New Liberal Trickery: Racists Are Really Sensitive! :(

by Ryu

I was mildly surprised by this story. Now it seems that the FFOL is trying to insult the manhood of racists. We are all just crybabies and bullies! If you out a racist and make him a google felon, he’ll cry.

LOL this is getting a little bit ridiculus. Every story seems to push the liberal narrative a little bit further. I would almost say that this is a psyops piece.

The article goes on:

“Timothy Dluhos, who works for the Fire Department of New York, made posts calling Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is Jewish, ‘King Heeb,’ referring to black people as ‘coloreds’ and calling Asians ‘chinks,’ according to reports.”

Bloombergstein *is* a stereotypical jew. Blacks certainly don’t mind being called “colored” when referred to as ….….people of color, or when included in the NAACP. As for the Asians, they’re jumping on the gravy train too, as some 75% consistently voted Obama and democrat.

This represents a new trick by the FFOL. They are going to insult WNs and try to provoke an angry response from us, which will allow the police, who work for the regime in power, the excuse they need to crackdown on white racial awareness.

Time works for WN if we stay in the shadows. We will be allowed to train, study and organize without interference if we keep our heads down. This is the essence of guerilla warfare, staying hidden and staying mobile against a larger, more powerful enemy. It is a mindset we must master, as the Afghans have.

I know WNs want to act like wolves rather than hiding like the fox. It is not time for being wolves. The longer we hold off that moment, the better. The enemy begins to look crazy as they intensify their anti-white campaign against a non-existent enemy, as may be seen with the recent university KKK hoax. Patience! The goal isn’t to feel good or to get some payback, but to win. Take emotions out of it. Don’t give the enemy a target to shoot at. Then, time works for us while their strength diminishes.


22 Comments to “New Liberal Trickery: Racists Are Really Sensitive! :(”

  1. It seems EVERYTHING the left says are NOTHING BUT psyops pieces. They ascribe ‘racism’ to low intelligence, insufficient penis length, father issues, psychosis, in short anything and everything that’s demeaning, yet they have yet to disprove anything we say using hard science.
    I agree with staying hidden now that it seems clear a major disaster is on it’s way. I wasn’t so sure before. Of course they could keep raising that debt ceiling so we will continue going deeper debt to the jews, after all, it’s not even their money.
    I really don’t know whats going to happen and when. I just try to prepare for the worst.

  2. An ‘interesting’ idea would be coordinated attacks on various anti-fascist groups worldwide. The more ultra-nationalists we can involve the better.

    Firebombing (no-pun intended) would be the preferred method I should think.

    Burn them alive whilst they discuss Trotsky.

    • They hold Red video nights and other such shit. They should burn.

    • No. Our minds ain’t right. Even among WNs there are too many weaklings, informants, those who lack discipline. The surest way to get caught is to work with people who are unprepared.

      But that’s all on the side. Whites aren’t ready yet. Give it another 10-15 years. We have to wait for ordinary whites to catch up with where WN is today.

      The real enemy is not the jew or the negro; it’s us! They are just the outward manifestation of our inner weakness, as Brandon would say.

      War is no longer about killing the enemy. It’s about hearts and minds. Whites need to beaten into submission by the AA coalition. Then, when things are hopeless, they’ll be ready to listen.

      • Nah, its happening later this decade. There are MANY MANY people who are holding their tongue. Many more who are open to being turned. We just need leadership and organization. We have almost none at this point. Ever read the stories at ? These are YOUNG guys, still in highschool and college and they are being pushed into a corner and coming out NS. The amount of anti white brain washing has increased even more.

        The dam is about to break. We just need an incident.

      • I sense a bet in the making here. Shall we say, the usual? 100 situps?

        There are alot of angry people right now. Anger isn’t enough. Older WNs know this. IT’s a stage one passes through.

        WNs have no skills right now. It’s not just a race thing. Single issue movements are dead, like the MRM. Everything has to be fixed at once – homophilia, feminism, multiculturalism, immigration, religion.

        It’s too hot right now. Let the enemy decrease in strength for awhile. Murka is on the fast track down. The longer we wait, the better.

