All My Babies’ Mamas

by Firepower

Imagine: 2032 a’merexiqa

All My Babies‘ Mamas,” a one-hour reality special slated to air in the spring of 2013, features Carlos “Shawty Lo” Walker, an Atlanta-based hip-hop artist with 11 children by 10 different women. Oh, he’s also got a 19-year-old girlfriend, who’s a year shy of his oldest child.

Critics say it’s disgusting and demeans colored wimminz and “stereotypes” coloreds in general.  Nevermind pumping out bastards (eleven times, that we know of) is demeaning and typical colored behavior.

Redneck Island, Gator Boys and Swamp People freely depict white illiterate clowns selling commercials for Leftist Media types.  This, is today’s History Channelthe fucking History Channel.  LIUFY what tiny “ethnic” group runs these networks.  It’s Why the Discovery Channel Turned To Shit, as I wrote those fifty years ago…

Pictured are the mere 70% of said impregnated Welfare Queens.

  1. This show is considered “racist” by the same Main Stream Leftist Media that promotes Honey Boo-Boo and toothless white trash alligator hunters and –
  2. This show is condemned by the black as racist because it is truth. 

Dooshfags like CRUDD will simper “oh, les outrage!!!”  No shit.  But, you need to see TV like this.  You want the Liberal Colored Welfare Machine to fill with its own sand, grind to a halt in agony – then die.  Your children will live amongst filth like this.  Unless vermin is eradicated, you will see their infestation of breeding spawn move from your nearest “urban” city into your yuppie white suburb.  You will not run forever and your kids surely shall not.   Leftists cannot even show truth anymore.  The buck has 11 kids, it’s a fact – here’s the family reunion pics.  Let’s get the NAACP, Revs Al & Jesse to protest truth.  Orwell ejacs in his grave.

Don’t boycott All Muh Baby MommaDVR it.  Show it to your (hopefully, former) friends who Vot-0-Bama.  The ones who cry at Jesse Jackson, Jr. speechificationingisms.  Those types can’t defend their New Truths but TV plants seeds in their eyeballs.  I routinely enrage family gatherings with pointed questions to the libbygasps like “what’s wrong with the truth – don’t you want to see actual circumstances?”  And my gem:  “what is exactly wrong with hating coloreds?”  Tell me, Cousin Roo…

Shawty is a genetic success, you…are faggi little piggi.  Scrubbing away at your shit-job barely unable to afford the condoms that keep you from knocking up your 30-year-old (hb6+) girlfriend.  That is, if you have the energy to fuck her once a week after greasing home from your four waiter gigs.

Any bets on how many grand-children the buck has?  Will have?  Whoever gets closer without going over 101 gets a free year subscription to BET.

UPDATE: You’re now required to get your anti-colored nooz from Limey papers, (of all places) because PC Liberals refuse to report on coloreds who factually-actually-really-truly pump out 11 pickaninnies: Trailer pulled for reality show starring rapper who fathered ELEVEN children. (

When the money runs out and welfare ends, your children will fight Shawty’s babies.  Not the archetypal Whiteboi Sissy Suburb Slapfest either.  The future requires it will take an Ocean of Blood to wash away Clinton’s and Obama’s sins.  They tinkered with forces they didn’t (but probably did) know the danger of.  They, of course, will be safe in their Clockwork Orange-Soylent Green Armed SS Secret Sex Service protected Castles.  As will Sweet Chelsea and Fuckable Malia.   Think I makes woo feel awfoo-icky?  You’ll pray for my advice to whatever shithouse God you revere in 2052.  Cameron, you’re a faggot.  I hear Kim Kardashina wants this guy to cum in her snooge. 

You pay for the buck’s pickaninnies – and the Welfare Brood Sows’ Twinkies.  You will pay for Shawty Lo’s kids to 0ave kids to have kids to have kids to have…

Enjoy your Obama Tax Increase.  Thems babies gots ta be fed.

5 Comments to “All My Babies’ Mamas”

  1. Thanks! I will watch an episode or two of this.

  2. The buck has 11 kids with 10 women… that makes him king among black males, but that’s really just 1.1 TFR.

    • What makes him king is he gets parasitic host taxpayers (mostly whites) to pay for those 11, while Jordie barely affords his 0.7 kid.
      And, the other Twelve Baby Daddy who have kids with them Baby Momma of his. Each buck has ten or more.

      The only thing rarer than a black welfare sow with no kids, is a momma with only one.

  3. i hope the show is narrated by david attenbourgh

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