Megyn Kelly: World’s Most Perfect Girl

by Firepower

Poster For National Fuck a Lawyer-Bimbo Day

All those Christards & Dalcock-types – what a ridiculous lot.  All that Pre-Boston snake-handling, Hoxsey babbling you did to Jeebus n’ Noway to “bless Murka!” didn’t do jackshit for keeping anybody safe, now did it.  If it did, then Boston must be Yahweh’s response: He’s pissed at Murka, too.  But, you’ll keep “praying” and telling us in the interim to (between the next incident) keep on looking for them blessings.  All we gotta do is pray and it’ll be allllllriiiiight.

Them FBIHeroes®! were a pip.  So much so, Spielberg pumps out tons of movies about their “prowess” – (from 1930 civil rights cases).

I told my circle that all those spycams and informants kinda~somehow displace all that “great police work” we hear touted so much on FUXNews.  I don’t watch MSNBC, ABC or any other Main Stream Liberal Media Propaganda, so I can’t criticize them except to say without sarcastic exaggeration they are truly the RED Fascist Liberal Arm of the Ministry of Fear.  If you’re going to watch TV news, FOX is…… the only game in town and miles ahead of any other. But, that’s sort of like saying watching your cat take a shit in your toilet is funnier than watching her shit in her litterbox…

FOX’s Latest “it” girl (at least until she hits 40) is Me-gynie.  She burbles:

Gee Whizziklers!  How can baby Djhohar Rszlslzn Chnybovka DOOOO that horrible icky mean stuff?  His friends all said he was so niiiiiice!

What a true clueless dame. She is hired by Roger Ailes to spew her vag-babble because she is clueless.  I liked her hella-betta before her weird plastic surgery nose job.

She does not (and will not) ever see that that is precisely what the muzz does.  Precisely what the colored does. Does she expect Xmas cards? This is their plan. They’re not sorry because it’s going to plan and they win. This is how they really, truly feel:

They hate Whites unconditionally and only act nice – to your face.

Then, when they go full-Allahu’akbar, full LA RAZA and full chimp, blond bimbos can act all puzzled-like and stuff!  Coloreds fake liking whites; it’s all an act. They fake it all and can never be True Americans – and especially White.  All coloreds have a natural blood-hatred of whites and will never assimilate into America.  It is thus, only natural for whites to similarly assume blood-hatred of all coloreds.  To do less is suicidal, yet I predict that is exactly what they will do.  Hatred takes courage – a courage to act.  Amazing how two young Muzz instill more fear from an oppressive nazi regime than 20 million lone-wolfie whites.

15 Responses to “Megyn Kelly: World’s Most Perfect Girl”

  1. “FOX’s Latest “it” girl (at least until she hits 40) is Me-gynie. ”

    Manjaw is 42.

    • More to the point: She does appear 2-years overripe, then.

      I admit a willful ignorance when it comes to Celebrifacts.
      I bet when The Clock hits Zero Hour – the redline – she scampers off for her Golden Womb $$$ Maternity Leave benefits package to pump out a 2nd.

      Who is she married to – a wealthy NYC Manhattie Business Overlord, I’m guessing.

      Fun Firepower Fact #42: That .7 kid in the Yuppies’ “1.7 Kids” meme is the Mongoloid…

  2. Beats me. I had to look it up. I was guessing she was 45 or so.

    [ednote: sorry for making you type. with such Men of Conviction, there is NO way Hilry will be your next President For Life]

  3. Ugh. Not submissive enough. I hate feminists.

  4. You’re so cool! I do not believe I’ve truly read something
    like that before. “Meee-GINY” lol

  5. What a piece of nice stuff but I’d want to bone Cortney Freel.

    [ednote: Coppa Feel]

  6. Very nice post. I simply say THIS is the finest Foxpoon ever:

  7. I’m a little late commenting here, but this is interesting.

    Dzhokhar and Tamerlan are racially White. I know Russians disagree, but they are going based on their historical hatreds rather than physiognomy. The Tsarnaevs are absolutely racially European.

    Tamerlan hated MLK Jr. and objected to an imam celebrating Milk Junior. He was also influenced by White nationailst blogs and Alex Jones as much as Mahomet.

    Pretty interesting all the same. The chix definitely fell in love with Dzhokhar. He looks like he should be the front man for an emo band, which is why he was on teh cover of Rolling Stone. If the National Alliance had been active in Boston in recent years, like we were in 2002, Tamerlan would probably have joined us. And gotten us into a heap o’ trouble, when he did his marathon thing, LOL. Or we would have turned him in before the fact, and saved his kid brother from a life behind bars.

    • In order to understand an operative fully, you obviously start with who he supports or “loves.” Then, to glean the full picture, you can only understand such a person by whom they hate. You need both pieces of the puzz – and not just to affix The Muzz.

      Djzhozzjkdharr Bros.
      Hate MLK b/c of his Christianity – Bomb Bros. are Muzz.

      Operatives can be fully understood only by seeing both sides of the coin, for who cares to understand the apathetic? They care for nothing.

      To flesh-out our side and stop the stupid squabble we must identity whom we love (Whites), but also…whom we hate.

      • Not just because Milk was a Christian. Tamerlan was an honest to goodness racist.

        [ed note: i’m suspicious. it sounds like BIGMedia FOL propaganda because if he was so “racist” why did he bomb whitebread swpl yuppies at a swpl marathon and not coloreds at a Jay-Z hip hop concert]

      • “but also…whom we hate.”

        Agree but IMO the day care center managers do a pretty good job of defusing hate. Even we need to amplify the anti-whites’ hatred since the libs do an okay job of marginalizing their marginal.

        What I propose is that we gin up some hate for the social engineers of the Left and their step n fetchits on the right. I think this cuts across all the petty ideology and even racial constructs that exist in ‘Murika. By social engineers I by and large think the top jews and their white servants who exist to destroy and cash a check.

        I think I could approach any group and tell them my one goal in life is to be rid of the SEs and find common ground. Reading alt-right yesterday and their article on the BOBOs kind of helps to draw lines of distinction.

        Of course this idea could degenerate into the usual ideological BS, but I think it could also be a very good common denominator.

      • Agree but IMO the day care center managers do a pretty good job of defusing hate.

        Stop right there for a moment. Think well and long before you extrapolate the overly complex conclusion: This early propaganda IS the fundamental problem. Simplicity explains most things. Occam’s Razor, etc.

        If you/we/I cannot awaken the Propagandized Peeeeple from their PC Nursery Fairy Tales and Lore, they are finished. Finished by their own… recalcitrance. LIUFY

        Whose fault is it when the slave himself, refuses to revolt from his own squalor? The internet *should* have awoken the masses – instead it is the Ultimate Lullaby. It is then not the Internet’s fault, but those using it.

        It’s not as if White Murka has an smiling Uncle Sam or Ulysses Simpson Grant to do the work and free him while he sits on his ass.


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