Murkans & Murka

by Firepower

I invented its use.

Ryu, with his various forays into Surivalist/”Patriotard” Land developed the phrases “”murricah” and “Amurricah.”

I like brevity…so I can write more.  I shortened it to Murka.  I hate apostrophes.

I just learned Leftist Nazis coined the term for George Bush II purely as a way to mock his Suhthun-ness, ethnicity and race.  That’s not the concept I gave.  Somebody invented the car – or the word – another invented the actual Ferrari of words.  That Ferrari inventor is me.   It is the gift I bestow unto ……you, along with “Murkans” as the descriptor of the dimwits who applaud diminution.  Murkans are the acquiescent cattle that Vote-O-Bama so he can give them free stuff and Moar Mexicans.  I did not, however, invent “moar.”

Falange Symbol
Go On, Look It Up

My concept is what matters because it really is all about me.  Murka is current 21st Century America usurping an America that is no more but was.  It has changed from the Thomas Jeffersons and Ben Franklins to the colored, murky film of a filthy, broken window in a dilapidated, abandoned Detroit shop.  I am the originator of Murka as the concept for that Obama-ite ennui we feel today.   Murka is Post-Clintonite America.  It is Pre-Hillary America.

Murka is The State of PC Liberal Nazism imposing its Politically Correct will and policies on resistant remnants of free Americans through Propaganda, Fascist Bureaucracy and Surveillance via unchecked State Power.

As PC Liberal would illustrate, Murka is a place where criminal illegal mexicans are released into society by “Homeland Security” to save money – so the very same Fascist Agency can buy 35 Billion rounds of ammunition to arm its 4000 MRAPs it drools over stationing in white suburbia.   If you see a few of PCL’s posts, he/she/it describes the essence of Murka better than I have time to, because a picture is indeed worth a thousand words – but not mine if I wrote a bunch; they are Golden Jewels.  The more I write, the more my words are worth.

Murka is colored culture displacing White Culture.  America is gone.  Murka is what you live in.


31 Comments to “Murkans & Murka”

  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you, FP, for inventing this word that has already been invented.

    Well done!

    Keep up the top work. You’re going great.

    Pro tip: check out Urban Dictionary for starters. It’s got lots more words for you to invent.

  2. Pat’s just crabby cause HE dint invent any new words
    In the 305 blogs HE started!

    [ednote: it is a treat seeing him post under his real name for a change instead of some cheezy sockpuppet alias, however: according to The Man Gan, PH’s “Blog Problem” is more coitus interruptus than Preem-E-jac]

  3. Amuurica was in use before me. Harold Covington used it as well. But I like your term very much.

    • Thanks. You have what Pat does not – along with sobriety and the adult absence of Jealousy – comprehension of “murka” being originally used to slur George Bush’s Texas accent. Probably Dick Cheney’s western accent, as well.

      Had Pat translated my English into his native New Zealandish via his Baby Roo’s! Lil’ Readah, he’d understand the diff between a slur on a hated, Republican Prez and the Brand New Firepowerian Concept of an America renamed to reflect its dim, faded mush of coloreds, SWPLs and The Jordies who rush to enlist in their defense.

      There is murka, and there is Murka – and Murkans.

  4. Murkans are the acquiescent cattle that Vote-O-Bama

    Nah, you’ll have to come up with a new name for Obama supporters. They ain’t Murkans. Murkans are all those brain dead Freepers who vote for shits like George W. Bush, McCain, Boner, etc. (cause they wave the flag and bomb wogs for Israel) while pretending not to understand that race is the issue and that the Republican party gangsters are selling them down the river. Hank Hills but without the basic decency. The kind of people who call you Nazi (but flee from blacks and Mexicans) and are glad to help the Liberal establishment stifle you. THEM’S Murkans.

  5. Sorry, son, but I’ve been using “Murkins” in my published writing ever since LBJ first uttered the phrase “My fellow murkins” back in the sixties. I’ve still no idea if he was being ironic, but he certainly got it right. We are indeed a nation of fake pussies.

    [ed note: ..maybe you’re being ironic now. Yours is still just a mere schoolkid mockery of a texas accent – not the complete concept MINE is. Besides, MINE is “Murka” with a “U.” BTW, You haven’t had much success by the looks of Murka in those 50 post-LBJ writing-years, haveya?]