        Dead sure, or dead. Action is expensive. You don’t make a move unless you can’t be attacked and the probability of success is high. Everyone can see the movements on the battlefield but few can see the preparation that went into them.

      • yep, ryu go hang out with the brandons for a minute, there is the shine of resentment in their eyes, cowardly still, but it is there, and it could easily become hatred if they had something to cling too. i agree though the spy role is still favorable for the time being

      • No. Our minds ain’t right. Even among WNs there are too many weaklings, informants, those who lack discipline. The surest way to get caught is to work with people who are unprepared.


        Plenty of ‘minds’, which are right; the time for so-called ‘wolves’ never fully got off the ground. The Left Won the war, but NOT staying in the shadows.

        But that’s all on the side. Whites aren’t ready yet. Give it another 10-15 years. We have to wait for ordinary whites to catch up with where WN is today.

        Time is relevant; he who dares, wins. Fortune Favors the Bold. Pick a number!

        The real enemy is not the jew or the negro; it’s us!


      • I’ll take that bet Ryu.

        Preparation is crucial. And you are right about waiting in a sense. Every week the system becomes more intolerable, every week a new WN is created, every week another person looses hope. Its is strange to think, but things are really only moving in our favor.

        Timing is everything. The stars are aligning. WN could accomplish more in 3 years than it did in the last 30. But we cant wait for the masses to get to our level. We show them the future, and take the risks they arent willing to take–thats what leadership is. I believe the time for that will be in a few years, I might be wrong.

        Sorry Firepower, this is a long quote…Yockey says it better than me:

        “What precisely are the qualities of Genius in politics, which constitute its maestria and its inner imperative? First, vision. It sees the possibilities of the Future, and its mind is thereby freed from the trammels which hinder the average man in his thinking. To the prosaic mind, everything which is, represents the end of all development, the Future is to be a mere extension of the Past. Second, spiritual purity: the ordinary man is an eclectic; he carries in his head hundreds of contradictory ideas and beliefs. Not so the creative man in politics: he thinks along one line, and one line only. This gives to his enemies the opportunity of convincing many that he is mentally ill, and they have never failed to do so, from Alexander to the Hero we have seen. But political Genius and its enemies pass into two different categories of History. His name is written in bronze letters as the symbol, meaning, apotheosis, and incarnation of the Spirit of his Age; his enemies turn out on this high plane to have been merely the material with which he hewed his deeds. Third, intensity: the voice of Genius commands; it is harsh, intolerant. It demands and impels upward. Genius is inseparable from the presence of a rushing inner chaos, the prerequisite of formative work. Under a Frederick, or a Charles XII, men will overcome tactical odds of 5-to-1, strategical odds of 30-to-1. But not under Laudon, or the Archduke Charles, or a Grant. These latter need crushing superiority to make up for their inner lack.

        Fourth, the sense of a Mission. This vision, purity, and intensity are all brought into an ethical focus: the things which he sees are stamped with Necessity, and he must actualize them. This accounts for the powerfully dramatic influence of a political Genius upon the facts of History. His forceful mission compels everyone to orient himself to it. Everyone is either with him or against him. He becomes the center of the world.”

  3. Our very non-presence maddens them even further. When the “real racists” disappear they attack the soft, middle class Whites. In turn they too are baptized by YKW/System hatred.

  4. Oh, you know. That story where some Eastern college went nuts over a supposed KKK sighting on campus. Turned out to be a girl with set of bed covers around her. They held marches and diversity parades over it. The negros were scared to leave their room and the campus shut down for a day or two.

  5. Ryu wrote…referring to black people as ‘coloreds’

    I told you: That word bothers them immensely – especially when a White does it. That’s why you must use it.

    Nevertheless, the speaker is a Government Union bureaucrat – a HeroFIREFighter®! on the NYC payroll. 911-FDNY-NYPD…OK!
    His government affiliation means he is one of the few remaining with Free Speech to criticize a Liberal Nazi Leader like Bloomberg.

    The Liberal Nazi strategists can’t openly say what they feel in a serious manner, either. It has to be done with subterfuge or humor, like The Latest Outrage: Jim Carrey’s anti-NRA & anti-Rural White video.

    Liberal Fascism does work the circuitous Psyops route; it’s what it knows best from years of media manipulation and Government School Propaganda.

