Foseti-ism: The Ten Word Post – FAT WoManAtees™

by hbdpolicy

I apologize for my absence, but the lure of Helpless Conservative Sulking and Bi-Polar HBD did me good.  I am cured. So…

The Eternal wisdom of my Lord Christ Firepower  (blessings be upon Him) once spake:

Playing hollowed-out courtship rituals with single-mom manatees stoked with anti-depressants is no great calling for a man.

Now, the Manboob gaveth my Lord God shit for his Truthiness – just like Jon Stewart craps on Chris Matthews (okay, he sucks his cock).  I want – and need – to help my Lord in a strictly non-homo way, so I proffer He take a respite and Do The Fossetti; just post 14 words and …

…have the commenters do all That Heavy Thinking.  (It’s called The Ross in lesser circles, for those that can spell it.)

Fat FeMom Manatees shop at Target.  Wal-Mart Fatties outweigh even those heifers by 80 lbs.   Target, duly and humbly apologizes for noticing that Murk’n Manatees ARE FAT SeaCows.  Wimmin, of course, are all up in arms flippers about how people see they’re actually FAT.

Whilst the Manboob hath no flesshe in The Game re: Manatee Man-a-boobs, he can safely bitch from his gilt perch at Lifetime Channel.  For he doth care notte because:  He’s a cum-chugging homo lusting after Justin Bieber, but disappointedly sucking both Xanax and the sperm tubes of IRL Perez Hiltonites.

I claim the phrase Womanatee all for my Lord Christ Firepower  (blessings be upon Him).  Laydeez, don’t lose your femininity and have it displaced by Fe-manatee.

O, the WOMANatee™!


10 Responses to “Foseti-ism: The Ten Word Post – FAT WoManAtees™”

  1. Ha. Love the manatee grey dresses at Target.

  2. If you really want to write an authentic Foseti post you absolutely must whine about “democracy” and the “masses” and blame them for all of the problems ever (while ignoring the real problems).

    Then retire to pound Scotch and fantasize about doing a minuet in your baroque palace once the Reaction finally occurs.

  3. yes indeed, the Stunning Observates about “democracy” and the “masses” are whirlwinds because he does them all in a 10 words. I want to copy his commenters 10,000 words and make my OWN blog.

    Fossettites are shy and only perform fuck for their landlord.

  4. Wonderful beat, but certainly NO beat-down of Fuzzeti! That burntout husk of a “writer’s” cerebrum would EXPLOAD if he ever thought up the hilarious “WoManATee” meme. He’s about as fresh as a Rodgers n’ Hamerstien musical. Total waste – a true turd.

  5. whoah this blog is magnificent i love reading eradica articles.
    Keep up bashing that talentless twerp foseti HBDPolicy. he is a cancer on a carbuncle of the ass of reason

  6. It’s amazing to go see a website like foseti and reading the views of all colleagues on the topic of how short his stuff now is, and how much his Gulping Guppies fill in the blank patches. Total waste.


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