Awakening An America, That’s Not Asleep

by Firepower

This article describes one of the core concepts I believe.

Suffering people ask: Why do all these crazy things happen today?  Why?

Why are americans so stupid, why can’t they see…why don’t they…WHY?!?

The human brain is accustomed to categorizing data, where even the unknown must lead to answers.  It needs structure to comprehend its operating environment: The inexplicable irritates it.  That, is what you feel today…

See, I just provided you with an answer; you can feel the warm, soothing relief wash over you like a shot of Bourbon.

Think as if you’re actually shaking a sleeping person’s body to arouse it, to awaken it for a duty of some sort.  Now imagine that body as the body politic, the collective – a nation.

You presume the body sleeping and need it to awaken – to suddenly see its error and expecting it to say “oh, i made a mistake, now I’ll fix it!”  You want to help steer it away from its wrongs, directing its return to the conscious and cogent state of moral rightness.

But it wont awake – it can’t awake.  It has no need to awake because…

America isn’t sleeping – it’s stupid.  america IS awake.  IT decided consciously to elect Obama.  No one “forced” it to embrace Socialism – it simply went along with it.  No one forces voters to vote in the likes of an Obama and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) who’ll raise your taxes.

Americans really are so stupid today, they’ll vote in a Regime that will raise their taxes – they knew it.

There’s no need to be confused and angered by The Latest Outrage:  It’s like balding, wrinkles, gray hair and saggy tits.  There is no purpose in the “behavior of graying” just as there is no purpose in the behavior of incomprehensible stupidity; it is simply the manifestation of decay ….and approaching death.

Other sites attempt  to “provide answers” in Eradican Fashion to gain disciples; the writers are clever and detect true originality,  yet they will stumble.  What they say is stupid or trite – a copy of an original translated for their particular target group.  I now hate them more for the damage they do rather than the anger I felt at their copying.

The concept of this article is like none others you’ll fnd.  Truth is the answer.  There is no need to dress it up to win supporters.  Yet, disseminating truth is the single hardest thing to do today.  The nation was so successfully conquered by liberalism and its Government Schools of Brainwashing that the result truly is a nation of zombie-pods.

Changing america back to America demands changing younger minds not yet captured by the Evil Siren’s Song of Easy Libertine Liberalism.

Written December 14, 2012


13 Responses to “Awakening An America, That’s Not Asleep”

  1. No flash or razzle dazzle? Just wham! Hit’m with the truth. My experience says it takes many hits with the hammer to do the job. More like tearing down a house with a sledge.

    I don’t know how we’ll get access to young fresh minds before they are corrupted by the schools. Most kids accept what ma and pa say, at least until the teenage years. The very best racists I know started very young and I’m glad to see WNs like CB around.

    CB how did you become a racist? If I know history you lived in an enriched neighborhood and were beat up everyday.

    • Mixed hoods will do much of the work.
      There is no society in history that ever survived multiracialism or multi-anything.

      Especially uneducated, dim, violent societies prone to lashing out instead of using reason: america gets dumber and meaner by the day.
      The black won’t survive; it’s likely they’ll be eradicated by the mex, who’ll then eradicate whites. It may even be deserved.

      Whenever a superior culture interacts with another culture, the superior culture always triumphs.

      • then of course it will be the struggle between the hispano-elite and the remnants of the anglo-elite over the reigns to the mex hordes

    • yep i was the little blonde boy with a liberal mommy who told me never to fight and i was in classes with niggers who threw me around and beat me up and one time threatened to do that “prison stuff” to me, my family was a white flight casualty of the detroit riots so niggershines were noticed but not discussed, my father usually smiled when i would froth at the mouth about niggers and rap,etc. also i grew up in a liberal college town filled with “JAP”s (jewish american princesses, and princes) who looked down on me and my fellow corn fed goyim brothers and sisters, there was literally a caste hierarchy at HS, with the proto-hipster jews at the top, niggers in close second and beta whites third, conservative whites (i was not one, i was raised liberal but i got all “james dean” on my folks) at the bottom.

      [when i was at school, all the libs and coloreds got their cars keyed etc, after Diversity speeches & PC pep rallies. threats too – it was terrible]

      • also my full conversion to racism began at age 12 outside a public library, when in my mother was accosted by 4 black men in front of me and my 8 year old brother, i do recall that it never proceeded beyond sexual intimidation, but even at 12, i knew that i was witnessing the violent struggle for life, my mother said to me all scared “where’s you father at?” at twelve i understood why there was a Klan

      • Thanks for sharing! I myself did not see a negro in the flesh until 18 and didn’t see a gook until 15. It was glorious but sadly I was a liberal for a long time. It was the holocaust tale, skin lampshades, jewish soap, and other anti-German fables that woke me up.

  2. “America isn’t sleeping – it’s stupid. america IS awake. IT decided consciously to elect Obama. No one “forced” it to embrace Socialism – it simply went along with it. No one forces voters to vote in the likes of an Obama and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) who’ll raise your taxes.

    Americans really are so stupid today, they’ll vote in a Regime that will raise their taxes – they knew it.”

    This reminds me of a skit done by the late George Carlin on why he did not vote.

    “I have solved this political dilemma in a very direct way: I don’t vote. On Election Day, I stay home. I firmly believe that if you vote, you have no right to complain. Now, some people like to twist that around. They say, ‘If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain,’ but where’s the logic in that? If you vote, and you elect dishonest, incompetent politicians, and they get into office and screw everything up, you are responsible for what they have done. You voted them in. You caused the problem. You have no right to complain. I, on the other hand, who did not vote — who did not even leave the house on Election Day — am in no way responsible for that these politicians have done and have every right to complain about the mess that you created.”

    [ed note: i’ve seen that skit; i’m honored to have my ideology compared to it. I am proud to not have voted for Bush – twice. carlin’s death proves there is NO god – he’s dead, and bill maher’s alive. beating smart brains against the Wall of Stupid that IS a’merexiqa today is pointless. no argument is needed anymore: they must be eradicted, if not – future gen is indeed finished. why argue – it’s like arguing with people who like to smoke, or fuck light sockets]

  3. America’s the battered wife who won’t do anything to help herself, even though she could.

  4. Was there ever any doubt the majority of people *aren’t* foolish? Today, or at any other time? No. There’s little value in bemoaning reality. It just is.

    The z-pods can be made to fall in line using methods and techniques that I won’t discuss here right now. The White American population group doesn’t need to ‘wake up’; it needs to be forced to stand in ranks at rifle-point if need be. Discipline and obedience. A new order, maintained by threat of violence.

    The task at hand is forging a new elite, an archaeofuturistic aristocracy.

    • You cannot make hard, first century AD Roman Legions out of 5th Century Roman twerps.

      That, is what you have.
      You (perhaps without realizing it) claim that all they need is a whack in the head with a rifle butt to awaken.
      You’re expecting ranch-fed sheep to be sprung from their pens at gunpoint and made to scamper up a mountainside and get into head-butting contests with the wild ones. Each day I grow more suspicious there is never a clarion call, for there is no one to hear it. No one is asleep. This…is what they want. It’s what Government Education has taught them to be.

      Would I herd Brandons into camps with you? You bet.
      I see nobody being the New Elite – but the second generation sons of the elite already established and ensconced.

  5. 2004 = final white male Democratic presidential ticket.

    2012 = final white male Republican presidential ticket.

    A white matriarch or FABULOUS male queen will rule henceforth.

    Even with renewed racial awareness white America will be a no testosterone zone except for licensed male strippers.


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