The MINO Machine

by Firepower

Your Master’s Face

MINOs are minorities and more: They are all members of Protected Classes getting BIGFed sanctioned benefits of their official policy of Preferential Treatment. That means they get into college before you and your kids, then even get the job before you do.

They are the black, Mexican Migger, wetbacks of all varieties, Feminists, females, jews and faggots. In short, they are everybody but White Males. The only white male MINO is a faggot or a cripple; if both, that meatbag has a job for life. If you merely check a box on a FED Form and get money you are a MINO.

Regular readers know, from this link, why I use the term colored.

I once had the sad misfortune to access a steady stream of Government Employee Union monthly magazines.  It struck me as odd that the UAW is actually a big government union; it’s not only AFSCME and the SEIU who are cohorts of the one true enemy.  This explains Obamao’s hurry to…

…suck-up to the UAW:  Like him, it’s a twofer.  The big win/win of using taxpayer’s money to bribe a constituency then simultaneously stick it to The Enemy – white males.

On those pages, all laid out in vibrant color, were photos of union workers going about their daily business and, of course, protesting.  Protesting for higher wages, fewer hours, more minority hiring – and against “discrimination.”  It’s the typical Big Liberal Agenda.  Go figure.  You could see it live on TV during the Chicago Teacher’s Union Strike.  Better still, view any UAW Solidarity Magazine to see for yourself.  Look at any Big Government Union membership magazine/website.  It’s so degenerated, now they use White People as the tokens.

Most Big Government employees are female and colored.  Visit any office for yourself and see.  Any white males are meek-looking, emasculated 50-ish wussies.  For that Big Gov’t Paycheck, they’ll sell out their brother – for that bigger Gov’t Pension, they’ll sell out their mother.

Minority Government Employees are now, your ruler: Hostile coloreds, female/feminists, LGBT and vengeful Handicapables.  Most are fat.  The danger is: These minos enforce the law made by their liberal lawmakers like Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein and Jesse Jackson, Jr.  Mix the recipe to get the Ultimate Combination of a black lesbian feminist bureaucrat; feel their hate.  The commonality is all goverment employees are liberals who hate White Men – even the liberal white male drones hate their own kind.  You will never, ever see even a tiny NRA calendar on a desk there.  You must be liberal to even be interviewed.  Then, their endless “discrimination” lawsuits and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome disability claims emerge to fund early retirement.

Chicago Teacher’s UNION: $96,305 A Year Pay PLUS ObamaCare Exempt

Urban areas (Colored areas) are now the seat of political power; it’s where Obama won both his Presidencies so power flows from capital cities like LA, NYC & DC.  I wrote about demographic cartograms showing this in map form.

Urban govt offices are mainly colored and female.  Even Boise Idaho and Indianapolis are filled with (and now ruled by) coloreds.  Try, as a White Man, to get service from them.  They’ll despise you and treat you like shit.   Sharper employees will smile, and circular-file your redress after much paper-shuffling.

Cops serve as blind domestic enforcers, as GI Jordie does on foreign soil.  Here, domestic dissenters (always men) are duly oppressed, ending in a pool of blood from challenging the martial authority enforcement of their Liberal Masters’ Decree.  At least this linked instance wasn’t pointlessly insane – like Gabby Gifford’s shooting.  The strain of this repressed, subconscious conflict emerges from the brainwashed minions – who chew off their own wolf legs, bash their heads into the bars of the zoo cage or worship a screen and grow fat.  American soldier suicides continue to outnumber combat deaths in 2012, and the trajectory for soldier suicides continues to get worse.  No Big Gov statistician keeps data on why white people in America kill themselves while coloreds don’t.

The Colored Liberal Master Machine grinds on…awaiting the day it runs out of blood and money.  Just think of Eric Holder as its Recruiting Poster.

Know your enemy and know your terrain and in a hundred battles, you will never taste defeat.   Sun Tzu 


19 Responses to “The MINO Machine”

  1. The radical autonomist only fears one true enemy, the genuine white Supremacist. And under the “evolutionary” scheme of the self-annihilator, this fear is “advantageous” in that it screams out against a CURRENTLY nonexistent, BUT nonetheless, eternal enemy, in order to make cover for the one that will murder them, a fellow radical autonomist. Self-annihilators, par excellence.

    The problem to be solved is how to perpetuate self-annihilators? The jihadists and the “elite” homosexuals in the West have very interesting solutions.

    [ed note: what do you propose as coalescent antidote to the emerging aristocracy?]

    • If we see the failure of Liberalism as a refutation of its primary desire such that absolute individual freedom is sought through radical collective action thus subsuming and destroying any notion of a free individual (SELF-annihilating) then our answer is freedom through individual action or a compromised collective freedom demanding a redefined matrix of restraint on the individual THAT emanates from a transcendent realm.

      White Supremacy… We seek freedom not defined by a “higher” man, but defined by transcendent values firmly out of the hands of radical liberals.

      A white man who believes in objective Supremacy is a white Supremacist.

