Reader Mail: The Boston MANGLER

by Firepower

This charming, mincy Bit O’ Fluff comes from reader Ioaian Maeve-Binchy, Deep Dipsheep, Bora Bunga, BoyQueens, AU:

Here’s a post for you FP:

‘We shall fight them via their marathons, we shall fight in their whole-food markets, we shall fight in their offices and in their duplexes, we shall fight in the cocktail bars; we shall never surrender…’

A. Bomber

Finally a freedom fighter of rare genius!

I only found out about the Boston Bomber today via Ryu‘s post. I QUICKLY switched to ESPN to avoid the nonsense of another yank-wank mass slaughter and to re-watch Adam Scott’s Masters victory for the 1000th time. To my horror even ESPN was showing the bombing incident via CNN’s live feed. Even worse he only got 3 of ’em.

Slowly it occurred to me that the bomber was a chap  of rare disposition. I think we can all say we despise bureaucrats and their fucking outdoor lifestly bullshit. Whether it be the 4WDing, hyking or cylcing they fuck us off with their activity laden ‘weekends’. ‘What did you get up to?’ they fraudgently ask, all the while knowing we’VE been sinking piss the whole time to drive out the memory of our battery hen existence. What else is one to do who does real work?

The Boston Bomber knew all this so he struck at their heart. Not a dumb fuck Al-Qaeda wild eye or Brievik weirdo, this guy has style. Don’t strike the symbolic heart, strike the real beating one. The source of their pride. A bomber with a sense of humour.

Well done sir. Kudos to you.

I love it when a letter-writer doesn’t post on his own post.

20 Responses to “Reader Mail: The Boston MANGLER”

  1. The man has a point. These marathons are full of elitist SWPLs and their minions. It’s the inner party. That’s who you hit. Take away their poodles, their marathons, their organic coffee, their environmentally friendly biker lanes.

    They don’t give a shit about anywhere in the US other than NYC, LA, or DC. Like FP has said, they’d fly clean water in fueled by our blood if they had to. Flyover country exists to serve the big cities.

  2. Uncle Beast makes MORE enemies than just Arab Muzz.
    Illegal mexicans in gangs will get their own drones – years before the VRWs get theirs. After “fighting colored invasion” by bravely moving out to the sticks – then bravely deciding that commuting 200 miles to their Wal-Mart Stockboy job isn’t worth the effort for a 51-year-old couple – Mr. & MS. John Swipple just might fire up that drone and fly it into a SuperBoston Marathon Bowl crowd having their Brie-Break.

  3. Right now, drones are terrifically expensive. The only way the PDs can afford them are DHS grants and the usual drug seizure money. I believe it’ll be many years before joe public can afford one.

    [ed note: muskets were once expensive to those with bows. all a drone is is a RC model airplane with a TV cam. Uncle Beast better guard those handful of domestic gasoline refineries]

  4. The Fort Hood shooter was quickly forgotten cuz he wasted GI Jordies (the wrong sort of whites).

    The Boston boyz targeted elite whites hence the presidential visit and national remembrance day.

  5. I appreciate the humor, so forgive my humorlessness when I say that this absolutely WOULD make it “symbolic.”

  6. uggghh. why do you post stuff from those 2 ozzies. they’re like the [poorer[ retarded cousins of the drunken irish. they’re so stupid they dont even post on their own posts. whichs one was it haha? this one is full of typos so i KNOW it wasnt pat but the dull one.

    [ed note: neither,a different one. this is a totally anonymous letter from a very brave ozzie. Ioaian is a Professional Oil-Glistener to The Stars in Celebrtitty Row at Bondi Beach]

  7. It’s quite obvious that the perpetrators of this massacre, along with the Texas factory explosion and gassing of Jews in mobile ovens with attached crematoria (Lest We Forget!) are Liberal Nazis.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention FirePower. You are my main man, yes sir, that’s for sure.

    [ed note: i sure hope this ain’t Patsy Posing under his Real Joo Name because “Jonas Goldberg” is Oztraylun for “Pat Hanniggan”, so here goes: We all admire your admirable original thoughts, Jonas – you are the true inspiration for Chuck Ross. Ensure you don’t steal MY ideas, as i know you have a lifetime of others to keep stealing. Oh, and i didn’t write the post – it’s a letter to the Editah written in ‘Straylin]

    • No, I assure you, I have never even heard of this Patsy Hitleragain, till you brought him to our attention at the ADL delicatessen. Sounds like a typical Goy beast who should serve at our feet, preferably naked.

