How BOTH Leftist & Conservative Elites Control You

by Firepower

Victor Davis Hanson is a martial historian you must be familiar with.  He gave an interesting presentation on CSPAN. google it for yourself.

An astute member of the audience asked him “what was the real cause of The Civil War?”  He adroitly answered:

All the compromises that could be made, WERE made.

Liberals and Conservatives must realize our government no longer governs.  The Fiscal Cliff debacle proves….… so.  When america reaches (what I call) Hanson’s* Firepower’s Razor, it is time for war.  It is proven so.  It was, proven so.

Both of us face a world where Elites are the one true enemy (TOTE).

This post is expanded from a comment I made at John Cashon’s Musings.

It is unwise for “little people” conservatives to follow Sean Hannity in cheerleading tax breaks for the rich…just as it is unwise for Liberals to cheer Chris Matthews‘ reactionary screeds on banning guns.  The Elite Government that ensues will equally trample both their rights.  Hannity & Matthews live in $2,000,000 Manhattan penthouses so tax breaks are great for them – and guns don’t bother them, nor their armed bodyguards.

Rachael Maddow demands your guns because she lives in her fabulous penthouse in Playground Manhattan, safe from crime.  O’Reilly protects “the job creator class” because he weekends as a pampered guest (as one of them) in their 79,000 sq.ft. Martha’s Vineyard estates.

In Future America, you’ll have a gunless population working for Mark Zuckerberg 2.0 – this is The Elite Model.

Guns have a prescribed use:

  • Fight government tyranny
  • Self-defense
  • Hobby

Drugs have a prescribed use to help mankind deal with threatening issues.

  • Heart disease
  • Alcholism

I just saw a documentary on how Who drummer Keith Moon died from an overdose of Heminevrin – a boozer pill.

We, live in the real world.  Until we start to govern it, we will be beholden to aristocratic powers we let grow into royalty.

I urge you to explore my vision of Future America on Eradica and comment.  I do not censor comments.  Perhaps you will gain a larger audience for your own site.

*as for VDH, I’m finished crediting him then taking emails from his snooty editor while VH gets routinely “inspired” by my work and never credits it…guys: I hear the tiny, magical sound of one copyright lawyer jizzing

19 Responses to “How BOTH Leftist & Conservative Elites Control You”

  1. I like what you have to say about the push by some for a new aristocracy. They see how easy it is to divide us.

    I like this quote from Thomas Jefferson on this subject:
    “Men by their constitutions are naturally divided into two parties: 1. Those who fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes. 2. Those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise depositary of the public interests. In every country these two parties exist, and in every one where they are free to think, speak, and write, they will declare themselves. Call them, therefore, liberals and serviles, Jacobins and Ultras, whigs and tories, republicans and federalists, aristocrats and democrats, or by whatever name you please, they are the same parties still and pursue the same object. The last appellation of aristocrats and democrats is the true one expressing the essence of all.” – In a letter to Henry Lee (August 10, 1824)

    • They will continue to grow on that observation of how easy it is to control us until they take the next steps to larger tyranny.

      Government Schools brainwash children to revere MLK, yet disavow Jefferson. No doubt, you suffer their robotic PC mantras as an educator – but, you get paid to do so. Imagine what the kids are like who can’t get into your class.

      Power never remains in stasis; it either grow or is toppled. I feel true pity for those with children – and true joy I have none. They shall suffer under the yoke of future tyranny. It will be Medieval Amerixiqa.

  2. This is something I have been thinking about recently. It’s very easy to get caught up in all of the drama and forget that Democrat and Republican commoners could and should work together despite their differences, which are actually real, unlike the elites they vote for. Yes, there will not be any compromise on abortion, gun control, etc., but what about prison rape, the 5th amendment, drone strikes, etc.? There is no real reason for Democrats and Republicans to not side with each other against their respective elites on various issues.

    • Leftists will dominate Tyrannical Elites because theirs is the regime in power at present. That is why you are angry at “the hypocrisies” of a current dictatorship seeking Gun Confiscation after concocting Operation Fast & Furious. It is NOT “hypocrisy” it IS standard operating procedure going as planned.

      You have a former Vice-President selling his TV network to not Glenn Beck – but Al-Jezeera. Nothing should surprise.

  3. I’ve noticed the idiots on social media who say what good is a gun or rifle for revolution when the government has drones with missiles. I respond “drone pilots have friends and family members that have to live off base”. The thing that shocks me about modern American doublethink is that they think the government is all powerful to stop something yet simultaneously stupid enough to not do basic things. I think the government is incompetent and this is why they have pushed technology and surveillance in a direction to help them. It is a primer coat of control that they want to thicken.

    The elites will use the lumpenproles to terrorize the middle folks. The elites are just dumb enough to think they can keep their hands on the levers of power, and that the lumpenproles will never ask for control despite supplying the votes and terror.

    • Elite to lumpenproles: okay you can have the power, you just need to give us some more votes and terror.

