The Happy Horsesh*t of FBI Sinecure

by Firepower


noun: sinecure; plural noun: sinecures
  1. 1.
    a position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit.
    synonyms: easy job, cushy job,

Them FBIHeroes®! were a pip.  So much so, Spielbergsheviks pumps out tons of movies about their ……”prowess” – (from oh-so current 1930 civil rights cases).

I hope I mustn’t write another post on this subject; it’s tiresome and most people simply don’t “get it.”

I told my social circle that all those cams and informants kinda, somehow-maybe-sorta… displace all that “great police work” we hear touted so much on FUXNews.  20,000 cops and their $200 Million bucks of taxpayer-funded toys couldn’t find one panicked, wounded 18-year-old ImmigKid™ even after trampling theConstitutional rights of 50,000 happy-sappy suburban SWPL Boston yuppies just too damn happy to embrace tyranny.  If he was a junior stop n’ rob thief, they’d have done worse. It’s not hyped-up like Turr-ism and is minus the extra manpower: It might have took a whole month to find him.  Some Justin’s gums flapped because he saw his SWPL boat tarp flapping.

If they’re so goddamn good, how come:

  1. They always ignore the Maj. Hassan Nidals
  2. There’s two giant taxpayer-funded coin fountains where the WTC stood
  3. Osama spent the next 10 years watching TV
  4. Affirmative Action mexican migger FBI hirees can’t won’t infiltrate Mex Cartels the way whops did the Mafia
  5. The War on Drugs is expensive futility
  6. They only react to catastrophe, never prevent it
  7. It’s a surprise when a “new” group blows up our Circuses & Marathons
  8. It then takes them 2 days to find 2 swarthy rabs who live 2 miles away from the carnage

Happy Horseshit is what a favorite oldschool male relative of mine called it.  The delight in living in obvious fantasy.  It’s a Child’s Game perfectly suited for the slacker kids who grew up and had Mega-Slacking Droolers of their own.  Them future granbabies is gonna be some stupid future meat…

So the donut-grabbers hurry and rush, then forget to Mirandize the Muzz.  That means a Supreme Court case.  A likely acquittal is possible if an Alan Dershowitz or ACLU step in.  Jackbooted Government Fascists just can’t do that in America – no matter even if Moron Junior Bush’s Patriotard Act of powergrabbing says it’s an “exception.”  Good luck with that in front of Justice Soñia Sõtomàyõrrr.  Oopsies!  You say you wasted his brains, and now he’s speechlessly dead?  Great job on capturing a suspect to waterboard and extract information.  IF that had happened to an Iraqi Muzz with a bomb strapped to his chest in Fallujah, the Marine that shot him during wartime combat would still be in Leavenworth doing sit-ups in his cell for 20 years.

Muzz bombers proliferate because we have PC Ladies running things in Murka.  Hilary jets around as Secretary of State.  Candy Rice does it for Bush.  Madelaine Albright, for Clinton.  Our chief “diplomat” is a broad… and all hell breaks loose.  Janet Napolitano runs Homeland “Security” and the only thing getting secured is My Lord’s MRAPs stuffed with billions of bullets.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein is in charge of the Senate Intel Committee, the CIA and foreign espionage.   The entire government is staffed with PC Affirmative Action coloreds, minos and feminazis in every possible combination; the only minority there is a White Man.  Walk into your state and federal “government” building – it looks like Brazil, Mexico or Nigeria.  You are a foreigner in your own land.  It’s the Colored Liberal Master Machine I wrote of – with PR provided by a Media Jihad: Mainstream Media Wants You Dead.

Don’t Taze Me, Bro

What happened to all those TASERS?  Every nigger parolee with six convictions home-invading a SWPL family – then robbery-rape-murdering them all gets the TASER.  So, SWPL society has yet another 50 millionth privilege of providing D’ontae with three hots and a cot, plus Prison Weightlifting Health Club membership for the next seven years before his next early parole.  We save coloreds so they vote Democrat Obama-Hilary tickets, but the guys we need to interrogate – nahhhh, never thought of that!  Thus, Murka deserves its fate.  Sinking in mudshit up to its nostrils, the Burbling Brandons instead yelp for a level do-over on HALO 4.

