Elite Castles In Feudal Manhattan

by Firepower

$200,000 a Year at ONE57?
Gets You a Storage Locker

So much for brave Manhattanites refusing to live in tall buildings post 9/11.

The world’s largest “luxury” living building is One57 at 57th Street on Castle Manhattan; it will be nearly as tall as the Empire State Building.  Safe from the mobs of “the dirty people” with its protective moat and prohibitive property values, the Elite can do more than merely live luxuriously.  One57 will soon be superseded in 2015 by the next even bigger building, 432 Park.  There’s a boom afoot.

There is a waiting list for the palace even though it is already filled with some of the highest rent-payers in history.  The Feudal Manhattan elite know America protects its elite better than any other Roman Emperor’s Court; it keeps the money safe.  We don’t want no Cypresses here.  That OWS mewling really worked wonders, didn’t it?  As those OWSKidz degenerate into hopeless lawnmowers, we’ll have to rely upon them to instill that venom into their spawn 30 years hence.

Manhattan Lords & Ladies rent $689,000 a month penthouses and vote for Obama to have him send more blacks and illegal mexicans to move to your street because those coloreds can’t even afford the bridge fare onto the moated island.

Actually, the entire economy is blooming for all Super Elite Real Estate Tycoons:  You grovel in the parking lot looking for pop cans to buy some Beefaroni while Manhattan is in the biggest BOOM since…well, ever.  Dipshits like Votin’Murka! will tell ya Goddy & G-Ziss “blesses Murka!!” while spewing incessantly how “Obammer is destroyin’ Murka!” but it sure seems like…

…Goddie keeps Murka pumpin’ – cuz, in His wisdom, he only blesses a certain select few who own $7,000 slippers and $16,000 Shower Curtains.  But, blog-dipshits are another story…

Manhattan elites are so rich, they don’t even “flip” $67,000,000 Condo Penthousesthey keep a few empty as investments while living in another.  Nothing like a spare Executive Fuck Chamber while Paris Hilton Sr. is in Monaco fucking her own vaykay stable of poolboys.

Lest the typical myopic reaction is to blame The Jujus, at One57, most of the buyers are foreigners and come from China, Russia, South America, Africa and the Middle East.  Blow-up the World Trade Center and get welcomed by your Noo Yawk Realtah (also a millionaire) to One57.  Look outside the Echo Chamber and finally grasp The Elite is more than one subset of itself.  Lion of the Blogosphere has done some great photographic documentation of the building’s exterior and I urge you to view his posts.

I’m sure Lion is ticked that His Wondrous Manhattan isn’t the only Versailles 2.0 – London still functions as a Rio East for rich helicopter commuters because it is now actually a majority-colored city full of pakis, the black and muzz. São Paulo, Brazil is noted for it’s elite that commute solely in helicopters to avoid kidnapping.  Each luxury penthouse skyscraper has its own heliport; whirlybirds plonking down on heli-pad to heli-pad like expensive airborne FerrarisWhite Flight has come to London; such a cowardly phrase that is. But, the Elite live in safety 68 floors above it all.  London is like a 2nd quaint English country cottage property for the Manhattan Set, as a seeming majority of “investment grade” properties are vacant; they’re used as tax shelters for EuroElites.

Manhattan may be New York City, but NYC is NOT Manhattan: Manhattan is just the safest World Neighborhood for Evil Elites to park their money in safety and indulge like Boyars.


See the literal Gold Mine of:  New Construction in Manhattan.com.

The world’s most expensive houses are there.  But, wait!  Monaco wants to challenge the title because Princess Grace‘s Playground has a great Continental Flair Appeal to even “jaded” Manhattanites.  One must be really twisted to claim “jadedness” while living in a $46,000,000 penthouse for the summer.  Hey, there’s enough Manhattan, London and Monaco to go around.  All the elite can have a penthouse in each of those cities, if they want.

Challenging the title is easy while your folk have to cut back on Little Caesar’s.  Monaco houses mainly Rich Real Estate Developers.  The kind folks who built ONE57 sell to their lil’ ole neighbors at 432Park, so everybody’s fat & happy – even that Storage Bin Concierge.