      4 years later

      okay, just a liiiitle more

      This can go on practically forever

      • I agree.
        The problem arises when the money runs out – as it surely will – and the current Rambo-Fantasies of misguided “leaders” praying it happens in their lifetime so they can have revenge.

        It will take decades for the Fat Whale Carcass of America to rot and crumble.
        Just because we have the tools (social media) to dissect, discuss and diatribe the decay doesn’t mean it makes a difference with everybody still on the couch.

      • this video is a perfect illusion to the relationship you point out between the graccite elites and their masses of thugs. literally the african elite is using non-human apes to police their various subjugated tribes, just as the elite here is using the lowest common denominator to terrorize and subjugate the white middle class into humble helots.

    • The US “war machine” is a fat eagle. Dangerous in the sky – bumbling on land. As a lumbering mechanized army, it needs massive amounts of parts and fuel to operate. Imagine the problems here, with 20 million snipers sabotaging fuel refineries. It is also staffed not by Mighty Men of Audie Murphian character, but the lower IQ of society. That’s proven by the number that blubber when talking how they fought for amerexiqa repeatedly get maimed for Israeli Oil.

      Elites are detected by how far removed (and safe) they keep their luxuries. For instance: A Medieval Lord didn’t live in a mud hut but rather, the top of the tower.

      Manhattan is the current Elite Castle because it is a moated stockade.
      Pelosi’s Frisco has only a 5 mile border to defend.
      I’m speculating Hawaii as another future Castle City safe for Elites.

  4. I really like that prediction of yours. And as the money train slows, they’ll have to devote more resources to protecting the little enclaves, letting the remainder of the country go. All those cameras, SWAT, and pigs cost alot of money to maintain. I hope I’m not old and gray by the time that comes, damn you.

    [ednote: lol there is much I don’t say on such practical, potential strategies. all one has to do, is ask]

  5. My own inverted Pyramid of Enemies is ,as follows:

    (1) Ourselves – Psychological and moral barriers to be scaled

    (2) Our fellows – Family, friends, associates to be won over, subjugated, or forced to fight

    (3) System – Present elites in government, business, media, security forces, etc., to be eradicated and replaced

  6. I see ,another opportunity for a ,tuneful pause:

  7. The current elite overthrew the previous one on the strength of their upstart intellectuals.

    Is the current elite moving forward fully co-opting a new generation of genuine intellectuals, or are there seeds of discontent on that front, or does it not matter?

    • For years, I believed the Internet would provide an intellectual climate as the original Salons of Paris did.

      As a poster, I saw this idea wane in the face of inanity: The Salons were now exposed and forcibly open to The Stunted Dregs. The retard cousin who believes in horoscopes, crystals and Mayan Apocalypses now, is seated front and center to hold court at your Xmas party.

      So, I wrote…and am made more aware of the growing dimness that envelops. A quick perusal of Delusion Damage’s list of articles prove it’s still about Steve Sailer’s Shocking Revelations that “Blacks Iz D-d-d-dangerous!” and roissyian appeals to “Make Better Alpha Eye-Contact” and guys! bang more bitches, today..!

      This is proven in my statement that Tyrants once ruthlessly silenced “intellectuals” but now, oddly, let them rant till they burst. The elite isn’t co-opting a fresh cohort of new intellectualism – the elite feeds it Twinkies.

      As for your first assertion, the current elite wasn’t victorious because everybody “read” Saul Alinsky and McLuhan. The current elite won because they convinced a lazy people it’s more fun to get high than work. It’s more fun to play videogames than read, more fun to fuck without a condom.

      • PA, can you name one dangerous, revolutionary WN writer? I can’t do it.

        The real WN material that needs to be written can’t be written and the readers do not exist right now. I could get more readers talking about how to chase down women, travel and make money online. The world is getting stupider like Idiocracy. If I was an elite, I’d pay the intellectuals to write their 1000th article on negro crime or race and sports.

      • Reply is in mod

  8. Is it dangerous when freelancers bust holes in official narratives and are cool and popular and very convincing about it? I know that you guys don’t think highly of this but in past regimes that got you a bullet in the back of the head.

    One thing I keep coming back to is that a system fails when a critical mass of intelligent and productive people stops pretending to believe in its official lies. There is no singularity, no boot on the face forever, no brown cock inheriting the earth — because every man-mande system has a half-life and certain things speed up its decomposition. Discrediting its official narratives is not the only necessary precondition for hastening its demise, but it’s an important one.

    • I agree with your gist PA. I think the key is breaking down the NYC centric FIRE economy that loves the left and has since they partnered up with Wilson. Just like liberalism is a sham thought process, a house of cards built on sand if you will, the style of banking that JPM, Goldman and their ilk perform is not banking but conning, churning, consulting, and other intangible crap that usually suckers the clients (muppets) and their only protection is backstopping by the federal government. Regular banking is a genuine industry. The derivatives monster that they “control” (top 6 banks have 90+% of all derivatives) is a black box of revenue that turns into favors, networking, wheel greasing etc. Break the banks and one more figment of liberal imagination is gone.


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