Tokyo police don’t fight Nigerian crime – fear being called “racist”

by Joe Rebel

Japan seems to be getting it’s own taste of what ”diversity” is like and they don’t like it one bit.

I’m a bit surprised that Japan has allowed mass immigration into their homelands. One would have expected them to not buy into the same liberal malarkey that the Western nations have bought into.

Apparently, I was wrong.

It’s no surprise that a great number of the night clubs operating in Tokyo are managed by those with ties to organized crime. But over the last decade, the increase in crimes committed by foreigners, most notably Nigerians, working at seedy clubs has increased. This was highlighted by the December arrest of the 42 year old manager of the club Vegas, along with nine others, for stealing 600,000 yen (approx. $6,770) from a customer’s bank account while he was in a drunken stupor.

The Japanese weekly tabloid Shukan Jitsuwa poses that the lack of initiative among Tokyo’s police to crack down on such widespread scams is due to fear of racism accusations. Speaking to the tabloid, one newspaper writer said that often Nigerians who were involved in illegal activities would go to their embassy and claim they were being racially discriminated against. In turn, embassy officials put pressure on the police. A restaurant manager from the Roppongi district said he knew of a low-level organized crime member who roughed up a Kenyan that worked for a rival club. The man then went to the Kenyan embassy calling for tougher action against yakuza violence.

In regard to the employees from Vegas, investigators say that while they were busted for one specific instance, which saw them taking advantage of a 33 year old man, they believe the scam where victims were tricked into giving up their ATM pin numbers had been carried out since 2006, netting them more than 1 billion yen ($11.25 million). The tabloid magazine uses this as evidence for its assumption that Tokyo’s police won’t be changing their behavior anytime soon, instead preferring to keep their “collective head in the sand.”


8 Comments to “Tokyo police don’t fight Nigerian crime – fear being called “racist””

  1. haha and LMFAO.
    Let the Japs import coloreds – the more over there, the less here to rob rap and vote Obama. We breed enough filth and vermin.
    Same for England.

    Let the black run wild. Give these Socialists a taste of Diversity.

  2. I had no idea Japan had changed their immigration policy, which runs absolutely counter to the “The Mantra” and Jarod Taylor’s ranting about how Japan is doing everything right that a first world country should do. Thanks.

    • I was a bit surprised about that myself. Of course, there is a possibility that they will soon tire of their antics and throw them out of Japan.

      [ed note: wanna bet Obama forces secret policies of financial intimidation against Japan to not ONLY prevent ANY deportations, but INCREASE the “rich and diverse cultural heritage-ing?” Knocked-up jap chicks are the next step of conquest in the Colored Ideal.]

    • The problem with Jarrod Taylor’s impotence is not his message – it’s the audience that fails to act. The problem IS, however, JT’s failure to realize that, even on a primal level.

      One cannot possibly trust such a stupid fellow.

      • I wouldn’t go as far as to say that JT is stupid (after all, he did graduate from Harvard), but he is far too polite and reserved when it comes to confrontation.

        [ed note: when one writes in outrage, oppressed by years of crime, rape and murder, developing a LARGE following…then continues to just write about it some more – I don’t know what to call it, other than stupid. Calling it feeble, weak and pussifed is worse – it’s insult.
        You must grow within the revolution and expand the strategic arsenal to include demanding the eradication of the oppressors
        PS; don’t feel like i’m picking on you. i dont require writers agree with my opinion. write what you want in reply, i’m not ferdi b. i’m adult]

      • I’m not offended one bit, nor do I mind other people disagreeing with me. However, I think that one should definately not ignore it at the same time. The reason why I post stories like this is because I want for our people to be outraged. I want to rub their noses in it. I want to get their blood boiling red over the events that are taking place in the world.

        As for eradicating our enemies, I have no doubt that when they have been overthrown, they will get the exact justice that is coming to them. Until then, we need to expose them for what they are.

        [ed note: I expected you to be adult. So, if Jared Taylor were effective, he’d have succeeded even a tiny bit more than he has. Beware the man who prefers potential Book Sales over Vision. This IS about salvation – not how many people slap you on the back at a Manhattan Coffehouse – it’s why I despise that fop-doosh CRUDD Piggi]

  3. I don’t think Japan is currently at risk of being overrun by coloreds. The entire foreign population is apparently about 1% with most of those being Chinese and Filipinos.

    Now you want to talk about racist Asians, those North Koreans can’t be beat. Those American GI’s that deserted to NK in the 60’s weren’t allowed to put the pp to the NK wimminz. They had to go out and kidnap a black woman and a Japanese girl to provide those guys some of the comforts of home. Now that’s what I call keeping it real.

  4. Question: Why are there Nigerians in Japan?

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