A PUA Dies….

by Ryu

meh…ryu WON’T Answer!

I follow a great many PUA sites, looking for signs. Racer X was a PUA who had a certain admiration for Aryan women. All of that changed one day:



I found this quote of his:
“Now, writing certain things no longer appeals to me, indeed, they often seem trivial and juvenile. I no longer have an interest in sexual conquest. Yes, sex is still a wonderful, intense pleasure to be enjoyed, but my days of trying to bed as many women as possible are now over. Game for me is something in my past. I have moved into a new world.”

“For those of you interested in the sexual pursuit of women, I wish you good luck. It is a young man’s game, and I am no longer a young man. I no longer have any interest in those things. I still enjoy sex and sexual pleasure and the importance of that, but I have….….. no interest in promoting or discussing “game” or the hunt for women. When I first started this blog four years ago, I suppose I did. Now I do not. The importance of love and closeness in the context of sexual pleasure are now very important to me.”

It is well to note that RX is not a WN, and despite his love of the white woman, he does nothing to save them from their fate. That I do not forgive.

For me it was WN that lead to the re-prioritization of sexual conquest. My own ambitions are nothing in the face of the destruction of my tribe and the life of the race. I can say that however I make money or whatever job I may take, WN is my true calling. Mindweapon believes we should emphasize more of what WN has done for us; this is part of what it has done for me, giving my life a greater purpose.


31 Comments to “A PUA Dies….”

  1. exactly WN is my highest virtue. WN gives me a path for life and it allows for heroism no matter how small.

  2. RX was merely about flippant, smutty and extended online ‘sexting’ to females like aoefe etc; a spurious foundation for a man to build on.

    A noble cause instills the advocate with virtuous motivation.

    RX is not a WN, and despite his love of the white woman, he does nothing to save them from their fate. That I do not forgive.

    Not many people at all are wn. Enlighten people. If necessary, keep on enlightening them but never invest yourself to the point you become dependent on their awakening because: You cannot Save People From Themselves. Especially not in a world where ignorance is now tolerated. Hell, in pop culture, it’s now an established, long-standing virtue.

    Take my example: I’ve been spreading the word. Tens of thousands of words totally opposite to (and fighting) The Latest Outrage! Yet, most of the people are still stupid – even with 4 Million blogs. These are the harsh realities I assess in my conclusions that Murka must crumble into Soylent Green Feudal America. This is also why I avoid “Viriwo” sites instilling the easy fantasy over the terrible work to come in such an Elite-run modern Feudal State.

    • Half of teaching is repetition. You have to repeat things 100x for people to understand, and for yourself to get it as well. You don’t go to the range once and then never go again. Excellence requires practice.

      I like Vikings riding wolves. Motivation is a part of it. Every nation has a “myth”, a creation story.

      No one’s going to sign up for your program if you only sell work and pain. You need to put out some honey, do a little dance. That’s why people get into PU, to become Hugh Hefner. People become WNs to become Aryan warriors and to have a noble cause. Where is your sizzle?

      That’s not a “harsh” reality. It cuts both ways, because those are the recruits that ZOG also gets. We are getting the best and most fanatic people. It’s not the stupidity of the masses, but the quality of the few that matters.

      • It is neither one or the other; it is a combination (that even itself) is influenced by circumstances.

        You must define these conditions. Russians who shat in mudholes defeated technologically superior Germans, as did the Barbarian hordes did to the Romans – twice. Sometimes, the other side of your coin is behemoths like the USA are indeed defeated by primitive Viet Cong.

        You need to see both sides, plus the top and bottom – and even the X-Ray too. And then, the most important part is acting because each situation is different. Understand, I like Viriwo too, but too much too prematurely rings hollow.

  3. Ryu,

    Your atheism demands a conceptual limitation on the legitimacy of “white nationalism” when none exists all while you unconsciously equate this limited concept to a state of being.

    WN is an ideal environment. WN is a concrete reality in certain times and places.

    WN is not a state of being.


    White men who desire to live strictly amongst their “white family” IS A GIVEN. Extrapolating changes nothing.

    Those who oppose WN will never explicitly assert that white man MAY NOT live amongst his own.

