Combatting Liberals Effectively

by Firepower

Following Murka Is Good For You
And Tastes Good, Too!

Today you truly do live in an oppressive, State Democrat Socialist Regime. There is no Freedom of Speech, so it is nonstrategic to play by their rules.  Don’t kid yourself: Look who has all the guns.  Look who gets all the money, power and preference.  Look who really gets to call whom “nigger” with total impunity.  See who is empowered to define whom today’s nigger is…

I’ll use movie analogies – a common experience we share, in order to relate and explain better.

You are Steven Seagal Under Siege on the USS Missouri, or a train. You, are Mel Gibson in The Patriot, out-armed and outnumbered. You must whittle down the odds, fight on your terms, on territory of your choosing.  This applies to simple argument as well as other tactics.

For the warriors among you, that doesn’t mean you simply hide – don’t be a fucking clod.  Undermine.  Fire & Maneuver.  Escape & Evade. That means you ruthlessly eradicate them until…… you have the odds.  Channelize them. Use The Mousehole.  Big Dumb Giants aren’t slain by Redcoats or Saddamite Republican Guards marching in formation, they’re destroyed by snipers, Viet Cong tunneling and IEDs.  Reduce the one true enemy, then you have the tactical advantage enough to finally, brazenly shake your fist at the Big Boss and demand terms of surrender in their fort.  Power flows from the barrel of a gun – same as those guns at both Kent State and Waco.

Calling your opponent stupid, cowardly and wrong is not as good as exposing and proving it to others, very plainly – in public.  That’s why Jesus made blogs.  Blogs are the tool of the modern pamphleteer; the best are the legitimate heirs to Thomas Paine.

Emotion is their Liberal argument and area of practiced expertise.  Fight on your ground and on your terms – never theirs.  You do have to actually fight them so be prepared.  You can lose almost every argument you were destined to win if you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  When you call them inflammatory names (even if deserved…hell, especially when deserved) they immediately abandon their crumbling position you’ve bombarded into rubble to make your “HateSpeech” the issue.  Resist wasting grenades on destroying their position, only to have them lob them back at you to explode in your face.  Be like Uncle Firepower and save the names for At-Home Use with friends.  Get it on.


28 Comments to “Combatting Liberals Effectively”

  1. wow an optimistic article. did they dope your food or something firepower?

  2. Nay, I know Jeneration-Justin needs constant praise and 14th Place T-Ball trophies for all that stuff it will do. Just doin’ muh part in crafting that Fairy Tale Ending. Scoreless grade school kickball is tough on them guys.

  3. I’ll try to spend more time writing about sniping. It’s all out there.

    Tunneling is interesting. I’ve often wondered what I would do if I was in a narrow tunnel with a long way to crawl. Would I freeze? What to do if the way is blocked…then you have to crawl backwards a long distance.

    [ed note: i’m mainly speaking metaphorically, but not exclusively literal]

  4. The Liberal is anti-Supremacy. There is a natural inferiority complex that is obscured by an insatiable desire for “radical autonomy.”

    The healthy-minded white man is a Supremacist.

    This is where the battle that can be won is fought.

    [ed note: 8x convicted colored felons have inferiority complexes and no grand scheme for world domination and it matters not: it didn’t stop them from conquering more American cities than both Hitler and Hirohito dreamed. even mindless killers thrive. Quantity, has a quality all its own]

    • Liberals are in the business of maximizing their autonomy to a radical extent.

      Case in point…

      A mass of degenerate nigels overtaking an American city.

      These nigels have radical autonomy. A “right” to parasitic existence.

      How do you beat that?

      How do you beat the desire for radical autonomy and parasitic existence.


      All variants of liberationist fear, loathe and murderlessly hate “white Supremacy” all the way from the 8x convicted nigel that helps destroy once magnificent “white” cities to the WN who inexplicable rejects the genuine white Supremacist as the movement’s self-evident leader.

