Going Over to the Enemy

by Kate

Earlier in the year, I wrote about a good day: the kind of day that makes the frustrations of being a teacher all worth it.  Today is a classified’s day.  One that makes you wonder why you aren’t going over to the enemy.  Big Daddy Government’s candy is pretty tempting.

In the past four years of being a divorcee, I have had a wide range of unpleasant experiences with men.  We are talking about white men, of course.  Over at Chateau Heartiste, I have recently seen several derogatory comments about white women who date black men.  It’s as if it hasn’t dawned on them that when their own men turn on them, they’re going to turn to someone else.

Men and women are locked in a stalemate as women refuse to settle for betas and men refuse to settle for overweight or used women.  We’re destroying ourselves because we can’t override biology.  I know men hate to hear any version of “man up,” and volley back with: “slim down,” but understand that unless white men can take back white women, its over folks.  If more women were to lose weight, it would not cause men to be alphas.  If more men were to become alpha, women would start shedding their exteriors to please them.

I usually go to bed early, but last night I was up late upset about a variety of things.  I was online reading profile of the women in my area.  How sad they are.  And then I saw how many men were on – everybody enjoying the nightlife in a limited sort of way – and I wondered why I go to bed early every night so I can just wake up and go teach OPC (other people’s children).  Why don’t I too just live off the government cheese?

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67 Responses to “Going Over to the Enemy”

  1. I won’t back down on white women who breed with negros. I don’t approve. Right now, I won’t act.

    One day, we will: Any white women breeding with a non-white is OUT. No whites talk to her. No one sells to her. She’s a slut, a whore, worse than dirt. She betrayed her race and her people.

    Women can’t create men. You’ll never be able to nag a man into becoming what you want. We’ll become more alpha. But it’s not all profit. We’re gonna do things that will piss you off, and you’ll take it.

    If I could give one gift to all WNs – it would be this: MIght Makes Right. It’s the only rule in this world I trust.

    • Might Makes Right may be the future motto of dormant wn, but is the motto of present, active Liberal Fascism realized in 11 billion DHS bullets and 2,700 MRAPs – all the better to Ruby Ridge & Waco ya’ll into docile acceptance of incurring crushing National Debt to pay for Affirmative Action Babies.

      • Yeah. We were talking at MWIR about power animals.

        I have adopted the snake and the turtle as my familiars. I can’t be a wolf or a lion right now. So I have to be patient and slither. I have some good camo.

        Just because I’m not boss nigger doesn’t mean I don’t believe MMR. I always believe it. I’m working and training, for when it’s my plantation. Then it’s payback time. I can play the big boss or the servant equally well.

    • “Any white women breeding with a non-white is OUT.”

      The point is that many white women are already out. Outcasts flock together.

  2. “It’s as if it hasn’t dawned on them that when their own men turn on them, they’re going to turn to someone else.”

    There is never ANY excuse for a white woman to become involved with a black man or any other darkskinned one.

    I take it your father didn’t teach you anything when you were younger about the natural roles of male and female, and the woman’s place in her role?

    RYU said above,”Women can’t create men”, but this is exactly the problem with all women when they try to remake their husbands in their own image once the marriage papers have been signed. Woman was made FOR man, not the other way around. Woman’s job is to ADAPT herself to her man and his life becomes hers. Jezebels of course don’t like to hear that, but that’s too bad.

    • Kate has the same issue that cops and soldiers do – USG signs her checks.

      She is still part liberal and multiculturalist. If she wasn’t, she couldn’t work in a public school. Just imagine the joys – holycost week, the transexual unit, the faggot worship.

      When someone pays your salary and you depend on that, they own your ass..

      WNs need to concentrate on money. Then we can get anyone to say anything. We’ll just write the check and make a script up. Don’t like it? You’re fired. Next.

