America’s Demise: Three Final Choices

by Firepower

America has only three logical routes in the future – just like any organism or nation:

  1. America will get better
  2. America can stay the same
  3. America will get worse

Look around you. If you believe America has a bright future because it is getting better, you’re either an over-grown child or fucking stupid.  America could stay the same, but nations – like living things – rarely stop moving no matter how we wish things to stay the same.  Even if America did stay the same, it would take a bloody miracle to stop…… colored birth rates stacking-up against declining white ones.  That leaves you with just number three.  Sure, America was #1 until the 1970’s and the future was rosy.  Not today.  I don’t have kids to worry about – I could just as easily watch TV instead of write.

The nation is getting worse and will continue getting worse.  Why?  Because of that ironclad list above.  If it is getting worse, that decline itself has but one of those three paths.  If it gets worse, what suddenly comes around to make it all better.

Blog Recyclers howl about The Daily Outrage!®  This day, it’s about why-oh-why does the media not hold Liberals accountable about that budget?  Yesterday, it was Trayvon. Seemingly wise reporters, thinkers & writers endlessly search for the Silver Bullet – that piece of Magic Evidence that finally drives that stake through the heart of liberalism.  Deep thoughts are continually churned out.  The secret incantation seeks to be recited and break the magic spell holding “decent americans” captive.  Re-posted YouTube clips of colored rioters shooting whites are circulated.  The search continues for that Simon Says Moment.  Fantasy Wishes are for children – children who get sad when a well-crafted blog post makes them put down their Twinkie. They fantasize: If they could just magically materialize that Alchemy of Logic all would be fixed!  O, Excalibur – where art thee?

That won’t happen because there’s only two ways to change it:  Proactive bloody revolution or reactive collapse of the system on its own.  People don’t even have the balls to call the cops when the invading mexicans on their street let their dog bark all night, so that first solution is out.  There’s no magic about it.  Magic, puppets and Trix – are for kids.

Piereson made a great presentation explaining Regimes. America has had three.  We are enslaved in the dying 3rd Regime of a Socialist Democrat Welfare Dictatorship.  Piereson gets paid to think and write, but he can’t speak his mind as I do.

You wonder why “Americans don’t wake up” but I know why.  Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin a cunt and it’s OK, but Rushie calls Sandra Fluke a “sorta slut” and gets his fat ears boxed.  Barry O calls whitey a racist, but really, he’s the racist who gets away with it.  I know why.

Then, again Amerexica is getting better for somebody…for coloreds.  If they are the new inheritors, this is their Golden Time – their, Golden Dawn.

The Current American Regime is the Liberal Welfare State and they rule with an iron fist.  Make no mistake: They ARE a True Regime and rule as such – as vicious dictators.  I can synthesize what Piereson can not say:  The coloreds rule government – and all it’s dictatorial, Liberal Fascist power.  Foolish fantasists who wish for a return of Stahlhelm in America cry foul against “insulting” failed German Fascism with the Liberal nazi label – but it is what they are.  Liberals are the ones united; their Fist of Liberalism controls all while Sean Hannity and Mangan cry like stuck pigs.  Stuck baby pigs.

True Revolutionary political change happens in America via massive threat.  The Constitution deliberately slows events down so no rapid change can occur to destroy the country.  Citizens have too much material goodies to want destructive change anyway

So, from those choices 1-3 above you get what I just told you.

25 Comments to “America’s Demise: Three Final Choices”

  1. No longer do I fret that Obama became president. Its what was needed for many people to start thinking: just where is our country headed?

  2. You watch Cspan? Jesus, I feel myself becoming more respectible and hipsterish by the moment. My vagina is quivering. Let’s see if I can take this thing for 72 minutes….
    [ednote: cspan1-3 is an ultimate Reality TV. just a camera recording what people say. only 25% is of a conservative view (25% lib) and the rest is history programs, like classrooms.
    Today, the one-eyed are king to the blind. in the future, the blind will be king to the blind retard and it is this horde that will commence with destruction]

  3. Thanks for the Ramirez cartoon. Reminds me a little of this:

    Yep. The destroyer is doing his job along with all the darkskinned hordes across the land, as well as the jezebels and their spawn. The breaking up is necessary in order to build the foundation for the New Idea which even now is coming forth and which we all look forward to it’s manifestation.

    • The concern is, there will be no “Re-Enlightenment” as the American Revolution conducted by earnest leaders and virtuous troops. Rather, it will be similar to the Terror of the French Revolution – if you’re lucky. In actuality, it will be more a Visigoth, Vandal and Lombard conquering of a declined Rome. The educationally deficient, government schooled of 2050 will be no more able to run an aqueduct or rebuild than a grunting Goth squatting in the Coliseum to take a shit.

      As written, the a’merexiqan Educational Institution has but one of three directions to travel: Do you expect it to get better, or worsen? What do you envision those 2050 grads will be?

      • Yes, the “Visigoth’s, Vandals and Lombards”, have been doing their work since 1920, which eventually morphs into the “educationally deficient, government schooled of 2050”, over time, as planned by John Dewey and his “educated” ones of the early 20th century intended it to be.

