One Shot, One Kill

by Ryu

Let’s talk about the assassination of the prison bigwig in Colorado a few days ago. What a great job the hitter did there. I have no particular beef against the guy who got shot but the manner in which he was killed was well done. As always, I make no distinction between being a killer for yourself or for the government and I see no difference between a hitman, a sniper and a US military soldier. Onward.

At 8:30 pm on Tuesday night, the man answered his door. The hitter shot him in the chest with a shotgun. Seems that the hitman left the…… car running about 200 yards away, and left the other inhabitant of the house alone.

Here’s some MSM coverage:

The cops mention looking at traffic cameras nearby. That’s what they are there – the output feeds into the 911 call center. Remember – there is always a witness!

No matter how careful you are. The only question is whether or not the person cares enough to talk to the police. In this case, the cops are looking to interview a white woman who was out jogging. Also, someone saw the escape car idling nearby. Keep in mind, the car would’ve been idling for only a minute or so, still it was spotted. People are always watching.

So, the manhunt continues. I think this one will go cold because he acted alone, he didn’t telegraph his intentions, and he picked a good time to act, late evening in a moneyed neighborhood. He must have been aware that the man had a wife; I wonder what he would have done if she’d answered the door? If he shot her first, that would alert the man who would then fight back. Maybe he could have killed her in a quiet way, or just threatened her, acting like it was a home invasion.

There are always two time frames to worry about in these actions. The short term is getting away with it on the spot; no one followed you, no witnesses. The long term is making sure there is no evidence that can tie you to the murder, and that you can keep your mouth shut for the rest of your life.

I am unimpressed by Special Force claims of killing 100 people with their bare hands. No one in the US military works alone. Every Spec Ops soldier has the finest equipment, backup, communications, helivacs, and intel that money can buy. In addition, they have a badge or flag to hide behind and can’t be taken to court.

Killing a man is easy! Getting away with it is the hard part. For every day spent planning the hit, three must be spent on the getaway and resettlement. Men who operate independently must be better than government killers. The power to kill and get away with it is entirely a matter of training and preparation. WNs need to understand that they do not have the safety net that cops and soldiers have. Thus training like a USG soldier, as the survivalist/patriot community promotes is madness!

There is a rumor going around right now that the hitter got caught in Texas. The suspect was caught due to a traffic stop and he panicked. I hope it is not true. The primary issue always seems to be the lack of preparation of the attacker, not the excellence of the authorities. You have to be superior, in nearly every way. We cannot afford to make mistakes.


14 Comments to “One Shot, One Kill”

  1. Yep, they took him out in a small town just NW of DFW. It has been all over the news here. Apparently he thought he was more badass than he actually was. It appears he was a little too cocky and was speeding through a couple of smaller Texas towns. The Texas Highway Patrol takes a dim view of that sort of activity. I think he underestimated the quick response of the law enforcement here, and/or their willingness to take him out especially after the stupidity of firing at them. If he would have played it cool and followed traffic laws, he would still be a live and at large. Dumbass.

  2. Well now hold up a minute Tex.

    He got his man. He only failed on the escape portion of it. That is exactly what the SP community will do too. They invest all their time in how to pull the trigger. None of it on how to escape the authorities, what to do under interrogation. I don’t care if they can hit a crow at 500 yards. If they can’t escape the authorities, they will lose!

    They don’t get that “patriots” today are terrorists. Marines don’t have to cover their asses – the MSM and the flag do it for them. The difference between a war hero and a serial killer is permission.

    He got nervous. I can accept that; it’s hard to act alone.

    None of those badass Texans did a damn thing about Waco. I’d bet alot of Texans got medals of honor for BBQing those women and children. You’ve got too much pride in that state. Texas is a part of the multikult US too.

    • Agreed.

      “Good Po-leese Work” didn’t catch killboy: Killboy’s Jackassery did.

      Learn what Killboy did right, and what he did wrong. If a Coloradope can pull of what could’ve been the perfect statement against a fat State bureaucrat, imagine what a cadre could do. It’s a Good Thing Fat State Bureaucrats have round the clock SS Kill Teams guarding them from the wrath of the public. Imagine what 30 Mrmuurs could do to feminist judges if they both removed their skirts.

      • I don’t know if there is such a thing as good police work. Seems to me that 90% of their cases is always the subject’s own confession. Just stick him in the box and wait for him to crack.

        In any case, the effort needs to be placed upon mental training and police methods.

    • There’s a part of Mean Streets, can’t find a clip on YouTube, where after Johnny Boy kills this guy, they make their get away, and one of the characters keeps saying “Walk, don’t run!” Never act or look the part you’re playing if you want to stay incognito.

    • its the fortress of the neo-cons

  3. It isn’t pride. You mis-interpret me. It is experience with the Texas law enforcement. I know how they operate, as I have friends in various departments of it, including the Highway Patrol. The Highway Patrol doesn’t fuck around because usually they are flying solo and backup is usually miles away. I can’t imagine liking that job. And small towns like Decatur usually do not see much action in the 1st place, so when something big goes down, they over-react, and you can almost hear the “YEE HAAA!” as they start pursuit. It remains to be seen how this incident actually went down. I know from the pictures, that Cadillac is fucked up. We shall see how the spin goes here.

