Revolution Polite: Why Intellectual Blogs FAIL

by Firepower

u cn tell nerd by glasses rly!

Pointy-head professorial, intellectual egghead blogs fail.  They appease their gullible audience with doggy-biscuits because the deluded audience wants their Revolution Polite.  Sit up and behave fido, you can haz cheezberger.

When Revolution Polite fails, the bubble bursts – then it’s on to the next intellectual writing pretty words soothing the apathy.  The pretty words give meaning to inaction.  Pretty words validate complacency.

The American intelligentsia are useless.   In fascist, communist and oppressive regimes, the intelligentsia was suppressed and destroyed.  There, the tyrant feared the intellectual.

Not in America – the Elite give them blogs.  Because, they scare…… nobody – and that’s the problem.

Q: What’s the only thing more SWPL than blogging?
A: Reading blogs..!

Today, there is zero intellectual leadership. Never at any time in history was there more communication and more m-m-moronsThere is no great thinker espousing Great Thoughts from any college campus – the primary and natural place it is expected to come from; you don’t even see them on TV.  Don’t you find it odd no Great Ideas come from universities anymore?  Or are you stupid too?  Today, a great thought is so rare you can’t even think of one right now.

The intellectual is not entirely to blame.  Much of the blame is on the audience. Stupefaction is accepted.  The essence of thought was successfully, systematically bred out of americans by the Orwellian-named Education System.  However, it is the intellectuals fault for failing to tell this to The Stupid.

Intellectuals must be dangerous today. If you’re not, when you die – they’ll be too stupid to figure out how to bury you.


Mangan’s Younger Sibling


24 Comments to “Revolution Polite: Why Intellectual Blogs FAIL”

  1. Well, they fail at what they ought to be doing. But many intellectual blogs have very large membership rolls. It’s really a minority of a minority that gets anything done.

    [ed note: The pretty words give meaning to inaction. Pretty words validate complacency. The American Revolution was indeed plotted by an intellectual minority – still with backing from an active & proactive populace. 1/3 were loyalists, 1/3 non-committal and 1/3 Revolutionaries. I’ve yet to see even a worthy 1/6th emerge today]

  2. You need an intellectual who can speak prole. Like a cross between attending Harvard and watching Hee-haw for years. Too many intellectual blogs try hard to be taken as super serious and smart. They are insecure and crave acceptance or approval from what they consider elite smarty pants writers.

    • You describe what I call the Next Wave of communicators/leaders. It is the next step – perhaps what shall even save blogging. It may even be a value we both share.

      • I’m calling that “Corn Pone Putin”. We need someone smart, nationalistic and ruthless enough to sweep away the econominc cronies of the ruling elite. Russians love Putin partly because he loves being Russian and Russian history as well as his destruction of the Muslims in Chechnya and the Western backed and banked econ cronis fo Yeltsin who financially raped the country in the ’90s.

  3. Yes. I’m increasingly realistic about the effects of intellectual, essay-based blogs. They’ve failed. I’m tired of reading the musings of some pipsqueak college grad spouting half-digested ideas in the hope he will be recognised as the next Steve Sailer or Mark Steyn (or whoever).

    Are there exceptions in the blogosphere? I think so. We may ridicule them, but the Game/PUA and Style/Lifestyle/Classic Men’s Clothing blogs actually encourage men to take the info acquired online and execute it IRL–with photos!

    Which is more than can be said about the Con-Alt-Right-Nat blogs. (The few exceptions here being sites such as Counter-Currents, TOO, and Alt-Right itself, whose readers do meet IRL and socialise from time to time. But it needs to become more widespread, the norm rather than exception).

    Recently I’ve added a growing number of ‘picture-blogs’ to my own daily reading/viewing list, most of which are in the Nationalist-Traditionalist-Odinist-Generation Identitaire-Alt-Right-Neo-Nazi traditions.

    Many of these blogs feature photos of real people doing real things in real life.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, and can be much more inspiring.

  4. Oh yes. I sometimes see you about out there LBF. I am banned from many of those PUA sites. Yes, they like to bill themselves as “lifestyle” coaches LOL. These sites amuse me.

    Perhaps I should write similar articles ….”THE WORLD IS YOURS” Scarface doooode I spent an hour in the gym I am hyuggge and I have a pretty bicep vein now. I just bought a custom suit that fits me like a velvet glove. I rolled into da club like I OWNED IT and da white wimminz was luvin it bra! Yo LBF comeon down lets drink da beer and chases da ladies. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    That’s not a lifestyle blog. These chodes are chasing women, they are still PUAs. They didn’t invent that. There are posts from 2000 saying the same things. These coons are just greascycling the old PUA material and giving it a new name.

    • A lot of those guys are trying to make money for nothing like vampires on night life. After months of reading them and sending good links to friends, I finally called one vampire type (he has changed his site or started a new one) out for his lameness, blatant lies and whining. We went back and forth for 5 comments, then he deleted them all when he knew he was shown to be a fraud.

      • Yes, the ideal is to make blogging a paying proposition. Then like Rooshie, they can hawk books to their readers and travel on the cheap ad infinidum. I even see Roissy rattling the tin cup to his readers. Ugh.

        Truth is, MRM and PUA offer no threat. From a brave new world view, they are welcome! Sex is the perfect distraction. Fuck your life away. PU is really the male verson of feminism, where men are liberated from all things. The result is just as ugly as the female version.