      In Liberal world, one can make their own table and then leave no seats for the self-annihilators.

      • since when does WN reject white supremacy?

      • No, Doug. When Thordaddy say white Supremecy, he means sweet Jesus.

        Without Jesus, you will lose! If only we all convert to Christianity and praise da Lord, he will save us.

      • Since WN decided its movement would be grounded in atheism/paganism and accepting of homosexuality.

        WN is just another radical liberationist movement.

      • No Ryu…

        You reject objective Supremacy.

        It’s easy to be anti-Christian.

        Try being an anti-Supremacist and the consequences are more telling.

      • Every SINGLE liberationist movement rejects white Supremacy INCLUDING WN.

        If you haven’t figured out that the most radical liberals are exactly where they shouldn’t be then you probably won’t notice them snuggled nicely within the WN movement.

      • Actually Ryu…

        YOU have already been saved. But at this point, you have rejected that salvation and simply remain in a state of radical autonomy. You think being able to move in all directions is “freedom.” Or, you think your ability to take ruthlessness to another conceptual level is “freedom.” Or, you think bleating out nigger is “freedom.”

        But then, you write up some formula with numbers and symbols, claim it to represent some higher reality and then think you can stick us all in this mechanistic paradigm.

        Then it’s…


        What’s objective Supremacy?

        This will not compute.

        It cannot compute.

        You hold at heart a false first principle.

  5. Mangan’s a fucking faggot.

  6. If only Breav(andstupid)nik had read this post.

  7. It is just a simple fact of reality that one cannot combat radical autonomy with anything other than objective Supremacy. In the West, this will obviously take the form of white Supremacy.

    An atheist or pagan that calls himself a WN and then proceeds to sell the idea that his WN movement can crush radical autonomy with his own brand of radical autonomy is either incoherently delusional or deviously Machiavellian.

    The atheist and pagan are Liberal Archetypes only junior to the homosexual in the materialist scheme of things.

    Atheist and pagan WN are RADICAL LIBERATIONISTS.

    And we know that radical liberation trumps all other values including a place of peace for civilized white man.

  8. How are we not to notice that the modern WN holds the same anti-Christian belief as the most radical liberal? Does the WN think that because his animus derives from contempt as opposed to fear that this then obscures the more fundamental belief that he secretly shares with the radical liberal?

    A WN can have contempt for Jesus Christ where he cannot have contempt for the “Perfect Man” and still look like a leader of white nationalism. A WN can have contempt for Christianity while he swims in a sea of liberation whereas he cannot have a contempt for white Supremacy and not automatically be suspect amongst TRUE WNs.

    Self-evidently, in an orderly and idealized white nationalist environment, the white Supremacist is the closest conceptualization of Perfect Man.

    In reality, the modern WN absolutely rejects the most widely and universally understood empirical evidence for Perfect Man. BUT… He FIRST just plain rejects the idea of Perfect Man. Period. He is an anti-Supremacist! And to hide the fact that the modern WN holds contempt for the genuine white Supremacist and the idea of Perfect Man in “White Nation,” he shows contempt for Jesus Christ instead. This is extremely easy to do in our liberated society.

    Now consider the radical liberal?

    He also rejects the Perfect Man, conceptually and empirically.

    Even as he attempts to “perfect” man and his society.

    The radical autonomist would try and tell you that all this “equality” means nothing.

    A shared “spiritual,” intellectual and physical aversion for Perfect Man equals nothing.

    These things… The WN and the radical liberal aren’t really the exact same thing.


    They are the same things…

    Haters of genuine white Supremacy.

  9. This is too much. When I find another guy who understand you, TD, I’m gonna ask him what all of this means. You are either a madman or you are far above the way I think. It would be much better if you’d write like an ordinary human being.

    • Ryu,

      It starts real simple.

      Do YOU want to be a genuine white Supremacist?

      Do you want to be a white man who asserts the existence of objective Supremacy and then acts accordingly?

