Liberal Nazism

by Firepower

Previously, we defined our terms – and history.

The western/American definition adds that Nazism must have an ethnic or racial scapegoat to eradicate, transforming it from Fascism into Nazism:  It does.

America is now, 100% Socialist.  Socialists deceive you into believing no rich elites exist, yet in Nazi Germany the old money flourished – especially when it served the State.  Socialists need you to believe in quasi-egalitarianism so you toil for their State while they fuck models in Manhattan dachas or frolic on Prussian estates.  You and your successors die in poverty while Chelsea Jr. …

…births her privileged successors and hereditary heirs in splendid royal luxuries.

Mercedes, IG Farben, BMW, Krupp Steel, Deutsche Bank and Porsche are but a few who made even greater fortunes for their elite World War German families.  Here is the best place to see clearly the important differentiation between Socialism and Communism, so learn.  Note also, most of these companies still thrive.  They were Hitler’s Wall Street of big money supporters.  Bayer Aspirin & BASF.

The Five-Fingered Fist of Liberalism is made up, of course, from more than just five operatives – any fool sees that.  Take your Narcissism of Small Differences and shove it up your turd-cutter if you’re just a dumb-ass fixated on counting fingers. Today, you happen to see The Gun Confiscation Wing emerge from dormancy.  The Five Fingers are fluid and dynamic.  They don’t necessarily stand for anything.  This is IMPORTANT:  But rather, they are defined by what they stand against.  This unity defined by a common enemy is the pivot making American Liberalism so effective – as was Nazism.

The US Confederacy had the “one drop rule” determining that people with one drop of black blood were still all black.  Nazi Germany had ancestry laws using Jewish lineage as a percentage to determine racial worthiness in reflecting percentage of citizenship.

In America today, one-percent of “Native American” blood means you get 1% free college tuition and discounts on your taxes.  If you can prove 25% of “Pure Blood” that means 25% of your tuition is payed by the taxpayer.  If 100% – congrats Geronimo Junior – you don’t pay a cent for anything plus, you get a tax break from the IRS. It is the Confederate/Nazi Blood Law in reverse.

Recipients of the US Government dispensing its favor must jump through rigorous paperwork hoops proving their Ethnic Indian Purity, just as German Jews had to show their birth papers to determine what status of citizen they were.  The Blood Rule is reversed.   Coloreds have other scales on which to weigh Government Favor: Sex, Transsexual LGBT status, hispanic, “Pacific Islander” or any combination of the favored Racial Paper, Rock, Scissors.  Whites and especially Males, are excluded.  To be White is bad, to be both White and Male – worse.  It’s called discrimination when applied to coloreds.  The White Man is the one enemy common to all phalanges of the Five Fingered Fist.

Coloreds and selected groups (like homosexuals) are given the foreboding title of Protected Class by a Staat (State) Ministry of Racial Purity Bureau – the EEOC or, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  This Ministry of Race is, of course, staffed and run by coloreds, mexicans, women – and any Grand Combination of Racial Poker.

In Nazi Germany, the more Jewish you were, the more worthless you were.  In today’s Fascist Regime, the more white you are, the more you are discriminated against – legally.  Just as Jews, homos, retards or Gypsies were legally discriminated against in Hitler’s Germany.

The Swatzis are coming for you.

Their established political superiority is already real.  Coloreds are the preferred Big Gov administrators and shot-callers.  Every liberal regime appoints lifetime 30-year career ensconced Big Gov bureaucrats.  Minorities are also the most realistic future Presidents.

Fascists are fasces – diverse groups united and bundled into one stronger entity for a common goal – a Five-Fingered Fist.  Nazis were further defined by their belief in an ethnically Superior Man (Ubermensch) and a Lesser-Human to eradicate.  Today’s Liberal Nazi definition of the lesser human Untermensch is the White Male.  Easily eradicated by inter-breeding and not expensive, messy liquidation camps.  Female, also – the better to breed with the Brown Man.  White Men are an armed threat and a boogeyman like Hitler’s Jews.  White females are acceptable to breed with, as long as they birth new coloreds.  The New Liberal Nazi Ideal of the Superior Man – the Future Ruling Class of Over Men – is the Colored Mix of indiscernible Brownness.  This is the face of the new Master Race.

Today’s Nazi does the reverse.  It is the White Male systematically eradicated by the colored, and the colored herding white men into ovens.

24 Comments to “Liberal Nazism”

  1. Because in America, nothing screams “oppression” like old white men.


    [ed note: fine. come skeet shooting with me on the ocean. for every Sweeet Baybee Tray pumped by your Liberal Media, there’s graveyards full of Bob & Nancy Straits]

    • what about your sons? grandsons? what happens when they cannot get jobs or wives because these resources have been allocated to other groups at their taxpayer expense? what do they do? self-terminate?

    • White women want to eradicate non-elite white men.

      Notice how their devil du jour is an “old fat white guy”.

      Never is it a rich and powerful hunky white male.

      Women love aristocracy and hereditary nobility.

      Their fantasies revolve around entering this class.

      Women NEVER challenge the elites for a reason.

      [ed note: after all, females ARE part of the FFOL: Feminism and/or colored/gay. They can be the highest scorers on Racial Monopolies]

      • No… White WOMEN are not part of the FFOL. “Feminism” aka devout dykism, absolutely seeks to stunt the white female’s path to woman.

        Rich and powerful and hunky white males are an extremely rare thing. That white females fantasize about them only evidences healthy mind.

        What a lot of white male liberals loathe is a stepping up of their standards and instead they hide behind the unrealistic expectations of a liberated female mind.

        White men are not in battle with white women. This is a manufactured war used by the radical liberationists to advance their autonomy.

        “White” male liberationsts are at war with “white” female liberationists for more radical autonomy.