      It’s like 1+1=2, but even truer as it reaches towards a higher understanding of things.

      Liberals believe in “equality.” Ergo, they are anti-white Supremacy. Primitives.

      White male has a choice. Define himself justly or prepare for self-annihilation.

      • excellent summation

      • This is just an obtuse method of saying “do nothing” …until we think about it some more.

        You’ll be a helpless old man by then.

      • Not at all…

        If you’re a target for annihilation then you have to decide what kind of target you will be?

        White male or white Supremacist?

        And since telling others what to do goes right to the root of the problem and FIREPOWER is one that doesn’t like to be told what to do then any solution is really in YOUR OWN hands.

        [ed note: i’ve been saying that for years, well before writing it here. the problem is: finding any to do it. they’ve too much cake & ice cream. privation and misery will only ignite action, now]

      • I’m not sure who you are trying to find a solution for???

        There is no solution for the radical liberationist. He will self-annihilate in due course. The question is how not to be collateral damage in the stampede for radical autonomy?

        I’ve said many things for many years, also.

        For instance, Liberalism in the West is simply the political expression of the homosexual “nature,” a self-annihilating “nature.”

        There is no “solution” that is then not utter rejection.

        Thoroughly reject the homosexual “nature” and you will soon find yourself desiring Supremacy.

        It’s not relative at all and the true haters can be transcended.

        What does Firepower seek but greater freedom?

        The neocons were absolutely right when they say the jihadists hate us for our freedom.

        We have to hate liberals for their freedom and reclaim our own, but not in the fashion of a jihadist. You must reclaim in the fashion of a white Supremacist.

        It cannot be done any other way.

  2. Man that cunt is ugly. Woof! She’s like a spic mulattress with that flat negroid nose. I really like some of these names you’ve cooked up – GI Jordie, minos. I will use them myself.

    All these big organizations are like that now. ACS is the Murkan Chemical Society. All I see in their newsletters is sweet diversity! Women in science, niggers in science, etc.

    I think all the unions are really big business shills now. They’re two sides of the same coin. Just like you said a big shot Republican would rather sup with a Liberal rather than a commoner. I’d bet the UAW boss eats with the Ford CEO a few times a week.

    • ha – Remember I invented “Murka & Murkan” also

      What do you think happens when
      INCREASED MINO immigration/breeding
      meets our growing Socialist, growing colored government staff
      In 20 years?

      • I didn’t think you invented Murka. Huh.

        I think the minos are gonna have a reckoning. The negro line is getting old, so spics and gays trump negros. I think wimminz trump any male vibrants. The MRAs think that feminism is a sort of quasi-white supremecist cause, in secret. All I know is that the amount of dog chow in the bowl is going to decrease, with more dogs ready to eat.

        [ednote: already told you guys: The Liberal Machine IS IMPORTING illegal mexes to replace the blacks they kill. both colored voting groups end up dead/imprisoned = NO VOTES. illegals replace blacks. you invented “murricah” i invented Murka. never seen it used but by me]

      • The logic of Liberalism and thus the path of its emerging radical is self-annihilation. This would suggest a mass culling of Baby Boomers via euthanasia. The “right to die” will be resoundingly proven correct and many Mexicans will no longer have much work to do here in American.

        70 million Boomers + desire for radical freedom = ??? dead Boomers.

        [ednote: i already wrote of that in “Soylent Seniors”]

      • Yes you did… But I guess if I looked hard enough I could find where I’ve said this many times over the years at other blogs.

        The trick is whether this can be made reality to conform with liberal logic and there can be a killing of two birds with one stone?

  3. Of course, creating a mass of self-annihilators is the surest path to a “default elite.”

  4. So the question for those small minority of real American men of healthy mind?

    White male versus white Supremacist?

    Which one actually makes YOU a bigger target for termination via self-annihilation?

  5. “I think wimminz trump any male vibrants”

    Nah, Barry trumped Hillary. Emma West didn’t trump anyone on that tram.

  6. Fantastic post. That image truly is the face of the modern prog movement. Old, beige, female, but unfuckable.

    I agree with Firepower that the prog elite have imported Mexicans to replace blacks. Even the blacks are catching onto that now. They vote for their black puppets, but they do see that Holder, Jarrett, Obama and blue eyed Cory Booker all seem to be mixed and their blacker brethren are getting shut out. Ryu is right about the pie shrinking eventually putting them at each other’s throats, and a currency crisis would set the black/brown tense neighborhoods on fire. Just look at Compton, where the Mexicans have cleansed the city of blacks, and then take away all of the welfare.

    • I’m working on a Colored Race War post. The coloreds all have blood-hatred for Whites and will eradicate or enslave future generations – generations not safely fortified in feudal luxo-high rises. Coloreds run the government – all government levels. They must be eradicated.

      This just emailed to me – the black will fight back: Texas Police Warn Hispanic Men Of Violent Attacks

      You, and Ryu will find ample grist for your respective mills.


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