      • Ryu, you are off base here. I live in a rural, white town. The kind of place you wish you lived in but don’t believe exists. I do have issues with public school- a lot of them- but I don’t have a lot of choices and while there is some liberalism it isn’t nearly the stereotype you are imagining. What you fail to realize- much like the dating outside of race issue- is that you are not winning people to your cause with this model. You are actually pushing them away. You should seek to convert those in the positions most able to influence the minds of the young. I want to quit so much so I can focus just on my daughter, but how am I going to support myself? Teaching at least gives me a pulpit. The most effective change comes from the INSIDE out.

    • “There is never ANY excuse for a white woman to become involved with a black man or any other darkskinned one.”

      What about white men? Is it okay for them?

  3. I am aware of how most women are drawn to the runt of the litter. Most people want to stick up for the underdog and many women are drawn to losers and turned on by bad boys, so the more vicious our racial rhetoric gets the more certain kinds of women want to have sex with negroes and even have their babies. I would emphasize our strengths to these types rather than harp on the inadequacies of others, but seriously, mudsharks are no real loss. If they weren’t dating negroes they would likely be dating White criminals and drug addicts. They obviously have deep issues. I get most upset when I see young girls confused by movies and MTTV into thinking negroes make awesome spouses.
    I know I can get pretty negative in my blog, but I’m new to this and I never know who I’m talking too and I want to say so many things to so many people.

    • Naw, you’re doing alright. Most of the time, you’re talking to angry young men. Rarely, older white Christian women. And the occassional talented tenth negro or jew.

      • Ha ha. That’s very funny because I really don’t want to come off as angry, but I guess that’s not easily avoided considering the incendiary nature of most of this garbage!

    • At risk of derailment, I’ll offer that you aren’t doing quite “ok” yet. Great anger (in writing), no matter how justified, arouses sub-conscious suspicion in readers – email me at the contact tab of Eradica’s homepage.

  4. i’d never go over the the other side, niggers and chinks don’t do it for me, i couldnt really ever care about them, only go “brennus” or “theoderic” on their ass, even if they come off as vapid and spoiled and soliphistic and hedonistic i was born for white american girls

    • “i was born for white american girls”

      That’s nice to hear, and its a message I think should be heard louder. On most people’s profiles, they don’t select a race for whom they want to date. I didn’t used to either; it was the PC thing to do. Now I have one chosen race matching criteria: “white (caucasian).”

  5. @kate: Bad experiences with white males is common. Our favorite male is imperfect.

    This is why I believe if all coloreds were eradicated, we’d still have asshole Robber Barons like Carnegie and Rockefeller sending their “brothers” down into 1840’s coal mines to dig heat for their indoor pools.

    That said, you must use caution of who you have sex with, because you have a child. It’s sad, but it’s the truth: Children do cut your dating options by more than half. I’m not in the Happy Lie Business.

    The Lie exists to pacify Today’s Brandon AND Today’s Britnees!™ that their ridiculous Government Propaganda School lessons left them bereft of true coping skills in a still harsh world. We’ve been taught Happy Fantasy because we had the money to buffer reality. As that money depletes, we see the rust popping through the paintjob.

    The lies that Ed Norton and Brad Pitt discover in Palahniuk’s Fight Club also apply to females in a modified form.

    You may have to actually be without a Man for even, a long period.

    One of the inchoate, amorphous lessons of early PUA was for males to be a Alpha – a Man of distinction. That’s the Old-Fashioned “Distinguished Gentleman” model re-phrased for Today’s Brandon; roissy’s “five minutes of alpha is worth five years of…”

    This was important because even hb9’s were common as dirt when compared to an Alpha.

    It’s still true.

  6. I find posts like this pretty pathetic, though I can understand where you’re coming from. Both sides blame the other. I see it all over the Manosphere. And now we have, as you say, stalemate.

    I’ve no doubt if more men were to become alpha, many women would adapt. That is, if the girls could get past their ‘scariness’, aloof character, and general asshole-ishness. Which I doubt.

    But in many cases, you’ll admit, women themselves provide the incentive for men to ‘alpha up’. These days there’s nothing much left for men to fight for, most of all our women.

    It’s not that men have ‘turned’ on women. It’s that women have ‘turned’ on men.

