The Alabama Hostage Situation

by Ryu

I’ve been following this story. We will ignore the trivialities of the case and get to the meat: a man is holding a kid in a tornado shelter, surrounded by SWAT.

Can we make some predictions here? SWAT is actually composed of 3 separate teams: outer perimeter defense, intel, and a breaching team. The intel team would be looking for vents to sent an optical fiber down, using IR, whatever they can go know exactly where this guy was and ……what the “bunker” looked like. Wiring, communications, water, electricity, etc etc.

USG is not going to let this thing go on forever. Imagine how many resources are tied up in this – at least 100 uniforms 24 hours a day. Luckily for him being underground, the snipers of the outer perimeter team are useless.

It’s dangerous that he’s talking to the hostage negotiator. Cops are not your friends. HNs introduce themselves, gain rapport, then they start hitting back. Obviously he wants to avoid a long prison sentance. The police cannot allow that, as it would provide a poor example for other criminals.

It’s a game! Most of these things end in 3 days. I recommend to the criminal to shoot the boy in an area that will bleed out within an hour. Near the armpit would work. Then he tells the negotiator that unless they fulfill his demands within an hour, the boy will die. If they try to storm the area, he will finish the job. If they try gassing him, he finishes the job. Then…off, no radio contact. We all know how buddy-buddy the negotiator is, until they get what they want.

The USG can’t allow that kid to die on international TV. The criminal has that leverage. It’s like that hostage story a week ago in North Africa where 30 hostages died, a debacle!

And so we wait. That dude’s been up for several days now. The fact that he is talking with a negotiator is dangerous. Negotiators are slippery, slimy creatures who want “compromises.” This guy could have won if he made all his calculations beforehand, him dictating the terms. Not talking with his new BFF. Give a strict, iron deadline. Any attempts or coincidences like sleeping gas and the kid dies. To let them know you’re serious, shoot the kid in a non-fatal area. Make sure that when they fulfill the demands that they are not lying, tagging them in any way. The police are allowed to lie, and would be considered criminals themselves if not for the badge.

I don’t think the criminal has the stuffing to pull this off and shoot the kid, which would actually put fear into the authorities. I will bet an ounce of silver that he gets talked out of there in the next day or two.

12 Comments to “The Alabama Hostage Situation”

  1. There is always more to the story that we aren’t being told. Also the Lefties will be all over this for gun control. Bet you.

  2. What “cause” or benefit does this abductor serve by kidnapping a 6-year-old.

    • The very best cause in the entire world…his own!

      There is no absolute truth. You give this man 1 billion dollars, control of the media and I can make him into a hero, people will applaud him, rally to him. This is how men like Obama succeed – using power to make their goals seem like yours.

      Any story can take on any POV. Give me that microphone and I can turn anyone into anything. And I will get 90%+ compliance from the public. Anyone who opposes me will be a conspiracy theorist, an extremist, in fact whatever I want him to be.

      Is there something wrong with taking children hostage? Torturing children? Then why aren’t you yelling at the CIA? They do it every single day all in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe I should dig up their protocols for torturing children. Get some pictures up.

      Something wrong with killing children? Feds did it at Waco. Obama does it every day with his kill lists. The only reason you guys are mad at this guy is because he doesn’t have the power. He’s not “president.” He’s not wearing a badge.

      There are two standards in this world – one for the weak, one for the strong. You excuse those in power who kill children then begrudge this guy for doing exactly the same thing for his own purposes.

      The only difference between a mass murderer and a war hero is perspective. Right now you imagine children are all innocent. How long do you think it would take to change to the other POV? That all children are guilty? I bet I could convert anyone inside of a week.

      There’s only one truth – power. Power is power over the human mind.

      • Big Gov only got away with Waco. They most certainly did not win approval.

        If the CIA/feds are the guilty, abducting a random schoolbus kid doesn’t affect them.

      • Approval has many meanings. People “approved” of Waco by not doing anything about it.

        So a few people whined a little bit. So what? Did people stop paying taxes? Did they fire the men involved? Lamp post hangings? Was the FBI closed down? ATF de-funded?

        No. That’s the power of their approval or disapproval, nothing.

        This world belongs to one group of people – those who take action. Truth is irrevelent and can be engineered to anything one likes. You make a bid for power, then if you win, you are right and determine “the truth.” If you lose, you’re a criminal, a monster, a terrorist.

        This kidnapping has no moral significance. Right/wrong? Depends what side you’re on. What are you selling? Selling some outrage? Buy one get one free? Buy some outrage get a case of beer?

        One thing I do know – that kidnapper is out there, he is taking action, he is risking it all. It’s one man against 200 outside the bunker and millions watching on TV. Now if he has true personal power, he will dictate the terms of engagement and do what it takes to win.

        No…this is the man of the future FP. You have some picture as to the bloodbath it will take to cleanse the country.

      • If the goal is to get The Man – well, they’re everywhere; there’s no need for a 5-year-old as bait to “lure” them out.
        If he’s the future, you will lose. You’ll not only have these uncontrollable individuals to command, they’ll be stupid as well.

        If I wanted effective propaganda against the leftists, I’d create a story where OWS abducts a Kindergärtner in protest of Corporate Greed.

        What is the objective of this incident.

      • Survival. He was going to court the next day. To avoid jail, he took that hostage. Even if it only buys him a day, he wanted to avoid jail. He did what it took to hang on just a little longer.

        See it? Desperation. He did what it took to survive. That is an important skill. Alot of muricans will be desperate in the times to come. A liberal would have just submitted himself to his fate. This man did not. He broke through, he violated their laws.

        Things are falling apart, FP. Can you sense it? A new age is upon us. It’s coming.

      • If his Oppressors are
        fat schoolbus drivers & kiddies –
        he’s certainly Winning.

        If his oppressors are somebody else…

  3. So far, it looks like only his own. Maybe private property laws, leash laws, etc.

  4. What’s the purpose of SWAT anyways? Is it effective? Or is it just an opportunity for the cops to put on their special forces Halloween costumes and act big? What would happen if someone else took a hostage in Nowhere, Ala.? Do they have two SWAT teams?

    • WHen the people need help, they call the police. When the police need help, they call SWAT. When SWAT needs help, they call the military.

      PDs vary. Having your own SWAT team is a feather in the hat, and is a requirement for some cities. They have to “pay” so you need to make alot of busts and seizures. All the uniforms, equipment and manpower costs money which was to come from somewhere. In small departments, they can organize their own SWAT teams by just picking some guys. If you look around you’ll see some PDs getting grants from Uncle Sugar for $$$.

      SWAT is usually effective. Most encounters end without shots being fired, because the other guys give up. The uniforms are designed to intimidate. Most of the time, it just ends up as “all dressed up, nowhere to go” as 100 officers converge on a scene where there is 1 or 2 perps.

      SWAT does not rank high in the military heirarchy. Soldiers look down on them. SWAT is usually hot for at most 10 minutes, the rest is standing around.

  5. Why fake hostage in ,tomato shelter?

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