      [ednote: agreed: in that scene, pat would never stop climaxing]

      I also assure you that all my ideas I stole directly from you when I wrote “Liberal Fascism” back in 2009. Sorry, hope you don’t mind. At least you have the satisfaction of knowing you influenced the zeitgeist, even if I took all the credit.
      [dint knoo fascism and nazism wuz the same, but if yoo say sooo…]

      I will dedicate the appreciation prologue in my upcoming book, “Liberal Nazis Just Wanna Have Fun”, to you, hoping that will set things right between us.
      [stop demanding Chuck Ross FELLATE YOU for blog posts and we’ll talk…]

      • Sorry, my next Firepower influenced book’s full title is: “Liberal Nazis Just Wanna Have Fun. Or, do they?”

        Be sure to get your signed copy via Eradica, if we can square up a deal.

      • Lolz lol lol!!!! Love your stuff Mr Firepower.

        Lately been reading Vox Day’s blog (another blogger who calls the forces arraigned against us as fascists and Nazis – inspired by me though) and one of his commenters (whose ideas I’m currently appropriating) said:

        “Some of the most hilarious, literal LOL moments in teh Blogosphere are on the wordpress blogs in which the blog host is able to edit and interjects other’s comments. Roissy is especially adept at deriving maximum effect with this.”

        Some scumbag in reply said:

        “That’s something that Jews, women and Judeo-Americans love to do. Absolutely fucking annoying. It’s the blog equivalent of someone not letting you finish your sentence, interspersing their own misunderstanding and misattribution of what you are attempting to argue throughout, then getting hysterical about you didn’t say, but they reckon you did. As I say, women and Jews are adept at this.

        Bloggers who do it: Roissy, Firepower and Auster.”


        Another commenter pointed out:

        “No, what the bitchy people do is edit the offending comment into something insulting to the commenter in an effort to be funny but comes off as weak since they didn’t deal with the comment at all and thereby denies the readers the opportunity to judge the “offending” comment for themselves. All they did was turn the commenter into an obvious sock puppet.

        Roissy doesn’t touch the commenter’s text, he just adds his own obviously attributed comment interlinear to theirs. He is dealing with the comment on a point by point basis. The only difference you’re proposing is moving location of where this takes place.

        I personally prefer it this way since it is in context within the other comments which it occurred.”

        Did you know that Roissy stole all his ideas from Pam Ayres?

  8. Ioaian Maeve-Binchy is yet another example of white male privilege.

    Thank you Firepower for bringing this excrescence to our attention. Please add me to your blogroll as you will find, if you visit my blog, that you, me and Jenibear (you go girl!) are simpatico in our beliefs.

    And, remember, we are 100% pro-Israel and pro-Jewish. We are not Jewish or Israeli ourseleves. We were raised Christian and not very religious. However, we believe that the Jewish people have the right to secure the existence of their nation and a future for their children.

    We oppose nationalism, too, since it is actually left wing, because it sees people not as individuals but as part of a structural superstructure in which they are to be exploited and seen than less than the individual that they are. Ethnonationalism should always be avoided.

    We oppose Liberal Nazis everywhere.

    Thank you.

    [ed note: thanks, Ree. But, your rollicking sense of keen humor is too intense. It’s Deep Wit would distract Eradicans.
    I DO advise you, honey, to read LIBERAL NAZISM
    But, if you have a great ass like Jen, I’ll think about rolling you. Send pix]

  9. Anyone else find it weird that Saudi foreign minister Prince Saud al-blah blah met with Obama in an unscheduled meeting this week? The Saudis have $532 billion in their sovereign wealth fund, holding plenty of our debt. Good to see they get a sitdown with the head puppet whenever they want.

  10. Moldbug calls Brevik “stupid”, you call him “weirdo.” What is it with yous bloggers struggling to pick the right adjective for the guy? Besides, he hit his country’s equivalent of the Boston Marathon, except with fewer civilians.

  11. I think the admin of this website is actually working hard in support of his site, as
    here every post is quality based material. So, an obvious Pat Hannigganista should be immediately and permanetnly BANNED.


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