by Ryu

Alright, let’s do this! We’ve got a negro cop on da loose! This will give us the perfect chance to see how things work:

““I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty”…Dorner’s manifesto has sparked widespread fear among California police.

Rock and roll. Well now – the story changes a little bit when the pigs are the ones being hunted. Interesting how that works. I want this guy’s manifesto. I will pay 3 sets of neck extensions to failure paid today to the first person who can find it whole and unmolested.

So the nigger shot two officers at a red light at 1:30 am. Then at 1:45, he was followed by some pigs, so he got out of his car and shot at them, scoring hits. The pursuit ended and he got off.

The pigs have his physical description. Now all those cameras you see on top of red lights have LPRs or licence plate readers. If he is smart he will steal a licence plate and put it on his car. He’ll have a few hours before it’s reported stolen and the LPRs have it sighted in. Now he’ll get to a safe location, get off the road and stay indoors for a few days. Not at a friend’s house or anyone he knows.

There are two timeframes operating here. The short term is the next 48 hours. The long term is the rest of his life. For now, he needs to keep his head down because all the heat is going to come down right now. This is when the search will be the strongest. ZOG doesn’t do endurance. It’s shock and awe, then they’re spent. In the long term, the key is not contacting any family or old friends – ever.

This dude is in Imperial County, California. Desert country. It’s a glorious place. There are places there where no people live and alot of places where car and man dare not tread. He could drive into a few mines or washes. Death Valley and Joshua Tree are near. It’s an area bigger than several northeastern states.

This is very relevent to WN. One day, there will be a manhunt for a WN. Will he make it? The information is out there to succeed. You just have to put out your hand and grab it. The pigs do not have some magical powers, some magical tricks that will find you This guy can win, if he’s willing to put in the sweat, be ruthless and to do what it takes to win.

For once, I root for the negro. But I am not hopeful. To win against overwhelming odds takes training and preparation. One must become hard, more than human. Do the counter-intuitive. I think he’ll go to a friend, leave a trail then will die in a hail of bullets.

We’ll end this post with a military acronym. Memorize it and improve, or not. Your choice:

S size up the situation
U use all your senses, undue haste makes waste
R remember where you are
V vanquish fear and panic
I improvise
V value living
A act like the natives
L live by your wits, but until then, learn the basics.


13 Comments to “Manhunt!”

    • there was a great piece by robert oculus a while ago about SHTF, he basically called it in that in the urban areas, the first tinder box to go up will be the police due to interethnic tensions, blacks will want to police blacks and vise versa, naturally these LEOs will become the defacto rulers of the area and they will most likely become the leadership of the ethnic militias, you’ll see niggers cops like this guy training and leading crips on suburban poontang/gibs me dat raids on whites, of course whites will have to counter organize but i only think that will happen in a large enough mass in the countryside.

    • Von Anon. So you took my advice and are not just anonymous now. Okay, I will do 3 sets of neck work in the next 4 hours or so. Will report back when done

  1. I expected you to write on this.
    Here is how one correctly operates when he has a beef with The Man. The Chinee HR Babe (and connected daughter of Big Brass) did him wrong. He took it to her, and the man – not some easy busdriver or tardkid.

    He used VOA – violence of action against the heavily-armed police, not unarmed tards and coachmen.
    Ever see a parallel between why the black hates cops and why wn’s hate cops? What do they hate in common? How odd, two such diverse entities hate the exact same force.

    Imagine a USM Jordy Fap-World called upon to “restore order” to our Benevolent Barack’s Kingdom on Earth. How long could they even maintain even a shred of order with 4,000,000 pissed off, heavily armed people? Why, people would be shooting transformers (not your kind, Futzy!) and key Grid points. Shooting gasoline refineries would be just terrible. Terrible.

    • it would fall apart in seconds, most of these guys couldn’t do the “real stuff” just for something like “the job”, it would become tribalized groupings of people, only from that identity could you even get the brandons to actually go out and carryout what needs to be done, otherwise you’ll have alot of driving around in hummers through cities “makeing a presence”, not ethnic style militias like doing the real work, that is what the zetas are for

      • Yep.
        COPS always select Low Risk/High Reward scenarios.
        Some creaky gray nut buries himself and a tard in a hole…bingo: 3000 SWAT Toughguys come out to swagger in the gear.

        Some liberal colored cop KILLS 3 cops annnnnnnd…they just can’t seem to find him anywhere.

        COPS are like liberals; no one challenges them, so they slide into complacently – like Obamao did in his first debate.

      • cops are expecting a encounter with submissive people, they are trained to bully the sheeple, this one always stuck with me, those cops were in over the head when they fucked with a vietnam guy

  2. Wait, this website has a more complete copy of the manifesto, with the names of the individuals uncensored and some additional parts that were excluded from the first link…

    You have to scroll down the page a bit to see the manifesto.

    Apparently he supports Obama, Piers Morgan and Gun Control and he hates the NRA?

    I wonder if that part was edited out of the first version of the manifesto or edited INTO this second version?


      This article appears to verify that he included mentions of the assault weapons ban and shoutouts to Ellen Degeneres that were edited out of the first version of the manifesto.

      And here is another source for the unedited version of the manifesto, with all the references to liberal politics left in. The crime files version has paragraphs though, so it’s easier to read than this one. The ABC version is missing the really interesting parts.

      So it looks to me like the MSM has been editing the manifesto to remove not just the names of the officers, but also his extensive references to his liberal politics. Typical.

      By the way, I’m not the same Anon who has been posting on other threads, just a random lurker.

      • Hmmmm. Surely I’m not that intimidating. I am nice to real WNs and mean to posers/conservatives/infiltrators. The real work of blogging is commenting. I don’t do it because I am so brilliant. Other WNs are not going to trust someone they don’t know over long periods of time. Commenting is one way to do it; we BS about a thousand different topics.

        You must come out of the shadows once in awhile. The progression is commenter-writer-blogger, then you find other bloggers, and you’ll know alot of WNs. That’s the way the organization is being built.

        My debt is paid. I did 3 sets of neck extension to 15 reps, and another set of unilateral shrugs.

  3. Yeah… the guy was your normal black voter who got mad at the system not rewarding him for being black. Anyone notice he’s 270 lbs and 6 feet tall. He kind of looked like the pedo Elmo puppeteer. Kind of wonder how he’ll hide from cops. I’m with Ryu on this one, let’s see how long he stays out of sight as a gauge for their capabilities. If other sites are correct, the LAPD are shooting up any trucks that resemble his truck to the point where they are now advising regular people with that model to stay home. Amateurs. NYPD far more competent than these guys and it takes them 50 shots to shoot an immigrant 6 times in a small lobby.

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