NSFW – Desensitization Programming

by Ryu

A thank you to Douglas for offering us this video. I request that those who do watch it, to watch it more than once. The first time may be shocking. The second a little less. Maybe by the third time, you will be prepared to learn something from the exercise. I have it playing in another window as I write this, to make sure I’ve extracted all the juice. I have watched it 6-7 times.

The men in this video are defeated. They cannot even look their captors in the eyes. They are eager to please their captors. Hands tied behind their back. Even as his friend is killed, the man on the left is resigned to his death. The man on the right actually lifts his chin to expose his neck as the chainsaw approaches. The man on the left does not even clench his fists as he’s beheaded. Neither pisses or beshits himself. That means they were not …

…feeling the pucker factor, or their bladder would have emptied itself automatically.

Not safe for work. Features two men being executed:


The men committing the acts are both right handed. They are experienced and have done this before. They are afraid to touch the bodies, of soiling themselves with death. More than likely they are high or mildly intoxicated, few can do such work sober. Blue jeans, black jacket, and black ski masks. There were three men doing this op: the man holding the camera, the knife man, and the chainsaw man.

As some know, one of my specialties in WN is interrogations/interviews. Physical torture is a part of it in military interrogations; Geneva convention be damned. Fear, moral terror, horror. To facillitate my learning, I have trained with other WNs I trust in this. I have requested to be tied to a chair and had a pistol or knife trained on me. I have asked to be screamed at, the lights to be turned off, or have had loud noises playing. I am certainly not the only WN doing scenario-based training and it was another who inspired me.

Even when tied to a chair, you are not helpless. Keep your eyes open, listen, control your panic and terror. Focus on the enemy, not your own mistakes; often, most of the time, you are your worst enemy. To stay alive in military interrogations, offer part of the information they want but not so much that they don’t need your anymore. Use recipricity. Don’t say the first thing you think of. Wait a second or two before responding. Use their tricks on them. Gain rapport. Ask for favors. Do what it takes.

Find an opening. Be patient and use it. Maybe your captor has some humanity. Maybe he is uncomfortable with the whole scene. Do not give in to fear and panic. To do this will require many self affirmations beforehand. You need the power to go outside yourself, to be a spectator in your own life. There is always an angle, it’s just a matter of finding it.

After you are no longer useful to your captors, death may be imminent. Leaving you alive would be leaving ends loose Your first debrief and you’d spill your guts about everything you saw. Thus a smart and thorough enemy will always kill his hostages. They will do this at a time when you are least resistant, so that their job is easier. They will cuff your hands behind your back, bag your head, and restrain your feet. You are to stay alive for as long as possible. If possible, beforehand, do not take the pleasures offered such as food, drink or other distractions. If possible, escape.

Right before they’re going to kill you, they’ll get nervous. The pucker factor, the edge, it has many names. They’ll have to move around, lick their lips. You are to escape before they are commited. If you can’t escape, resist and take one of them with you. Hold him hostage; if a little girl or a kitten is present, you take it hostage. And show no mercy. You’ll be alive a little longer. You are to die well.

Some of us have to make sacrifices. You need to stop feeling so much, and to decide when and where you are to feel something. Take control. There is always the choice between submission and control. Even when disarmed, the most deadly weapon is always the human mind. It must be trained MORE than firearms, fists, knives, etc. There are high expectations of every WN. A training period of no less than 2 full years, optimally 3-5.

I read a book once about a man who was a torturer for the USG in Vietnam. It was always officially denied but torture was commonplace then, and it is commonplace now. Terror and ruthlessness are weapons. One must divorce the “human” aspect from the practical aspect. Too many people always want to be the nice guy, the good guy.

I want to end this post with another video. This one features Arabs and beheadings. The common thing is to call them animals, barbarians, and savages. This as the US has “weinie roasts” at Guantanimo, and Israel gang-rapes Palestinian girls or even little boys in front of their parents to make them talk; there is no moral high ground, all countries do it. This is the direction that war is moving in. More civilian involvement, more cruelty. I suggest WNs develop an eye for this sort of thing and not be afraid to understand how things really get done:


S size up the situation
U use all your senses, undue haste makes waste
R remember where you are
V vanquish fear and panic
I improvise
V value living
A act like the natives
L live by your wits, but until that day, learn the basics

The Police Interview: Introduction, Rapport, Questioning, Summary, Close.