    I’m not sure the issue is women dating Africans so much as it is women becoming unloved spinsters. As I’ve written before, I meet hordes of single, childless, attractive women in their 30s-40s who complain they can’t find a man. I even spoke to a girl the other days who admitted to me she wasted her 20s pursuing career and travel. I suppose that’s a start.

    Even worse are the divorced mothers who somehow expect single, attractive, successful men to court and woo them. I get this all the time. Who are they fucking kidding?! Not happening.

    • In a comment I made elsewhere I noted that everything will sort itself out with government collapse. Overweight women will lose weight due to lack of food and men will be forced to become alpha or die, so everybody will once again find each other attractive.

      I’m perfectly willing to take my share of the blame/responsibility. But no more than my share.

      That’s what I was starting to get into when I was describing checking out my competition online. Who is protecting these lonely, desperate, women? No one. And I know for a FACT that there are men preying on them. Lying to them, misrepresenting themselves, using them. Some of these women are more innocent than others. Some of them are more educated than others. And I was just overwhelmed with the pathos of it. The great ill of our society. Its true that women need to have realistic expectations about who they can date, but who is telling them this? No one. So they just keep going out there getting knocked around and are mystified by the whole process. Its the soul damage that upsets me. I feel very protective of other women who haven’t had this glimpse into the male mind that I have.

      • Ah, yes, ‘government collapse’. Gonna happen any day now, right? I’ll pencil it in my calendar. Problem is, I don’t have much time to wait…

        Who is protecting these lonely, desperate women? Nothing less than THE WHOLE GODDAMNED SOCIETY ! American society is made for these women. It caters to their every desire and need. Government exists to protect and support them. This is it. This is what they wanted. It’s here. “How do you like it now, ladies?” Enjoy it. It’s your dream come true.

        As for the men ‘preying’ on them…are these men supposed to sit at home every weekend playing with themselves? Men have a cock and women have a pussy for a purpose. If Romance is dead (which it is), if the sublime has been sucked out of the relationship process (which it has), and if the possibility of love is diminished (which it is), then the next best thing is to interact on the most basic animal level of all. That, or nothing. At least the sexual urge will be satisfied and not every night will be spent sleeping alone in one’s bed.

        Your glimpse into the male mind should have revealed to you that believe it or not many if not most men have an instinctive drive to protect women. Hell, even your own situation makes me (in my weaker moments) want to be more compassionate and generous. But this instinct has (as I just said above) been usurped by Government. Women no longer need a man to protect them, to provide for them. Men know this. So they just do their own thing. Which in many cases entails sitting poolside with a cocktail, and chasing tail.

        Either way, what we are seeing on both sides is more despair and various attempts to avoid it.

      • I empathize with your side, too. I really do. Not all men are out there lying, etc. But there is no entity that can protect people’s feelings from being hurt. We’re doing that to each other and that’s something we can change, if we try. I understand that men want to have sex. So do I! My drive may not be as strong as a man’s, but two instances in four years is not enough for me. Shock and awe, women like to have sex too! But you know that every time you do, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Betas fall out of love with you almost instantaneously and alphas didn’t really care to begin with. Going to another race or to the government is quitting and I’ve never been much of a quitter. I just want it known I, for one, am fighting to be virtuous, to be honest, to not give in and is sucks. It fn sucks. No male substitute will do. Its white, ethical, and dominant or nothing.

  7. Oh, wow. Did I submit this in my sleep or something? I didn’t even think I had saved a draft of it. Oh well. Perhaps I can finish my line of thought another time.

  8. “If more men were to become alpha, women would start shedding their exteriors to please them.”

    One:No matter how alpha a man is, your woman has to be willing to submit to you.
    If a woman does not want to submit…she won’t.
    To put it another way, there is no man so alpha that a woman won’t refuse to submit to/betray/divorce/ him.

    Two: our exteriors reflect our interiors.
    A woman must have the self-respect to care for herself and carry herself with some dignity, or realize all is not well and dig in to do the hard hard work of self-improvement.
    A man can’t do that for her. He can encourage the desire already present in her but he can’t put it there.
    It is not wise for a man to take on damaged goods.

