Plain Answers: The Mortgage Elite (mildly NSFW)

by Firepower
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Jewish & PROUD!

Since I started my Simple Answers category, bloggers  (from smart ones like roissy to dumb hacks like Piggy) have glommed on.  Now everybody has a pithy “answers” segment, but most aren’t versed in social sciences, economics (and that History thingy) to be as accurate as I.  Economics is good, but, by itself – it’s as useless as a fucking economist.

Does it look like these wonks know what the fuck they’re doing?  Like life, the best personalities are a combination of concepts without restrictions to one limiting view.

Now, I’ll call these luncheons “Plain Answers” just to throw ’em off the track.  (hehe – it’ll take CRUDD 5 weeks to figure out how to copy me.)

The Mortgage Crisis:

Many of you don’t care, because you have …..… house, debt – or mortgage.  Not caring about it…is stupid.

The Great Recession of 2008 was sparked by long-term cancers: Jimmy Carter and Clinton’s Colored-Loving Policy ofthe USG forcing banks to give FHA mortgages to “low-income” people.  That’s 70’s PC-Speak for…you guessed it…coloreds.  Both two Liberal nazi rulers were primed with Ted Kennedy & LBJ’s Immigger Act of 1965: Checkout what Rushie has to say.

Don’t pat yourself on the back, plenty of White Trash fit the description of mortgage-sucking trash.  Just watch Teen Mom 2.

Coloreds deadbeated their free mortgages, then had the criminal audacity to strip the copper and appliances from the houses they contaminated. Coloreds plan a criminal response to almost every transaction they enter into – whether personal or financial. The banks got stuck because UncleBEAST “forced” them to lend to MINOs.

The main banks like Goldman Sachs and CitiGroup got the temporary bill to pay for the damage the coloreds caused, but these Colored Mortgages were ultimately bailed out by the US Taxpayer: You.

Rahm Emmanuel (the Classic Irishman) once ran Goldman Sachs. Bill Clinton appointed him White House Chief of Staff.  Rahm returned to his “Irish” banking firm, then reprised his role as White House Chief of Staff for Our Historic Black God.  The second-most powerful position in the Executive Branch is WHCOS.

Lord God Christ Obama now wants Jack (Jacob) Lew (a Liechtensteinian Irish) as his next White House Chief of Staff.  Jack Lew …ran Citigroup so well during the Mortgage Crisis of 2008 – he got a $ billion dollar bonus next year in 2009!.  Then, he stashed this cash in Cayman Island tax shelters; he’s not stupid enough to pay the taxes to bail out his fellow bank elites.

If you Brandons don’t determine a solution to this, you will be poorer as an old man than you are now, as a young, fit man ready to move across country and take action.  You will be an old slave and a lifetime slave; an increasingly cruel extension of the slavery you just blithely ignore today.  You have that youthful luxury.

The Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism today, is only briskly punching away up inside your ass, but in 50 years, its cock will be up there too – waiting to give you ATM before using it to piss on your white corpse.


8 Comments to “Plain Answers: The Mortgage Elite (mildly NSFW)”

  1. Jesus FP. You’re turning into a degenerate. My solution is simple. Ethnically cleanse the land and anyone who soldiers get a nigger, yid or spic house. Call it my stimulus program.

    [ednote: gotta keep all you reminded The One True Enemy is more than only the Beaner-on-the-Border. And, you first must achieve power – to get those houses]

  2. Cheap and easy money is the lube of that five fingered fist machine. Once it is gone, the multiculti party is over.

    [ed note: that is why I find Pierson’s presentation rings true. He won’t address race. The multicult party WILL continue looooong after the money’s gone: they’ll still be in existence on our soil]

  3. Who started the welfare madness was the crypto-irish LBJ… The same President responsible for the 1965 immigration act and the 1967 USS Liberty attack and cover-up…. He also gave us Vietnam…. hmmm….

    • The Great Society was a indeed a crime jointly shared by LBJ and JFK. I’d even give the holy Khrist Kennedy the biggest credit for nam. We see the same scary cult of personality worship today.

      • JFK was less crazy about the civil rights movement… He also was TOTALLY against israel nuclear weapons and didn’t trust LBJ… Connect dots.

        [ednote: Great Society proposals were stalled initiatives from John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier.
        Let’s just say there’s not one Democrat that’s ever been worth a squirt of piss]

  4. “The Great Recession of 2008 was sparked by long-term cancers: Jimmy Carter and Clinton’s Colored-Loving Policy of the USG forcing banks to give FHA mortgages to “low-income” people. That’s 70′s PC-Speak for…you guessed it…coloreds.”

    That’s it. You get it. Most Americans don’t.

    I’ve been having this same conversation (minus the homo-erotic references) with my clients over the last few years.

    Don’t just blame Wall Street or the bankers; bankers gonna bank, after all. The real culprit is the MultiKult regime–and, of course, ordinary Americans themselves. But they don’t want to hear that.

  5. I am extremely pissed at the mortgage banks. They’re all crooks who stole america and are doing it again..

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