Illegal Amnesty 9.0! – Simple Explanations

by Firepower

El Presidente Chelsea Obama-Hernandez 2050, si!

Barf.  Fifty-Million articles by 23 million pundits n’ bloggers with 268 million comments.

The Outrage!!!©

My writing 45 paragraphs about some other guy’s 14 paras bores me, so I’ll just sum it up:  Both dems & repubs include The Elite.

Any longtime bigshot (from either side) would rather dine with a “Mortal Enemy!” from the other side than suffer you making them a laborious, home-cooked meal in your… filthy little hovel to discuss Real Issues!™  They hobnob and discuss their investments and satiating Dominican Republic Sex Vacations.  Your place is to serve their table, wash those dishes then drive them back to their mansion.

Whites don’t fight blacks anymore; they generally let them have their way – but pundit the hell out of them.  Only two sides fighting creates a clear antagonistic focus leading to rapid civil war with uncontrollable consequences.  Hispanics actively fight blacks; this added third element creates a ……manageable civil unrest.  The black was expected to balance the power among lower classes but unexpectedly, became quickly dominant.  So now, Hispanics are winning against the black and the establishment needs a counterbalance.

The elite need replacements – reserves and fresh troops – to keep NRA Jimbo distracted until he’s outnumbered and ultimately, disarmed.  The old foundation is hard to demolish.

Hispanics killing blacks means killing off traditional Democrat votes.  Hispanics going to prison for killing blacks means they also can’t vote while incarcerated.

The elite are importing future voters to replace those lost.


5 Responses to “Illegal Amnesty 9.0! – Simple Explanations”

  1. “There are many people who are always waiting for the next thing to react against, to feel annoyed or disurbed about- and it never takes long before they find it. “This is an outrage,” they say. “How dare you…” “I resent this.” They are addicted to upset and anger as others are to a drug. Through reacting against this or thay they assert and strengthen their feeling of self.”

    – A New Earth (Eckhart Tolle)

  2. I don’t know if you know this, FP, but I saw MW talking about neo feudalism. Looks like your ideas filter through the WNosphere.

    [ed note: thank you, but I increasingly grow skeptical if that is such a good idea any more. for the filtration (and the filterer) fail to complete the vision springing forth in the original, inspired individual. simply put, it’s like an Idea by Committee – or somebody else finishing your posts. especially when they keep it hidden, it has the taint of submitting an “A+ essay” to a teacher facilely cut from another. the goal, is not to grecycle another to appear GENIUS – but to inspire action. most now, care nothing about the latter]

  3. FP,

    Good post. The holocaust of white civilization continues, and there is barely a whimper. How small are we as a community? I realize we are fringe in terms of modern politics, but the basic and natural idea of protecting and defending your own people is timeless. How are we losing this argument? I am at a loss.

    We’ve completely exchanged our people. As Peter Brimelow once said, the government elected a new people. We are refugees in our own land. And the domination does not stop. No matter the uproar, amnesty will be granted. White people will sit idly by, pretending nothing has changed, while they fear for their children and retirement. They will never look in the mirror and accept the damage they have caused. It was someone else’s fault. Its becomes more difficult to fight for the white race and European civilization when both seem intent on destroying themselves. We must be the only race ever to exist that chose to erase our people, our history, our traditions, and religious values. We have completely failed our ancestors. I cannot blame the colored races, we chose our irrelevance. We chose our destruction. And every one seems happy with that.



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