The 3 Magical Phrases: “I have nothing to say.” “I want my lawyer.” “I don’t consent to searches.”

10 Comments to “NSFW – Desensitization Programming”

  1. i don’t know, while they may not have stood up and bit the attackers in a fury, they did not weep or squirm, i give them some credit, i know i would be utterly terrified in that situation. tree hanging has always been the american way though and that is probably much more painful than a quick beheading

  2. Well, that’s the thing. The first time, it’s terrifying. The second, merely scary. After enough times, you’ll get comfortable in that situation. Maybe one day, it would be like sitting here on the computer.

    Normal is what you want it to be. You have to study and train until it’s not terrifying, but easy! You should laugh at the scene. Because after the right training, making your escape and getting out clean would be as easy as breathing.

    • there is always a death awaiting everyone, meeting it honorably and without fear is the ultimate goal. those guys didnt seem too scared for that i give them some credit

  3. “You need the power to go outside yourself, to be a spectator in your own life.”

    This reminded me of the torture scene in the book, “The Doctor from Lhasa” written by Lobsang Rampa. I read that book when I was 12 years old or so and it left a pretty strong impression. He was getting tortured by the Japanese in Shanghai or somewhere like that during WW2 and they were putting bamboo shafts under his fingernails and shit and he uses his Tibetan monk training to leave his body to transcend his situation.

    Bamboo is often used in torture. I just recently read, “The Great Siege”, where the Turk method of torture called the bastinado is described as thus: “. . . the soles of the feet, and then the belly, were beaten with bamboo rods until every nerve became a screaming torment. Death from internal haemorrhage usually released the sufferer.”

    Another torture that comes to mind is one mentioned in The Adventures of Don Quixote when he is suspended by a rope. “. . . the torture of the strappado, when they are fixed at “touch and no touch,” who aggravate their own sufferings by their violent efforts to stretch themselves, deceived by the hope which makes them fancy that with a very little more they will reach the ground.” The hope of relief induces the victim to torture themselves.

    I have been watching hooligan fights on Youtube recently and here is a good example:

    Maybe the next stage in the evolution of WN or MMA is group combat. The Romans ended up have team sports in the Colosseum. The guys in the video above have a long way to go. The fight like barbarian berserkers. When men train to fight in groups they win against much larger forces. Who wants to play football (soccer), anyway?

    My point is that when a group trains together one of the most common strategies to to seize a member of the opposing force for post battle “interrogation.” Nothing demoralizes a group more that seeing one of their comrades being drug away by the enemy. That’s what the police do. It discourages your enemies from opposing you in the future. Right now almost all martial arts training and instruction is defensive in nature (except for 1 on 1 gladiatorial cage fighting but that’s for sport). But who really knows — I am constantly surprised by the weird world we live in.

  4. The thing that I find more impressive about the jewish media is their stealth intimidation, there is veiled threats in many movies, comic books and tv shows, they know exactly who are their enemy and work immediately to discredit him.

  5. White nationalists are scary. This gory de-sense training is just the next step upward from that successful grisly campaign of terror you all wage against Liberals like Struggling-Minority-Americans!

  6. god dam no wonder i just want a nice peacefull sleep eating some of that shit they give dogs rather than seeing any more bullshit in this fucked up world

  7. Ryu, you cannot condition yourself to the most vile acts people have done and will do. You will only condition yourself to accepting their level, becoming like them.

    Mate, seriously, rise above this. Lift your view vertically. Abhor the horizontal.

    I know you don’t believe in Christ but you need to start focusing on the ideal, the best, the pure.

  8. Wow, hi Pat! I haven’t seen you in a long time. Where have you been spending your time?

    I am like them. Except I work for us. WN is for whites what zionism is the the jew.

    I lost a good friend to Jesus. He took to reading the bible and soon, had no interest in our struggles. Whites are in danger of extinction. Christians are experiencing tons of growth in Africa, Asia and Central America. They are in tall cotton, and could care less if the white race disappears.

    No – it’s about becoming a whole person. Accepting the peaks and the valleys. One must be capable of great and terrible things. Man is something to be overcome. From good and evil into a whole.

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