        We are, as you know, presently in an “endarkenment” period. A New Man is arising/in the metaphorical birth canal, of which we are the forerunners, if you will, whose “mental ancestors”, following in our “mental footsteps”, will form the New Leaders to come, but will not govern according to the present jezebel zeitgeist, but according to a form of patriarchy, an Americanized version of sharia law, not in the strict Islamic sense, but something like it in it’s rigidity.

        Out of seeming chaos, comes order, for the old must be “broken in pieces like a potters vessel” so that the new “order” can be formed.

        As the New Order is formed it will look to the masses as an evil thing like nazi Germany, but it will actually be a GOOD thing for it will be the ultimate deliverance from the present abomination that we live under. It is initially resisted and ridiculed/fought against as in Spengler’s truism, but eventually will be seen to be self evident.

        Apologies for taking up so much space.


      • I like detailed responses; it’s why I have a blog. I’m not lucky like Foseti or Lion to post 13 words then get 300 responses of 4 pp. per for my clever Daily Linkage Aggregator.

        You have a positive view of the future – one I wish I shared. I’m willing to be convinced, for I want to be convinced.

        I firmly believe it will be a cross between the Dark Ages and the French Revolution – which faltered and became Napoleon’s Empire, in which he ultimately plunged France into eternal degradation.

        I see no way – NO way – that FutureGen creates anything but new ways to strip the marble from the Coliseums and sleep in vast Washington DC tent cities on their way to Nebraska to pick wheat for the Chinks.

        “Endarkenment” is a good term. I will use that.

      • No need to apologize for anything Brandon.

        Here FP. Try this guy. He’s a Christian SPer, writing about the New American Republic. He hasn’t covered the hardest part yet, of how to establish the NAR. I feel optimistic after reading his work:

  4. That was actually a good talk FP. Reminds me of a real seminar at a university, esp with the questions at the end. I keep hearing “demographic change” and I hear spics, not baby boomers.

    • I use great discernment in what I reference, so the impact is not blunted on those I believe would extract value.

      Note Pierson’s usage of evidence upon evidence. Calmly, rationally, he stacks up historical evidence, demographic, Sociological, etc. and interprets them into educated projections. The American Enterprise Institute has many more vids; yes, they are like seminars – and much like your science vids on WNTT.

      This is key: Once one becomes truly educated, they distill sweet Truth from even the most PC BS at Universities. The educated person instantly detects validity when they witness it, and appreciates its rarity.

      Education is deliberately contaminated by US Govt Media as “dats sissy” – much like the way the black views education as “talking white.”
      I’ve had the honor of knowing a select educated few (sadly, too few) who are smarter than most Sheriffs, judges and White House appointees – that shoot 2 inch groups at 200 yds as well as display ferocious proficiency with CQB arms.

  5. Sorry….Schopenhauer, not Spengler…got my tongue wrapped around my eyeteeth and couldn’t see what I was sayin…

  6. “A cross between dark ages and French revolution”…yep, some of that is coming. Not necessarily widespread, but concentrated in urban envirodumps, AKA cities.

    “Stripping the marble, etc” …some of that too, already the beginnings of that with the copper, and etc., being stripped for money from A/C’s, etc.

    I think the future gen you speak of and what I’m talking about are two different groups. Yes, there is more destruction to come via the savages among us, but the “answer” to them is those who follow “us” and our Idea, call it WN, ethnonationalists, American Nationalists, or whatever.

    Right now it looks like we are retreating with our tails between our legs. That’s how it starts out as Schopenhauer said. We – our IDEA- is ridiculed, laughed at, called names to shut us up, in the enemy’s determination to keep our IDEA on the fringes, but over time our IDEA will overcome the present feminine/jezebel zeitgeist -the old idea

    Our IDEA will start to become more prevelant in scattered localized areas at first and gradually spread from there as it is fought hard against by the urbanite east/left coast jewmedia, insuring that the masses who have never heard of us will come searching for us, wondering what all the fuss is about. Anywho…..

    As I’ve written many times at my place, today’s feminine idea is illegitimate, that’s why I call it a jezebel, an out of order female who destroys her own house, as in “a wise woman builds her house, but a foolish woman plucks it down with her own hands”

    The male idea is her “answer” and takes her place; a strong, domineering male. She cannot stop herself, therefore has to be stopped.

    • I understand your points, but share little of your optimism.
      It is wisely said, “optimism requires no evidence.”

      Were you (and I) surrounded by scores of like-minded people of quality – perhaps I’d agree with your Hope. The reality is: We are a very scarce rarity and most of us know few like us irl. You need to ask why that is – then, answer it. Answer it to – and for – yourself.

      Worse, the higher capacity is refuted by the mob. I see nothing of value in WN besides foot soldiers. Hitmen, do not run Mafias. On one side, are the Stuka-posting Blitzgeaks spouting Deutsch, the other – delicate intellectuals spouting theory. You need a combination of both: A brutal conqueror of genius.