    The true enemy of radical liberalism is the genuine white Supremacist.

    White Supremacy is a state of being. An elite state of being.

    WN naturally follows the ascent or descent of white Supremacy.

  4. When a PUA “dies” then what is being said is that this ex-PUA has shed his last bit of de facto homoism. He now consciously and explicitly desires to bond with a certain female. Radical sexual autonomy (self-sexualization… sex with “same…” homosexuality… a sexual aversion for female… can’t sexually bond) is now a repulsive desire indicative of an inherent faggotry that must be killed and buried.

  5. Thordaddy. Long time no see. Your writing is always an enigma to me. I don’t understand. If there’s something I should be doing more of, let me know.

  6. Ryu,

    The first law of the radical liberationist…

    Supremacy “equals” degeneracy.

    Such that…

    God is degenerate and the degenerate life is “god.”

    Atheists believe God is degenerate and reject Him absolutely.

    “Elite” is just secular jargon for (s)upremacist.

    Supremacists, by mere existence, SEPARATE.

    Ergo, your atheism is indisputable evidence for your own brand of radical liberation. This is also an unconscious act of separation.

    WN does not require radical liberation.

    Radical white male liberals must convert to white Supremacy or WN is forever just an idea enjoyed at another time and place that is not now.

  7. I still don’t get it. I have said many times I want to rebuild the intellectual elite. I want to live apart from the niggers, spics and dinks. My god is Wotan. I have little interest in Jesus and that religion. My god has a spear, a sword, some wolves and sits on a throne.

    Firepower? Help me understand.

    • An atheist can’t build or rebuild an intellectual elite. This goes the same for those who worship false gods as the one true God. Obviously, one who embraces such a profound falsehood would necessarily be limited in their own intellectual elitism. Ultimately, elitism is bounded by an embrace of spiritual Truth. What we have is a “default elite.” “They” are there because there is no desire among the masses for REAL elite. No desire for “white Supremacy.” Even those who one would most automatically attribute “white Supremacy” reject white Supremacy.

      The only question concerning your intellectual elitism is WHY do you reject white Supremacy as a complete way of being and the only true path towards an idealized WN environment?

  8. Ryu,

    There is no intellectual elitism not grounded in the belief in objective Supremacy. In fact, it takes a belief (a “knowing,” either conscious of or not) in objective Supremacy to even entertain the notion of intellectual elitism.

    If you are attempting to build white intellectual elites then you are giving credence to white Supremacy.

  9. White men who believe in objective Supremacy are white Supremacists.

    Sometimes a nigel has to kill you for a hundred repetitions for it to sink in.

  10. I don’t know. Either you are operating at a much higher level than me, or I’m crazy. I went through this for a long time before I understood Manson.

    I prefer the white race to all others. That’s why I spend my time doing this. I also run a site devoted to STEM subjects. I’ve never denied being a white supremecist.

    You want me to become a Christian – is that it?

    I don’t believe that would help. I lost a good friend to Jesus not long ago. He now only studies the bible and isn’t much of a racist anymore. His religion requires him to admit all races.

    • Stand fast against the Judeo-Christians. They’ve had their time in the sun and now it’s ending.

      I’m pleased to hear of your Wotanism.

      • LBF,

        If by “Judeo-Christian,” you mean squishy, effeminate, homosexualized white liberal then stand fast, indeed. If, on the other hand, you mean white Supremacist then you stand fast only as radical liberationist.

        All that Liberalism must do to “win” is have YOU attempt to attain your personal “freedom” by any means necessary.


        Do you not advocate attaining your personal autonomy by any means necessary?

        I suggest that such ethos evidences, without doubt, a radical autonomist.

        Radical autonomists don’t lead, don’t build, don’t sustain. They self-annihilate spiritually, intellectually and then physically. This is the road to Final Liberation.

        The real battle is within each of us and our desire to attain a radical personal autonomy gained through a tyrannical collective action that destroys the inherent right of the white Supremacist to exercise his maximum moral autonomy.

    • Ryu,

      Maybe your friend found value in studying what clearly stands in as the most solidly vetted empirical evidence for the “perfect man?”

