Leftist Fascism, Liberal Nazism

by Firepower

Today marks the point of posting one of the myriad reasons why Eradica exists.  I’ve meant to write this from the beginning.  It is one of the concepts I want all to know.

Jonah Goldberg wrote a book titled Liberal Fascism, but I didn’t read it, nor likely will; he has a history that pulls too many punches and sidesteps too many issues in his quest for Money & Fame & Guesting Gigs.  I use my speech to say what I believe.  Jonah wimps-out, calling them fascists because “nazi” is taboo and such usage won’t permit him be Star Reporter for the New York Times or NBC – still his childhood dream gigs.

This is a central thesis to what I believe – and one I have never seen elucidated before.  I’ve only explained this to friends and family.  Hey, maybe it is rocket science.

We now truly know (in the Land of The “Free”) there is no freedom of speech.  Only in a land that brags of its “free speech” with traditional bigmouthed bluster, to become a cliche, is Voltaire’s maxim of, you know who is in power by whom you cannot criticize the only valid detector of our accepted hypocrisy. America is more stupid than it is Free…

Only referred groups sanctioned by Big Government have it: MINOs.  Speech is suppressed as in Hitler’s and Stalin’s regimes.  Hell, you can’t even have an adult discussion about him free from ignorant tumult.  One kills 10 million and discussion is silenced, the other kills 20 million and Berkeley holds classes praising his “vision.”

Relax & Think: The following are just facts, but our Politically Correct Regime twists even reciting established definitions into…

… emotional witch hunts deliberately designed to obscure dissenting truths.  Read and then decide with your own free mind – if any still have one.  Liberals want you stupid. The majority of Murkans oblige.

It’s established fact that Hitler’s concept of Nazism arose from Mussolini’s fascism.  LIUFY*. Mussolini wanted to restore the glory (but mainly power) of the Roman Empire; racial politics were not the main issue. Fascism comes from the Roman concept of  “strength through unity” and is symbolized in the fasces, a group of solitary reeds bundled together to make it stronger – so strong, it is equipped with an ax blade to be either tool, or weapon.  This, is your Five-Fingered Fist as I described in the introductory article; many diverse groups forming into one overwhelming political alliance.

Note these next words: German styles of abbreviation gave us the reactively despised word from a combination of National Socialist German Workers Party.  The word “nazi” stems from the German style of rendering acronyms even smaller as pronounceable abbreviations –  as you see with a word like SWAT. “Special Weapons And Tactics” becomes swat – which then becomes Swatzis – if you’re clever.

The NSDAP was a big government/big union political party with a large component of Big Government Socialism:  Instead of Uncle Sam, Uncle Fritz told you what to do.  It was not a Right-Wing party as branded by today’s Leftists.  It was anti-capitalism, Big Government and anti-religion.  Nazism was Left Wing, but nationalist.

Chairman’s Podium In US Congress

The western/American definition adds that Nazism must have an ethnic or racial scapegoat to eradicate, thus transforming it from Fascism into Nazism.  It in fact, does.  I will explain this most interesting facet in the next article.

Our Western historic fixation on nazis arises from our movies and that nationalist part, in which Germans focused on the concept of their Nation.  Today, any American with deep concern for his nation is demonized as “evil” because they hate what California became.  Nazis were Leftists who wanted their nation ruled by their own kind and free from what they determined as “undesirables.”  Today in America, we even have a long-established magazine called The Nation.  It is Liberal-Leftist, but no negative inference is ever applied to it because of its name – and its representation of Left-Liberalism.  Today, America is pure Socialist.

Next: The Definition of Liberal Nazism

*See Glossary aka “Firepowerisms” on top tab of homepage


26 Responses to “Leftist Fascism, Liberal Nazism”

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    Leftist Fascism, Liberal Nazism

  2. Freedom of speech (FOS) is only need by those who push the envelope. If you say the sky is blue or grass is green, you don’t need it. It’s for people who innovate. Freedom is being free to say Obama is a nigger and that the holocaust tale is a complete fabrication.

    This is what life is about – us versus them. Everyone needs an enemy. To liberals, whites are the enemy. To WNs, liberals are. It’s like physics – friction makes motion possible. You need something to push against. Enemies give up purpose.

    I have no idea what socialism is. To me its just another fancy word that means nothing. It means what people want it to mean. I’m not against the left, or against the right. I am for whites. Whatever and however that’s accomplished is all I really care about. Political and economic systems have nothing to do with it.

