by Firepower

What has Your President done since his re-re-election?

What  happened to all those Sparkling Great Plans he told of – to defeat The Romney?

All I see is:

  • He beat up Republicans on The Fiscal Cliff
  • He beat up Republicans on The Debt Ceiling
  • He beat up Republicans on Evil Guns

Obama does want to Be Lincoln.  He wants another Civil War; this one won’t be orderly with splendid uniforms, tintypes and delineated geographic Masony-Dixony boundaries.  Has done everything to provoke and nothing to unite – a President’s main job.   He wants to provoke The Liberal Wet Dream of armed White guys in camo killing other armed White guys in camo – so long as one side gets… its checks from Uncle Sam and salutes Air Force One.  One colored wing can sit this one out in prison, work on their gang tats and the other wing can fuck out more babies in a’merxiqua’s growing urban ghettos.  It’s a Win/Win for Lord0bama.

Three months on the job and that’s the total.  What would happen if all you could show your boss was that list – and a snazzy Hawaiian Vaykay?

Americans are finished (not because of “politicians” but,) because they they’re too stupid to blame themselves instead of politicians.  A Stupid People make stupid choices.  Your dumb blond cheerleader girlfriend won’t ever be a scientist.  Americans get the government…they deserve.  They… voted for it.

You must use that Eternal Vigilance and pay your price of Liberty.  If not, you and your kids are likely to suffer future tyrannical oppression, true poverty and swim in a sea of blood.  You, as a helpless old person and more likely, your kids as stupid slugs;  your grandkids will be the bloody meat for the grinder.

Think for yourself:  Do you see this all getting any better in 25 years because Americans suddenly change and get smarter?  Worse?  What will that A’merexiqa look – and be – like for you?

12 Comments to “Obamaccomplishments”

  1. All these cliffs and ceilings. What about usins plains folk?

  2. if you see us government as a criminal organisation, it’s no longer “on ya”
    commoners can”t concern themselves with philosophical-political-historical discussions for very simple reason, they do not understand. it’s on the elites, or on those who aspire to the status; one of egalitarianism’s fallacies
    it is not your doing if you can’t protect yourself from hight tech ocean’s eleven style criminals.

    • There is a vast gulf between the forces of good that needs unification. There already exists a large contingent of WN Intelligentsia, but much of it is a disconcerting, crackpot crowd spouting 40-year-old aphorisms from a failed era. The main problem is the foot soldiers who do nothing. wn is but a mirror of BN: Crazy versions of Sharptons spouting nonsense – but their troops are activated and do act.

      If America were Somalia or Greece, you’d see action by now. But, America’s Curse is its vast wealth preventing movement before the food and games disappear. America, will as usual, wait until it is too late and an ocean of blood will be required. Whatever remains after that, will not be the grand America that was.

      Reasoning with, to, by or for the elite is more than futile; it is dangerous – they must be eradicated. It is truly as simple as that. If not destroyed, it all will just continue on until Soylent Greenburg.

  3. You are correct. ZOG’s muscle is primarily white right now, at least the ones pulling triggers. I spend alot of time in the SP. This gun thing has got them up in arms and ready. Unfortunately, SPers are mostly “amuricans” in the modern sense – they talk about Christianity and the constitution but are pro fag, pro multicult, pro dyke, pro censorship.

    I think it would be best to allow the SPer to enjoy some of big mother’s loving attention for awhile. Most are not loyal to the white race.

    Of course – this is the truth – WN is about a civil war between real whites and system whites. We can’t stop this from happening. I will say that the niggers and spics don’t matter. If we can cleanse the system whites or restrain them, that will be enough.

    There is no miracle cure to wake up system whites. It is a grave responsibility WNs take onto their shoulders. We alone have chosen to determine the future of our race. If some whites need to be purged in order to secure our nation, we’ll own it.

    [ed note: I’ve seen your efforts in SP and value them. Remember: these are the dummies, ones who risked life & limb for BushOil & The Obama Coloring Co. Not much can be expected of morons except muscle. If willing to eradicate traitorous whites, are you willing to spare any truly loyal nons?]

    • remember that part in the turner diaries when they make all the former wiggers and liberals begging for food bring back a colored persons head for food?
      [ed note: no, but a good idea like that reduces population, crime and most future problems with one act]

    • A loyal non-white? A ***truly*** loyal non-white? I’ve never seen such a creature, not here or real life. Not even a talented tenth negro like Sowell is loyal to the white race. We’re talking about someone like me who is non-white. It boggles the imagination. There was something like this on MWs – it was some kind of WN phillipino.