      A man that dabbles in numbers, symbols and operations in order to create formulas and equations that speak to some aspect of reality should understand that Liberalism seeks to impose the mechanistic paradigm on the masses while “transcending” it at the individual level. Liberalism seeks radical autonomy. Liberalism seeks absolute autonomy on a finite playing field.

      You are strong in your knowledge of the mechanics of reality and there are many ready to accept these mechanics as the fundamental paradigm in which we exist.

      But we can “transcend” survival and reproduction with self-annihilation. And F=ma cannot adequately describe an ethos like radical liberation and its “force” that we must reckon with at the individual level.

      There is not a collective solution to our individual dilemma except genuine white Supremacy.

      WN would naturally and organically FOLLOW.

      You have to take the right path to victory.

  10. If thordaddy’s saying that Xtianity has potential for positively unifying diverse forces, all religion does. Xtianity was useful during the Crusades. A righteous killer for “the one true god” is quite formidable, as yesterday’s Kamikazes & Crusaders proved – and today’s Jihadist continually proves.

    However, it is only useful in directly opposing and fighting another religion based on each faith’s dogmatic approach to “god.”

    Lenin, Mao, Hitler and Ho succeeded without religiosity.
    Atheism and Xtianity can exist (in the view I hold) as allies if they do what the Five Fingered Fist does: Behave as components against the ONE blood-hated opponent they all seek to exterminate.

    If a man is atheist and is a good warrior, he is equal to the good warrior who has faith.
    The only disqualifying factors for a brother are stupidity and inaction.

    • You might have to admit that Lenin, Mao, Hitler, etc were not as successful as Christianity. I think it might have to be admitted that the single most successful entity in the entire history of the entire world was Christianity.

    • I disagree wholeheartedly.

      The atheist is a Liberal archetype.

      His extended war against civilization is only surpassed by the homosexual archetype (the self-sexualizer, i.e., self-annihilator by “nature.”)

      A WN that is sympathetic to the most primitive of Liberal archetypes is just a bunch of white liberal males thoroughly discrediting any notion of a future peaceful nation for the genuine white Supremacist.

      The WN as conceived and conceptualized by the atheist and homosexual will be radically different from a WN that organically manifests when white Supremacists come to the fore. The former promises a future of refined ruthlessness only equalled by the one in which we already live. The latter actually gives one something to fight, live and die for.

      To be a genuine white Supremacist is to break the last and only Liberal taboo.

      If you do not want to live in a radically liberated “nation” then you must break the last and only Liberal taboo.

      • You operate this vision of radical autonomy
        as if Whiteness (and supremacy) were each independent of “coloredness” and various extant degrees of Government Slavery.
        They, are not independent.

        Whites do not operate in a vacuum free of feminism, coloreds, faggotry or degrees of government bribes.
        Therefore, there is no true autonomous man – and never was.

        The closest to your vision were independent hunter-gatherers; autonomy vanished once they took a wife and lived in family units. While the semi-autonomous man was afield, earning his daily Mammoth, others made his sandals, watched the fire and guarded the camp. Each made a contribution to the greater good. This was a basic existence. Nobody wants a return to such primitive, limited existence in exchange for relative autonomy.

        Besides, once anther, similar, semi-autonomous (larger) group arrives on your territory, someone gets de-autonomized – quickly. Unless…they unite. Forming alliances against the one true enemy is the only way to succeed.

        Socialism is required because you simply cannot trust elites with such money and power. When Liberal elites run government (as now) you get Whites murdered in the streets and zero media coverage. You get Trayvon vs. Zimmerman propaganda. The Colored Liberal Master Machine – the Welfare State.

        When Conservative elites run government, you get white Irish coalminers working 16-hour days to cough up a lung by age 40. Socialism for Whites appears the best solution. It is imperfect, but superior to what we have now.