      If the Perfect Man is not the ultimate Elite then who is? If the Perfect Man does not set the objective standard then who does? If the Perfect Man does not have the most Capital then who has it? If the Perfect Man does not exist and did not exist and will not exist then what the heck is an “elite” anyway?

  11. I found this tale of Lewis Wetzel (‘Dark Hero of the Ohio’) very inspiring:


    It illustrates the power of ‘hate’ and what it can do for us:

    Truly awesome. Now imagine what a million or so Wetzels could do for us.

    • If you hate that which is not truly evil then you are on the path to self-destruction.

      Hating evil is good. Defining what is then truly worthy of hate is far more precarious and certainly carries stiff consequence for faulty judgement.

      The penalty for the radical liberationist who “demonizes” the genuine white Supremacist is self-annihilation.

  12. Think of this ex-PUA again. The realization that he now chooses normal, ie., he chooses to bond with a certain female as a male, DOES NOT necessarily awaken him to the fact that his PUA days were days of faggotry, ie, his days of radical sexual autonomy.

    To refuse to bond is to seek radical autonomy and do that which is abnormal and destructive. This is a radical liberationist in a nutshell.

    Worshipping a false god as the one true God has the same radical effect. This is best evidenced by the jihadist and his mass murder of infidels via self-annihilation.

    You are trying to build WN on a foundation of radical liberation. It won’t work.

    WN can only be realized based on a foundation of white Supremacy. It would be rather pointless to build it on anything lesser. It simply won’t be built on anything lesser.

  13. Chateau Heartiste already has a post on a Eurot dude’s view and distaste for Murkan women, after living in the states:


    PUA is just another circle jerk process of trying to rectify Murka’s deep seated problems. Paper towels cannot be used to clean up a large cesspool.

  14. PUA once seemed eternal, yet Millenniulz somehow found a way to swiftly nullify it with their dull collective culture.

    • Only in Murkan culture, where strong judaic influences breed elitism, arrogance and segregation gives you money maggot bitches and poorly socialized beta males that one finds with the tribe. PUA was also founded by a Strauss Kike, to rectify the problem.

      • PUA culture was the strongest in jew infested towns like Los Angeles and New York City, and this is no coincidence!

      • PUA = paint us azzholes… And the anti-social faggotry couldn’t being any more noticeable.

      • PUA = paint us azzholes… And the anti-social faggotry

        pua itself, the words and its teachings, was/is remarkable – it’s the Millinniul Morons that ruined it. Their incessant babble was more “look at meeee ima speshull snooooowflake!” – and universal Mil conceit of attention-seeking child’s game. Millennials do not know how to teach or instruct; the idiots don’t even know how to ask questions as students.

      • The change has been amazing. PUA went from an almost scientific pursuit to a strange, profit-seeking, Americanized product.

        One virtually never finds the old words used – sarging, PAIMAI, FMAC, cocky comedy, etc. Its soul has been ripped out and Rooshie’s generation can’t carry it. This only took 10 years.

        You never hear about Mystery, David D, or Style anymore. It’s weird. They “should” have learned a tremendous amount in that time.

      • You never hear about Mystery, David D, or Style anymore.

        Those fine gents were the basis for my pua ed. I read most of their complete works.

        Millennial Moronitude is the problem; they are so fucked up they corrupt then destroy everything they touch – so that means their inevitable inheriting of MRKA shall be the greatest disaster ever. They have been so totally diseducated they are unfit for anything but corn syrup slavery.

      • You must have luved David D, FP. He’s rubbed off on you. I used to have tons of those emails he would send.

        [ed note: yep. DD was the first puag I ever read; he introduced me to it all]

      • Absent the declared intent by the “pioneers” of PUA the CURRENT REALITY is the best judge of its original intent. PUA bears the fruit of de facto homo-ism… MGTOW… “No good (white) woman” memetic self-annihilation… Abortion as “fundamental right…” Islam and its sexual degeneracy as inevitable dominate religion… Odes to pagan primitive ritual, etc.

        Nothing regenerate in PUA to be found anywhere. Its highest profile real-time “gamers” are at 100% mortality rate as the best info goes.

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