Elite SEX Parties 1-25-13

by Firepower

Blondes Entertain Coloreds on TMZ

Not everyone will have to abide by Senator Dianne Feinstein‘s gun control bill. If the proposed legislation becomes law, government officials are exempt.

Ahhhh…Big Government once again gets away.  They shoot, you cower:  Long ago, that was called FEUDALISM.

Thats cuzz they want you enslaved, disarmed – or fucking dead.  ANY way works in Feudalism.  The end result is…..…. pure power, even when dressed-up in quaint, grandmotherly lace like dainty Mizz Fine Swine.

Tyranny usually comes not in jackbooted-SWATZI SS garb – but dressed as a wimpy bureaucrat like Obongo. Recall the banality of evil¹.

While the Hunger Games JetSet confiscates your armaments, the Hollywood Wing indulges on nouvelle cowboy cuisine, plentiful pours of high-end spirits, Utah microbrews and sugarbaby ass.  The Castle Sires cares not of your peasant concerns.  Roast Leg of Venison & Fresh Quinces await!  Lingerie-clad women pretending to snort prop cocaine, erotic dancers outfitted with sex toys and an Alice in Wonderland look-alike performing a simulated sex act on a man in a rabbit costume perform for The Lords’ Amusement.

Naomi Foner*, the mother of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, said she didn’t see the sex toys. Foner..*

The performance by Simon Hammerstein’s* troupe was more explicit than intended,” CAA said in a statement. “We regret if this created an uncomfortable setting for any of our guests.” The party planners and CAA had wanted to “wow the crowd,” said Jordan Fogle*

Medieval England, or Roman Orgy?  Either way, while the blood of this filth courses through their vile veins, perversion and degradation will rule a’merexiqa.  When their blood fertilizes the earth, you may return.

FUCKS MORE 15-year-old ASS Than… Cajun, Roissy and Roooshi!

Did Ancient Israel have orgies?  Oh that Solomon guy, he was God’s Honourable Chap.  He didn’t need strange with 500 concubines.

But, Sacred-Oppressed Hispanic-Minority-American New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez escapes the Horrors of His Oppression by treating his penis to 15-year-old prostitutes, taking along his Mensch, Miami eye doctor Salomon Melgen*.

REAL Columbia Bar Hookers

Never fear Dianne Feinstein and her Team Elite (made up of these rats) will make it safe – after they take your guns and turn your grandchildren (girls and boys) into Sextoys of The Elite. So long as there’s there’s a Secret Sex Service procuring pussy for Senators (and quid pro quo!) these Noble Lords will take care of the little people – like The Jordies who lent them a stump to keep on…keepin’ on…and gettin’ it awwwwnnn…

Nicer Latina Ass Even Teh Roosh Hath Never Pounded

Remember, Hollywood says that Mel is a cocksucker never to be forgiven for calling a cop “tinytits” but Bob Menendez is a Freedom Fighter-Fighting for Latinos Everywhere.

So long as The Rushie Reads Muh Blog (about Elites) I haz made it…

¹famous old quote – LIUFY
*btw..guess which 1.5% Special Group these guys are from?  FACT or fiction?

15 Comments to “Elite SEX Parties 1-25-13”

  1. that picture above, ahh it reminds me of nietzsche, “when going to women don’t forget the whip”

  2. Oh my. LOL Who is going to stand up for the underdog and demand sex parties for the poor?!?!?!

  3. Yikes. Rulership is serious business. It demands a certain sobriety. It is dangerous to be a libertine.

    Your ugly future quite resembles the world of “Hold Back This Day,” a WN fiction story.

    • Governing indeed demands sobriety.

      Hollyweird has a certain “right” to behave as it pleases (as does its willing whores) because no one is forced into sleaze and…they actually create a product through business.

      Our Evil Government FORCES taxes from unwilling slaves – then vile, fat profiteers capitalizing on their “Noble Hispanic La Raza” use those ill-gotten gains to fuck Latin-Agers.

      Filthy panderers fuck everybody from within the Senate Chamber, then fuck a select few in the bedchamber. I’m sure Menenenenenendez swaps lewd Sexcapade Stories with his Secret Sex Service Johns.

      This IS the Aristocracy that will rule with a HEAVIER hand when they consolidate power over the masses.

  4. Hollyweird has always been a place for unrestrained libertinism and decadence of every stripe. The film version of The Godfather hints at this when Tom Hagen meets the movie producer Jack Woltz (YKW?) and a very young girl, obviously distraught, is seen leaving with her mother. The novel expands on his pedophilia as well more Hollyweird degeneracy. Mario Puzo portrays it in a negative light, contrasting it to the normalcy and connectedness provided by remaining with one’s own (in this case, Italians).

    I mention this because it’s the only negative mainstream depiction of Hollyweird I’m aware of. Fucking lots of pretty girls, sure, that’s understandable, but it sounds like there’s more than a few Lou Pearlman’s and Roman Polanski’s lurking about.

    • I know that scene well. Another excellent author is Sydney Shelton. He writes alot about the seedy side of hollywood. I think FP wrote that most of these actresses are basically hookers.

  5. University administrators and professors playt he same game with their 17-25 year old students. This applies to both genders and hetero and homo activities.

    • the campus police are heavily involved in these activites too

      • Hmmm. I always had the feeling that unipigs did it in part for access to primo coeds. We already know that student athletes are essentially paid in pussy.

      • its all hinted at, they “provide guidance” to drunk girls, tell them how they could do better than whoever boy they are out with, and then they offer rides,etc. in some cases they get a little too friendly, most likely if someone planted a bug on these guys you get lots of lewd talk and male sex scheming, add that into a position of power, they usually would laugh and goad on the “im just partying attitude” in order to get a view of some 19 year old breasts, maybe more

  6. Rush Limbaugh was once detained at the airport after returning from the Dominican Republic with an illegal Viagra prescription. Limbaugh has a sketchy romantic life and is a childless man in his fifties. GOP (gay old pedophile) might apply.

    • Before we get all Narcissism of Small Differences on Teh Rushie – remember:

        1-Rushie pays HIS own airfare to the Dominican Republic, not taxpayers
        2-Sen Menendez MAKES LAWS that put YOU in prison for fucking young girls – like he does
        3-You are then, forced to pay Menendez’ lifetime salary/pension. rushie earns his own

      • Earns it by being a shill for neocons.

      • Not read rooooshi in years – but his sudden direction toward bashing “elites” is suspiciously pilfered from my writings. He’s come to approach His 40s. As I’ve predicted, he will become desperate for even basic income.

        Having avoided him for so long, you’ll have to inform me/us how he’s shilling now for neocons.

  7. Orgies for the rich and powerful remind me of the film Eyes Wide Shut.

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