Drones in Castle Manhattan

by Ryu

I’ve sat on this story, waiting to see who’d run with it and if the MSM touched it at all. Haven’t seen much of either.

On Monday, at 1700 feet, a pilot saw a quad-copter. That’s a pretty far range for a remote-controlled device. Military grade drones cost big money, like 20K on up. After receiving the report, the FAA and FBI were “investigating.”


Investigation is an interesting word. It could range to a deep, penetrating look into the whole story, or a cursory glance, or even nothing at all, the null investigation. In this case, I think everyone knows it was the……. NYPD’s drone. The implication is that drones are already being used on US soil as a matter of routine. I don’t belive that’s particularly shocking. There have been reports of drones patrolling fields for Monsanto, of SWAT using them, and using them for search and rescue.

No surprise. But it does require some adjustment on the part of WNs. The control grid is closing. While the USG does not have the eye of Sauron, be untrusting of any area outside of your home. There are FRS and LPR on many traffic lights today. Most entry and exit points to major cities are videotaped. In public areas there are camera banks as well. You don’t have to be paranoid, just be aware and adjust your parameters accordingly.

4 Comments to “Drones in Castle Manhattan”

  1. NYC is more like a city-state… It’s the “true zion” like Ariel Sharon said…

  2. High usage of expensive drones is applicable to Castle Manhattan, where 52.5% of a hedge fund manager’s $400 million yearly salary goes to taxes funding the toys.

    Big Gov wants – needs – to protect this willing herd of cash cows, but future Dronage™ is prohibitively expensive in Flyover Country, where flying drones may will be shotgunned like geese. No Ducal Manhattie cares about, nor will snipe, a traffic light spycam.

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