Firepower, The Machine of Mean

by Firepower

Seize Them!!
(Just as soon as we finish the Chalupas…)

Poor Ferdi, he didn’t know.

Lots of good people misunderstand.  I’ve been described as the anti-christ and a Grinning Hurt Machine – that proves I hit close to The Truth.

A decade ago, my attitude would’ve been “edgy”
Two decades ago – just serious.
In 1980 I’d just be called pragmatic.

It is the effect of 50 years of successful Government School Indoctrination that Today’s Murkan Zeitgeist reactionary views realistic criticism as threatening. Today’s Brandon®! requires coddling and a tit to…….suck on when told the diaper they shit in is wretched. They require a Drill Instructor to be their “pal” and therapist in order to work up the balljuice conquer Afghanis – oh, wait, they can’t even do that because the Air Conditioning in their TV Tent only keeps it at 73º, making it so uncomfy when they must iPhone Britnee Back Home, ten times a day.

wolfpix mak all bettr!!!!

Hope Is Not A Strategy

There are too many sites of Vikings Riding Wolves (VRW) wearing Sparkly Wizard Sleeves indulging in Faptastic Fascist Fantasies.  Too many sites of Lone Wolf Losers like this latest Echo Chamber Faggot belching The Daily Outrage! of (gee whiz Newsflash!) Barack Obama Iz Bad, mmmkay!?!

These losers are better served rounding up all those 14 Million “lone” wolves and forming… uh, like an actual united Wolfpack

Most of these older idiot-faggot writers were addicted to Star Wars Yodaisms – then Fight Club Faggot worship of “Tyler Durden” and his Special Snowflake Lesson.  Now, they’ve mutated to more Faggot Nerd Mythology like Morpheus and Neo, quoting The Matrix like it’s literature and the Blue Pill/Red Pill meme is some undiscovered Socratic Wisdom.  These faggots don’t even know what it’s like to have their Eyes Opened because they themselves still seek slumber in the quieting arms of cushy lies.  They wouldn’t know a Blue Pill from Blue Balls.  (I don’t even know which is the “good” pill because I don’t watch much of that shit,)  All it takes is a glance at Wölftürd’s blog above to see they dream of dreams – in a dream.

Hope is not a strategy and I see scant few (none?) of you actually having one besides “wah, FP – yer so meeeeeeen – shuuduuuuup!”  Brilliant. Tell that to Queen Colored Hilary XVIII in 2087 and use that line of reasoning with your future monarch & ruler.  Now, if all that makes you pouty and you feel an urgent compulsion to regress and look at MOAR pictures of howling-lone-wolfpacks (and injun Dreamcatchers), you are excused because you are a 29-year-old baby…raised by a single stripper mom.

In America, it is now too late to spew that bullshit.  Artsy, angular Art-Deco posters worked once, but in a different country, in a different age – made up of different people.  Today’s Murka is filled with Adult Kidz who were raised on Scoreless Kickball and 32nd Place T-Ball trophies- trophies for losing.  Look what all that false praise and sappy up-with-people PC crap did to them.  If they still want (and require) more stroking after lounging their way into Hell – then Liberal Nazism and Obama have won.

The Required Happy Ending of Optimism

I tell The Truth. It won’t be like The Movies – with pretty banners and handsome uniforms. It will be surprising ugliness in an Ocean of Blood where we are likely to be outnumbered.  My one pessimistic indulgence is I truly don’t see how a future enlightened army of wise, mighty men springs from the current crop of  single-mom-raised faggots who cry at my words, then retreat, to yet again, balm themselves with soothing PlayStation Dreams.  If words make them cwy…wtf will they do about Waco gunfire?

Simply put: When a leader kicks a bunch of lazy kids in the ass and tells them to stop playing and get up and go to work and build the towers because The Enemy is at the Gates – and they kill him to go back to play their children’s games well, it’s really over, isn’t it?

And let me further outsmart ya’ll and beat you to the punch:  You don’t need me to tell you what to do.  You already know what to do.

Those that need a juicy sugarpill to do the deeds could maybe be soldiers. Many need a God to tell them they are justified to kill – to ease their conscience. Those that face the ugliness without such crutches  – and even welcome it – will be leaders. Maybe, even heroes.  There’s your Required Happy Ending of Optimism.

I choose to make my stand with Men – not DreamFapping IMFants raised on and preferring Happy Lies.  If there be no men, my fate is in my hands to render my own dignity.

14 Comments to “Firepower, The Machine of Mean”

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with faptasy as long as it motivates one to train and prepare. One should have a mental picture of the end goal in mind.

    I’m not necessarily convinced that the dumbing down is a bad thing. Intellectualism has emasculated the SWPLs. They have too much intellect.

    • This does not apply to you. You are one of the few others must emulate.

      Remember what I envision: American can ONLY be one of three things

    • Getting better
      Staying the same
      Or getting worse
    • What is it today – and what does its present condition predict for a future situation?

      An extreme of smarts is not the ideal and of course neither is stupidity – nor a tendency toward entertaining daydreaming to forestall the inevitable.
      As I wrote, the typical response to this is lobbing the Meanie Dart then scurrying back to Pictures of Bjorn.

  • Many of us are taking a page from lefties’ playbook “think globally, act locally.” A good example is what Kievsky does at Mindweapons.

    [ed note: what exactly is that strategy and how is it actually being implemented. if necessary, contact me privately. at present, I see only Leftists progressing]

  • i think i want to write a piece on germanic warrior societies and the foderatii—and the modern day mexicans and colored foderatii

    [ed note: just so long as you remember who propelled all those Visigoths to move away and sack rome. modern mexes will similarly displace the black – sending them hurtling into Texas suburbs and rural michigan]

  • Firepowerzz YOU ARE so mean! Let the wolfdudes Spread The Gospel of Wolf LOVE!
    That way, they can pass it on to their slavechildrens
    when THEY in turn, die of old age in 2053!

    keep the fire burning!!!

  • I masturbated myself raw to this post.

    [ed note: keep finishing on pat’s bumcheeks – nobody should go it alone: I’ll send out your IP so you can find a reacharound partner:]

  • I hear ya, Fapula, I hear ya buddy.

    Just love that alphadawg tellin’ ya like it is – YO!

    Next post by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – SAME LOVE – tellin’ ya!

    [ed note: do you and Lady Fapga know each other btw?]

  • I relate to this.

    I look around and all I see are baby-faced girly-men.

    A result, might I suggest, of decades of Pill-popping bitches breeding with baby-faced betas?

    You and people like you, under the proper circumstances, shall *force* them to act. ‘Reverse Fragging’, I believe the action should be called.

  • Hey, what happened to my comment?

    Are youze alphadawginn me agin?
    oh! This is my Significant Other (D’onatello’s) most favorite fabulous video!!!

    {ed note: all comments gratefully restored, signed, your servant, Firepower]

  • You’re going to have to make yourselves look like a *GANG*.

  • Pat Hannagan has a small penis.

  • You need to be eradicated firepower.

    But you wouldn’t appreciated the irony.

    [ed note:
    i’m thrilled you
    finally learned
    a real live
    Big Boy Word]

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