        [ed note: be clear on your definition of FFOL. It is understood here at Eradica as the “Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism” – a concept I created and described]

      • lionesses fear those not in control of the harem, outsider males who may change the game too much

      • Offer Elite women a place in your harem. I know you oppose race-mixing, but the white SWPLs could be taken.

      • Under one-drop-rule, I would be a Person of Color, Other, as I am 1/8th North-African over my mother.

    • Love to! And you’re invited to the ranch for a bout of vector eradication. For every put-upon patriot there’s an ornery old progressive with a bear rifle. 😉

      [ed note: FTR, I didn’t state I’d eradicate you. but your offer proves my view that today’s “progressives” will happily use eradication just like Hitler’s Nazis. that Bob Strait story’s a hoot, right?]

  2. good call on the reversed swastika, reversed meaning i believe… setting sun, anti life?

  3. What do you see as vulnerabilities of liberal nazism?

    • Their hatred of One Rome unites their fasces today, but when the appeasement money dole runs out, their unity is vulnerable.

      Their only reason for existence is hatred of White Man – and stealing his money to feed and breed.

      If, however, they’ve eradicated whites and relegated them as slave farmers or bankers, they’ll have no one left to unite their hatred, so they will attack each other. Just like now, how only the black and illegal mexicans live in LA. Once they conquer White resources, they fight over the copper plumbing in the Aqueducts.

      Before they breed themselves into overwhelming national pestilence, they must be eradicated. If not, you live in peril.

      • By “vulnerabilities” I mean ones that can ne exploited now.

      • It’s as inbtersting as a retard sucking off a dog.

        Bizarre and wrong, but transfixing.

        Seeing yet another Yank get his little knickers in a knot over Nazism just produces yet more head shaking silent sighs.

        Fuck me PA, can’t you understand that FP is retarded?!

        (At least let’s hope he is. God help us if he is typical)

      • You’re so in love with old newsreel footage of goosestepping in snappy uniforms, you really do think that’s what nazism is.
        TV nazis. Coloring book blitzkrieg.

        You are so drunkenly dense: You fap n’ fantasize that nazism’s return will look exactly like that again; a repeat in black & white – led once again by a guy with a funny little paintbrush mustache even! You are fixated on the VCR tape repeating in your head. Any discrepancy to that precise, nostalgic rewind does not compute – like a Miss Havisham granny wearing her bridal gown, staring into the dusty mirror, dreaming of Mr. Right’s return.

        You pretend so hard about reliving that retro scene all over again because you imagine you’ll be the one wearing the snazzy black SS uniform and ordering enemies into boxcars. But, someone else will be suffering those train rides this time around. There is no duplicate dream you can wish yourself into while wearing your striped pj’s.

        Your replay dreams make you fail to see who presently has the actual power (and balls) to be the ones instead with State authority ordering obedience to emerging tyranny. Today’s Nazis don’t wear obvious black uniforms or brownshirts – but brownskins.

        You refuse to see the difference between today’s Fascist Liberals and your old-time Dream Date Fascists and that’s cancerous folly. If power to oppress is the stuff that gets you off, it is Obama & Holder you should be writing love letters to.

        Do not post more ridiculous de-railing drunkpost stand-up routines. I am done with you.

      • Sorry, interesting not “inbtersting”, though FP knew what I meant.

        me love Heetler! Hitler, me LUV!! rum-pa-pum-pum-pum!!!!

      • Don’t listen to Pat Hannagan. He’s a Fascists!

        [ed note: if total order and authoritarian fascism is your ideal – contribute, or stfu all the way to the awaiting internment camp]

      • This depends on the apathy (and bravery) of those willing to act – before the odds grow to stack against them.

        The Liberal Media Phalange is fought by FOX, Rush and bloggers. The election proves that’s still not enough.

        Feminism is “fought” by inactive Men’s Rights Activists: FAIL
        The phalanges of Gov’t Unionist Bureaucrats, every shade of coloreds, and homos, do as they please.

        So, successful reversal of Liberal Nazism depends upon the resolve and will of its opponents. If these opponents are apathetic or fearful, the Liberal Axis will instead exploit its advantages over Patriots until it goes too far and ignites armed anarchy. That will be the ultimate endgame exploit forcing a decision in the rubber match, creating one champion left standing to direct the future of America.

  4. Enjoying the series.

  5. “America is now, 100% Socialist.”

    I think that America is more of a social democracy than anything else. These are still socialist aspects, but its still primarily a democracy that has a gigantic welfare state and corporate monopolies.

    [ed note: ask which is more like to evolve into the other: Socialism into Democracy, or democracy devolving into socialism]

  6. Well, I’ve read this and reread it several times now.

    The only thing I would add is some survivalism. To me, Murka is a house built of playing cards. All the wealth is on paper except for the farmland. That house is built on funny money and Obamabucks.

    Finance is a gun and politics is when to pull the trigger. USG is armed and ready. They’ve trained. There can’t be anymore QEs or bailouts. Every month now, they throw another 90 billion into the pot. My grocery bill reflects this easily, all reading aside.

    I understand how they can keep everything going culturally. Monetarily, I don’t see it. Multiculturalism costs money. The pie is shrinking. All they can do is take it from whites now. Not even white guilt is infinite.

    The hardest part of resistence is the beginning. Ever fap-tasy I read ignores that. The organization pops into existence. Everything after that, is just window dressing. The most courage is required in the beginning. To make something out of nothing.

    I wish LBF would come by and tell us where the smart money is betting. Don’t be afraid to speak up, if you are watchng.

  7. It is perfect time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I have lurked and learned that firepower is The Man, and pat and cam are fucking morons.

  8. I’m looking at a new site called Moonbattery; it shows a current practice of the Five Fingers’ Liberal Nazism – in education, of course:

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