    And Waco was NOT Texas law enforcement, that was the blood thirsty Fed’s and their moronic ATF goons.

  4. Hmmm, I thought I smelled some pride there.

    So you agree that local Texas PDs allowed the Feds to come in and roast all those people? They have guns, they knew it was wrong but they all just stood by and let it happen just the same.

    Good old boys. Brave too – except when the Feds come in. Fact is, every state now accepts federal money and toys. They’re all dirty. Uncle Sam signs the checks, he owns them.

    I remember this story from Texas. Just look at that tank the Sherrif’s office has!

    • You obviously have never had dealing with federal law enforcement. You don’t ALLOW them to come in to your jurisdiction, they just do, and there is nothing the locals can do but stand aside or get run over. Besides, most people around that complex had heard and seen the goings-on, so the locals didn’t have much pity for them. It is so typical how little was broadcast nationally as to what was going on there, whereas here in the state, tons of info was out and available. Did the FED’s over-react? Of course, just like they always do. See Ruby Ridge. Could the locals stop them? Doubtful, and after what was common knowledge of the place, most didn’t really care. Were they taken aback by the brutality of the ATF? YES. Hindsight is 20/20.

      Of course police departments like the government largesse. Otherwise they couldn’t afford all those cool toys. I am not making excuses for them, and they will reap what they sow. I just think a lot of them will recoil from the jack booted thuggery soon coming our way. It may not be how it is where you are, but most local cops, deputies, sheriffs, etc…, here in this small town are decent folk, just like the rest of the general population here.

      But, we will wait and see how things turn… Good topic Ryu.

      • lol, a Good Texan would remember there is something the locals can do besides stand aside or get run over. It happened to Santa Ana and those darn Redcoats.

        There were plenty of protesters at Ruby Ridge and it scared the shit out of, what US Rep.Democrat John Dingell aptly called, “jackbooted-government fascists.”

        Not too many Waco raids after Oklahoma City, either. There is quickly becoming only one way to extricate America from the mess it will be in 30 years.

    • I just looked at your video Ryu. LOL, that is a surplus Vietnam era M113 personnel carrier. A well placed .50 BMG will take it out. Also, the Viet-cong figured out they have very thin bottoms. If you look at footage of the time, you find most of the GI’s rode on TOP of the unit, rather than get their shit blown up by an IED.

      Also, I doubt the sheriff even has replacement parts for that ancient relic. I know I wouldn’t want to be in it if someone was shooting at it, even with a hi-powered deer rifle like a .300 Win Mag., 416, or a 30-378.

      I am not discounting that he has a M113, I am thinking it is more of an intimidation device than a capable AFV.

  5. The need to be decent is what must be eliminated, at least in some. Good men can be bought and they will work for bad men.

    The strongest WN I know could never be bought with money. Incorruptible. If he was told to capture so and so, and he disagreed, he would walk off the job. Even if it meant living on the street.

    I don’t want you to be decent. This site is for leaders. There is only one rule in this world: power. Those who have it, command those who don’t. To gain power, one has to be hungry for it, like a wolf. It is never handed over easily.

    Neither the SP nor the WNs need more soldiers. Plenty of people are willing to obey orders. Few will do what it takes to win.

    You have to become different from others. It’s something extra. Being able to plan, prepare and execute with a minimum of instruction. You might be assigned the job of keeping the feds out of Waco, Texas. You would have to find a way to make that happen.

  6. IMO the hit and getaway were unprofessional in a couple of ways, in fact the more professional a hit the more likely you’ll be caught in the long run, as the potential suspects list becomes rather small. The dictum of the law and order type is, “In order to catch a criminal, you need to think like a criminal.”, Police officers could be some of the greatest criminals if they so choose, and some corrupted Police officers are.

    So in order to , get off Scot free, the dictum should be, “To avoid the law one must think think like the law.”. So when one thinks like the law, one can misdirect the law with planted false evidence.

    If this hit-man was on his own so be it, having 2 or 3 trusted brother accomplices makes it easier. Surveillance of the target would of been preferable, in order to get the target at home by himself. The next objective would be to break into the house with out witnesses this would be the hardest and most expensive part. Subdue and tie up the target, ransack and rob the house of valuables, have the target try and escape and then a robbery gone wrong, first shot misses or wounds second is the kill.

    Make it look like a robbery and assault gone wrong then all of a sudden the suspect pool becomes somewhat larger and probably non-white…if your smart and able to keep your DNA to yourself. Also the care factor for the police if it’s a robbery gone wrong goes down in potentials, as a premeditated would make it priority.

    Yes, leaving witnesses, leaving footage with the surveillance state, speeding and then giving yourself away to a patrol man is pretty damn stupid IMO.

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