    Three: that statement has too much of the “Where are you, sweet prince?” scent. If, and only if my Romeo appears I shall be wondrous for him and only him….cue music…I shall shed the pounds, learn to cook, stop my threesomes etc. Nope. It doesn’t work that way.

    No one can help being attracted to someone but a relationship is a choice. If it is commitment women want they must choose commitment-minded men from among the men they are attracted to.

    “Who is protecting these lonely, desperate, women? No one. And I know for a FACT that there are men preying on them. Lying to them, misrepresenting themselves, using them.”

    Preying on them…really? Using…them? C’mon. The women want these men. They chose these men. What is the fuss about?

    Why are they desperate? They usually had better things to do in their prime than marriage – more study, more work, more men etc.
    Who are they desperate for? Some unattainable figure – 6 foot 6 inches, 6 figures, sexy, handsome, waiting all his life to care for her.

  9. I’ve got to say, learning game and pretending to be alpha seems like an unproductive distraction and a waste of time, considering that there are more important goals like saving the white race, destroying the Cathedral, earning money, training up a useful skill, etc. Better to just marry a woman from Eastern Europe.

    I wonder if the left knew how devastating hypergamy would be to society, once it was unleashed? Or did they just get “lucky” on that one?

    • LOL, i wonder sometimes, maybe a purusing of the role of women in late rome is in order? hypergamy led to overall degeneracy way way way faster than men fucking around, really nails home the point that aerostophanes made way back in athenes, women have moderate political power in between their legs, men have to earn power through actions. when women give up their end of the bargain the whole shebang comes unraveled, but i digress it is not useful to get all blamey blamey, there are more important things to think about than sex,etc. etc. that is another problem in Western civ, the hypersexuality that is shoved in your brain everyday

    • God-damn right. ZOG’s serving up a big old shit sandwich. Not much will be left by the time the music stops.

      PU does have some good uses, but just aiming for women is nothing! It is the smallest hint of the power that should be there.

      Probably marraige needs to be scrapped. We’ll have to come up with something better. The well has been poisoned and it’s just not safe to drink. Like Christianity, it’s probably best to just start out clean than to try fixing the damage.

      • hmmm, i don’t know about that, barbarian harems are not really aggreable to intellectual types, but meh who knows thats all in the breeze still at this point. but they may be required to remind people about the point of monogamy, and also monogamy was important for preserving germanic oath society, you know the aryan “honor and fidelity” stuff.

  10. To meander back to the original thought:

    “I usually go to bed early, but last night I was up late upset about a variety of things. I was online reading profile of the women in my area. How sad they are. And then I saw how many men were on – everybody enjoying the nightlife in a limited sort of way – and I wondered why I go to bed early every night so I can just wake up and go teach OPC (other people’s children). Why don’t I too just live off the government cheese?”

    Um, because you still have a little self-respect? You still want to provide for yourself and your little girl? You don’t like taking handouts or charity?

    The male/female interaction today does seem incredibly broken. I have been single since mid-2007 and I have to report that from this side, there are an extreme amount of entitled, and crazy women out there. In fact, I gave up for awhile because I could not stand the insanity of the modern females I had met, and had kicked them all to the curb.

    The thought about annulling the current marriage contract and philosophy is interesting, but where would it go to from here?

    • Mike! I’m glad you made it over:) You’re handsome!

      Anyway, yes, there are entitled women. There are also men who the instant you write them a few emails have decided they are now in a relationship with you, or accuse you of “playing games” if you aren’t interested in going out with them but were polite enough to talk to them for a bit. A little balance would be helpful.

  11. Tex,

    I’ve heard some interesting proposals. You know about PU and the MRM?

    The men must have hand over the women. That’s the only way any relationship with a female works. Maybe contracts? 2 years then re-evaluate.

    I say pump it and push it. Give women even more autonomy and men too. We’re past the point of no return. There’d be too much opposition if we go against feminism.

    • No, I am relatively new to this arena. Do you have links or info about PU and MRM?

