And then, they brought the blacks in….

by Ryu


I’d like to introduce a writer of WN-like fiction. He’s an SPer, or a survivalist patriot. He is not a WN, but rather a semi-racially aware Christian conservative who has read Voxie and Sailor.

His story is about the formation of the NAR, the New American Republic. In these two episodes, he details his plan to deal with the liberals. His method is more merciful than what many of us would use, and it gets the point across well.

22 Comments to “And then, they brought the blacks in….”

  1. Yep. I like his on going story.

    • He does alright. He is however a conservative at heart, and his Christianity does not allow him to hate. He wrote that he was sickened at having to write such things about his dear niggers, when he has had good experiences with a few. NABALT – not all blacks are like that.

      • “…and his christianity doesn’t allow him to hate…” Yep. Today’s christianity is totally the jewified lesbian relationship of no males allowed unless shehe is a dyke. A christianity that does not or cannot hate is not true christianity, for it has no masculinity within it.

  2. I like love the parts where Washington state residents get put in concentration camps. It’s where they belong – it’s what Firepower would do.

    Liberal zombies deserve their hands getting bit – and amputated – by the mouths they fed.
    Never Mourn DEAD Effete Yuppies – Rejoice

  3. If one does not hate evil and justly demonize said evil then one cannot TRUTHFULLY call himself a Christian. It is simply a tactic of the radical liberationist of the “right” (usually white male pagans or atheists) to claim otherwise.

    In reality, the claim that “Christians can’t hate” attempts to give legitimacy to the radical liberationist who can then hate what is not truly evil and demonize it with examples of what are simply OTHER LESS RADICAL Liberals.

    One can certainly hate the radical black collective and the cabal of nigels that shape its ethos and determine its radical path AND BE MORE free for it. It wouldn’t necessarily make you a Christian, but it is certainly allowable by Christianity.

  4. This isn’t to say there are not distinctions to be made between the “Christian conservative” and the white Supremacist. There are certainly distinctions to be made with the most important one being a different degree of particularity. Because the white Supremacist is something more particular than the “Christian conservative” then he represents something MORE antithetical to the radical liberal. This in turn makes the “Christian conservative” relatively more liberal and something less particular seemingly desirous to be nothing in particular at all.

  5. Thordaddy – Is there any white Supremacy in the Bible? If so, where?

    • The Bible is certainly empirical evidence for objective Supremacy. Our whiteness is contextual and gives particularity, but also packed with narrative. It’s substantive but not primary. So black Supremacy is not out of order and is in fact ALSO virtually nonexistent.

  6. Hey Ryu You Axed Me :

    “How do you still read the NYT now that their paywall is secure?”

    Answer: I continue to read the daily print edition cover to cover when possible. Sometimes I actually pay the 2.50$ daily and 6$ Sunday price, when I’m not able to find paper copies otherwise.

    It is a stomach-turning process.

    Because the entire NYT as an Institution has become – it seems more and more apparent – nothing more than an engine for negro uplift, and white denigration. Globally.

    It is truly sickening and I am increasingly frustrated that I do not have the time or the talent to expose the verminous little weasels at the Times for what they truly are, namely: Enemies of White People Everywhere.



    • I suppose there is value in monitoring the NYT, as one would monitor a sewer: It must be sheer drudgery.

      There is no reason to Outrage over the NYT, it’s not as if you’re going to get them to stop sucking Maobama’s cock – or even condemn barbaric, colored Hate crimes.

      It’s like mailing “how dare you!” letters to the Democratic Party HQ and expecting them to give a shit and anybody still needing convincing of the NYT’s vile partisanship is a moron I can’t use.

  7. So Supremacy could be for any race, not just whites? What about jews?

    • I’m saying any man can strive towards Supremacy if he desires to do so. And I’m saying that any collection of white men desiring to voluntarily strive towards Supremacy is evidence for the existence of white Supremacy. That such a basic understanding is so alien to the average white man himself tells you how deeply immersed in radical autonomy our societies are.