      • william luther pierce existed, i think there are still many more like him alive and i think many more are awaiting birth

      • “Most of us know few like us”….Yep. Many called, but FEW chosen.

        One must have a longer view and that only comes by revelation. It can’t be willed into existence. It comes to you.

        The truth doesn’t come to the mob, but to the leaders of the mob.

  7. white enclaves will be quite alot like monestaries, but with guns. i see them fighting off the cro magnons from the confines of secluded hamlets pressing their own ammunition and building their own rifles. however should the government (which it will) become actively involved in supporting the outright elimination of the founding race (as it continues to lose legitimacy/darken/polarize, it will increasingly become a government similar to yugoslavia. you will have black fascists and jews and maybe if the jew can work a miracle, the black fascists will be eclipsed by a pro-black (unlikely) anti white militantly fascist mestizo version of the ustaze, these deputized zetas will most likely be our enemy in the future, and they are by no means nigger street thugs.

  8. The really hard part is setting it up. After that, everything’s easy.

    I understand FP. He wants evidence. Translated, for someone else do all the heavy lifting, create the organization, take the risks, dream up the perfect plan. Then, when that group is near certain victory, then I will join them!

    Ha ha ha. Everyone is risk averse. I’m not insulting you FP. Most of the time I too want the free bottle of water, the complimentary continental breakfast.

    I guess my style of WN is to “create the evidence.” I’m not going to sit in my office and wait for the evidence to crawl into my inbox.

    This is always the way it is. Everyone wants the guanteed return, the free lunch, cracker-jack prize. I understand because I want the crackerjack in many areas…give me the freebies! But WN is such an important area, I’m not willing to wait for someone else’s miracle cure.

    • I do not hate people for what they are, but for who they pretend they are.

      There isn’t anyone to do that heavy-lifting you predict – and project.
      College-age students are the traditional wellspring of revolutionary thought – and revolution. Even pot-choked Hippies influenced the nation. Today – the largest instance was OWS; it was a dud. Yet, they were ten times more organized than MRM, which itself, is twice as organized as WN.

      Were hippies faced with the choice of either crushing unemployment or mopping up at Taco Bell – there’d have been violent change. Today, the Revolutionary Texts comes not from youth, but from “jaded” Government Bureaucrats like Foseti, roissy and ferd sitting on their asses blogging all day on our dime.

      There’s nobody performing any miracle cure of fixing that complimentary continental breakfast. They don’t even know how to cook their own eggs. Those born in 2003? They won’t even know what “continental” means when they’re 20. They are doing no heavy lifting and quite the opposite: They are the insensate sludge clogging up the future river of change.

  9. It’s either a North American Brazil/India or a break up. A north american style brazil/india will lead to severe police state measures just to keep the rich secure. I am more of a fan of a break up, and I consider a break up to end up being 4 maybe 5 nation states with some racial sorting once people know who is in charge of what. The thing that people often overlook is international interest in a break up. China and Russia would salivate at the prospects of breaking up the US just so they could magically have a new ally. Think a traditionalist, conservative oil producing region centered on Texas might align better with Russia than the current USG leviathan? I do. That same region might even side a bit with the Arabs in land disputes. This system will end after this crisis period is over. It’s just a matter of time and America will look and function different after than before we entered the crisis. I have a post on this coming.

    An Ivy leaguer who can speak prole will be a mover. Watch for him.

    • We’ll ally with Russia and every European nation. We love Russia. We’ve had enough of this jewish pigsty. Saudi Arabi and Jordan can fight over the Israeli carcas.

  10. An American collapse means one thing: an end to its funding and enforcement of liberalism abroad. This restores world of normal nations, civilized first world in some places, polite third world in other places.

  11. I like detailed responses; it’s why I have a blog. I’m not lucky like Foseti or Lion to post 13 words then get 300 responses of 4 pp. per for my clever Daily Linkage Aggregator.

    I never really got why this guy is so popular. He’s written some good stuff on how the USG behemoth works, but beyond that it’s just dilettantish posturing as a “reactionary” and quoting Bible verses, I mean, linking a Moldbug article to prove his point.

    [ed note: when the commenters of a once intelligent blog themselves grow stupid and complacent – my theory of Structural National Stupidity moves closer to replicable fact]

    • Foseti was interesting as a smart young insider, but methinks he’s getting bored of blogging, hence the endless links postings. While Moldbug is worth reading, an unquestioning worship from some quarters is unseemly.

      [ed note: holy crippled christ – ANOTHER GOVERNMENT Employee BLOGGER? no wonder they have the time to write shit all day]

  12. FP, what is that anniversery or suicide timer on the right side?

    [ed note: it’s the upcoming anniv of Eradica. I thought I’d give it a year and see how it worked out – the blog, not me. i’m not going until i spend all my money]

  13. ALl of you wishful thinking about a collapse and a breakup, just don’t forget about the samson option. When they realize they are going down, they’re going to use everything they’ve got to take us all down with them.

  14. Unquestionably believe that which you stated. Some of THE BEST new ideas I’ve seen in years.

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