Manpower of The Revolution

by Firepower

Look! A Clown Without Her Makeup!

Modern ãmerexicañegras are brainwashed morons totally debased by decades of Government School educationingisms.  This, is why you have OWS-ers fighting to vote for Lord0bama.  Then, cry when their single~mommee can’t buy them Call of Duty XXCXVI with her tax-reduced Welfare paycheck.  Finally, public sniveling about that combination to the next highest level of functioning moron:  SWPL Blogger.

Taught by American Protected Classes of Fat Feminists and colored-lesbian Democrats – then raised by Fat Feminists (and coloreds) – these droogie Howser dregs are no more than Humanimal.

Join The Army Jordie!  Die for Pelosibama...Give your sons that same freedom, too!  War Is Freedom. Orwell was wrong/right.

Congrats, NYC Veterans!  You didn’t just fight for Congressman Wiener’s Tower; you fought for Cuomobama’s right to disarm you on account of that nasty dose of PTSD you picked up in Kabul. We thank all four of youse NYC vets who actually served in combat.

Juxtaposing any combination of those Protected Classes decrees artificial superiority in the crooked game of …Preferential Hiring for the highest mix of PC Alchemy.  Whomever has this Prime Mix ends up playing the trump card and gets the job of Principal (or EEOC/FEMA Regional Deputy Assistant Director) in amerexiqua’s long-debased state of Racial Paper-Rock-Scissors.  The gay-Black-Hispanic-Trans-gendered-Hypheneated-American is the Inside Straight.  The more hyphens, the higher the Royal Flush.

These warped perverts make the policy legally imprisoning Fag-a-Daddy MRA’s who impotently snivel about this year’s new list of imprisonings for Crimes Against Das Staat.  They make (and gleefully enforce) the racial payback policy legalizing the requirement that your boss must be a bulldyke feminazi – plus, require she also be a colored.

Forty years of worshiping Martin Luther King as Zeus and Rosa Parks as Hera takes its toll.  To them, Thomas Jefferson is the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, Reagan – Judas.

Cannon Fodder or brave, stalwart foxhole buddy?

Hopeless retard, or potential ally?

Can a leopard change its spots?  A faggot-leopard?  A brainwashed one?

12 Comments to “Manpower of The Revolution”

  1. You mad, bro?


    [ednote: anger is peace, war is peace]

    • Leben ist kampf, and hatred is my muse.

      [you mustn’t be
      hating enough

      • She, Hatred, calls forth the entire range of my activity, not merely that of a bloggy variety.

        And–look!–I’m commenting.
        [lol, in a month, we’ll have you up to full paragraphs again. in a decade – a magnum opus. in a century…you’ll finally be free!]

  2. Are those Obama action figures? A visual oxymoron. (The facial features aren’t quite dopey enough.)

  3. My opinion of the Africans is changing. They at least have retained their animal nature. It gives them power. There is nothing more disgusting that the SWPLs.

    Here is a documentary on Liberian warlords. These guys kill, rape, eat other people, do drugs, and it doesn’t bother them. Only the whites actually care.

    • I saw some points you made at piggi re obsidian: They were good.
      Re: africans, it is true they do hardcore when hardcore is required; it’s a basic human value. It’s their land; a true HomeLand. Western swpls are domesticated LabraDoodles in a land of growing wolves.

      A teacher once said “whenever one culture meets a superior culture, the superior culture destroys/absorbs the inferior.” I suspect the crucial definition today, is what defines superior. Today, it is the conquering of new territory by the sword, like the Romans were displaced by Goths and Lombards.

      Fancy marble and aqueducts do fade away.

      • I think I’m spending my time with people hindered by high IQs. WN now has all the vices of the middle class, it’s primary audience. Maybe we need to set the bar….lower.

        I am basically done with the PUAs, the MRM, HBDers, and SPers; there is nothing more to learn there. I’m going to look for the skinheads and young whites now.

        I watch these 10 year old niglets carrying that AK, it’s nothing. Am I impressed or scared by an 18 year old Jordie fresh out of HS who joined the military? There’s nothing elite or uncommon about it. Train him a few months, send him off, space-monkey.

      • You need a high IQer combined with pragmatism, RealPolitik and a mean streak.

        High IQers can only persuade a certain frequency of audience, just as a low IQer can only reach up to a certain segment.
        High IQers work best with intermediaries conveying the message laterally and interpreting it down the chain with those, in turn, passing on the message. Intelligence works best when operating in a True Meritocracy.

      • We’ve been doing this all wrong, FP. Has a revolution in history been fought by the middle class? That’s why WN fails, it’s why SP and conservatism fail.

        The big risks are always taken by stupid kids who don’t have anything to lose. At 18 years old, a kid doesn’t know what life or power is. Stick a gun in his hand, tell him he’ll be the biggest badass and he’ll impress the girlies and he’ll do anything. This is partially how PU succeeds. The badass sale is how they get the boys to join the military.

        The middle class is all about security and stability. They have something to lose. They may see that future you foresee, but they still have hope.

        [ednote: Perhaps the only enduring Revolution fought with – not just “by” – the Middle Class was 1776. The kids take the risks, but get the glory & excitement, which is what they want. It is proper to want that in youth. If the MC fails to participate because of their comfort, chaos ensues. If it takes collapse to create hunger & poverty – chaos again ensues. There is nothing wrong in seeing calamity… if impending calamity is indeed coming. Freedom flows from ugly realities.]

  4. If one is too happy to produce, the least they can do is reproduce 🙂 If not create, replicate!

  5. yeah it is becoming pretty obvious that there is a-LOT of useless material walking around, material that will not be reached and will simply be the chattel of who ever hold the reins on power. the way i see it, this was ,much the same in the first american revolution, particularly in the south where loyalists and non-combatant families and communities essentially shrugged and went back to church when bullets started flying, some of them ended up quite dead by the hand of rebellious bands of young men on horseback. the difference today is the sheer size of our society in comparison, and the total inter-relation of all the parts, no more self-sufficiency, no more small hamlets holding out against the pro-british militias seeking taxes and nice homes with plump pale teen girls to bed down in, now the majority are loyalists who would let the “british” in. the modern economic system forces so much dependency that survival for the walmart people requires fealty to the elite (who run these systems and squash competition). the new rebels must undermine this system, like mindweapon has noted with the localized economy,etc.

    [ednote: black market economies have existed throughout history and do thrive today. most youth were successfully brainwashed, so the worthy thinkers among them are prized and never included in my general observations of society. undermining passively by withholding will take too long, even active econ-tactics would still barely keep pace with Jay-Z’s champagne bill]

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