      • I can’t resist – who was it?? lol tell me!

      • If this is to me, it was VK’s empire of dirt. It was 2010. I just pointed out inconsistencies and contradictions to his posts and he volleyed with me then deleted everything we discussed and a post of his from ‘way back’. He later deleted other comments where I just pointed out blatant false ‘facts’. His new schtick is trying to give fashion advice to guys and a new website. Because men are going to take fashion advice from a normal joe because he says he gets laid a lot.

      • Yes, SBPDL, I follow VK a bit. New site at NextLevelUp. VK is a part of the carde of niggers who are trying to gain entry into the honerary white club. All over his site you will rarely see a negro, and most of the colored writers use white avatars; tony stark, jason statam, etc. Many pictures of whites….

        Something is happening in the DC/PUA sphere axis. Roosh is transitioning from his RooshV to Return of the Kings. Roissy has his hand out. VK is moving to NLU. This is not coincidence.

        I was banned at VKs. The guy is worshipped because he has a 6 pack at 160 lbs and 5’5″. BFD. He doesn’t train legs, he drinks alcohol, talks like a negroid pimp. I know for a fact that he cannot hold onto 365 lbs to do his shrugs; he was using straps or as I call it, a strapon. I knew his WO immediately. Anyway, watch out for him. He knows the gig is up for the nigger pity game and he wants everyone to accept him as their harmless chocolate friend.

      • That NLU website looks pretty gay.

      • PU is being affected by the demographic change as well as the rest of the world. Today there are alot more vibrants than there was in 2000. PU used to require alot of study, reading and taking notes. It has been greatly dumbed down by “natural game.” Their adherents are inferior to the past followers. I would be surprised if there is an negro PUA on Earth who could memorize the old NLP routines.

      • Yet another PUA is going for the money now: private man. He’s a negro if I remember right.

      • PUA was reflective of the audience in 2000 and based its success on offering a relatively easy solution to a riddle.

        That audience viewed it as a Magic Potion – a recipe – and if you followed the steps properly, success was magically achieved. 2013 is almost an entire generation removed and dumbed-down further so now, it takes much less to dupe them.

        People who accept “magic” soon devolve into natives mesmerized by matches and flashlights. The perfect citizen for 2033.

        Such diminished future non-entities then have no use for intellectual blogs and migrate to the 142-charachter world of twitter, where stupider is easier.

    • Yeah, well, a lot of these guys are easy to ridicule. I get that. I suppose there are always faults to be found in any online endeavour.

      But the point is, they actually inspire men to leave the computer screen, go into the world and put these principles and lessons to the test IRL.

      I don’t see an equivalent process going on in the Alt-Right-Nat-o-sphere (ARNOS), at least in the US where you get a bunch of aspiring eggheads jockeying for intellectual status. It’s all ego and hot air theory.

      In Europe young Nationalists and Identitarians are actually in the streets, holding demonstrations, battling security forces, posting Nationalist propaganda in the street, bashing leftists, occupying mosques, etc.

      I’m not familiar with any nigger PUA websites. Could you provide a list?

      The individual behind the Danger & Play blog seems particularly nigger-friendly. In fact, in a 12/28 post he writes about a black friend of his who claims to sleep around with married, cheating White women in OC, which is my territory. I plan to respond.

      • Sure, I can do that. It can take some time for the man to reveal his race. Obviously they aren’t going to come out and say “Yo yo yo, I’s a negro and I likes me some white wimmnz.”

        Virgil Kent
        Nexxt Level Up
        (likes white married women who cheat, this should be your cheating article/guy)

        Fresh Young and Fly

        Bronan the Barbarian

        Stoner with a Boner

        Rick Raw

        Soloist/Social Kenny

        Just follow the links they have on their sites. There’s a slew of them. Most trace their origins to areas in DC with Roissy or Minneapolis with Solo. Don’t be shocked if you get banned quickly. It’s a waste of time to write a commenf for 5 minutes and to have it deleted.

        I will return to real writing in a few days. I have something to say about real life WN.

      • Sleeping with married women = sign you arent hacking it with your original target group

  5. There is no great thinker espousing Great Thoughts from any college campus –

    It looks to me like CSULB is an exception to that statement.

    • The fact you provide an example of a great thinker felled by Establishment Censorship proves my rule (better yet: prefiguration) 100% correct. In either way, exceptions do not prove the rule.

  6. In Europe young Nationalists and Identitarians are actually in the streets, holding demonstrations, battling security forces, posting Nationalist propaganda in the street, bashing leftists, occupying mosques, etc.

    Judeo-America is the new model totalitarian state-only the gun fetishists are not anesthetized. But it’s purely defensive, they’ll never use their guns for anything positive.

    • Old post – yes to this, the same reason as to why WNs in America are a lost cause, as with everything else in this country.

      • No post is considered old on Eradica; that’s why they’re kept open.
        There is no TDO and few topical posts unless they probe a deeper concept.

        Writing here, is expected to be timeless and relevant for decades.

      • The reason WN is a lost cause is because it will not advance to white Supremacy. In other words, the “white” liberationists of WN will not become white Supremacists.

        Imagine believing you have falsified The Perfect Man because you desire to be the “perfect” degenerate?

        This ^^^ is the “enlightened” state of all Western “whites” including WNs.

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