Button-Mashing Faggots

by Firepower

(Originally written 11/20/12…long before Adam Lanza)

Button mashing FAGGOT1Now that This Latest Outrage!© has died some, you will notice the important part:  That scabbing-over, “healing process” really won’t change a thing either.  Faggots Gonna Mash.

$250 Million in one day for MicroSoft’s HALO.

$500 Million in one day for Call of Duty MCXXXVII.  Some duty.  Just in time for America to humbly celebrate all it’s “thankful” for – and then celebrate that Christian-American Jesus we all heard so much about.  We’re all thankful for This Greatest Generation for their sacrifice, their contributions.

These daily figures are greater than the total gross of a movie – Avatar – for one entire year – the biggest movie in history.

These are the kinds of turds who …

…decide to go camping, take their XBox and iPhone, then continually text the g/f and bitch about what a lousy time it is with dirt and bugz.  You know, like today’s US soldiers abroad.   Our Heroes: Hey, soldiers are Brandons, too.

You will never – EVER – see an Age of American Improvement with the likes of these true dregs around.  They are ignorant and apathetic and the problem is:  They’re too dumb to know it… and they don’t care.

Rather, it will be a cross between the Dark Ages and the French Revolution – which faltered and became Napoleon’s Empire – that ultimately plunged France into eternal degradation.  Not only Our England fell; France since 1815 has been a Total Pussy.  Our American Age shall be an Endarkenment (h/t to Brandon…really, of all people’s names).

Dewd:  It puts that Circus into Bread & Circus.  If…they even knew wtf a circus was.

Painting of a typical sans-culotte

Painting of a typical sans-culotte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not hate people for what they are, but for who they pretend they are.

There isn’t anyone to do that heavy-lifting you optimists predict – and project.
College-age students are the traditional wellspring of revolutionary thought – and revolution. Even pot-choked Hippies scared the nation into change. Today – the largest instance was Occupy Wall Street and it was a whimpering dud. Yet, they were ten times more organized than the Men’s Rights “Movement,” which itself, is thrice as organized as WN.

Were hippies faced with the choice of either crushing unemployment or a lifetime sentence of mopping-up a Taco Bell – there’d have been violent change. Today, Revolutionary Texts comes not from youth, but from “jaded” Government Bureaucrats like Foseti, roissy and ferd sitting on their asses blogging all day on our taxpayer dime.  Once they get their Dream Promotion – *poof*

The Button-Mashing Faggots (BMF) are a lower order of primate than even Fight Club Faggots.  They are worse; they are lemurs compared to chimps.  Fight Club Faggots (FCFs) at least go out to “clubs” in their ignoble, limited and self-restricting fixation on pussy.  They go to seminars or post in forums for self-improvement – even though their Socrates n’ Plato is…Yoda & Tyler Durden.  They can’t help it George Lucas sold out – they don’t care anyways, cuz they don’t know wtf he is. FCF still have something (no matter how worthless) to show for their effort.

Ever see Idiocracy?  Do so.  Especially the first half.  Before that, itself, grows stupid near the end.

22 Comments to “Button-Mashing Faggots”

  1. HAHAHA! What a photo!

  2. neckbeards! neckbeard everywhere!

  3. I was as fine an image of hegemonic masculinity as that fellow in my 250 lbs days…

  4. It works both ways, Mr FP. We may not be able to find any soldiers, but where is USG going to find theirs? Miracle them into existence?

    Those “Brandons” are the future elite special forces, the SWAT and cops of Amurika. We can’t mock button-pushers with one breath but then be afraid of them when they’ve got the uniform on. It is not about numbers. It’s about quality. WN and the system compete for the elite, the cream.

    I’ll put a fine point on it. Think of the Alabama hostage situation. You were worried about the public’s opinion when I said the boy should have been killed.

    Fuck the public! And fuck the kid! I can make the public believe anything I want, anytime anywhere. Public opinion in ENTIRELY manufactured. I turn it out like sprockets and nickels. You think they’d get mad? They’re worthless animals. They’ll never rebel. Not in numbers. The public and 99% of all people will applaud the death of children if manipulated to. They’ll beg for it. They will demand the deaths of children.

    I don’t care about numbers or “organization.” All I want is 100 devoted WNs from across the US in the next ten years. I think out of 150 million, we can find 100 men of quality.

    Anyone who believes the offical 9/11 story must recognize that 24 goat herders completely destroyed the greatest country on Earth. 24 people! What they did directly led to the US commiting suicide. They understood how the machine worked, took an action which lead the some greedy hogs following their own agenda, jumping off a cliff.

    • yes we can’t mock…

      aren’t you a huge fan of First Person Shooters, training daily?