The market is grand if you are an elite selling to another elite.  Note where the tallest penthouse buildings are in Murka.  The trap is complete: The elite make more money selling bigger and more lavish penthouses to each other, so thus they afford even bigger and more lavish penthouses while you work 29 hours a week so your prole boss can avoid The Obamacare Penalty.  The Dow hits new fake highs…

Do things look like they’re getting better – or worse?  Ask yourself, then answer yourself:  In a few decades, when things get increasingly worse, you’ll be existing in a 79-year-old trailer with your kids – and parents – digging taters for Bill Gates’ dog treats unless you act.  That DHS SWAT Drone is humming overhead, ensuring you get your backs into it.

The Elite Are Happy, Warm & SAFE: One Hundred Thousand dimwitted Jordies volunteered to march in Arab Dust, just to keep it so.

30 Comments to “Elite Castles In Feudal Manhattan”

  1. “You grovel in the parking lot looking for pop cans to buy some Beefaroni” LOL my generation in action! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzK02LDkpIc

    i already know brandons doing this type of shit, most donate plasma for food though

    • I foresee enough cash in the BigBank to keep that generation’s bellies full. However, when they start having kids of their own that go hungry, they will teach those hungry babies different NON-PC values than the pablum their Boomer and X’er Parents taught them.

      A gun in the hand of A Brandon is as yet today, wimpy. A gun in the hands of Brandon’s Starving Sons will be problematic for Liberal Nazism. This is why you see such a frantic push today to ban guns and prevent them falling into the hands of future deprived mobs hungry for mindless destruction and vengeance upon those who fed them the PC Diversity Lies.

  2. http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Americas/Latin-America-Monitor/2012/0222/Brazilian-activists-urge-crackdown-on-death-squads
    future amerixcan elites praetorian guard? thing is, that here though the quality of the goons would be declined over that of the brazilians who are mostly yellow metizos and quadroons and mainly of white iberian ancestry, whereas in the USSA the goons would be the kosher chocolate color, too many white paddies with guns in the streets scares the hymies, too bad sounds like these sqauds run shop down there

    [ed note: I’m proud you GET these concepts. I’ve been comparing Murka to Rome for years. Our Secret Sex Service is the exact same thing as the Praetorians, except the Praetorians did a lot of good by offing evil elites like Nero and Caligula. congrats on your 2nd BIG post – it got a lot of hits/comments. HBD and Doc are jealous]

    • problem is that obumm-licker and others are insulating themselves from militant domination, if MacArthur, McCarthy and LeMay had just lined up all the leftist trash and bureaucrats in 47 and machine gunned them and installed a legit corn-fed, farmboy, jordie, germanic, beerswilling, drag racing hillbilly empire then we’d be in great shape now.

  3. It’s quite a picture you paint. Look at the rest of the world – the only countries allowing citizens to have guns are Switzerland and Murka.

    Africa is 3rd world and has already been Manhattanized. The elites live in gated communities surrounded by men with machine guns. Same in South and Central America. Same in Asia. Europe’s getting there and they have their own Manhattans in the big banking cities like Frankfort or Milan.

    The NWO seems to be coming true. I hear Obama’s trying the UN to get rid of the 2nd amendment.

    • if the NWO was right wing it would be cool. i.e. explicitly imperialistic and white supremacist.

      • if patton hadn’t gotten into a “car accident” and MacArthur hadn’t been fired then maybe it coulda happened, sorta a huey long/ father coughlin socialist system at home with the football jock bullethead types running the wars against the yellow man and the other colors for that system, not for international financial buisnesses, vietnam woulda actually made sense then

      • Yeah, a guy can dream. But as Yockey said, the die had already been cast in 1933 with Roosevelt. We are all just playing out the consequences of ‘revolution.’

        I think there is still hope. Once the power goes out, the pot smoke blows away and all those pounds off fat fall off…there is still a lot of good genetic stock in America. We are Nietzsche’s hybrid ‘European Man’–or at least i think we have the potential to be. We just need a lot of discipline and a vision to die for.

        Germany wanted to be Rome. But they couldnt be, because America is Rome. Greece is to Rome, as Europe is to America. Germany showed us our future. The 19th century had Napoleon in France, the 20th had Hitler in Germany, and the 21st will see America’s Champion. People talk about the American Empire all the time and how it is crumbling–it hasnt even fucking begun yet.