    [ed note: you have no FOS. You are forbidden to publicly say ‘Obama is a nigger and that the holocaust tale is a complete fabrication’ unless you’re online; Ryu can say it – but the person with the real name, address and SS# cannot.]

    • Ha ha ha! That’s cool, I like that.

      My real name was assigned to me. But I named myself Ryu. It has meaning to me. It’s like a secret identity. I am more than my SSN when I’m Ryu. I’m an idea. I’m dangerous. I like being Ryu better. Whatever my job, etc, this is my calling.

      I think going under and staying under is key for WNs. The great enemy to the FFOL has been whites. We disappear. What do they strike then? Each other.

      Let them believe they’ve beaten us. Then the Mexs will fight the negroids, and the gays will fight the feminists. So many people will need a powerful enemy to fight. When we go away, they have only each other.

      [ednote: that’s missing the point. The point is, those requiring a Secret Identity don’t have “free speech.” If they did, they wouldn’t need a secret identity.]

    • On that point, may I recommend John Friend.

  3. More kike disinformation.

    [ed note: wisely stated…]

  4. Don’t know where you’re going with this, but I have been trying to get people on the right to play the Nazi card, to call the left Nazis and us the victims of their extermination policy (lebensraum against white America) for years. Not only does it fit, but it has the advantage of being a sort of political Judo, taking all that anti-Nazi propaganda and turning it into a weapon against them. Worse than Nazis actually – “Hitler never had a plan to exterminate [the Dutch, French, British, etc.] people but [local lefty party/ leader] does.”

    • You are reading me quite clearly; you’ll see quite more when I publish Part II either tomorrow, or Thursday.

      It is necessary, for those not as intuitive, to re-establish the Mussolini origins of Fascism. It is even necessary to re-describe the word for those ignorants believing “hitler invented it!”

      • the FFOL cannot be a fascist entity, its grounds are too shaky, it can play on the victim label that degenerates use to gain superiority, it can appeal to the 1960s liberal pussification generation, but the italian people and the german people are more of a unified whole than fags and niggers. fags and niggers will fall apart once one gains a reasonable amount of power, its like barbarian hordes dividing up enemic rome squabbling over the spoils of creators. fascism was leftist when leftism was still virile, before civilization managerialized, back when their were industrial creators. the unified elements of liberalism is a great concept and is very useful to understanding the establishment, but fundamentally they will fall apart much faster and sell each other out much faster than italian communists and their handlers (read formerly pro-fascist business) sold out mussolini and the fascist establishment because the americans were fucking their nation into the dirt.

        [ed note: research Spain & Franco: expand your targets to include more than queers and coloreds. these will fall, but only when the money runs out – not when ‘we gain power’; that comes long after. these FFFOLs will fight over that dwindling money pile. that is their weakness – exploit that. but the wall street/MSM will still be wealthy]

  5. Yes… The Nazis were anti-Supremacists just as modern white liberals are. That modern white liberals paint Nazis as “white Supremacists” only evidences the pathological desire of the radical liberal to maintain total disloyalty for his kind IN ORDER TO BE radically liberated.

    Hitler’s anti-Supremacy actually destroyed the freedom of his people. His desire for radical liberation was SELF-annihilating. The Germans are a different people. Germans have a different SELF than before. History has spoken and the modern white liberal is destroying the freedom of his people all over the Anglosphere. The American is a different SELF than what he was before. This is what the anti-Supremacist does. Has us join him in his quest for Self-annihilation.

  6. Yes, fascism is left-wing thought. Anyone who spends five minutes thinking about it would come to that conclusion.

    But people are sheep.

  7. I used to put racist fliers and bookmarks with QR codes in these sorts of books at the local library.

  8. Ah, yes, the old “Nazis are left-wingers!” argument.

    Hell, the late scholar Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn even devoted a whole book to this argument (‘Leftism Revisited: From De Sade and Marx to Hitler and Pol Pot’), which I read and failed to be convinced by when I was a conservative undergraduate.

    Go ahead. Try it.

    Guess what? The Left will *still* call you a Nazi, you will *still* be intimated, you will *still* shit your pants like always and you will *still* make pathetic arguments along the lines of how the Nazis were just evil liberals in leather coats and jack-boots.

    LOL! I’ve seen it all before.

    The Left doesn’t buy it. And neither should we.

    The fact is, our adversaries were and remain absolutely terrified of Nazis and all they represent. *That* is their weakness.