      The whole country has become feminized and soft with all this PC sh!t floating around, and I see what it has done and I am sick of it. I see so many wimpy emo and pussified “boys” around anymore and I am sick of it. I see the results of the corruption of the male, and it is sad, and maddening.

      I am tired of seeing.

      • don’t ask ryu: he hates everbody but MW – and me 🙂
        heartiste is good for a pua blog
        Ms. Kate likes Savoy’s stuff

        MRM…only exists
        in the wishful dreams
        of non-activist activists
        in a movement
        with no movement

        Read this:

      • Firepower, the link is 404.

        Heartiste is the blog that got me started in joining WordPress and deciding I needed to add another voice. I also met Ms. Kate there.

        LOL @ your comment on ryu.

        I want to add an older alphas voice to the mix to try to modulate the message from the hard core. I also want to speak my mind on how fucked up everything has become.

  12. Tex, you look like David Lane before he went to jail.

    The MRM describes the evils of feminism and divorce. PUAs teach men about women’s nature. I’d say to spend a month at The Spearhead and some time at Roissy’s. You’ll get the picture very closely. Zed is the best writer at the spearhead.

    LOL. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. You may find that you’ve entered a different type of hardcore.

    • LOL @ the David Lane pic. I hope I don’t look that bad.

      If MRM is what I think it is then I am very well versed in it. My divorce in ’07 cost me $380K. You know why divorce is so expensive? Because it is worth it. Never again.

      As to the fire, I am a long time reader at WRSA, and I can bring it, if need be. I pity the poor bastard(s) who decide to invade my privacy without my permission.

      PUA ideology is a natural to me. I am an old hand at “poon whispering” 😉 As I have gotten older though, I have slowed down the conquest immensely. I just tire of the blather of most women who are susceptible to it. Most are ignorantly illiterate, and vapid in their shallow responses. I have met many beautiful women, until they open their mouths and the vacancy in their head becomes known.

      But to get back to the topic at hand. If this all goes bad, I can see a new patriarch hegemony where alphas come into their own again, and the rest of the pathetic beta man-boob types fertilize the gardens.

  13. Bwahahahahahah!

    WRSA? That’s GI Jordie central. All the Murkan conservative zionist multiculturalists post there. They are so gung ho to fight, they’ll go over to Iraq and the ‘stan to get some. They’ll never get ma’ gunz.

    Well, then you know about Mosby, Amurkian Mercenary and Max Velocity, all triggermen for Obama or Bushy. That’s their boss, and that’s who signs their checks. True Murkan Heros – they support feminists, gays, transexuals, negros and beaners.

    We’ve got some work to do. Forget about what the survivalists and patriots taught you. I belive the MRM would be a waste of your time. I am curious about the divorce, though I’ve probably heard the story before. Came home one day, house is cleaned out, CCs maxed out, bank accounts empty.

    • Actually the divorce was my idea as I couldn’t stand her BPD bullshit anymore. It was only after I filed the paperwork that I found out about the “secret” credit cards in my name only that she had $80K rang up on. I lost everything but my guns and my machine shop and auto repair equipment that was in the garage. It was 18 months of listening to her and her lawyer bitch about every little fucking thing, at $250 an hour. And the judge was a scum sucking liberal prick who had her back every step of the way.

      That was the divorce, in a nutshell.

    • Oh, and you slam the guys on WRSA and you have Patrick Buchanan books on you site to read? HA! I see how it is…

      [ed note: Bukie is my reading suggestion, not Ryu’s. What Ryu and I do agree on is: Maybe 14% of all Prairie Dog shooters ever read one book of his’n]

  14. They are the perfect modern Murkans: pro-Israel, pro-affirmative action, pro-gay, pro-wymen, anti-Islam, anti-white. The only thing “revolutionary” about them is their distrust of the government.

    Outrageous. Perhaps you haven’t seen their true nature. Maybe you and I will pay them a visit and ask some hard questions.

    Do you remember when MV had his training exercise in New Jersey? Assault rifles, APCs, full battle armor? He didn’t want to scare the people living the neighboorhood. He’s really a nice guy – when the USG isn’t giving him orders.

