The Rise and Fall of Shain Gandee

by snark1250

I have some bad news for going Buckwild. The star of the MTV reality series Buckwild died in a Chevrolet 4×4 mudslide at age 21. This young farmer had been the proponent of Buckwild in the post-Jersey Shore era, as parent company Viacom was saddened by Gandee’s death. In accordance with the Gandee family, Buckwild’s Gandee was killed in a mudslide caused by carbon monoxide fumes lingering inside the 1984 Chevy vehicle. Can mudslides be saved from the deadly effects of carborn monoxide poisoning?

Eradica predicted Gandee’s tragic poisoning of monoxide as a deadly assault, ending Shain’s life on the farm uncertain. Tragically, the American Medical Association moved closer to a “killer fume” having affected Gandee’s mudslides in the past.

The State of West Virginia plans a Buckwild Invitational Mudslide Chapionship Tournament schedule for this summer.

I have more on the situation later on this blog.


9 Comments to “The Rise and Fall of Shain Gandee”

  1. I don’t watch MTV or TV at all for that matter but at first I thought that this was a reference to that White House male prostitute(Jeff Gannon). Now that I think about it they’re all prostitutes in the White House!

  2. Gandee Candy – West Virginia’s most wanted mudslider.

  3. This is terrible news.

    I have no idea who or what any of it is or means, but, mudslides are a terrible thing. I for one, have been in one, and survived to tell the tail.

  4. Shain Gandee will always be remembered briefly as the automobile-driving mud slider in the form of a man.

  5. Gandee is he not the Ryan Dunn of 2013?? snark, YOU are a funny one. A grand practitioner of “ADD Humour” that contributes SO much to the concept of a person, who’ll be forgotten in 3 days.

  6. 2 year ago, Shain Gandee died at age 21. More information about “Gandee Candy” is at For further info concerning Buckwild, go to

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