Etruscan-ization of whites: Marathon Culture

by Firepower

Forsooth ‘Tis Mincing Ribaldry!
Etruscan Art

There are Whites and there are whites – then even lesser wites.

Call modern day bloggerz “e-truscans.” Kwlz.  Twitter…even stupider.

First, it’s 22 dead, then 12 then 2:  So long as there’s a “2” in there it must be right.

Now The Revolution is carried out on the couch.  Tweets fired off instead of muskets.  The Elite know this and see it, which is why they are now openly contemptuous of the mob.  This is the frustrating confusion you see today – the answer to all those repetitive “what the fuck happened to america?” questions.

The Romans displaced the Etruscans from the Italian peninsula after they degenerated into a soft, sissified culture fixated on….….. luxury and play.  Then, Romans (who should’ve known better) suffered a repeat of the exact same fate.  Etruscans sunk in a mire of eating, music, games, grooming and sex.  Hoary, rough Romans kicked their ass and took their peninsula.

Boston is another pricey Elite Enclave; semi-moated and protected.  Cape Cod is a fortified peninsula like San Francisco. Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard are the ultimate moated castles of the Elite, safe from the rabble.  So Elite is MV, that DC, Manhattan & Hollywood Elites all have quaint 50,000 sq.ft. $114 Million “summer homes” there.  Spielberg is a longtime resident.

The economy dies and folks go to marathons – Elite folks.  Only, of course, after voting in screaming Clintonite/Obamaite Liberal Nazi and Fake Injun Elizabeth Warren to wield Imperial Power as the latest sanctified Dem-Fem Sen. Now she’s touted as a Presidential contender like Hilary.

America gets the Murka it deserves: It gets the government it deserves.  Now, we are all to Rally ’round Boston!™  as if it still were the seat of American Revolution and send prayers and donate blood.  All those Obama voters and Warren voters need help to recover in time to vote in the Hilary-Warren 2016 Presidential ticket.

Liberal Boston

The Elite fear coloreds and muzz.  They only want to control White Molon Labe types.  The colored only cause the elite expense.  The Elite have to give them Bread & Circus but whites work and are taxed to feed government: Whites are a cash cow.


32 Responses to “Etruscan-ization of whites: Marathon Culture”

  1. The Molon Labia crowd can keep bitterly clinging to bean cans and ar15s. Fat lot of good it’ll do them considering how heavily brainwashed they are.

    “Gunz stop tuhrants!” they hoot. Whatever.

    Sign me up for the new barbarian tribe. I like swords, loud music, and Sabine women.

    • Hanging up VRW posters is going too far to the other extreme.

      Now, “Saudis” are suspected.
      It’s what Uncle Beast and all his Teddy Kennedy/John Kerry Fans in Boston get for hiring Affirmative Action TSA monkeys. They finger White Grannies’ & toddlers’ a-holes so they aren’t accused of PC “profiling” while giving Muhammaad a pass in his sandals with a briefcase strapped to his chest.

      • It’s all about the barbarian attitude –seeing Murka as something to be plundered– and not getting plastered whilst watching Conan.

        Does Chertoff still own stock in body scanner companies? Does the pope wear a hat?

      • To you, and Ryu: This is why I have difficulty imagining a revolutionary “return” to American Greatness.
        There’s not really a large enough contingent of folks smart enough to accomplish it.
        They’re all Brandons, texting/sexting and
        Killin’ Tear-wrists Fer Murka!
        …on CoD: Rag OPS!™.

        Sadly, I foresee a collapse of a decayed society falling on the heads of even more decadent, apathetic idiots. Just like Rome. No “revolution” – folks just moved away…

  2. Hmmmm. So this is how it’s going to be. Still the vibrants get away with it in part because the regime will not publically chastize them. It seems to be illegal to name the negro.

    I don’t advise whites to begin acting like the coloreds. We don’t have their protections. We in fact have to be better than them because a large portion of our own population is sissified.

    What an amazing thing to watch. People that is, not this new distraction.

    • Yes. I learned more by watching the 911 histrionics, Giffords & Dorner.

      It tells me that Uncle Beast is so weak, he has to set himself singularly on whites just in order to control them and milk their tax $$’s.

      There’s not enough money in the Imperial Treasury to give to Welfare Sows, Illegal Mexicans and TV Drones.

      Whites don’t even glare at coloreds invading their street, yet Beast repeatedly, disproportionately targets whites.

    • Chip away at their ideological protections. Attack the notion of power and privilege.

  3. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    I really don’t care about any of this bullshit anymore. Besides, it’s a given the jews are involved.

    [ed note: same here. i read the most about it from ryu. I’m gonna watch Blu-Rays. Liberal Boston marathon SWPLs are low on my list of “give a shit”]

  4. Copley Square is so well patrolled that they bump out the homeless to designated spots to not bother the tourists. Interesting that this person or group could plant multiple bombs in front of extremely pricey hotels right in time for the biggest Marathon in America. They have bomb sniffing dogs on duty at the commuter and T-stops that are right there. They couldn’t smell enough explosives to do the damage that happened today? Were the dogs drunk?