    There are lessons to be learned here.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    • It is not that Nazis are left-wingers – as personified in today’s US Liberals. Nazis predate our Colored Welfare State/MSM Ministry of Propaganda axis that did not exist to them in 1940. Rather, today’s US FFOL are the nazis because they adopted what they feared in their enemy.

      If Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s book did not convince, writing another is a waste. If I recall, his description of mature leftist democracies devolving into “values” of materialism, conformity, egalitarianism & centralization is realized in today’s US/western ruling class.

      Today’s liberal is mainly terrified by a realistic loss of funds ending their welfare reign. Then it is also terrified of armed white guys rounding up non-whites & liberals – but viewing it as less likely than bankruptcy.

      I do not fear the Left calling me a national socialist; it’s probably the closest thing to the truth they’ll utter in years.

    • LBF,

      The Nazis, like modern day liberals, were radical liberationists steeped in anti-Supremacy (anti-white Supremacy to be exact).

      It is perfectly acceptable to hate “yourself” as a way to imagine you are something else altogether. That modern liberals “hate” the Nazis and use them to smear her enemies in no way precludes these two “ideologies” from being fundamentally the same thing, ie., equal.

      Nazis and modern liberals are fundamentally equal entities.

    • Well said LBF.

      Reminds me of that PJ O’Rourke quote.

    • Well said LBF.

  9. Firepower I think you are incorrect to say that ‘The NSDAP was a big government/big union political party…’.

    ‘Just months after Hitler was appointed Chancellor, he took the decision to end trade unions in Nazi Germany. On May 2nd, 1933, police units occupied all trade unions headquarters and union officials and leaders were arrested. The funds that belonged to the trade unions – effectively this was workers money – were confiscated.’


    Also, Fascism/Nazism needs to be assessed in not only what it was for but also what it opposed: Communism. As LBF points out, the Left still shits themselves at the sound of the words Fascist or Nazi with good reason for they were the greatest Kommunist Killers of all time. Really I see little in common with Fascism and our modern rulers who are more accurately described as ‘Cultural Marxists’. Calling them Fascists is a dumb tactic that has been tried for decades with no success. I think those of us on the far-Right would be better off trying to live up to the label of Fascist rather than misappropriating the term. Our enemies do not deserve the honour.

    • Yes – ‘Just months after Hitler was appointed Chancellor, he ended trade unions…”

      He suckered them. He posed as “the Worker’s Party” before in power, then betrayed them (and others) to create his Dictatorship. Obama says before the election his “most transparent administration in history” has no intentions to “take NRA guns” but it is a lure. He pacifies his herd-proles with promises he’ll crush those fatcats on Wall Street – then blows them for cash.

      The Nazi bureaucracy was enormous. It regulated everything from childbirth to youth schools. The police force alone was Big Gov personified.

      You’re not revealing new info: I’ve told you all for years (in other forums and here), nazism as a German political party didn’t begin overtly as a jew-removal machine but an anti-Communist force. The great riots in the streets weren’t Brownshirts against Rabbis, but Brownshirts against Commies.

      LBF is dreaming… of donning snazzy Hugo Boss uniforms in some Rightist Utopia unachieved; he’ll be 95 before he gets that black leather trench coat – if ever. Today, the Left actually wears the snappy black uniforms (with guns), ordering their subjects to haff das paperverk unt order then how high to jump.

      You focus on one aspect of my expansive presentation with your ever-ready intransigent NOSD sharpened and ready to quibble – but neglect many other points I made.

      The far-Right would be better off trying to live up to the label of Fascist – but they don’t. They are disorganized dreamers – like the MRM.

      The greatest killers of communists were Stalin and Mao. To understand nazism fully, it is best to examine it in two parts: Political and Military. Politically you can honor the ideology. But, militarily you cannot bestow honor on neo-Vikes without ships who challenge the 1940 Royal Navy, bomb London, fail to conquer England – then turn around to invade the USSR, resulting in Stalingrad and Kursk. All those are more than enough grave, strategic blunders to end a political future. Then, declaring simultaneous war on the USA is your final shovelful of dirt.

      Are today’s Liberals nazis? They are nazi-like. They are Communist-like. History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

  10. godam is this some great writing-totally mindblowing. great, really great stuff fp i’m speecheless.

  11. Sometimes some of the term “cesspool” may be used,
    but it’s actually archaic. See if there is an aspect where your sod is greener.

  12. An important lesson for Hannagan to remember is “he who jokes confesses” –just before he takes sleeping pills and goes like Marilyn Monroe!

    [ed note: hmmm…pat IS old like MM and has ovaries]


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