  6. America renamed to reflect its dim, faded mush of coloreds, SWPLs and The Jordies who rush to enlist in their defense.

    There is murka, and there is Murka – and Murkans.

    Yes, yes, I like that definition. It’s a good ‘un. I also know that SWPLs use the term, like nucula, or nucla, to disparage the same.

    Still, you hardly “invented” the term, though you are giving it a twist.
    {ed note: I invented the term Murka as defined as the Post-Obama Liberal Nazi State]

    “Leftist Nazis” is done all the time. In Oz, anyone who isn’t on board national dissolution whether via Leftist one world government and massive illegal immigration, or neocon “free trade” and massive legal immigration, is a “Nazi”. That’s our number one sport in journalism, tacking Nazi on to anything you don’t like.
    [the term is Liberal Nazi not Leftist Nazi. WW2 Nazis wanted to eradicate a certain race. today’s Liberal Nazis want to eradicate a race – Whites (Men) specifically. Their Ubermensch Ideal is the Brown Man; Mystery Meat]

    Stasi isn’t popular, neither is Stalinist, though they are far more accurate terms. I guess everyone knows that Nazis are the most evil people to have ever stalked the earth. We learned that via your Judeo-American movies.

    [correct. Most Murkans don’t know wtf Stasi was, nor even Stalin, b/c they are indoctrinated by MLK-as-God worship in school. All Nazis heavily utilize Official State Propaganda. America just happens to dislike WW2 nazis b/c we had a war with them, not Uncle Joe. This is a discussion you should’ve entered in the two posts I made describing my rationale. You are confusing Liberal Nazis with WHITE Nationalists. One wants America for whites by eradicating coloreds, the OTHER wants America for coloreds by eradicating whites]

    • Correction: Judeo-Murkan.

    • ‘America just happens to dislike WW2 nazis b/c we had a war with them, not Uncle Joe.’

      What an inane comment.

      Do you remember the Cold War?

      [ed note: of course, you dear-queer shitebird. wasn’t that the thing not involving D-Day, Monte Cassino, Hedgerow Country & Bastogne]

      You retards remember jack shit and only ‘know’ about anything via your jew propaganda.

      And, btw, you cunts were a fucking sideshow in WWII. Possibly a Beyonce half-time show would be a more accurate term, but that would undersell old nigga thunda-thighs remarkable efforts.

      The Russians brought down Germany. You nerdling cowards, to this day ,specify in logistics and bombing. As the WWII German female saying goes ‘better to have a Russian on your belly than an American over your head’.
      [you – and your mom – better resurrect that for the Chinee, your new Gook Mine overseers. no more Beeah for you]

  7. “Murkan” civilization: an empire run through banking systems and financial apparatuses by a jewish-led oligarchy of the media, law and finance over the Murkan provincial corporate elites, and liberal academics both of whom maintain their power through the maintenance of a colored ustasha, who is designed both to physically control the Murkan serfs with violence, culturally designed status competitions (“sports”) and outbreed and push aside them economically. this civilization developed around the year of 1933 over the remains of entrepenureal civilization in which the new economic elite of the 19th century did not yet have to contend with “stock market crashes”, etc.

    [ed note: pretty much. Today’s Liberal Nazi learned to simplify racial genocide and avoid camps. what better way than to get white Stalking Horses to do half the dirty business]

    • “The truth about the world, he said, is that anything is possible. Had you not seen it all from birth and thereby BLED OF ITS STRANGENESS it would appear to you for what it is, a hat trick in a medicine show, a fevered dream, a trance bepopulate with chimeras having neither analogue nor precedent, an itinerant carnival, a migratory tentshow whose ULTIMATE DESTINATION after many a pitch in a many a mudded field is unspeakable and CALAMITOUS BEYOND RECKONING.”

  8. FP said: the term is Liberal Nazi not Leftist Nazi.

    Maybe you should tell your other personality who wrote this post then, who said in the post:

    I just learned Leftist Nazis coined the term for George Bush II…

    Sheesh, it’s hard following all your contradictions. Just don’t blame me. Get an exorcist.

    [ed note: i’m writing for one of your sockpuppets. Sober up: liberals are leftists, but not all leftists are liberals. get a new blog to fling Koala Pewp on, wanka]

  9. You are confusing Liberal Nazis with WHITE Nationalists.

    I don’t even understand the term “Liberal Nazis”, and I’ve never attempted to equate it with WNs.