      • “there is still a lot of good genetic stock in America. We are Nietzsche’s hybrid ‘European Man’–or at least i think we have the potential to be. We just need a lot of discipline and a vision to die for.” excellently said, i could not agree more, for all the talk in the WN-o-sphere about slavic beauty nothing beats corn-fed big boobed, giggly, midwestern girls (ignoring feminism [which is easy under certain influences]). and we sure as shit still at least pay homage to the germanic warrior society or armed individuals, with our ‘gunfag’ culture. the outward reaching adventurous spirit is america, its just that socialist network constructed in the early 20th century, when the money lenders moved in on the entrepeneurs allowed for offal to build up, the corn chaff that farmers throw out.

      • really its only a matter of reordering society so that it is productive again, not for pleasure, but for that adventurous spirit, we could be on mars, we could have laser weapons and germ weapons, but no we had to have israel, shaniiqua and trayvondre.

      • agreed. we have a glorious future ahead of us, if we have the strength to take it.

        im guessing you are from the midwest? I’m going to school in Indiana right now.

        [ed note: DO you realize in the future, the elite will be 50x more wealthy/powerful – but commoners will be 100x poorer and more stupid]

      • yessir, but i cede my ignorance of the rest of the nation, im sure malibu among many places has nice wimminz, never been to indiana cept the freeways, but i can say that the same ‘corn fed’ thing applies there, im from the detroit area originally, but i go to school in the northern timberscapes of the lakeland state

      • as a reply to Firepowers note, the stupid idiots of the next generation will, flock to anything promising them brondo and chalupas, so it’ll be just like earl turner…bring me this territory and you get your brondo, if you don’t like it, me and my goons will ostricize you out into black communities where you’ll be raped and killed. the lemmings as pierce called them, don’t matter, as the democratic mechanisms fall away and only the elite culture remains, they will be increasingly isolated and replaceable by another elite.

    • Can you imagine today, a “popular” band with scraggy hair and an “anti-Establishment” ‘tude having concerts showing Obamao as a Nazi? No. That’s the Liberal Fascist Elite’s propaganda victory in full bloom. Today’s Obamao Manhattan is 40x richer than it was under Bushie I – hence the unprecedented rich construction boom of Lordly Castle Keeps…all during the WORST economic conditions in Murka since the Great Depression.

      Future Murkan President/Dictators 40 years from now in 2053 will look to Obama as A God to be idolized for his wonderful works; these future Overlords will be proud to call themselves “Obama-ites” and will gladly do worse than their God and ship whites off to death camps.

      The “Big Lie” of modern Liberal Nazism was getting liberal grunge/punks like Ministry to propagandize dull GenX’ers that EvilBush was the sole perpetrator of Eltiism. This Lie, the idiot X’ers passed down to their kids – Today’s Brandons, who believe Only Republicans Are Evil.

      When it was in fact true that Bush I was an Elite – but ALSO Bill Xlinton – and Bushie 2.0 and Maobama and…

  4. “The Elite Are Happy, Warm & SAFE: One Hundred Thousand dimwitted Jordies volunteered to march in Arab Dust, just to keep it so.”

    And their graves will be props in mindless television shows that champion Elite values.

    [ed note: THAT Imperiousness IS precisely what Hoo-Rah Jordies signed-up to protect]

    • Glad you like it. Be careful. Many find Firepower too pessimistic/realistic initially. FP has a very different style than other WNs.

      [ed note: think i’ll give you a raise]

    • take it in at small doses, but welcome. you may not find mindweapon’s postivism round here, but you also won’t find conservitardism round these parts ether

      • A decade ago, my attitude would’ve been “edgy”
        Two decades ago – just serious.
        In 1980 I’d just be called pragmatic.

        It is the effect of 50 years of successful Government School Indoctrination that Today’s Murkan Zeitgeist reactionary views realistic criticism as threatening. Today’s Brandon requires coddling and a tit to suck on when told the diaper they shit in is wretched. They require a Drill Instructor to be their “pal” and therapist in order to conquer Afghanis – oh, wait, they can’t even do that because the Air Conditioning in their TV Tent only keeps it at 73 F, making it uncomfy when they iPhone Britnee Back Home, ten times a day.

        I tell The Truth. It won’t be like 1933 Munich with pretty banners and handsome uniforms. It will be ugliness in an Ocean of Blood where we are likely to be outnumbered.

        Those that need a juicy sugarpill to do the deeds can be soldiers. Many need a God to tell them they are justified to Kill – to ease their conscience. Those that face the ugliness with awareness – and even welcome – will be leaders. Maybe, Heroes.