        A nationalistic government protecting Whites from coloreds – and its own poor whites from rich White elites valuing money over brotherhood – is the answer. This was the Golden Age of America approximately spanning from Roosevelt to Roosevelt. Much of it was unintended, yet still realized, for the latter period had the required money needed to harness the Elite’s love of money over humanity. The Elite weren’t leaving America for another money-making paradise – there was none. When the Elite are made to pay a real price for their national participation everybody wins.

        Today, we have an excess of both coloreds and elites. That gives us Detroit and Castle Manhattan on extreme sides of the spectrum, and we clearly see the destructive practices operating in both different philosophies.

        The only way to succeed is unity against both.

      • That’s why I’m not a radical autonomist.

        Atheists are radical autonomists.

        Homosexuals are radical autonomists.

        Devout dykes are radical autonomists.

        Black “nationalists” are radical autonomists.

        Leftist AND Orthodox Jews are radical autonomists.

        Socialists are radical autonomists.

        The Nazis were radical autonomists.

        Modern WN are radical autonomists.

        Jihadists are radical autonomists.

        ALL SEEK RADICAL liberation.

        White Supremacists ARE NOT radical autonomists.

        That’s why I’m a white Supremacist.

      • Do not fail to note that whites are also activists for:
        Devout Dykes and
        Colored Supremacists and…

      • The point is…

        If you desire radical liberation by way of collective action then you usher in tyranny.

        Modern WN DESIRES radical liberation through collective action AND SO modern WN ushers in tyranny. It’s just a movement of white male liberals with a dash of race realism and no taste for genuine white Supremacy.

        This is at heart an internecine war. A war amongst and within white man himself.

        Radical autonomy versus white Supremacy.

        The rest are just facilitators. They help the white liberal self-annihilate.

      • There is no such thing as The Autonomous Man.
        All movements are interdependent upon individuals.

        The autonomous man is the shepherd and farmer ambushed and murdered in his fields by united men.

        Better to be the tyrant, than the oppressed.

        Today, we have Colored & Liberal Tyranny. You experience daily what that is.
        When whites controlled America, it was not always “tyranny” where darkies were rounded up and eradicated. Even during slavery, they weren’t. This is THE Myth of Liberal Media – the Django-ization of “history.”

        When slavery ended, the 1880’s throughout the 1950’s were THE GOLDEN AGE of American prosperity and power.
        It just so happens, in those same 1950’s, when “Civil Rights” emerged – America ended itself with that liberal, infecting Death. This New Tyranny now reigns.

        I am writing a new piece on just this differentiation, hopefully published next week.

  11. What other parallels are there between the modern WN and your everyday radical liberal?

    Both are implicit or explicit vocal purveyors of “Jewish supremacy” even though both the leftist Jew and Orthodox Jew is anti-Supremacy.

    In fact, mainstream WN is the most vocal purveyor of explicit Jewish wordly dominance. So the Jew is the most radical liberationist. What now?

    There is a sense that this has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. A way to lock the genuine white Supremacist in a mechanistic paradigm that nonetheless goads him into the ritual bloodletting of a people in collective descent.

  12. ‘Fight on your ground and on your terms – never theirs.’

    That’s so true. Adjust your means of communication to the thing you’re dealing with: Use Reason when speaking to men, use Force and Status when speaking to lesser creatures.

    You don’t try and REASON with your knife and fork and ask them politely to dance on your plate for you; you don’t try to Reason with your dog/cat to get it to crap in the litter tray and and not your carpet; you don’t try to Reason with an hysterical woman; you don’t try to Reason with a liberal.

    You use Force and Status when dealing with lesser creatures. Force can be anything from a louder voice, a firmer tone, a harsh/offensive word, a strong body posture, a hard stare, or physical contact. Status can be any appeals to an authority above the Liberal that you’re dealing with (e.g. “but Michael Moore said so..”), or threats to lower their status within their herd (remember that Liberals are herd creatures and herd creatures can’t stand losing face or status).

    There’s a good piece by Luke on why using reason with Liberals is a waste of time:

    And I posted a brief remark on the subject as well:

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