Liberalism: A Religion & Pure Cult II

by Firepower

While writing this, I noticed Obama’s inauguration parade led by floats – like a Roman Emperor-God’s.  The floats consisted of the values of His Most Loyal Party of Righteous Five-Fists:  Cute floats celebrating Civil Rights (coloreds), Feminism and LGBT.  Because it was still “in the shop” being re-re-re-constructed, The Gun Grabbers’ Float missed the parade…

Even in my Jaded State, I never ever quite expected to suffer seeing a President have a transsexual float.  As I described in another piece, pageantry & spectacle are valuable because they reveal in self-created imagery exactly what an ideology stands for. They are required to create symbolism.  It is the distillation of ideas, words and true beliefs into pictures.  Gods, are symbols.

The Liberal Messiah is a Multiple Messiah because they don’t limit themselves to just one. Their messiah is a revolution, a changeable, mutable messiah arising as a concept in a pantheon of Messianic fervor. To a liberal, a savior can take any form; they are like Egyptian Gods.

Aha…now you’re seeing it clearer: Every democrat messiah is forgiven (no matter the Sin) and thus held sinless in salvation. It is the reverse of a mass of sinners being forgiven by one entity.  The Mass forgives The Messiah.  The Saviour’s sins now incongruently prove the righteousness – a justification to lead. Liberalist leaders are instead, redeemed by their flock. Then the congregation forgives itself: Perfection… This, is how psychotics reason.

Every single Democrat President is imbued with super-natural Powers of Goodness by their disciples of punditry and press. Their opponents are Devils. All criticism is dismissed on the basis that criticizing God is evil if on his way to fight the Devil. You can’t have God without the Devil; he then serves no purpose.

What is a cult? A cult is just a religion with more untenable, crazy aspects. Liberalism has metastasized into Cult.

God, Matthews & The Biden

This is why you feel such incredulous shock that liberals cannot grasp facts or even numbers like a $17 Trillion Debt, Colored Crime Statistics and Obama’s lies – even with thousands caught on YouTube. I actually saw Chris Matthews attack “damned conservatives” – with both invective and charts – for objecting to Obama’s demands to spend more, even though he has Trillion Dollar deficits. It is beyond ridiculous, sinking into pure farce.

Adherents deny fact: It is precisely what they do – get used to it. When even numbers fail to enlighten someone – you, my friend, are dealing with a religious zealot.

This is how you fight liberals on a structural level, before the Bloodshed Days start. It’s not mere time-wasting argument – it casts seeds of doubt. It can cause one to lose faith. It can cause conversion. Those converted to the “other side” become even greater zealots because they feel they’ve been lied to and have to atone for their blind fault. Most importantly, seeds of doubt prevent future followers joining your one true enemy’s camp. Starve the beast of Fresh Souls. This is what the Internet, with its circumventing of MSM, does best. Whatever few truly recant – turn them into useful Janissaries but only if they’ve proven themselves beyond any doubt. Make it their duty to prove their loyalty.


  • Liberalism is a religion unto itself
  • Liberals elevate all their Great Leaders to Messiah-ship: Multiple Messiah
  • Each Liberal Messiah is forgiven all their sins
  • Liberals also forgive/absolve themselves (collectively) of every wrong, thus nullifying conscience
  • There is no reasoning with them beyond the purpose of detecting their level of faith – and your proper response
  • All opposition to Liberalism is perceived as Devilry
  • Liberals, want you eradicated

Cult members are De-programmed. That’s fancy-nice talk for having their will (and…spirit) broken, shattered.

Conversions in religion are rare unless the force of harsh violence is applied. The very nature of religion means there is no reasoning with them. Muslims either eradicate or deport Christians. Spain had its Inquisition. Liberals and their Ideology must be eradicated for America to survive. Nero fed Christians to lions and used them for human torches, but only after they refused to recant – even in the face of slow death. It’s just how humanity works. Remember that when dealing with the one true enemy.