      The drive of even the rightest of the right is towards radical autonomy. This is why the alt-right is entirely useless as it is simply comprised of white male liberationists WHO ABSOLUTELY DETEST the idea of be shamed into striving towards Supremacy.

      Don’t think about it too hard.

      Think 1+1=2…

      We hate liberalism because its highest freedom is pure degeneracy. It promises individual freedom in exchange for complete tolerance for the lowest common denominator. When enough radical liberationists set a new degenerate “standard” then that becomes the new standard YOU MUST tolerate in exchange for your freedom.

      This mass “equality” equals a “default elite.”

  8. Each race has a right to supremacy in its defense. Do I believe Injuns should get FREE Tax-Free casinos plus FREE college THEN preferential hiring? No. Hell no.

    When two cultures meet, the superior culture always wins and absorbs the inferior. This depends on the current definition of superior.
    I may respect a society that defends itself, but that wouldn’t stop me from rendering them the fate of Neanderthals.

    Coloreds are an invasive species: Pythons in Florida. Sea Lampreys. Norway Rats. They escaped captivity and wreak havoc on valuable, productive species and must be eradicated here or deported.

    Christianity is weak. It fell the moment it became all about Jesus getting pissy with Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane for cutting off the ear of a Temple thug.

    Still, being a Christian is not an exclusion to the growing movement of destroying our own particular brand of infidels – it said Christian can kill like a Templar.

    • Christianity is not weak. It can’t be weak. That doesn’t even make sense. Christianity at its core simply asserts objective Supremacy empirically revealed. So Christianity is either accepted as Truth or wholly rejected by the radical liberationist.

      Now, many who call themselves Christians, but would never call themselves white Supremacists, are weak. No doubt.

      Christianity, as in the claim that Perfect Man walked this earth as the Supreme Standard, is unassailable. It can only be wholly rejected. Such a person is an anti-Supremacist. A believer in “equality.” Liberal ideologue. Destroyer of free men.

  9. And this speaks to the WN movement as well. It rejects objective Supremacy and so the incentive for sacrificing personal autonomy for collective autonomy is ULTIMATELY arbitrary and at the will of the “leaders.” In practice though, this simply means that the WN movement is more than willing to allow the enemy within – granted that he had the correct skin color and lineage – to the exclusion of a genuine white Supremacist.

    WN is attempting to radically liberate.

    The white Supremacist seeks to transcend.

  10. Okay, so you’re more concerned about Christianity than you are about the White race. You can call Rabbi Yeshua the Perfect Man and the Supreme Standard all you want, but that’s a leap of faith that’ll throw you down a gorge. I don’t see how Christianity offers anything to Whites as a whole. I’m not interested in the Sisyphean labor of proving that Jesus was a Gaul, today’s jews are really Khazars, etc., either.

    In practice though, this simply means that the WN movement is more than willing to allow the enemy within – granted that he had the correct skin color and lineage – to the exclusion of a genuine white Supremacist.

    So if a jew or a Polynesian or whomsoever you please subscribes to Supremacy, would you have any problem with him?

    • No… I am most concerned about maintaining the freedom to strive towards Supremacy and the influence that will have on my white children. Our collective effort would then simply be evidence of white Supremacy. It’s transcendent AND contextual as it accepts certain realization as to the impact of our racial characteristics. To desire to live amongst a white race consisting of nothing but another variant of radical liberationist is nothing more than being a radical white liberationist myself. WN and its desire for radical liberation and subsequent rejection of genuine white Supremacy ACTUALLY destroys any real unifying notion of a white race. WN not lead by white Supremacists is just another liberal interest group.

      It’s not just that WN rejects Jesus Christ as Perfect Man… WN simply rejects the idea of perfect man, period! They are “equalists” at heart. They are just another variant of liberal parasite begging for a seat at the table of Liberalism.

    • Also, there is no need for union amongst Supremacists of different races. The most important union is not between men and striving towards Supremacy is not a zero sum game.

      A black Supremacist is simply a black man that strives towards Supremacy. There is no reason to deny this. But there is no reason to suggest this means we must dissolve our racial distinction for the sake of degeneracy and Christianity makes no demands for the mixture of races.

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