    The SPers (survivalists/patriots) have one thing to offer you Mikey: the will to train. I learned that and have not returned. Their movement is 95%+ white, and they can’t explain that.

    They don’t find it important that 96% of blacks and 75% of beaners/dinks voted democrate and continue to vote democrat. That’s why Murka is over with. Your vibrant friends will never vote Republican, not that they are very good either.

    Pat Buchanen’s got some answering to do as well. For now, he’s a gateway drug, a kosher conservative that offers 1% of the iceberg.

  15. I have found useful info on WRSA and I don’t play in their politics or their “wargames” they like to concoct.

    So what are your thoughts on Oleg Volk then? How about ‘The High Road’ bulletin board?

    I have news for you, I won’t vote republican either because they are just another head of the same snake.

    Kate, sorry for detouring your blog post. It seems to have diverted.

    • I’m kind of surprised I haven’t frightened you off. I’m a racist!

      I don’t know Oleg Volk or the High Road board. Are they worth reading?

      My big thing is helping white people. The PUA, the SP, and the MRAs are all secondary. Feminism is nothing to me. I’m not going to fix marriage then hand over Europe to the muslims, and the US to the Mexicans. Being from Texas, you should know something about that. Things will change alot over the next 20 years.

      • Meh, I have known many “racists”… LOL I should introduce you to my uncle.

        Oleg escaped eastern Europe before the wall came down and is a hard core gunner/freedom lover. ‘The High Road’ is his bulletin board for gunners of all types. Granted, there are a lot of old curmudgeons there, but the info on that site is invaluable. I hang out there, and learn something every time.

        I grew up with hard racism, being from small town Texas in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Yes, there are a lot of “others” that deserve to be in that bucket of derision, but, I have friends that do not. That being said, I am smart enough to not go into certain parts of Dallas by myself or unarmed. That is just ignorant stupidity.

        I understand though that my black and brown friends are probably the exception more than the rule. Be it known though they do not like wetbacks or niggers either. There is a difference.

      • This should be interesting. You sound like an older, realistic American, as most whites used to be. Younger generations will be growing up in a radically different country and our attitudes must be much harder.

        I will visit that High Road board.

        Probably the best writer on this site is Firepower. He has some good stuff like the Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism, and The Daily Outrage. I am just someone who is particularly enthusiastic about training and learning.

      • “Probably the best writer on this site is Firepower.” That is an understatement. I am sure we are all proud of our writing skils here, but genius stands out.

        [ed note: thank you]

    • No worries:) I’m glad you arrived. Now I’m going to sleep. I trust you men will be on guard 🙂

  16. I see getting harder in the future and I don’t like it one bit. That being said, I am fully prepared to do what I have to when the time comes, The guys I work with are of the same mindset I am, and we will band together, when that time comes. All of us are hard core gunners and are getting ready for any nonsense that is obviously going to happen. Contingency plans are being made by all of us.

    I do find it interesting though that my Mexican next door neighbor is of the same mindset as well. He is an upstanding citizen and is following my lead in getting ready for the inevitable. I do trust him because he has two daughters that live at home that he worships and will protect in any situation. He is a naturalized citizen and is possibly more intent on getting through any ugliness than I am.

    Worst case scenario, I am bugging out to east Texas where the people are even more redneck than I am. I have contacts there who are very willing to take in a fellow survivor who has his own larder and supplies to add to the common. We all know what is coming. Once the free stuff stops coming, the non-flesh eating zombies will be out in force scouring the whole area around DFW.

    Keep your powder dry…

    • That’s something we’ll be discussing alot here: the law.

      Those even contemplating certain things need to have a deep understanding of the police. They are the ones who we all will be dealing with. It says as much in the civil unrest field manual.

      The reward for Chris Dorner was $1 million. Snitches get paid well today. The SPers don’t know much about infiltration but WNs surely do.

      I see that you are a SPer. I can smell it. It is interesting that a SP should learn about PU and the MRM.