    [ed note: if they can’t defeat Afghani shepherds nor keep their cousins out of Murkan borders, all their NSA RFID SuperChipTech won’t do SHIT]

  5. Who is the Romans to our Etruscans?

  6. He does not exist.

    [ednote: move to LA. Move to Detroit. Bang Heidi Klum. Spend time with a Kardashian]

  7. Blacks are welfare monkeys. No welfare, no blacks. Mestizos are sit in place until they are told to go to another place. Or are you talking about rich Arabs and JayZ?

    • When (if ever) the Welfare Tit is removed from the black and illegal…expect them to riot like they’ve Never Done Be Rioted Before.

      Then, expect truckloads of Uncle Beast tax money extracted from white burgerflippers paychecks to make up for that little mistake.

      Rioting coloreds disrupt the Business Chain. The Elite will not tolerate that – no matter how much of your money they’ll be forced to pay.

  8. there still are alot of people who eat this shit line and sinker, i only see the rich yuppies getting a taste of the occupation they pay for, one in the b-b-b-bibleland! and the other, right fucking here, openly bombing its own citizens in a “massive black hundreds” action .

    • cooking up some goyim rage for the next chutzpah against the goatfuckers living between the other two goatfuckers weve been exterminating since them t-t-t-towers came crashin’ doone !

  9. You say “Detroit.” Look at the tough black gang bangers in Chicago. Their little Jewish mayor signs a piece of paper and they are kicked out of Chicago.

    [to land someplace else…]

  10. What’s with you and liberal “nazis”, FP? Did you get a hold of Conservative Superhero Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism and decide to run with the idea?

    [ed note: hey there, groovy guy! you’re about 5 weeks too late for class. read the originating posts for a change, stank you very much]

  11. [to land someplace else…]

    I understand. The point is that Romans conquered with their own agency.

    [ed note: the FFOL is an entity unto itself, an agency unto itself and a movement unto itself. the Barbarians who finally eradicated Western Rome did so over time, with diversity]

    • LOL, romans in du-rags smoking crack in lowriding estruscan chariots, talking that ghetto ass latin’ jive meus famulor!

  12. the FFOL is an entity unto itself

    OK, that is persuasive.

    Never Done Be Rioted Before

    WHO is gonna riot? angry black fathers banding together to storm the grain depository? LOL. Maybe fat Shaniquas. All the rest of them will just burn down their own shit.

    no matter how much of your money they’ll be forced to pay.

    In such a scenario, eventually whites will east-Germanize. Start drinking, stop working. Now THAT will interrupt the business cycle.

    [ed note: MAYbe the whites will drop out. mindless coloreds rioting is no different than past plundering barbarians seeking only booze and loot – with no intent whatsoever to establish an orderly replacement kingdom to Rome]

  13. [ed note: hey there, groovy guy! you’re about 5 weeks too late for class. read the originating posts for a change, stank you very much]

    I get the sense of “Oh, no, the liberals are authoritarian! Just like Adolf and his gang were!” Who cares? Dickless libertarians and other freedom fetishists who get hot and bothered about authoritarianism. Don’t get me wrong now, I don’t want to emulate the NSDAP for the simple reason that they lost. But bashing the nazis because they’re authoritarian…oh, how risque! perhaps some little heeb, a real small timer, will notice you don’t like the Hun and offer you a pittance to write for him. You’ll be a small timer’s small timer. But, hey, better than nothing. Perhaps you will even be rewarded with some swarthy Paki pussy, like good old Ferdinand…

    [ed note: see the first, then

    • The thing is Cyprian is that no one has set back genuine white Supremacy like Hitler and the Nazis and modern day liberals are absolutely intent on driving hell that monumental setback.

      Liberal Nazi is an on point characterization of the enemy manifest.

  14. Here the Liberal Nazi is a mirror image of the Aryan Nazi – the browner the more Uber.

    [ed note: A+ Bullseye]

  15. “What is true of one man is true of many. The people who once lived here are called Anasazi (American). The old ones. They quit these parts, routed by disease or drought, or by wandering bands of marauders , quit these parts ages since and there is no memory of them. They are rumors and ghosts in this land, and the are much revered. The tools, the art, the buildings–these things stand in judgment on the later races. Yet there is nothing for them to grapple with. The old ones are gone like phantoms and the savages wander these canyons to the sound of ancient laughter. In their crude huts they crouch in darkness and listen to the fear seeping out of the rock. All progression from a higher to a lower order are marked by ruins and mystery and a residue of nameless rage…This you see here, these ruins wondered at by tribes of savages. Do you not think that this will be again? Aye, and again. With other people, with other sons.”

  16. Etruscans will always be remembered
    For their art and industry,
    Etruscans will never be forgotten
    For their rampant pederasty.

    [ed note: you are wrong my friend. Etruscans were already long forgotten until I mentioned them. no time to teach Etruria in Gov School when it’s taken up with MLK Studies]


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