      {ed note: got to chill on the explicit images. this is a christian blog read at churches and Bill Maher’s Mansion. BETTER to look at that new pic I “inserted” (teehee!) THAT is the kind of stuff we want in our streets for our kids to see – hey, go check out Zombietime.com]

      • oh, those guys are hooter than “mighty” Jack Donovan, he’s been letting himself go lately….

        to bad, I had a nice video of an empowered, classy woman getting her butt hole tattooed…

        [ednote: JD seems ok. i find most homos pretentious. they’re either Artiste Flamer TV host wannabes (yk the type) or that leather guy from Village People. Then, they try and force their view on everyone – like the Frisco Gay Parades NSFW: http://www.zombietime.com/folsom_sf_2007_part_1/
        I like to slap my cock all over a girl’s face before I heter-o-rgasm™ (MINE you can’t steal it!!), but I don’t declare it to every gay stranger I meet to convince them I’m a Special Interest Group worthy of US GOV Preferential Treatment.

        women getting bung-tats is the female version of Fight Club Faggots, not BMF – go read the FCF article I wrote]

      • You’re free to state your case with humorous and satirical remarks, but you cannot rely solely upon images.

        The Button-Mashing FAGGOT syndrome itself, is one of misplaced, mediated non-action – self-placated with its own pretense of “action.” Battling Terrorist Evil (online)!© equates with “battling evil” IRL – but, it’s just a fake substitute: The way valid argument is substituted with emotional non sequitur. It is the femininzing of irrationality. OMFG, I just writ GENIUS stuff!

        They are mush-sacks neutered by the trivial. I see a few parallels have infected you a bit, bff!

    • Elite units are rare and made of rural Jordies; they are rare – so rare…the USA loses every battle without their continual involvement. That’s why Iraq and Afghanistan are losses.

      Button-Mashing Faggots are suburban Brandons. InnaCiddy D’Juans and Pedros are the killers.

      SWAT teams don’t know how to operate unless some idiot sniffs a bullet for ’em 3 days after they string the yellow tape. It’s why you didn’t see The Big Heroes during the LA riots; they were at their gf’s house. The LA bank shootout? 35 guys gang up on 2 and win. That’s like calling the Benghazi Embassy Compound Jihadis “elite” because they killed outnumbered and cornered shooters.

      If SWAT is “elite” for wasting those bank robbers – what are The Muslim Bros for greasing FOUR CIA/Seal-Berets?

      That said, trying to justify/glorify some goof for kidnapping a tard is a Pyrrhic episode and Fool’s Errand.

      • Reality – is – what – those – with – power – make – it.

        There is no right, there is no wrong. Morals are created out of thin air by the men who control textbooks, airways and TVs.

        I’m not talking about justification or glorification. You create your reality if you want to. Do you understand the power you have? Killing can be good, or it can be bad or it can be nothing. What do you want it to be?

        Today is the age of absolute freedom and absolute ego. This is the true meaning of the red pill – unlimited liberty. Not just imposing your reality on a woman, but all of existence.

        Take the step, FP. Don’t be afraid.

      • If you want to win converts in early stages, you show bravery against a worthy enemy.
        If the Pillbox Hero had a gripe with specific government agents, he should fight those – not bus drivers and tards.
        Washington fought Redcoats, not Junior and his coachman.

        btw, I’ve seen real, Absolute Freedom; it’s called Trailer Park or Ghetto on Welfare. The result is morons.
        Even defending such misplaced “action” opens up floodgates of mob-mockery and looks foolish. Dressing that guy up in a Viking hat means you repel the smart and attract the stupid.

        I see nobody giving this guy the Mumia/Tookie defense. They at least can say they took their beef to “The Man”
        This just looks plain stupid.

      • It’s not so much about winning converts. It’s about winning power. If adding numbers adds power, do that. If it doesn’t, don’t. It’s about standing outside of it all, and making your own rules. Percieving in ways that profit you.

        You understand this. You know how the elites think. They do not care about public opinion. So long as the masses keep paying their taxes, think what you like. They make public opinion in a thousand different ways. IF they want to be pedophiles, do it! How does it look? Who cares? They make how it looks. This is how Roman Polanski “got off”, if one might call it that.

        Perception is reality. There is nothing external to the human mind. More accurately, it is the perception of bravery against the belief of a worthy opponent.

        Warfare isn’t about fighting equals. It’s about gaining every possible advantage, securing victory, then engaging. You don’t see the US fighting Red China or the USSR – the US fights Grenada, Nicaragua, or Iraq. The battle was already won or lost in training. There’s nothing to see.

    • Ryu is on a roll today. I agree, we neither want nor need the public support. I think we can get to 200,000 core WN by the end of the decade.

      • Then no public support
        is what you got.

        How old will you be in 2023? 40? Not a good age for warriors.
        Maybe, in twenty years, you’ll have 500,000.
        That’s kids not even born yet who’ll get an even more thorough brainwash from the 300 lb Lady Teachaz in Gov School.
        If you think a’merexica’s gonna stay the same while you wait around – you are wrong.

        So, by 2033 you’ll have a half-million further illiterated BMF/FCFs thinking “Nugent Iz God”
        And you’ll be 50
        While 5,000,000 more illegal mexes and coloreds outfuck your projected growth.