      Better to be a hardcore thinker. The gun is just a tool. The goal is to be a master carpenter, not a master at using hammers.

      • I have been an alpha for a very long time. Seducing good poon has always been very easy for me. It wasn’t until the Y2K fiasco that I started looking at what you call SP.

        I totally agree, a master carpenter is the goal. An expert marksman and adept woodsman is even better.

        Speaking of the police, the sheriff in my small town I live in is in total agreement with me, and he was upfront that when ugliness started he was going to be home protecting his own. I don’t see law enforcement here as an impediment. That being said, the larger towns to the west of me might have a different view. That is OK though, because they are between me and the non-flesh eating zombie hordes spreading out from Dallas. They will bear the brunt, while a gather my shit and git.

        As far as timelines though, this could be tomorrow, or 20 years from now.

    • I see the difference of temporary racial allegiances this way:

      A white guy will go to great lengths to save his colored muchacho. When beset by a white mob, he’ll expend every grand effort giving the We’re Civilized! Speech #64 to persuade his duly civilized brethren that “color don’t matter!”

      Then, when a Salt n’ Peppa pair is in turn, beset by a colored gang, the colored pardner expends about ten seconds defending his pale comrade. He knows the colored mob isn’t civilized and thus, incapable of persuasion. As a bonus, he gets to divvy up that sweeet stash Jordie prepped-up as a tender remembrance and Spectacular Parting Gift.

  17. Be careful with that sherriff. Has he ever cooperated with the FBI, DHS or NSA? Accepted grants? Equipment? Does your town have surveillance cameras on the red lights?

    The police work for the state. That’s who signs their checks. Not one cop quit over Waco. They may have “felt bad” but they wouldn’t risk losing their jobs, benefits and pensions over it. When you employ a man, you own him.

    A survivalist cell in a small town could make a career today. That’s a raise and a promotion in the current economic climate.

    • I am not worried about the sheriff. He is a good old boy from a small town in Texas. LOL @ the surveillance cameras. Heck, they just put up the 7th stoplight in town last year. I have been to the gun range a few times with the sheriff as well. He has no idea I have a larder either.

      [ed note: it’s crucial for the Texan to realize it ain’t all Texas; places like New York and St. Louis also really do exist – just as it’s crucial to teach Manhattanites and DC’ers – they are also not the center of the universe]

      • Sounds like you need the loving touch of big brother. My gym alone has 8 cameras. Cameras every entrance and exit to the city.

        This is a disadvantage. We’ve got guys in DC or NYC. You’ve heard ot the Ring of Steel? Their surveillance grid with FRS and LPRs? Even voice recording in buses and trains. This is the reality in towns of 20K +.

  18. Anyway Kate, here’s the thing. I don’t know your age, but 90% of a woman’s eggs are gone by age 30. And for most men, single mother status is a knock against you.

    Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your status and source of your hatred against betas. The media tells you that your status is very high, but they mislead you. In reality, good looking rich alphas are rare and they are not usually that interested in LTRs. Can you land one? I don’t know, but not many women can. Once you get to be around 30, that chance is gone.

    At that point only betas (and lumpenproletariat alphas) are likely to be interested in a LTR. There isn’t anything defective about betas, they’re just following an evolutionary strategy that worked for most of recorded history but no longer does. Start thinking about your true status, rather than the inflated status that the media feeds you and maybe that strategy won’t look so bad. It beats cats.

    • I appreciate your interest, but status is relative. Some men find me attractive; some men don’t. Some men consider me old and some consider me young. Some men understand that being divorced with a child is different than being a “single mother.” Others recognize that divorce after ten years together carries some weight. I’m painfully aware that I am probably too old for the man I love most in the world, but that is just the way it is. I don’t hate betas; I just find their affection unreliable. They don’t know enough/haven’t experienced enough.

      What is a lumpenproletariat alpha?

  19. Didn’t read it, but: what nonsense.

  20. Long may your weird alter-egos live Firepower!

    [ednote: may they live as long, as yer momma’s bush]

  21. I am searching for a competent HOT writer bim, lengthy time in this location. Great write-up!


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