    Nazi is just a Judeo-Murkan boogie man. Whatever you think a Nazi is, the real Nazi I mean, it isn’t what you mean by Nazi. Nazi goals with regard Jews was not to eradicate them but to remove them from Germany, contra Cameron and Judeo-Murkan mythology.

    But, anyway, I get the general drift of your theme, and am in agreement with it. Just some of the terms don’t seem to me to be well thought through. However, I am willing to accede on this point, and this is more than likely a cultural difference, that’s all.

    [ednote: when you finally grasp that Nazis aren’t ONLY LIMITED to those guys in the cool uniforms flying Stukas in B&W newsreels – you may be of service to us. after you get on the wagon, of course]

    • hey, pat! glad your finally back!
      please reprint your post from BBAB
      about what Ferdinand’s dick tastes like!

      [ed note: leave pat alone. he’s stopped flinging (indiscriminate) butt-pudding. any more provocations will push him over the edge again, then he’ll be back in a dirty, sticky corner, masturbating]

  10. [ed note: i’m writing for one of your sockpuppets. Sober up: liberals are leftists, but not all leftists are liberals. get a new blog to fling Koala Pewp on, wanka]

    Take it easy Murkan 🙂 I’m not jerkin’ ya, just trying to follow your logic via your own words.

    [ednote: when you finally grasp that Nazis aren’t ONLY LIMITED to those guys in the cool uniforms flying Stukas in B&W newsreels – you may be of service to us. after you get on the wagon, of course]

    You lost me again. My understanding of NSDAP has some depth to it, so much so I don’t use the term Nazi as a hateword, like Racist! or Anti-Semite!

    Btw, I’m not drinking.

    Calm down, FP. I still love ya mate.

    Here’s a great video:

  11. OT, but I thought you may find my definition of anti-Semitism useful. Especially given we are all brothers under the hegemony of Judeo-Murka.

    Posted at another blog:

    My definition of anti-Semitism would be:

    If Jew A calls Jew B an anti-Semite, and Jew C calls Jew A an anti-Semite for calling Jew B an anti-Semite, then you, as Goy X, better believe all three of them.

    Otherwise they’ll all agree that you’re the anti-Semite.

  12. Pat Hannagan has what you two do not; a personality.

    Cranks like you are the fucking problem.
    [ed note: the problem IS: he’s ALWAYS got His Personality
    Burried nut-deep up your arse]

    • Is this where you got your ideas about Nazis? Hogans Heroes?

      Now it”s all starting to make sense
      [ed note: i’m suprised you put your cock down for 2 seconds to type]

  13. I actually used this term in company the other day.

    To me it seems to be a combination of the words ‘merde’ and ‘kaka’, both of which well describe the country today (as well as the skin colour of the orc hordes streaming into its homeland).

  14. Murky Murkans.

    Murky = dark – gloomy – obscure – somber – murk – sombre – dim

    Starting at 1:49

  15. The word ‘Murka’ also represents data loss and a degree of perversion/undermining/simplifying/dumbing-down. Like a child that can’t pronounce ‘chocolate’ (because it containes more than two syllables, and more consonants than vowels) so ends up calling it ‘choggy’ instead: it’s a simplification. I suppose that’s indicative of the state of mind of the nation, that people are more entropic than creative/negentropic in the present era.

  16. @ Maureen & AAB:

    Yes, it is a dumbing-down – the diminution – of a once great nation. It is it’s fall. The term does have a “rightness” of tone when actually spoken, the tones lilting off the tongue like a whispered curse. When I began using it long ago, it quickly caught on.

    It captures THE essence of somber stupidity snaring those in our wake, far behind us.

  17. Some spanish definitions related to this topic:

    merca (Mex) – shopping, purchases; (Arg) slang – coke, as in cocaine

    mercachifle (a) small-time trader, dealer; hawker, huckster (b) money grubber

    mercader – merchant; as in “Mercader de Venecia” (Merchant of Venice)

  18. I am confident we’ll see this same kind of declaration elsewhere, it should be gaining interest in the world.

  19. Eso es genial, nunca pensé en Nostradamus en el quirófano

    [muy peen est grande bouncing off back of your el throat-0]

  20. its funny how most people that criticize Detroit have never visited it. so far is 1-1. Best of three? Me thinks so. Hopefully the next post redeems this one.

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