men’s rights VICTORY: Women take over Congress!

by jenibear

How craftee these Mermers are – making us grrlz suffer with congress-inspired workload headaches.  They will starve the beast but give it a migrane, first!

MOST number of women in government EVER

Its great seeing emma-rays outsmart feminists with their stragety of putting a record number of women in the Senate.

Of the 13 new senators who took the oath, five of them were women, bringing the ranks of women senators to 20 – a full one-fifth of the legislative body.

Mrm Victory!  Keep it up, guys!!  All that blogging pays off.  Your effective-efforty-effarting has paid off – with the stuff you see in that picture!


29 Comments to “men’s rights VICTORY: Women take over Congress!”

  1. We need to decide upon a symbol for the inverse of Rosie the Riviter: a call to women to return to the home. Harriet and Henrietta are both feminine forms of male names and mean “ruler of the home.” I like the sound of Henrietta better, personally. Henrietta the Homemaker.

  2. And just what has running stuff gotten us? No, we need a “take under,” not a take over. In order to gain power we need to abdicate. Weakness is strength.

    • the domestic sphere is the only lasting aspect of a civilization, big standing armies and fortresses get destroyed, big wigs get old and die, but there will always be little kids, that is really where the power is, i know my mother unwittingly turned me to nietzsche’s philosophy with her new agey interest in buddhism and trancendentalism, although my fathers stocism and rage provided a working model, the woman provided the substance of the template.

  3. It’s a dangerous thing, CB. Women in positions of power, women on the front lines with guns.

    Dangerous for them. When the day comes that one looks upon a woman and sees a 5′ tall, 120lb, slow, uncompetitive man. The day privilege and admiration disappears.

    Don’t have any mercy. Perhaps a white woman might come with a gun in defense of multiculturalism. The minute they stick that gun in your face, they gave up mercy and charity. Then, you either take them as a captive, or, send them to the next world.

    We don’t tolerate competition. We don’t play nice. There is no compromise. Someone comes for what’s yours – you either give it up, or fight. Women have to decide if they want to become short weak slow men or if they want to be women.

    In fact, I already know that after white men conquer the diverse, we will have to re-conquer our own women.

    • oh i know, it is a pity in a way, they talk real big and “got guns”, but you close the distance and then they will try real hard to get a feminine again cause “nature is about to take its course”. yeah im not to worried about white women as a threat myself, im sure plenty of supple young zoglings will be trigger”men”, but if we don’t dash their skulls out later, the niggers will, this whole game is totally unnatural and cannot last. that is what non-feminine women are, dickless men, more useless than a fag, utterly useless cannon fodder.

    • women cannot be serious, i don’t know but when i see a woman who is “serious” as in like im gonna die serious, i see dickless dog, cannon fodder.

  4. I’m alright with this. The more incompetents they have, the better.

    Personally, I’m hoping that federal agencies will be required to hire ever larger numbers of the dysfunctional leftist freak brigade.


    Sounds more humiliating than anything Gunnery Sergeant Hartman ever put his Marines through.

  5. LOL i KNOW that with a little more blogging, the Speardead boys will finally Achieve Victory and get that number of lesbian females on the supreme court down to just 5! With Pircey’s online growth comes the Online Reality of maybe keeping the Senate down to 30 grrlz by next election.

    • I wish Peter Nolar aka Globalman would come back to the MRM. He was the one writer of theirs I admired. The last man standing is Jake Donovan at the Queerhead. How to pack fudge and save the merms.

    • This all links up.
      Female Senatoritas…should be outraged that an evil man has taken advantage of female teenagers, but…that man is a dirty mex.
      And, he’s interviewed by Marta Raddattz; herself guilty of some Liberal MSM sin some months back iirc.
      [ed note: BINGO I GOT IT: she was the “MODERATOR” of one of the Debates]

      MZ. Raddattz (wonder what kind of synagogue she goes to)
      bravely asked Our Don Juan (D-NJ) what “wonders he felt Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did during her testimony before Congress.”
      You’d expect a liberal jewess to jump on a Ron Paul if he got caught plowing the teen-beanfield.
      Not just Jew. Not just Mex. Not just MSM. Jew/mex/msm/feminist together. It’s the FFFoL United Front of Fascism.

  6. What Cyprian said. The empty coffee suit’s job is to destroy, not build, and he’s doing an excellent job.

  7. Part of my wish for a break up of the US into 3-5 nations is to see the super lib Northeast corridor get migration of Dem voters from red states and suddenly the SWPLs, jews and old white Boomers who have kids that hate them end up having to deal with the rainbow coalition living in large numbers in their states. Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut full of NAMs would make me laugh.

  8. The western male should embrace Islam.

    • I’m not against Islam; not really. Sand niggers do not belong in Europe, Oz or the US. If there were white Islamic WNs, I wouldn’t be opposed to them. I have not met more than one or two. My interest is race, not religion.

      I really think that WN needs to embrace a wholly European way of thinking. One thing I do know is that there is no diversity in Valhalla. I recently lost a friend to the univeralism of Christianity. He came to love Christ more than being white and soon, he might prefer a Christian negro to a pagan white.

      • Xtianity embraces the warrior ideal when xtianity is in power.

        When it is not, it reverts to Jesus-Mode and becomes meek.
        Christianity has become a religion for the weak – hiders – thus it’s perfect for todays american. See any mass movements of missionaries to China, Iran – North Korea? It’s what God commands. “Convert the Godless!” etc. and so on…

        A martial mentality necessarily demands killing and even butchery if need be. It has ugly moments and is scary. Xtianity provides the timid with a means of escape and even, reward.

      • I am the same: race before religion. Islam however, is a political system; we all need to remember that when they whine their ‘religion’ is being criticized.

      • From a Muzzie viewpoint, the East Asians are also weak infidels and need to be reprimanded if possible. Islamic delegates in the past, did visit one of the Chinese emperors where they told him he was no god, and refuse to submit to him, like his beta subjects have been doing, in accordance with the Confucian tradition.

    • more jew inspired semetic monotheism? no sir we have the ubermensch, we are going beyond this whole game of silliness, our deeds will live on after us, and our glory will never fade from our progeny and our names will ring through the invisible halls of valhalla upon high. monotheism leads to liberalism, look at the ‘rabs, their are on their way to modernity as we speak.

      • also i am a young man, and while i have not had a good experience overall with my generations nihilist-consumerist sisters, and i think a cold masculine touch would really be good for their souls overall, i disagree with putting pretty white girls in hajabs and such, i disagree with killing women for showing faces, etc. let the muzzies do this to them, it will only help curb immigration.

    • So this is for everyone on this site. A commentator of FP, who said this, before I came to the fold.

  9. Christianity used to have a hajeb too, CB, in a manner of speaking. Think of the bonnet and those full body dresses that the pioneer women used to wear.

    I find those outfits a thousand times more feminine than the modern over-revealing clothing.

    • yeah im totally fine with that, i agree, those are much different than hajebs. i agree totally dresses are much more alluring to me than tight nylon stockings or whatever which reveal cameltoe.

  10. with mermerz writin’ strategies like THEY’VE BEEN DOING, maybe for next election they’ll SHOW US THE WIN by getting 79 lady senators elected!


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