Your Weak Links

by Firepower

For years, I believed the Internet would provide an intellectual climate as the original Salons of Paris did.

As a poster, I saw this idea wane in the face of unstoppable inanity: These New Salons were now exposed and forcibly open to The Stunted Dregs.  Your retard cousin who believes in horoscopes, crystals and Mayan Apocalypses is now seated front and center to hold court at your Xmas party.  Everyone focuses on him while he shits on the table and your Great Speech is ignored.  Children once were dismissed, but when children live to be 40, they become the gatekeepers.

So I, in turn, wrote…and am actually made more aware of the ever-growing dimness that envelops.  A quick perusal of Delusion Damage’s list of articles prove it’s still about Steve Sailer’s Shocking Revelations that “Blacks Iz D-d-d-dangerous!” and roissyian appeals to “Make Better Alpha Eye-Contact” and guys! bang more bitches, today..!

Mediocre leaders in your movement will get you what mediocre leaders did in professional political parties: You will get a stupider Nancy Pelosi or more impotent John Boehner.

This is proven in my statement that Tyrants once ruthlessly silenced “intellectuals” but now, oddly, let them rant until they burst.  The elite isn’t co-opting a fresh cohort of new intellectualism – the elite feeds it Twinkies.  You don’t scare the elite.  You bore them.

As for assumptions, the current elite wasn’t victorious because everybody “read” Saul Alinsky and McLuhan.  The current elite won because they convinced a lazy people it’s more fun to get high than work.  It’s more fun to play videogames than read, more fun to fuck without a condom.  It’s also more fun to eat, than war.

You’ll need to either destroy The Stunted Dregs or enlist them as fighters.  If left unharmed, they’ll loot your home while you’re away fighting The Liberal Elite.  You must strictly supervise them.   Like with your enemies, you’ll not have the luxury of Discussing High Ideals.  Enemies are not meant to be understood.  They are meant to be eradicated.

7 Comments to “Your Weak Links”

  1. Yes…a salon…a vision I once had too.

  2. Well, maybe WN needs to simplify the message. I surely don’t put much hope in the intellectuals. Keep the message simple, repeat it many times and maybe it’ll sink in. ZOG does it, we should too. Why take the high road off the cliff? Take the low road and win.

    • Time is running out.

      Do you think a baby born this very day will, in 20 years, be smarter or less intelligent than its 20 year old parents?

      Brains, have a place – especially in guiding those who have none.

  3. “Tyrants once ruthlessly silenced “intellectuals” but now, oddly, let them rant until they burst.”

    I read 1984 a long time ago, but only recently read Brave New World because I heard (via Amusing Ourselves to Death) that it was about people choosing entertainment over everything else. This is actually not true; BNW is about a government that breeds and drugs the intellect out of people. Reality is far more disturbing because government doesn’t even need the elaborate BNW setup. People naturally choose easy, entertaining path. I’ve done it myself and still struggle with it. This is why Dead Set means so much to me.

    [ednote: the stupider the people, the more easily led. the more easily led, the more stupid…until real actual hunger arrives and they begin to peck out eyes. shanty-coloreds in Africa are accustomed to being slaves, yet they do revolt. imagine an america with 300 million guns. there is an old dictum of Psychology wherein “people deliberately choose the path of least resistance”]

  4. If White Nationalists were to engineer strikes in all major league sports, it would do more than the torrents of ink that have been spilled in the constant diagnoses of our problems.

    I have noticed in day to day life that many blue collar Whites are awake to our problems. They have hot buttons like gun control that make them feel uncomfortable, since they know it is aimed at making them weak and helpless. (Similar to how taking away free birth control causes SWPL women to go batshit since they’d have to spend a little less money on overpriced sugary drinks.) Whites who are ascendent on the social ladder (going from blue collar family to gaining college education) are more likely to have system approved opinions. The Stunted Dregs are becoming weaponized, but no one in the system is ambitious enough to pick them up and make proper use of them.

    • I’ll need vastly more evidence that The Stunted Dregs are capable of anything more than gaming in ma’s basement.
      I foresee mere claims of “weaponization” – like fantastical claims of 2000+ terrorists “killed” daily in CoD “combat.”

      To psy-op the groups you listed – remind Blue Collar Dads how their children will be sexual neighbors of colored parolee rapists; because both will be too poor to move out.
      Psyop college Kidz with questions why “they don’t still live in their childhood, deteriorated, now-colored hood.”

      • If resistance vanguard emerges, it will come from the same place it always does: the dispossessed middle class and underemployed intellectuals.

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