passive observation, even great insights such as your own.

  3. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    The Beast is indeed still very strong. Disrupt its meme system, and point out the existence of Hell.

  4. It’s my experience that very few WNs live in the Matrix. Most are now from California or Detroit. I have never been to NYC or DC, nor would I like to. But it’s a very unique environment and even in cities like LA we don’t see that level yet.

    My own way of thinking concentrates on the Murkan west. Too many people east of the Mississippi.

    • Much of wn thinking is locked into outmoded concepts.
      Like…”starve that thar BEAST!”
      When even basic long-term strategy demands you ask: what happens when Uncle Beast gets hungry after all that starving.

      Semi-cognizant wn’s refuse (how utterly stupid) to acknowledge the realities of Cali & Detroit’s blueprint as all of Murka’s Soylent Future.
      Because they live far away from Colored Central Cities, they refuse to see the storm brewing around their idyllic suburban/rural existence. They also fail to note non-colored Elites’ as mortal enemies – and still, even stupidly join their military to fight for them.

      • IT’s a hard row to hoe. Everyone wants answers. The libertarians have one, the SPers have another.

        I hold no hope for the NE US, as it is liberal central. The South is too used to its coloreds now. The Midwest is obvilious. Only long, sustained experiences with diversity can truly wake a man up and push him into action. That’s why I’m willing to almost write off every part of the US other than CA and Detroit.

        I’m very tempted to just focus on California. A few lone whiteys swimming in a sea of brown.

      • Whatever luxury I had of imagining WW II Normandy Glory! blah bla vanished with my childhood. Now, discomforting pragmatism seeps into my vision.

        This is the dread I sense. Rome had no revolution to restore its glory – it simply slunk into the mire. So deep, that nobody ever spoke their basic language – Latin – ever again. The citizenry was just too detached and stupid to give a shit; look at what we have her in Murka, today.

        The NE Elites (and all elites) will not let their beast starve. No matter the cost, they will starve the rest of the country to protect their luxury Castle Islands of Manhattan, Hawaii & Martha’s Vineyard.

      • California is only 33% white now and dropping. Most of the whites are over 50. Yeah, I’d say thats a good breeding ground for WN.

        Perhaps other places in the southwest like Arizona and West Texas would be good too. But i agree the West is where all the action will be. And if we fail, we can just convert to Mormonism. They have the highest white birthrate in the country.

      • That 33% white cali population has other ramifications: With a growing (67%) colored population, it instead is a better recruiting ground for La Raza and the Black Panthas.

        Mormons are pacifists – all you’ll get out of them is Mitt Romney. And even his descendants will be running Bain Capital from a fortified, gated Hawaiian oceanfront penthouse complex ala Hunger Games

        You need another strategy, yet…you already know what that is.

    • The true essence of WN does not take place in any Jew/LN infested hole like California or NYC. It just doesn’t happen. However, they are conduits of LN power. Blow them out and you blow them away.

      Kikeservatives like radio loudmouths of Mike Savage and Mark Levin are phonies who live in LN centers, while professing BS to the imbeciles of Hicksville.

  5. Mormons are a joke. Utah is now embracing illegal immigration as well.

    As these red states become wealthier they too will crave a servant class.

    Remember it was California that once produced Nixon and Reagan types.

  6. At the end of our talk I produced the article about her from the local paper. She was not as interested as I expected. She looked at it hesitatingly, and then addressed me as if I was her family: “My daughter, I want to ask you a question, but I’m not sure if it’s proper.” When she talked about her life seventy years ago, she spoke rapidly, but now she was very unsure. When the journalists from the local paper came to talk to her, she mentioned her pension problem. Long March veterans like her should receive a pension of $80 a month. She never received that much, at most $14 a month, mostly $6 or even less. For the past three months she had not received a penny. “Did I say something that made them unhappy or something wrong?” she asked me. “It was like what I told you today. It was what happened. I never lie. Allah tells us not to lie. You are from Beijing. Couldn’t you tell them I am telling the truth? If I have said anything I shouldn’t have said I’ll correct myself.”

    I felt so sad, I just managed not to cry. There was little I could do—I met many veterans like her. Some provinces were so short of money, government employees did not get their own salaries for months. Pensions were often diverted to something else. I tried to comfort her, telling her things were getting better and she did not have to worry about what she said; the government cared about the Long March veterans, and she would get her money before long. I was embarrassed by my feebleness, and practically fled. When I turned to look back, my tears came. For all her sacrifices for the Revolution, she asked very little in return, and she was denied even that.

    Sun Shuyung, The Long March: The True History of China’s Founding Myth (New York: Anchor Books 2008), 226.

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