Liberal Nazism: Post-Boston Untermensch

by Firepower

First They Came For the NRA…but i was not a member. Then They Came for Smokers…but i did not smoke…Then, they came for…

Imagine what life will be like for Whites in 2050.

Hilary will make great changes for progressives during her two (three?) terms.  Imagine the kind of racial attitude the next colored President has – and enforces.

Whites are now the new üntermensch – the subhumans to be eradicated.  A Salon writer’s private convos with like-minded Liberal Nazis are quite more harsh than a published article: Bet on it.

They have plans for you.  Plans, for your children and granddaughters.

Oh, sorry – you ain’t gonna be around?  How about Junior – and that adorable little Brianna.

Today’s Subhuman for the Liberal Nazi is an object; it’s another lesson they learned from Dr. Joseph Goebbels.  From Goebbels to Saul Alinsky to Bill Clinton to George Soros.

The subhuman is hated, discriminated against and ultimately, eradicated.  But first, it is …..….demonized by media propaganda – images of monkey-faced Jews eating blond babies in 1930’s Nazi Germany.  Now, it’s reversed and whites are the villains in Media Propagand with  you the one getting the boxcar ride.  If not you, your son – and daughter, after she’s worn out from breeding at the Pickaninny Harem.

But now, you live in Nazi America.  All mocked the silly Jews for the sheep they were, who “couldn’t see the storm brewing.”

Silly Jews! 
All they had to do was
Read The News.

All  hindsight is 20/20.


18 Comments to “Liberal Nazism: Post-Boston Untermensch”

  1. First break the demonization:

    Then calmly explain to Julius Abagond and his friends that even if Holocausting lower and middle-class Whites is morally justified, it doesn’t solve their problems. In Brazil, there is still “racism”. Also, go on the offensive. Demand that Muslims pay reparations to Allen West, and Jews pay reparations to Tony Martin. The Middle-East is on the verge of exploding as we can see in Syria, so eternal hell is very likely. Can they take the risk of eternal damnation?

    [ed note: Holocausting lower and middle-class Whites is OK BY ME – when they are Buckwild or Teen Mom 2 types. Most are propagandized to LOVE coloreds and are therefore too stupid – and dangerous – to waste food on. IF they prove themselves as Warriors against the lower-caste coloreds invading THEIR neighborhoods, then save them. Your Hero Breivik – he killed WHO again?]

    • First of all, this is derailing. Secondly, if “Gosnell-Grisly!™” vacuumed colored womb burgers – give that man a fucking medal. You should be glad he saved 2033 Murka from a couple thousand pre-parolees.

      You speak of fantasy – as if writing Letters to the Editor change a thing…when the editor fucking RUNS SALON. Breivik and Mr. Boston just changed more in 4 seconds than 4 Billion blogposts. You need to learn the subtext and elaborate your plans BEYOND fantasy. Eradica is the perfect place if you have the stomach and fortitude. I’m willing to let you post your ideas if you have the courage.

      Dredging up Allen West (and lol – Tony Martin??) is the height of futility BECAUSE you are appealing to an audience so fucking stupid, they don’t even know who The Beatles were – and care not one fuck.

      I gather English is not your mother tongue so I empathize with your concept, but not the fine-points of your execution. THE Target is AMERICAN males – WHITE ones. Not some simpering, ALREADY-neutered English Sissy rendered harmless decades ago. WE and I are the targets of Liberal Nazism.

      Re-re-re-SEE the picture in the post. Read the link.

      • Agreed.

        Started laughing when I read ‘calmly explain…’ LOL. Yes I agree Europe is neutered. Their last gasp was the World Wars. They dont have much left in them, as Bowden says ‘Europe is very tired’

        White American Men are the only ones left. No one is coming to save us. Its do or die.

      • LOL i think it really is happening, they are fucking getting this shit on, its gonna be a mcveigh guy who likes vikings that ride wolves, im sure.. i can see it, frank frazetta and angus McBride banned for white CIS-male supremacy. i got my backpack full of beans and bullets and i know a nice cave out in the outskirts of town, helter skelter everbody!

  2. They do indeed have plans for us. I celebrate this. Hardship is necessary for growth and progression. When it is absent, there is stagnation.

    Whites must bifurcate into a sheep liberal class and a militant racist class. It’ll take some time for this to shake out. This is partially why I urge training and preparation. I don’t offer salvation. Pain, suffering, degradation – that’s what WN has to offer.

    VRW is wrong. There’s little nobility in the future. Just animal survival.

    • The current generation coming of age will be even less capable than previous in dealing with the hardships than men have always dealt with. Could get ugly, nihilistic and desensitized young men living atomized & purposeless lives can go in scary directions. I’m trying to psychologically adapt to the reality of the inevitable reckoning to come. Most will be shockingly unprepared.

      There will be no room for pity or republican virtues. I was reading Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar recently. It made the point that ultimately Brutus with his noble Roman civic virtues, was out of step with the people and the times. The degenerate people actually secretly resented him for trying to be so good. Meanwhile they acknowledged Caesar’s selfishness but loved him anyway.

    • exactly, it won’t be chivalrous bullshit like conan or whatever, it will be like 451 AD migrations period gaul or “lombardy”

    • What’s VRW?

      [ed note: SEE the Firepowerisms GLOSSARY on the TOP Tabs of the Homepage:

  3. As long as they can be selfish and bloodthirsty, that’s all that they need.

    We’ve got to shitcan this nobility crap. There is no nobility today. Pat used to get upset with me because I would post videos of Russians beheading immigrants or the SU beating women. That is what it takes.

    The world becomes more ruthless. Capitalism and the exploding global population guarantee this. We’d have to kill 80 million non-whites every year just to stay even with last year.

    • The population is too feralized for anything less than a strong hand. Make that a strong BLOODY hand. We are getting bored of videogames/tv/porn…we will soon be demanding blood in the arena.

    • nobility is between the warriors, it is not shared with dogs who gyrate for paper or other such slime. nobles showed no mercy to dogs, canine or saipen. from Gregory of Tours, on the Frankish leader (dux/duke) Clovis and his adversary Ragnachar. Clovis bribed Ragnachar’s personal “retainers” to turn against their lord helping Clovis secure victory, “why have you disgraced our Frankish people by allowing yourself to be bound?’ asked Clovis. “it would have been better for you had you died in battle.’ he raided his axe and split Ragnachar’s skull. then he turned to Ricchar and said: “if you had stood by your brother, he would not have been in this way.” he killed Ricchar with a second blow from his axe.” Gregory of tours 6th century AD

  4. waco texas just experienced a massive explosion so did oklahoma city? aniversarys for those events are the 18th?


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