Mining Safety

by Ryu

I recently discovered a host of mining related videos. One in particular was a shocker to me. I’d alway heard that they used to sell dynamite in hardware stores right on the shelf up until the mid 70s.

In this video, you’ll see some miners restacking boxes, throwing the dynamite around. Smoking in the mines. Ha ha! In every job, there is the offical rulebook, and there’s how things really get done. I have found this to always be the case. New employees are given an inch thick rules and guidelines book to study; the smart will just……. throw that in the trash and just watch the old timers.

Everywhere today there is this obsession with safety. It’s a part of being watched by “Big Mother”, the soft and loving version of 1984. The playgrounds have changed. Helicopter parenting. They’ve outlawed dodgeball because it is too dangerous! Taking about chemistry, forget about it! Every chemical is dangerous and cancerous, and must be properly disposed of. Then you watch these videos from the 50s where kids are making cyanide or better yet, when kids swish liquid mercury in their mouths! You can’t buy a mercury thermometer today from ordinary sources.

15 minutes to eliminate some bad public information? That’s dirt cheap.

6 Responses to “Mining Safety”

  1. Rules are for fools. (sorta sarcastic…) When I was a logger I saw a guy refill his saw with a gas can in the same hand as his cigarette. The cigarette was near the mouth of the gas can. The saw was resting on his lap… Everyone laughed and joked about what would happen. Nothing happened.

  2. LOL. I can believe that. I’ve seen much the same thing in body shops and garages. Washing one’s hands with gas, while smoking a butt.

  3. Keep them coming Ryu . . . I am looking forward to some posts about 1)disguises and 2)cyphers, i.e. how to create code-words etc.

    • Yeah! I can write something about disguises. I’m not the best at it. I wish there was some female WN who would give us tips in makeup, altering appearance, wigs.

      • Altering appearance is as simple as choosing the right shoes. DeWalt (not Timberlands!) work boots for blue collar locales, and Gucci loafers if you want to look rich. Look around you, and take notes. Everything else follows.


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