America’s Demise 3: Salvation!

by Firepower

Many of you wrote how these articles made you feel bad.  Awwww..! 😦

You see: That’s the problem.  All it takes for The Modern American to feel despondent is a well-crafted blog post.  Imagine how you’d feel if Hilary or Bill Maher deliberately wrote to make you feel sad and piss on your Cornflakes – by how they’ll confiscate your granny’s (and your) Social Security to pay for Naquita’s and Swagga Daddy’s ninth Welfare baby on MedicaidHail Our Obama – he won!  Now, go kill yourself.  Big complainers love to write privately but don’t have the courage to craft a challenge to my assertions.  That delicate cowardice proves my points correct, btw.

If you die with a jackboot grinding your neck into the suffocating mud, perhaps it is because you didn’t retaliate.  Perhaps, you deserve it.  I…won’t be around forever.  Certainly not long enough to let The Evil Empire get me.  Those of you alive in 40+ years are gonna have big, bloody problems…

The American who once accepted the hard challenge to….…. rise amidst the ashes is long gone.  We are now Therapy Nation; trained by Government School to need Happy Thoughts!  Anything truthful hurts our feelings and we run to our IPhone for solace; texting, sexting and Internet Porn oh my.  No doubt, were The Once America today’s amerixiqua, nobody’d get off their ass and settle Texas.

Many nations were warned of collapse and laughed – even in the face of true destruction:  The Confederacy, WW2 Japan and Germany.  The former Soviet Union.  Hiding from reality is dangerous:  The Bogeymen won’t vanish just because you pull the covers over your head and button-mash.

America has only three logical routes in the future – just like any organism or nation:

  1. America will get better
  2. America can stay the same
  3. America will get worse

To Be Continued…


4 Comments to “America’s Demise 3: Salvation!”

  1. There’s a middle ground. Something between “the niggas gon’ gitchu cracka!” and the MRM’s latest tale of victory!

    I’m not in the truth business but the propaganda business. The truth is like a newscaster announcing in his Robo-AlGore voice “the house is on fire, oh yes and look at those people, they’re burning….interesting, and now they’re screaming….oops they fell…hey they aren’t moving anymore.”

    Observation is not enough! We want to stop that ugly future. We are not disinterested in the results. Context, action! I can be a good doggie just pet and give me a bone once in awhile.

    See, like this video makes me smile. “Nooooo don’t do it! ” That’s a good reward.

    [ed note: One with an reborn Edward Norton admiration had better enjoy those Ultra-Realistic Hollywood Clips of Un-flinching Portayals of Harsh Reality, showing all the White Murderdeath of invading coloreds. For IRL, it’s not like white people don’t kill the black on their street and just meekly move away.]

  2. I just wrote about this, in a round about way, in two posts. Israel has it right: sterilize these sub-humans:

    Human beings get rights to procreate. Animals don’t.

  3. We have avoided massive gang wars, which many social pundits predicted in the ’80s and ’90s. Seriously, do you hear about gang wars much anymore outside the Mexican drug cartels? Must have been the weed, government bennies and internet porn.

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