  5. I love the term ‘Castle Manhattan’ because its so true.

    What awakened me for the YKW was a Manhattan heeb from the big media, he was the perfect kike stereotype before I even know about their sterotypes.

    Trust me, they only care about Money, power and that sandbox in the middle-east.

  6. ” in the future, the elite will be 50x more wealthy/powerful”

    Yes, but who will those elites be? The Kennedys are a bunch of dead playboys. The Clintons… Chelsea is adopting an Afro baby. The Obamas begat two black chicks. The Bushes… there is not one Herbert Walker in the younger brood.

    • You’re engaging in PiggiThink. Stop thinking like a 1993 unimaginative hack. It’s not who “will be” the elite – they already exist; the same way as the future peons already exist.

      You won’t even see the names of true elites – and you never shall. If you want names, look up the boards of directors of Fortune 500 Co’s. The attendees at Davos.

      Look up the residents of ONE57…if ya can find out. True Elites are invisible. They have no need to blog about Crushing The Peons – they simply DO it.

  7. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Plutocracy at its finest.

  8. Most of these elites are basically Sherman McCoys . . . maybe their condos cost more than his did in the 80’s but they hang their own out to dry if need be . . . what ever happened to that IMF douche who was accused by the maid? Answer: not much . . . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominique_Strauss-Kahn. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bonfire_of_the_Vanities has its moments and gives some kind of interesting insights into New York elite scene in the 80’s – and it probably hasn’t changed all that much.

  9. Forgot to compliment you on this post. Your theory on island fortress type spots for the elite in the sea of a decaying America feels very right. With information as the key to stay on top and credit, they can disperse and be location independent, yet still choose to concentrate.

    • Now that Fortress Feudal Manhattan is identified, my next step is to identify other geographic regions necessary to house west coast elites in accustomed luxury.

      San Francisco is remarkably fortified, yet vulnerable. Hawaii is more isolated and defensible; it will attract western elites like Spielbergs and Larry Ellisons who follow their God Obama into retirement in what I call the “Post-America Age.

      Feinstein-Pelosian elites have the massive wealth to vacate Frisco if it becomes geographically and logistically indefensible and any Government Funded, 21st century Maginot Line fails.

      Can The Zombie Army of Flyover People climb LA’s mountains? We’ll see: The best way to learn of their fortification plans is awareness of their preparation. Fortresses stand out.

  10. FP: Here is a commentator from LoftB on NYC:

    NYC is not an “alpha city”. It is a city whose culture at its very core values activity – being and acting “busy” – over accomplishment, appearance over content, quality, and values; a city that incomprehensibly maintains its reputation as a world cultural center despite being vastly inferior in that regard to London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, and Moscow; a city packed to the gills with an ever-enlarging population of third world peasants whose public spaces and services are barely maintained any marginally better than the average third world capital. To the extent that these traits correlate with the American perception of what “alpha” is then perhaps it’s accurate – but certainly not by any standard of real civilization.

    And I’m from an “old” New York family, so I get to say this. It’s a shithole, and it has always been a shithole.

    The Manhattan you’re talking about is a small area where the billionaires like Koch Bros and ex mayor Michael Bloomberg lives. But that’s not the Manhattan to most everyday people who have delusions about it.

    • Notice he said 3rd world peasants – in your lexicon, it means Miggers.

    • The Manhattan you’re talking about is a small area where the billionaires like Koch Bros and ex mayor Michael Bloomberg lives

      That is the only Manhattan I’ve ever written about.

      It’s where the 1% live – and the even more important .010% luxuriate. They control 97% of all money & wealth in Murka; for a nation only concerned with Karda$hianism etc. it is the defining city. There’s no reason to write about its 13% blax when I can write about LA nigras and Detroit coloreds – or any black city filled with blackitty-blacks. You misconceive I write about the Bronx or Brooklyn when neither matter sociologically.

      NYC is not an “alpha city”.

      I know. Your source is speaking of New York City – five boroughs. Manhattan is nyc, but nyc is NOT Manhattan.

      This is actually a central component of my Feudal Murka/Manhattan concept you constantly miss perhaps due to the language barrier. Coloreds are there only with permission from the Ruling Class 1%ers. They are there to plunge their toilets, groom their doggies, clean their shit, poledance and give blowjobs in the VIP.

      Then they, along with the white trash, pack up and cross the bridges because the Elite doesn’t like seeing them in the dark.

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