Blacks tweet about killing white people after seeing Django Unchained

by Joe Rebel

St. Petersburg/Tampa New Black Panthers’ TWEET

Recently, coloreds made threats against white people after viewing the recent anti-white film Django Unchained.


After seeing the new Quentin Tarantino movie “Django Unchained,” a number of moviegoers issued violent and racist tweets expressing a desire to kill white people, Twitchy reported Sunday.

“Seeing Django reignited my desire to kill white people,” said “Flex.”

The tweet had been deleted, but many more were available.

“After watching Django, all I wanna do is shoot white people,” another person said.

“We need a modern dy django to kill some white people (sic),” tweeted another.

#IsItWrongIf u wanna kill all white for 30min after you see Django Unchained (sic),” added “Joey Logan.”

“After watching Django all I want to do is eat baked beans and biscuits and shoot white people for money,” said “Rusty Nail.”

In all, Twitchy posted 13 tweets expressing a racist desire to murder white people.

Obviously, blacks get …

…a free pass when it comes to making racially charged threats on the internet. Were the races reversed, that would be an entirely different story.

Blacks are not the only ones who are singing the praise of the anti-white snuff film. Long-time liberal author and documentary film maker Michael Moore has voiced his stamp of approval for the film as well.

From Twitchy

 Michael Moore


This weekend, go see “Django”. I still can’t get this movie outta my head- & I don’t want to! Ignore all nonsense u’ve heard bout “violence”

 “ There’s enough gun violence in [Django Unchained] to make the movie Scarface look like a Disney adventure.”

–Huffington Post movie critic Leslie Sisman

* * *

“this season’s bloodiest movie…”

–Chiderah Monde, New York Daily News

“Django Unchained” is classic Quentin Tarantino: blood, guns, and violence:

Django was so cool. They killed horses, showed beautiful mountains, and shot guns at each others crotches. My kind of movie.

django was fucking cool. I wish everyone still caried their guns around like the olden days

For all the talk of guns in this country, django basically glorifies them and makes them cool.

Just ate spaghetti sauce with a white jacket on. I look like a scene from . .

None of which seems to bother gun control advocate / pacifist Michael Moore one bit:

“Django Unchained” is one of the best film satires ever. A rare American movie on slavery and the origins of our sick racist history. Wow.

Plantation owner: “All these slaves! Have you ever wondered why they just don’t kill us?” In Django, they do.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2013 bring u the peace & passion you’re looking for and deserve to have. Have u seen Django? Omg watching now!

Is violence acceptable if the victims are evil white people?

Some people seem to think so.

Still hype off Django. I’m gonna kill some white people today.—
Drew Schwemer (@drewxblood) January 06, 2013

Django was so good, I’m going to go beat up a white person.

Go see Django and look at all the white people’s faces when that hoe is over. PRICELESS. LMFAO!

After watching Django unchained I wanna snack 5 white people right now.

Saw#Django and it makes me hate white people#SorryGuys

It’s a line of thinking with which Moore seems to agree:

“RT @Hamilton_ghouse: @MMFlint spoiler alert?!?!” No. Django starts killing white people early on. Won’t tell u how it ends!

Somehow, I don’t think the media will be covering this any time soon.


15 Responses to “Blacks tweet about killing white people after seeing Django Unchained”

  1. Michael Moore is a fat ass suck up who would be the first to die if blacks were “killing white people”, hell I would shoot his fat ass myself so he wouldn’t waste anymore oxygen. He has so many guns protecting his fat ass it’s not funny. Libtards like that are messed up in the head and spew shit that is so off base they are unable to accept reality but their own.

  2. Reblogged this on DamDems and commented:
    Reverse RACISM is Real.

    [ednote: welcome, post as often as you need to promote your site – or vent]

  3. The irony of Columbine Weeper Fatboy praising gun violence is great propaganda for Our Side.

    It’s his Constitutional right to call for violence. So, it is also my Constitutional right to exercise my 1st Amendment right of Free Speech as I want to see a movie where colored gang-rapers and murderers of whites get castrated and burned alive. Fat liberal hypocrites, too like in The Tuner Diaries.

    It would be rousing, educational entertainment seeing whites finally become Whites and murder coloreds who oppress them with crime, violence and forced taxation to support their Welfare Lifestyle. What a great movie that will be – and deporting those who surrender.

    • niggers can have their fantasy movies, any nigger running and gunning around back then would have known his place, he’d be swinging by the neck, or disemboweled his family murdered by ghosts in white in the forests of the night. whitemen do things like scalp enemies, give their fat ideologues the blood eagle and keel haul niggerswine that dare to protest their enslavement. quentin probably sucks hymie cock, just like travolta

      • The issue is that today, Django IS what is perceived as total Truth by today’s youth. The tweets prove it is successful propaganda as was Inglorious Basterds and Machete.

  4. Sure. This was to be expected. The difference is white men aren’t allowed to speak our fantasy, The Turner Diaries, out in decent society. But I’m more concerned with our ability to actually deploy and project force than a bunch of twitter diarrhea. If it gets people to watch their back and take their training more seriously, great.

  5. Ironically the white characters carried the entire film. The final half hour was the weakest of the movie as it lacked both Waltz (the bounty hunter) and DeCapario (Calvin Candie).

    The only fear I had was that “people of color” wouldn’t shut the fuck up during the movie. Although there was some excessive laughter when certain characters got their comeuppance largely the kill whitey message really engaged them.

    • The black was always regarded as animalistic, needing external control for its laziness, excessive sexuality and violence. Massa was right: Look at the Murder/Welfare/Bastard rates for today’s coloreds.

      Low intelligence creates easily propagandized mentalities. Today’s black is today’s slave serving a new master – liberals who use them to eradicate Whites.

      What the Maobama & Maher Set fail to realize is today’s white kids, generally, are similarly degenerated. When they in turn pop-out kids, they’re idiocy will beget White Animals equally murderous and destructive. Obamao has tinkered with forces he cannot control and set a’merexiqua on its path.

  6. GaptoothDiva Says:
    I used to watch movies like Roots, and I would be mad for about a month about the treatment of my ancestors in captivity. I would find myself livid at these beautiful black faces, men, women, and children undergoing harsh punishment all because the color of their skin.

    There is no doubt that this is the best film of 2012 in my opinion and it made me see my enslaved ancestors in a completely new way. This movie made an ordinary slave,into an extraordinary individual who refused to embrace any form of fear. He was a superhero slave, other characters in the movie looked in awe at how much… SWAG, this man had

    pros; I was engrossed in the beauty of Kerry Washington, and her love for Django. I wish they would have let her shoot somebody,

    Quentin has a way of getting into the minds, no matter how low, of audiences and delivers the message of the movie, the way the public wants to receive it/.

    Cons: I didn’t like seeing a big fake green penis hanging off Jamie Foxx when he was captured…

    Girl, you said it all!!

  7. Really? WTF are you talking about Joy, like this is news?? you expect blacks to watch django and throw a Ron Paul Party??


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