      • Jared Taylor, Chuck Rudd, SBPDL and Pat Buchanen can chase down the public support; they are good at it.

        No one can write for everyone. I write to find the elite and assist them. You have to chose if you want your site to be a weenie introduction site for conservatives, or an elite site for those who do.

        The most powerful and deadly weapon on this Earth is the human mind. I don’t care so much about the body. A bullet can outrun any man. A virus can defeat any body armor. Don’t mistake a strong arm for the will that yields it.

      • I’m 21 asshole. What is the point of demoralizing and nay-saying the few people who are white nationalists, the few people who have made it to your website? All I see here is smarmy cynicism. I you have a plan you should tell us, otherwise this website is a waste of time.

        [ed note: the point is, you sound like a 21 year old ignorant, punk dipshit kid – a FCF. telllll us tell us tell us O tell ussssss firepower: Start with books on how to do it – the ones in front of your nose on the homepage. Do you really need a blueprint of a blueprint? You’d rather stare at posters of Vikings Riding Wolves than learn; that is why you lose]

      • @bigdog,when firepowerz sayz *There isn’t anyone to do that heavy-lifting you optimists predict – and project.*

        he’s jsut being a meanie, DONT LISTEN NO. just THINK how PUMPED the FBI SRTs is gonna make you feel. Then when you face the 1st Ranger Battalion, just think how they’ll moralize ya with happy YAY-Saying!

        Remember the old motto: Better to bleed in battle, than in training!.
        Think happy thoughts

      • http://www.kolumbus.fi/aquilon/content.htm

        This is a plan.

        Sifting through goodreads quotes is not.

        [ed note:
        yeah, fuck Mao and Ho
        what do they know
        If you think some Greek guy has a better plan – than those who actually, truly, IRL did it successfully – be my guest. You did not pay attention to the fact that sissy states like France & Greece CAN always yap about their two buck Revolutions b/c they don’t have to worry about the REDS moving in with the US military around.
        If it happens here (and I have ever-growing, GRAVE doubts now) there’s no US military around to fight them, is there? What with them fighting “the Domestic Revolutionary Nationalists,” Who’s gonna keep the Reds off our soil – England? Ever hear of the Chinese Civil War, where Mao’s Commies fought Jiang Jieshi’s nationalists – as he simultaneously fought the Japs? Guess who won.
        PS don’t read just the EZ quotes for christ’s sake – read the book by mao on guerilla warfare. You’ll get no MicroWave Revolution THIS next time round]

      • Big Dog,

        You must forgive my associates. The tentative date that many WNs have in mind is 2025. Ten years away. Please finish college, earn your degree. Study science, people and military matters on the side. Train your body and your mind.

        Do not join any public organizations and learn how to ID informants. Do not announce to anyone that you are a WN. Just keep your mouth shut and eyes open.

        DO NOT be impatient with direct action right now. In particular, no booze and no drugs! If you want women follow the PUA blueprint.

        I like Vikings riding wolves too. Hyperborean Rising has some good ones. While we cannot organize in numbers right now, that doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone. If you want assistance with anything, I will help you. Everyone needs help at some point.

  5. Mr. Firepower,

    I have visited Zombie Time as recommended…


    I was disturbed as they didn’t have the airbrushed fit women I have come to expect as a male feminist….

    However, I did like this:


    Many handsome white nationalists….

    So, hopefully It is okay Mr. Firepower that I dropped these links as you recommended the site and I am putting the NSFW warning. I would not want Bill Maher or the Chrisitans that visit here to confuse this site with all the other sites they spend hours perusing for adequate masturbation material….

    [ed note: doesn’t look like they’re wn’s, more the typical Coloreds at the typical, LeftCoast Califas Rally FOR Political Correctness!! Those robots have like, what 300 protests a week for Gay Undocumented Illegal Whales lolz.
    Now, the coloreds – both the brown foreigners and the black – they love Gay Peeple! You ALWAYS hear how Teh Gays are WELCUMMED in colored hoods! That’s payback hugs for all the PC support, feminists and gays give them, what with that “Protected Minority” coalition stuff. GenButton-Mashing Faggot will enjoy that kind of Zomb-merica as it won’t interfere with their entertainment.]

  6. BigDoug: I honestly think you guys have 200,000 people now, perhaps more, scattered across the United States. We need to actively recruit; but honestly, we need to be OVERWHELMING our figures of authority NOW. Everyone start a campaign to throw their congressmen out and replace with one of US.

    Sound hard? WHAT CHOICE DO WE HAVE? I work with anti-NDAA people, and like they say, it WILL come to bullets if we don’t clamp down on this shit, hard and NOW.

    To develop: ONGOING committees to boot out the assholes, put in “good ones”, then KEEP AN EYE on the good ones.

    I will be adding to my list of activism: Agenda 21, stop- Feinstein- campaign (live in Kalifornia).

    I will never stop

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