The Liberal Religion proves itself as such in that it wants you eradicated and is successfully destroying you and your institutions; schools, marriage and military etc. Most of what America once was is destroyed and will not return – not with them around.  Liberals are sub-human, degenerate filth.

Beware, FutureGen: Never trust a liberal unless they have confirmed scalps of other liberals. They must atone for their sins daily – repenting alone, is inadequate.

22 Comments to “Liberalism: A Religion & Pure Cult II”

  1. lol now you understand how the pagans felt about Christianity about 1000 years ago.

    • exactly, de benoist’s essay makes the best case, that the monotheism of the desert religion born out of the singularity of their natural environ, created totalitarianism, it created this idea of “one truth”, liberals are merely the skeletal remains of the fat parasitic christian mind

      • Sand religions belong with the sand people in the desert and not in Europe or Vinland.

        [ednote: a righteous thought, but fantastical. even Majick Sweden/Norway (home o’ the real Vikings) are the worst socialist states in Europe. anti-christianity/Secularism gets you Red China – or Manhattan: find New Methods of conquest. dogmatic phrases will fail]

  2. I enjoy these posts. It is certainly true. So you wish us to preach our evangel to them? To save their souls and deliver them?

    [ed note: It should’ve been clear, there is no converting them to salvation. They must be eradicated. If not, any future America will fail. Your “missionary” calling will be educating those angry at Liberalism’s failure. ]

  3. I’m a Janissary. I used to be liberal. In fact, I used to do the homework of several non-whites.

    Hey, can we put in a request for a series on these “allies” of ours? The ones who will have the 5 fingered fist of racism? Let’s see….WNs, Christians, SWPL, survivalists, conservatives?

    • It (once) was accepted that all youth should be liberal, all elders – conservative. The “if you’re not a lib while young, you have no heart, if not conservative when old, you have no head.”

      Today, we can no longer afford Liberalism in any situation or state.

      It may be a valuable idea to publish a plan for alliances… after the description of the enemy.
      Be forewarned: Part of establishing such an alliance will require you (and wn) to tolerate Christianity in order for joint success – just as you would want Christians to go along with your system.

      Calling it Our 5-Fingered FIST of Nationalism is an alternative.

      One way to get under their Skin of Jesus-4Giveth-All dogma would be to pose questions about ABORTION. Such as, “if ABORTIONISTS refused to cease operating, WOULD you eradicate them – like Holy-Yehovah had Israelites do to Amalekites” etc.

      I, too, am a Janissary.

  4. I’m quite willing to compromise on some issues. The frightening thing is that I am more moderate on this issue than many. Many christians put religion before race. Many survivalists are devoted multiculturalists and hate WN.

    I don’t reckon there are many more pro or implicity white groups – environmentalists, satanists, pagans, Xtians, SP, PUAs, MRMs, SWPLs. I’ll have to consider what each group can offer and their cause/level of commitment.

    [ed note: be like the Five-Fingered Fist. They are all united by one simple thing: their hatred of whites – and specifically – white men. Unite our people with that easiest of tools: Hate. Hatred of liberalism and what they stand for: Sodomy, faggotry, ABORTION, TAX & Spend.]

  5. Modern janissaries are poor white but smart flyover boys who go to ivy league colleges and become liberals. The greatest living janissary living today is Bill Clinton

  6. Janissaries are the best and brightest of a subjugated population taken from their homes (historically to much of their family’s pride) and given elite training and privileges by the ruling population.

  7. The ivy league system is the Turk to the flyover bright boys’ Greek or Bulgarian.

  8. Five fingers of Nationalist fist:

    White Nationalists
    … ?

  9. The global warming induced apocalypse only if we do not change our ways and act righteous is straight out of the end of times imagery from the Bible.

  10. You’re a fucking sub-mediocrity Firepower.

  11. Firepower, thanks man for the post. I’m posting my next installment soon.

  12. There is another group that hates liberals. Islamic fundamentalists. Hmm….

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