    Liberal Nazis need to provoke increasing confrontations. They are attempting to unify their diverse fasces/phalanges of coloreds, illegal mexicans, the black, the media and now, queers to attack White People. That is the only way they believe to conquer a heavily-armed white population – but it is one of the few grave miscalculations on their part – for that leads to that Ocean of Blood I wrote of and likely, Liberal Nazism’s ultimate defeat.

    Bloomberg is also one of the few True Elites elected to actual Political Power; you can quickly see what society would be like if more Elites controlled social behavior by State Power of law, arrest and execution.

  6. “I know WNs want to act like wolves rather than hiding like the fox. It is not time for being wolves. The longer we hold off that moment, the better.”

    I don’t want to agree with this, but I do.

    Does anyone else here feel the need to spill the blood of our adversaries? It’s a very primitive instinct, I concede.

    My bloodlust, which is genuine and hopefully satisfied by my own hand in my lifetime [yes, I’m serious–I want to personally eradicate these mofos and have no moral qualms about doing so], is oppressive at times and requires an outlet. Control is key.

    But I do think this era is better spent in training, in preparation, in intelligence-gathering (for later use).

  7. It is natural to want revenge. The social engineering of the last few decades have had tremendous costs. How degrading and humiliating!

    Firepower talks alot about the children of modern Brandons. That’s 20-30 years in the future. The proportion of whites in the US falls about 10%/decade. Thus in 2030, the US should be about 40% white and in 2040, 30% white – half as many whites as today.

    Planning makes all the difference. It’s the difference between Brevik and Von Brunn. Brevik took 10 years preparing for his mission and he succeeded. Von Brunn thought he’d just walk into the holycost museum with a gun (and no training) and he’d make everything right.

    • If Breivik listened to the likes of you he’d still be ‘training’ (ie sitting around playing with his dick).

      • You inadvertently describe the current problem: Breivik acted alone – he had to. He had no allies. No doubt he even prepared for that isolation. Think about how so incredibly few ignorant Brandons (and worn out X’ers) even realize that colored savages are raiding the homestead because they’re too busy drinkin’ Moonshine and squeezing Britnee’s tit at the Hoedown.

        I’m not going to give you the flippant, trite – and utterly useless – line of “then why don’t you go do something yourself..?”

        Because often, history shows, one man operating in total secrecy (and keeping his mouth shut about it) is the best method for success until allies arrive. One can be an Oswald, or one can be a Patton.
        Which is it?

      • Well said. However, today’s Oswald isn’t necessarily armed with a sniper rifle. A nuclear weapon on the other hand…plus I hear New York is much nicer this time of year than a Dallas book depository.

        Most Nationalists (the real ones, not the internet weirdos and faggots) are incapable of the ‘training’ which certain imbeciles advocate (ier Baaltawit and Johhny Pissedence). They’re incapable of a grand attack too. They need need to get their finger nails dirty via street fighting.

    • The Rage exists, but only for the few who have Awakened; the rest slumber – for Bread & Circuses WORK.

      It will take another Generation raised by the Worst Generation (millennials) to do it – much like the current Millennial WorstGEN was sprung from what was once itself The WORST Generation: Boomers. It takes Boomer Swine to raise Millennial Sheep, just as the future success requires those Millennial Brandon Proles spawn insensate Vandal Revolutionaries.

      If a national catastrophe like plague, drought or a real war hits Murka in the meantime, then any wise man sees the timetable brings it sooner.

  8. There’s even more folly in those wh o ‘train’ waiting for the the ‘day of the rope’ or some such nonsense.

    The order of the day should be ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!

    Leave the mind wankery to Manginas and Mangina lites like Hannagan.

  9. You are competing against the most highly skilled and most highly funded military.police force in the history of the world. I do not know of any human being on Earth who is lucky enough to get by on talent with that level of competition.

    SEALs train for 2 years. Army for 4 months. Cops for 16 weeks. How long have you trained? The answer had better be at least as long as the enemy.

    • The Australian SAS get dropped in the outback for 3 weeks and get told to find the fuck out.

      Your faggots wouldn’t last a fucking day. Fuck their ‘training’ and fuck you.

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