These FBI guys (and groovy gals) are Affirmative Action bureaucrats; the ones that aren’t (white guys) are minimum standard pension drones hollowed-out from years living with career-nuking fear of arresting the wrong protected minority.  The FBI survives on it’s own peculiar version of Gung-Ho Rah-Rah types on a badge power trip doing all the work.  The rest just coast until maternity leave, a sex-harassment suit or discrimination suit jackpot.  White males do all the work.

Yet, what white creep could honestly rationalize “standing fer Law n’ Order” while being restrained for the political whims of the Overlord?  Sitting on your ass as ordered, avoiding investigating Benghazi Death, plays especially harsh on a law n’ order-type guy’s conscience – particularly when any old FOX reporter can walk the crime scene while Mr. FBI delays by order of his King’s Decree.  The only type that accepts this sinecure is the Career Creep or the truly stupid.  Both survive mainly on informants.  They have big funding and resources that magnify their intimidation. They are scientists with methodology relying totally on white STEM grads to grind out the laboratory work while Agent D’Shontae Jones poses for CNN’s PC Cam.

Affirmative Action don’t mean shit when applied to Chemistry and Biology.  Uncle Beast won’t accept any HR S’haniqua if she interferes with his application of the brutal State Power required to keep Waco-hating NRA types intimidated.  Two immigrants who stuck out like sore thumbs caused a commotion large enough to paralyze a major US city; imagine what 20,000 will do.  20 Million.

Whether it’s Manglin’ Muzz, Murderin’ Mexes, Colored Rioters or NRA Lone Wolf Consti-too-shees – Uncle Beast is gonna roast.

si·ne·cure  (sn-kyr, sn-)n.

1. A position or office that requires little or no work but provides a salary.


9 Responses to “The Happy Horsesh*t of FBI Sinecure”

  1. This is good work. I would write something similar. All that technology, all the billions spent since 9-11 and a civilian makes the collar.

    What a joke. The border isn’t secure. The war on drugs a failure. Two Muslim teens who are interviewed by the feebs the year before get away with a bombing. All those cameras. ANd none of it works.

  2. Here is a wake up call to you pothead faggots at Eradica. It’s the drug war that keeps you safe at night. You see it’s nearly impossible to get coloreds to testify in court so drug charges and property seizures make up the difference. Plus their biometric data gets added into the system which makes it easy to bust them when they commit rapes and murders. Better yet they get disenfranchised from voting which has prevented the worst so far. Contrary to what most think the war on drugs has been an enormous success. Only affluent white druggies with internet connections say otherwise.

    [ed note: yikes. did you ever think of keeping the coloreds in jail for rape? what you’re saying is like showing gratitude for muzz n’ mexes for the advances in Drone Tech]

    • How about Mexico?

    • The war on drugs was conceived at a time when the elites weren’t all on board the diversity train.

      Terms like nigger, cunt, kike, and faggot, could still be heard in the oval office. RIP Richard Nixon.

      There is a reason marijuana is being legalized first under the dubious guise of “medicinal purposes”.

      The left wants colored votes but they don’t want to wait 40 years. They want them sooner like in 20.

      They already amended 3 strikes in California to exclude “non-violent” offenses. Power play in action.

      Today it’s a soft genocide with polite buzzwords like “diversity”. Tomorrow it’ll be the old fashion kind.

  3. the white military men or jordies as you call them are bascially just janissaries, these federal troops should be seen as basically similar to the bashi bazooks and janissary scum that stormed europe, undisciplined but well equiped, replacing skill and valor with brutality and rapine. that idiocracy video was spot on, they just sprayed their assault rifles at these TWO (JUST TWO) muslim terrorist kids. these 2 guys were not the Kurtzian “strong men” like the chechans at beslan, why then should we expect professionalism from COD fatass sports-shades psychopaths who reguarly enjoy groping women and dehumanizing people on traffic stops. it is the same mentality, total domination that connects them to the jannisaries, basically instead of rape and sword cuts, they have tickets and tasers and humiliating patdowns.

    also someone should do something on quantrell

  4. Word, bro.

    I’m glad you’re keeping the, tabs.

    How many others ,are?

  5. As MW says….FBI = Famous,But Incompetent. Busy making terrorists since……?

    [ed note: just DON’T say any criticism of Mighty England…]

  6. Ahaa, firepowr you are such a fuckign asshole; I have read all that, so at this time SEE me also commenting
    at this place.

    [ed note: me no revolting omega wirgin. me sex]


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