Mexican Votes – For Liberal Fascists

by Firepower

So Easy, Even a Murkan Won’t Do It

This is the kind of story “Free Speech Murka” must now read of from Limeyville UK, – but that’s only because they love to bash America.  Britties cheerfully submit to their own Socialist State wallowing in PC Fascism, for far deeper and longer.

Murkan Nooz in giant, sophisticated border states like Texas can’t seem to report lurid stories of Mexican Gangs shooting up resorts, where fat, dumb & happy Murkans play.

Deliberate Mexification

If illegal mexicans were to revolt even today, Maobama would let them revolt; he would not want to risk alienating all those juicy California-Mexicrat votes for his Dream Congress 2014 – and Queen Hilary the Great’s Ascension to His Throne.

This willful, deliberate neglect of the borders is the Obama Regime’s solution to filling the need for more illegal mexicans.  The Sequester cuts cause deliberate security breaches near the border…all while our Liberal Fascist government deliberately releases illegal mexican criminals because of…


…the SequesterIt is by design.  It is what the Elite and Liberal Nazis use to displace white voting power and culture.

Illegal mexicans and the black kill each other and these assasin-garbagemen wind up in prison.  You can’t buy Democrat Hilary votes with one dead black in the dirt and a mex-i-killer in prison.  Obamao can’t wait 18 years to raise new ghetto spawn to legally pull the Democrat lever – he will import fresh ones until they are a self-perpetuating, automatic Democrat Voting Machine.

Sounds Like A Joke

Sens. McCain & Schumer were having a meeting in their Silk Togas near the border: An Illegal Mexican hops the border right in front of them.  No punchline – a true story.  No pics, either, because Murkan Media just can’t tear its cameras away from Kim Kardashian’s Pickaninny Bump.

Bruce Cohen, Morris Missry, Martin Polevoy & One57 at 157 West 57th Street: These Brave Men & their Sons RUSHED to Enlist on 9/12 to Avenge Manhattan

If it weren’t so PC, you’d hear about this incident on NBC, which instead uses its NBC Latiño Falange article – written by that Great American Jùlio Ricârdo Varèlã – to demand “McCain STOP Using Las Word “Immigranto!!!” …as an illegal mexican hops the border right in front of them

Hopefully, a cadre of Muslim Friends of Manhattan will disguise themselves and re-decorate Schumer’s Manhattan Villa, favorite knosh, or synagogue.  Then, he’ll find it funny enough to demand Rural Jordies from Hogstump, Iowa enlist to protect ONE57 and Park Avenue from those wacky, teeming masses, yearning to break… stuff.

New waves of Illegal Aliens exist to replace votes lost in Murka to death and prison.  They exist for Hilary 2016 – and beyond.  They exist to eradicate you, unless you take action.  After all, even illiterate Mexicans with bolt-action rifles can figure it out…


19 Responses to “Mexican Votes – For Liberal Fascists”

  1. This is a good observation. There are no coincidences. If millions of beaners can jump the border every year while we spend billions on security, something is up. It is just like the drug wars.

    I’m shocked that someone tried to jump the fence as the gang of four was there. Surely they had security. I can’t imagine an unwashed immigrant being allowed close access to them.

    • The only way liberal fascism can rapidly succeed is by replacing whites with coloreds – with equal rapidity.

      The entire Murkan prison population of What Brown Will Do To YOU is colored – they can’t vote. Neither can the other coloreds they killed over drugs, pussy, racism or TURF.

      Liberal Nazism wants whites dead – by the vote, by miscegenation and by killing the elderly with neglect when they become too old to create tax wealth for the Fascist State and instead, start consuming that wealth with health “care” and medicine.

      The State views ALL that money as its property. The State wants to use that money for supporting coloreds in every way imaginable.

  2. I don’t talk to Meztizos much but if I’m forced to I tell them who to blame for low wages and all the ills of world. Would be cool if we could get the whole world to turn against the Sionistas.(Zionists)

  3. OT but of interest:

    The official color of the sanitation worker’s uniform is “spruce,” and in my duties with the department, I discovered that the outfit acts as a cloaking device. Working on postparade cleanups in warm weather, I quickly learned that it was useless to ask lingering bystanders to move back a little from the barricades. The coarse bristles of my hand broom were going to scrape their sandaled feet, but even when I stood directly in front of them saying “Excuse me” over and over, they didn’t see or hear me. It isn’t that they were ignoring me: I was never part of their awareness in the first place.

    It’s true that people really don’t notice blue collars. It’s good camouflage since you can go practically anywhere, and it’s assumed you’re just doing your job.

  4. You posted this because of Obama and his “executive action” thing coming up. This was a good article, I’d forgotten it.

  5. Most whites strolling along the border act as if they can’t see Pedro running behind the cactus. All part of the circle of life.

  6. When you guys said that the SP group was heavily infiltrated, by what way do you think it is? Are the leaders totally ACTIVE agents, or are they simply just brain washed and trying to put their libertarian dreams in action?

    • My view is SPoors are not even close to Libertarianism, but are more nostalgic for a Pre-War Repbulican-Turner Classic Movies mythology.

      These fools envision such a place can exist again today with Murka infested with 35% coloreds, when their past ideal Wizard of OZ world only had to tolerate 10%.

      Their ignorance is why they are to be despised, and the resulting moron-traffic jam this causes.

      • So-called evangelicals come to mind. Potentially the salt of the earth, WASP heirs of 19th c. Christian-natural law-common sense, but today they can be pointed by their careerist leaders in the direction of any moronic liberal cause, global warming, open immigration, adoption of third-world unfortunates into their families, worship of MLK, Israel worship, you name it.

      • Evangelicals are simpletons. They are lower-class whites deceived by their G-Ziss that they’re supposed to turn the other cheek while getting buttfucked by MINOs.

    • Two ways. One, they promote views that consume time but lead to no results. Think of their worship of the USG’s muscle, the military. Second, some leaders do work directly for USG agencies. Others are just useful idiots, many of those are ex-SOF.

      There is an invisible line that we, and all wns, do not cross. When you see it crossed time and again, with no consequences, something is up. One thing the FBI loves to do is have a group finance it’s own destruction. Watch “the Citadel.” Those people paying in, forming a large group that the feebs will roll up at the right time.

  7. No one ever points out that these unauthorized arrivals don’t only look different, but are COGNITIVELY different.
    Not radically so, but enough to fundamentally alter the economy.

    They have lower IQ’s, but are hardier.

    Any Republican who dared mention this truth would be taken out and shot for all I know.
    It’s simply never happened.

    As I’ve said many times, foxnews is really the most PC cable channel of all.

    • For a few years now, I’ve held the belief FOX’s interests lie not with you and me, but with Republicans. For an even longer time I’ve known their main focus is class.

      They truly are the broadcasters of The Right – just the rich right…
      Bill0, Megyny & Shannity would rather eat with Chris Matthews at Taco Bell than dine on caviar with you.

      Explore the topics on Eradica for references to coloreds’ sub-IQs; iirc, the black’s average is 90.

  8. The problem with hating on Mexican illegals:

    They at least come across as a backbone for civilization. They perform menial work that lazy blacks can’t perform or perform with problems. Think of Mexicans as anesthesia during surgery. They’ll leave you alone and make you feel numb and quiet. Hispanic on White crime is almost non-existent. Now blacks are a different thing altogether. Think of them as Curare (Google it if you don’t know the word). Curare paralyzes you as you feel the pain.


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