      I do know of fanboi vibrants who cater to WNs and seem to like our ideas, as strange as that sounds; you can find them at Amren alot. Seem to be mostly indians, asians or spic. But where the rubber meets road, when someone gave orders for him to betray his people or take action against them, I doubt they would do it.

      Soloist, VK, danger and play and other negro PUAs are siddling up to some whites as we speak, saying that they are really on our side. They have managed to convice a few of the weaker WNs of this. I am proud to say that the leader WNs are not decieved and they require one to have “both feet” in the boat.

      However. Fanaticism and non-compromise is needed for most levels of WN. It would not be good for morale. At the very top, in secret ops, we might make use of some Toms and kikes. We would use them just like pigs use CIs. CIs of course are finks who betray their own people. Not even cops respect them. But the cops will use them until there is nothing left. We will take advantage of the same characteristics and I know some blacks will betray their people for money or promises.

      • I certainly prefer Sowell over Maher. If championing the White race requires eradicating 49% of it, it’s about ideology and not pure race. I’m reminded when Ukrainians welcomed German troops as liberators, only to have Hitler foolishly start eradicating them, thus making mortal enemies out of millions who later took revenge on East Germany. Big fucking mistake. Even in the closing days, Ukie POWs pleaded to fight the Russians.

        I dated a Ukie. A hot blue-eyed blond – looked like a Russian Mail Order bride; certainly no sub-human. They along with Belorussians hate Hate HATE Russians. Today, nazi revivalists look to even far away Russia as a bastion of whiteness – the same people Hitler wanted to exterminate.

        Wise people realize the other main enemy was Bolshevism – what Modern American Liberalism will return into.

      • Ideology and race tie together. Liberal ideas destroy the race, WN ideas preserve the race. We’d prefer if it people both looked white and thought white.

        I don’t believe the number of “true liberals” is 49%. People can appear liberal because they don’t pay for that belief. This is the liberal who trumpets diversity but lives in a rich white hood. They are just parroting the ruling class ideology. If people were being shot for being liberal, the number would fall dramatically.

        I think we can devise tests to figure out if a person is just parroting liberalism or is a true believer. That’s not beyond us. If they are just parroting, we can give them a new model and they will parrot for us.

        Us WNs go to alot of trouble. If there is a white homeland, it will be established by one of us. Therefore, we’d like to keep it white and to maintain it. We wouldn’t let a foreign influence in and destroy it as happens when Californians go to Idaho and diversify it. It would be distasterous to allow any white country to be ruled by liberals.

        We know about WN in Europe. Tends to be very nationalistic, Poles vs Germans vs Russian etc. We have people who can handle that. One WN has already volunteered to handle Christians.

      • I’ll write a number of ideas:
        Ideology & race aren’t necessarily linked. Case in point: Bill Maher/Niger Innis.

        Conservative Blacks, of course, will drop ideology and place race at the top of their list when they’re threatened with extermination because…of their race.

        This is identical to the Ukrainian Situation I mentioned. Same with Poles. Poles hate Russians. Poles hate living near coloreds, yet wn/anp hates Poles because they aren’t Aryan. *poof* another ally gone. In the American wn Scenario writ small, that turns into what Hitler did, writ large: Defeat.

        This is why wn fails: It alienates instead of unites. Instead of using refinement to purify itself for action, wn eats its own and then paints itself into a corner then commences the Circular Firing Squad. It is why it is a failure. Recall, I believe you will be the fittest 70yo man living in a isolated farm-fort commune in Fon Du Lac, WI, daily repelling hordes of coloreds wanting food. After that, we’ll all be fertilizer for the Chinese Agro-Co-op that ultimately takes over, if nobody takes action, or the action is done improperly.

        If it requires tribunals to judge which of its own race needs eradication, those same tribunals could be used to discover which others deserve salvation. Pass anti-mixing laws. This is all a moot point, for wn has accomplished nothing successful over the past 60 years.

        Intelligent observers are justifiably unwilling to commit to folks sporting wolf icons and obsessing about “juden” in Germanic – when they’ve yet to win a battle. I’ve dealt with many and found you the only wn with intelligence.

      • Surely you exaggerate. There are many WNs who are superior to me. I meet one or two such men every month. It’s only a matter of hunting them down.

  4. Oh yes, CB. My knowledge of TD is profound. After the nuclear bombs are dropped, only the racist whites have food and shelter. They would given men a meal and a knife and tell them to bring back a vibrant head. If not, they got nothing and were turned away. I agree with that. Maybe WN needs to be more merciless than the diverse.

  5. Conchobar, your the biggest fucking MORON on eradica. I wish firepower would ban your ass, but at least you dont post your childish shit anymore. did he FIRE YOU??

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